Going Greek - Gay Guide To Gay Athens And Mykonos

Gay Athens and Gay Greece 6Whether you are a darling diva, a delicious drag queen, or a kinky twink, you’ve probably fantasized about having your own personal Greek god to play with. After all, who wouldn’t like to climb Mouth Olympus with a horny satyr?

There is a reason they call it “going Greek”- Athens was the first place in history where gay sex was not only accepted: it was expected!

Athens and the nearby island of Mykonos have it all – gay beaches, hot cruising spots and enough history for you to have a safe story to tell your family about when you get home from your horny holiday!

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This city is the cradle of our civilization where democracy was born and where ancient philosophers perfected the art of the blowjob! You’ll find manly men, smooth boys and some of the hottest sex in the world – just keep away from the hemlock!

You’ll also find a study in contrasts. While both Athens and Mykonos are very gay, the scenes are completely different. Athens offers a low-key gay lifestyle with lots of straight acting men cruising the parks and clubs. Mykonos, on the other hand, is like the Castro on steroids – full of out and proud gays, freaks and studs frolicking around looking to embrace the love that dare not speak its name!

When you visit you need to check out both Athens and the island – and know that you’ll be cumming back for more!

Let’s get this party started while we give you your guide to going Greek.

Trust me, it’s the only place in the world where they ever fought over Trojans!

Cruising The Athenian Way

While there are no real gay neighborhoods in Athens itself (that’s what Mykonos is for) you can cruise for the cock you crave day and night in the city, which is notorious for tolerating cockaholics of all shapes and sizes!

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If you are on the prowl during the day, you’ll want to get your sweet ass over to Pedion Areos Park, where the boys are looking to bang day and night. You need to be a little bit careful here because there is a bit of a rough trade element but if you are man enough you’ll find someone to manhandle you!

At night, the scene is much hotter is Zapion Park. You’ll notice that half the park is well lit and the other half is in darkness. Guess which part of the park will bring you to your knees? Just look out for the Olympian columns and you’ll find everything you’re looking for. The cruising starts here in the late afternoon but really picks up after dinner. Which makes sense – you have to do something with your time before you head out to the clubs!

The clubs themselves are also very cruise oriented and not just the ones that are obviously gay. Almost all of the discos have a mixed gay/straight client base, so you might get lucky no matter where you happen to find yourself.

The actual gay clubs are constantly changing in Athens but you can find out what’s hot by picking up a copy of the local Time Out magazine, which has an extensive listing of the different new gay clubs and bars where you can groove before you make your move!

You’ll also find tons of gay listings in the weekly expat publication, Athens News!


While all of the beaches of Athens are fabulous, only Limankia is truly fantastic! The city’s only gay beach it is also nudist friendly, so you can check out the merchandise before you go for a taste test!

The action is hardcore and if you look around, you’ll see guys actually fucking and sucking in the open and everyone is cruising. In fact, many guys don’t even make it to the water – since there are others ways for them to get their dicks wet!

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It does have a refreshment stand and snack bar, so you can grab a drink after you’ve worked up a nice man sweat!


No gay guide to Athens or Greece is complete without a word about Mykonos. This small island (you can walk from one side to the other in a day) is an easy trip from the mainland. You can take a ferry several times a day, and most hotels have a list of departure times.

Don’t worry about making a hotel reservation as soon as you get off the boat you’ll be greeted by people offering a wide variety of room choices. Usually this consists of old ladies who hold up signs reading the price of their particular establishment.

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If that seems like too much work, you can always make your way over to the Elysium Hotel, which is completely gay only the staff make it clear that breeders, children, and tuna are strictly not allowed. Just look for the hotel with the giant rainbow flag!

To find the gay bars, head over to the old harbor filled with small fishing boats and you’ll find several bars, clubs, and restaurants sporting their rainbow colors.

Cruising is practically a sport on Mykonos. If you like your cock rough and very anonymous, head over to the public toilets near the old sea wall at night.

For a more twinky cruising experience, wait until nighttime and then walk over to the Paraportoni Church, where you’ll find young men who are practically begging to meet your meat!

There are three gay beaches on Mykonos and all three are nudist friendly. They are in order of raunchiness – Paradise, Super Paradise and Elia.

You might also want to check out the Temple of Dionysus which is made up of several 100-foot tall giant penises.

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It’s a size queen’s wet dream!

The Acropolis

Once you get back from the mainland, the first tourist site you’ll want to see is the ancient and fantastic Acropolis.

This mini city on the hill is the symbol of Athens, and recognized as one of the Seven Wonders of the World! Built in the 5th Century B.C., the gates of the Acropolis which were built to honor Athena – rival even the ruins of Rome for their marble majesty.

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The most stunning part of the Acropolis is the Parthenon, a gigantic Doric temple built in 435 B.C. that was the cool place to worship Athena back in the day. It was built by Pericles to celebrate the history of Athens, and its mosaics depict of the history of the Trojan wars.

You can easily spend a day wandering around the Acropolis and have a completely amazing time!

The Temple Of Poseidon

The Temple of Poseidon is the most important ruin in all of Athens if not the entire Western World!

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This huge marble relic dates back at least as far as 700 B.C. and is mentioned in the Odyssey as where Menelaus stops off to bury his helmsman, who has died in battle. The temple dates back to a time before Athena was the most powerful goddess in the city and features many reliefs of the Sea God preparing for battle.

It is thought that this is where the Greek warriors would come to pray before heading off into battle against the Trojans and the Spartans. It’s totally divine even though they never explain why they fought Trojans and not Durex or Rough Riders!

The Plaka

The oldest and most interesting architecture of the modern era is The Plaka – a beautiful white stone neighborhood built in the 1800s to accommodate the new middle classes. Interestingly, many of the houses and walkways were built by tearing down ancient ruins so you’ll often see a 2,000-year-old face of a Greek god or goddess in the side of a house or on the sidewalk in front of you.

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This was part of an effort by the Catholic Church who were threatened by the existence and popularity of the ancient gods and wanted to rid the area of their influence!

Like many ideas of the Church, the effort backfired and now millions of tourists come to the Plaka seeking out the evidence in the stonewalls of this utterly divine neighborhood!


During ancient times the Greeks often went back and forth on which of the gods they needed to worship at any given time. When the fishing went bad, they went for Poseidon. When they were winning wars, they loved Athena.

But when times were bad, they often built their own cults around their deities. The Olympieion is a fabulous example of this. Built around 500 B.C., it was erected by a cult that had started to worship Zeus. In essence, it was constructed by the Moonies of their time.

It still stands today as a monument to what man can assemble. The giant gold and ivory statue of Zeus in the heart of the temple is more impressive than a Barney’s warehouse sale and even more attractive!

The Pnyx

Last, but not least, on any tour of Athens you need to cruise by The Pnyx the original town hall.

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It was on this site that Athenians held the first democratic government the world had ever known. When it was first built it was used as a town hall meeting place, where the men of the city would make group votes on the laws of the land.

As Athens become more populous, however, the nobility started to worry that town hall government would encourage mob rule – and endanger their property holdings. So it was here that they then started to create the first elected parliament to have people represent the people.

In short, government was invented here.

Today it stands as an auditorium that is well over 2,500 years old. You can wander the site, touch the columns and feel where the freedoms you experience today were born!

Come To Greece – Where No Trojans Are Allowed!

Whether you want to cruise the parks or take a cruise over the Mykonos, Athens is a beautiful gay vacation destination.

You’ll see hard men and harder marble while you move in and out of hot clubs and find the cock of your wet dreams!

It’s always hot and you’ll have a sexsational vacation!

Just try to avoid starting your own Trojan War!

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