Tear Down The Wall – Our Fabulous Guide To The Boys Of Gay Berlin!

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Beer, boys, and bears, oh my!

Then I'm going to tell you about the wettest, wildest, and sexiest gay vacation spot in all of Europe – fabulous Berlin!

This is the gayest and kinkiest city in all of Europe, and the place to go when you want to party hard and cum harder.

More than 300,000 gay men live in Berlin, which has five separate gay neighborhoods. You'll find bars and clubs for any and every type of kink you want to sink your teeth into, and find that the gays are out and proud all over the city.

You'll find tons of boys making out with boys in the parks –discover a gay sunbathing section of the city's central park called “Queen's Meadow”– and hang loose in hundreds of gay bars and clubs that are open all night long.

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Bears are the symbol of the city – which is also known for the vast quantities of strong beer you can drink in any number of beer gardens – especially if you cum and visit during Octoberfest.

So, cum along for the ride, my pretties, and get ready to see why Berlin puts the “man” in Germany!

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Your cock will thank you!


Schoneberg is the loudest, proudest and by far the most out of the five main gay neighborhoods in Berlin. This has been where the gays have come to play since the 1920s, and is where Bob Fosse's Cabaret was set.

You'll find rainbow flags on almost every business and building in Schoneberg – including the snack bars! The section is located just south of the Zoo Street train station.

When you first get here you'll want to head over to Mann-O-Meter, Berlin's main gay community center. Here you'll find information on the most fabulous and spectacular circuit parties.

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Of course, at night Schoneberg is filled with divine drag shows, cockalicious gay bars, fabulous restaurants, and some of the cutest cafes in Europe.

If you want to get laid right away, head over to Connections, which is part sex shop and part disco and features fives floors of nightly cruising with plenty of “dark areas” for you to find the boytoy or German meat of your wet dreams!

Prenzlauer Berg

If you like to get your gay on with the young and trendy homos, Prenzlauer Berg is where you'll want to meet men and satisfy your cockaholism.

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It's a twink paradise and filled to the rim with gay students, trendy queer travelers, and the most cutting edge queer scene in Berlin.

Head over to the streets between Senefelderplatz and Schönhauser Allee to find the gay bars, clubs and bookstores – all of which are open into the early morning hours.

The cruising scene in Prenzlauer Berg is intense and filled with skater boys, hipsters, young drag queens, and tons of leather boys and their daddies. You'll really want to look your best – because the boys in Prenzlauer Berg can be very bitchy – and you don't want them to bypass your balls!

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How can any friend of Dorothy not like a gay neighborhood that's pronounced “Cruiseberg!”

Kreuzberg is the home of the alternative gay community in Berlin. If you like your boys covered in tattoos and piercings or screaming about the beauty of anarchy or other radical political ideals, Kreuzberg is where you'll want to cum!

This section is also home to the Gay Museum – which is a fantastic attraction that documents the history of queer culture in Berlin – and is a sizzling hot daytime cockalicious cruising area!

One of the most popular weekly events in Kreuzberg is the Wednesday night house party at Hungry Hearts – which becomes cruise central as the sun goes down.

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Since Kreuzberg is in what was technically East Berlin, the drink and meal prices are lower here than in many of the other gay neighborhoods - and the boys are a little rougher – but that can be a good thing!


Do you like to go clubbing when cruising for cock? Then, you you'll want to get your bitchy little ass over to Friedrichshain, the newest and clubbiest gay neighborhood in Berlin.

Just a few years ago, Friedrichshain was a down and out part of town full of abandoned warehouses. Then, entrepreneurs got the idea to buy them up and turn them into some of the largest gay nightclubs in the western world.

Be warned, however – there is not much to do in Friedrichshain other than hit the clubs, and most of them aren't full of happening homos until around 2 a.m. - which is fine, since the clubs are open until very late in the morning!


Tiergarten is the smallest of the five gayborhoods in Berlin, but also the cruisiest. You'll find a bunch of gay bars and clubs; as well as gay restaurants surrounded the Tiergarten Park.

The park is very gay friendly and in addition to seeing boys who are clearly cruising for cock, you'll also see older gay couples kissing or holding hands and just enjoying the beauty of the great outdoors.

The bay and club scene here is older – and less kinky – than in the rest of Berlin, but if you just want to cruise or chill out in a low pressure gay atmosphere, you may find Tiergarten absolutely fabulous!

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Gay Publications

Because the gay scene is so large and trendy in Berlin, keeping up with what's cool and where the latest circuit parties are can be a drag – and not in a divine way!

Your best bet to find out where to go to find the men of your wet dreams – after you visit Mann-O-Meter – is to check out any of the numerous gay publications you can find in the libraries and newspaper stands.

Siegessäule is the largest and most reliable, and publishes an English language supplement called Out In Berlin. Inside Siegessäule you'll find hundreds of listings for saunas, bathhouses, circuit parties, clubs and cafes. It's the first thing you want to read if you want to be the coolest queer to step off the plane!

Another good publication is Sergie, which is glossier than Siegessäule and often has ads for the more expensive and trendy house parties and all night cruising clubs.

Either one will help you on your never-ending cock quest!

Chez Nous

Dig if you will, the picture – of dozens of drag queens in a campy Louis XIV setting in downtown Berlin!

That, my darlings, is the charm of Chez Nous – perhaps the best drag club in the entire Western World!

Unfortunately, Chez Nous has become so famous that it draws a lot of breeders – though one has to wonder exactly how straight you can be when you want to watch all the divaliciousness going on!

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Chez Nous has become so famous that drag queens from around the world compete to get on their stage - you'll see boys dressed like girls from Rio, Bangkok, Paris, New York, and fabulous San Francisco!

It's almost enough to make me faint with the fabulousness!

Checkpoint Charlie

By far, the most famous tourist attraction in Berlin is Checkpoint Charlie. If you like spy novels – or just want to think about stern Germen men in uniform - you'll like at Checkpoint Charlie – which used to be the border crossing separating Germany into two countries – and defining the front of the Iron Curtain.

While once a terrifying place – and the center of the Cold War – it has now become the tourism center of the city. While the old checkpoint itself was demolished you can still see sections of the old Berlin Wall and check out a multitude of tourist shops.

There is also a museum that documents both the history of the wall and how it was used in popular fiction – in everything from James Bond to John Le Carre.

It's a completely fabulous bit of history – and an astonishing symbol of the end of the Cold War.

Reichstag Building

The other major tourist attraction – apart from the five gay cruising areas - is the Reichstag Building with its beautiful gilded dome.

It was built more than 100 years ago to be the seat of Germany's parliament, but was taken out of use during the Cold War because Berlin was no longer the capital of the divided nation.

After the Cold War it was fully restored to its former splendor, and is once again the center of the German government.

When you get to the top of the dome you'll have a divine view of the entire city – but the lines can be very long, so you want to make sure you get here early!

It's Time To Meet The Boys From Berlin!

By now we've all met some boys from Brazil – so why not rip open the Iron Curtain and head over to Berlin on your next gay vacation?

You'll find kinky twinks, delicious divas and some of the best man meat east of Manhattan!

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