Take A Peachy Keen Vacation with our Gay Guide To Atlanta!

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They don’t call it Hotlanta for nothing!

If you are looking to head down south for the winter and warm yourself up with some Southern Pride, Atlanta is a fantastic vacation spot, where you can get your gay on and eat a lot of peaches!

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While most southern cities are still stuck worshiping Jesus and have yet to open up their closets, Atlanta is a progressive, gay friendly city that any bear, twink, dyke, diva, escort, boytoy or drag queen will love to explore!

You’d better bring your sweet tooth with you as Coca Cola and fresh peaches are the nutrition of choice in Atlanta. But don’t worry; we’re sure you can find something salty to swallow later on!

Atlanta is also a great place to plan your next gay vacation if you like dark meat as it has one of the largest African American gay populations in the world. From my experience, I can tell you that the rumors are true these men are both growers and showers!

And, as we all know, contrary to what Oprah may tell the breeder boys size certainly does matter!

So let Boytoy.com take you on a journey to The Peach State and tell you everything you need to know to plan a great gay vacation in Atlanta and get down on your knees for some fine southern charm!

Are you ready for the ride?


Located right outside downtown Atlanta, Decatur is the hottest, horniest and happiest gay neighborhoods in the Deep South. From dykes to divas, studs to cocksuckers, drag queens to terrific twinks, you’ll find it all fantastic in delicious Decatur.

Decatur is the home of the dykealicious Indigo Girls!

How deliciously divine is that?

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In Decatur, you’ll find slutty gay bars and classy clubs where you can cruise for cock. There is a lot of delightful historic architecture, bohemian shops, and restaurants that will seduce you with southern soul cooking.

In short, Decatur is easily accessible by mass transit from downtown Atlanta will have a lot of things to make your mouth water and make sure that any fag worth his salt wants to cum back for more!

East Atlanta Village

Though nowhere near as large as Decatur, East Atlanta Village is the second-largest gay neighborhood and the largest gay business district in Atlanta.

Far less established that Decatur, this is where the young hip gays are moving in, setting up shop and unzipping their cocks. If you like your boys young, hung, and ready to cum, you’ll want to set your sites on East Atlanta Village.

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This is where you’ll find the edgiest shops, the gayest galleries, fantastic restaurants, and up and cumming gay bars and clubs.

You’ll notice lots of tattoos and piercings – and if you drink enough Jack and Coke you might, for just a second, feel like you are in Chelsea or The Castro.

East Atlanta Village is worth a visit on your Hotlanta gay vacation simply so you can sample these boys’ fuzzy young peaches in their growing trees!

Piedmont Park

Piedmont Park, the largest green space in Downtown Atlanta, is also the cruising and gay hook up center of the city. You’ll find friendly fags and cute queers holding hands, scoping out the local talent, and even making out in public without anyone giving any of it a second glance.

It’s almost like you are not in the Deep South at all!

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There are also a large number of gay softball, Frisbee, and volleyball games going on at any given time and the boys always seem ready to invite new players to their team!

Obviously, Piedmont Park is a great place to hook up during the day if you can’t wait to find your studly sluts at night in the clubs.

The park does try to be somewhat family friendly so try to keep it in the bushes, or bring your new boy toy back to your hotel before you bend over and take it like a man!

Atlanta Black Gay Pride

Enter the darkness my darlings, divas, and drag queens with the Atlanta Black Gay Pride festival!

Since 1996, every Labor Day weekend Atlanta has been the home of the largest Gay Pride festival in the world dedicated to the African American members of our community.


Each year, several thousand of the hottest black gays, dykes, trannies, drag queens, and divas cum out to celebrate being out, proud, and African American!

While the parade participants all are black, white spectators are encouraged, and you’ll have a good shot at finding some hot interracial man-on-man southern action.

I’m about ready to fall to my knees just thinking about it!

The World Of Coca Cola

The campiest and most popular tourist attraction in Atlanta is The World Of Coca Cola.

Apparently, down south, Coke really is it!

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In this 20-acre complex on Baker Street, you’ll find an entire museum dedicated to the history of Coca Cola and its effect on the world! Color it deliciously divine!

More than 13 million people have been to The World Of Coca Cola to look at Coke artifacts including classically fantastic advertisements dating back as far as 1905.

Even more amazing is the fact that you can sample more than 70 Coca Cola products it’s like having a cock and a smile!

You’ll also squeal with delight at the fantastic, fabulous tackiness that is The Happiness Factory Theater where you’ll see an entire show dedicated to the premise that Coke is the main reason people around the world are happy!

All I know is, after I drink a Coke I certainly feel gay!

CNN Center

The other main tourist attraction is CNN Center – home of the fabulously beautiful and fantastically hot Anderson Cooper! Why, the giant billboards of his gorgeous gayness are worth the trip on their own and will rock you like a hurricane!

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You can get a tour of the studios, or go to the viewing galleries and watch the newsroom broadcasts live. They’ll also demonstrate to you the various technologies that are used to bring the news right to your television set.

The CNN Center also has the largest freestanding elevator in the world, lots of deliciously divine restaurants, and its own five-star hotel!

It’s completely divine!

The Margaret Mitchell Home And Museum

As God is my witness, I will never be hungry again!

That single line is exactly why we does give a damn about the Margaret Mitchell Home and Museum.

Here is where the divine Miss Mitchell wrote Gone With The Wind and introduced us to the dashing Rhett Butler and the oh, so closeted Ashley Wilkes.

Today, the home has been completely restored and is the center of any and all artifacts honoring Scarlett O’Hara, Tara, and The South That Will Never Rise Again!

You’ll find actual set pieces from the movie, some of Scarlett’s costumes, the Butler Mansion’s hand painted portrait of Miss O’Hara, and Tara’s full entryway!

The Margaret Mitchell Home and Museum is divine for all of you film fags, and the numerous photos of Clark Gable will set your dick on fire!

It’s also on the official register American Historic Places and you know your mother will want a souvenir!

The King Center

Whether you are here for Black Gay Pride or simply to simmer in the summer sun, The King Center is a site that anyone who has ever fought for his own freedom should experience.

Atlanta is the birthplace of the late, great Martin Luther King Jr., and his family’s home has been preserved in order to honor his legacy. Also kept in pristine and divine condition is the Ebenezer Baptist Church, where Dr. King started his ministry.

You’ll learn about how Dr. King used non-violence to effect social change and see how similar efforts have worked to help the gay community achieve strength.

It’s inspirational for any diva, dyke, gay dude, stud or drag queen that’s ever been bully bashed!

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Out On Film

As if having a gay park and Margaret Mitchell’s home weren’t enough to shore up Atlanta’s queer credentials, the city is also home to the longest running gay film festival in America Out On Film!

For more than 20 years, the Atlanta gay and lesbian community has shown dozens of deliciously divine and fantastically queer films to thousands of gay and lesbian film fanatics.

Held every October, Out On Film is one of the most important cultural events on the Atlanta Queer Calendar, and all of the most fantastic boys and dramatically delightful boytoys in Georgia cum out to make an appearance.

Who knows, afterwards maybe you can take one of them home with you and make your own gay movies?

Let Hotlanta Bring You To Your Knees!

From Coke to cock to CNN to the last remnants of Tara Atlanta has it all for any studly man who wants to get hot and bothered down south!

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