Get It On! Bang A Gong In Hong Kong: Guide To China's Hottest City!

Are you ready to see the city where East meets West and put your penis to the test? Then get ready for our guide to Hong Kong – the most cosmopolitan city in China!

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Hong Kong is a city of contradictions – it was ruled by the British for most of the 20th century, but is now back under Chinese rule. Yet, the Chinese have allowed some freedoms to remain in place – and the city is a hotbed of capitalism inside the communist republic.

The architecture itself is a strange mix of traditional Chinese buildings alongside modern skyscrapers.

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Yet, Hong Kong is not really a gay tourist destination. While all of you rice queens may find Hong Kong full of delightful eye candy, most westerners end up in the city on business trips – and there is a lot more kinky fun to be had in other nearby Asian cities like Bangkok and Phuket.

Still, while not a gay paradise, fun can be had in Hong Kong if you know where to look for it!

Let us take you on a tour of Hong Kong – where the rice is nice and the men are mellow.

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Hong Kong Gay Culture

Hong Kong is not the easiest place for gay men. Until recently, gay sex and homosexuality were against the law entirely. In fact, until 2006 it was illegal for men under age 21 to have any homosexual contact.

That law has been relaxed, and the age of consent is now 18 – but there is still a social stigma against having gay sex with anyone not in his 20s.

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The Hong Kong people as a whole also do not feel comfortable opening up about sexuality in any way – they believe that such matters are reserved and private. Therefore, you won't really ever see any flamboyant fags or fantastic queens.

Still, since the law against homosexuality was relaxed a few gay bars and even a small gay neighborhood have opened up – but it is still very discrete and far from the wild gay scene you might be used to.

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Public cruising in parks is also very taboo; the police enforce public sex and nudity laws with a vengeance, so you need to be very careful about what you do.

There are several gay saunas in town, but like the rest of the city they are not anywhere near as wild as their western counterparts. The men rarely engage in sexual contact in the saunas themselves, but instead invite their hookups back to their apartments or nearby hotel rooms.

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AIDS and HIV infection rates are very low in Hong Kong and condoms are easily available but there is an active bareback scene. While there is a hookup scene in the bars, most gay men in Hong Kong – they call themselves "Tonzghi" - report that they meet their sexual partners or boytoys over the Internet, on dating sites, or in chat rooms.

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Lan Kwai Fong

The new and growing gay neighborhood in Hong Kong is the Lan Kwai Fong area of town. There are several gay bars and clubs in the area, although most of them are discrete – you need to look for small rainbow flags on the doors.

There are very few hook ups in the bars themselves, and most don't have dark rooms in the back. Many of the gay bars are right next to cheap hotels, however, where you can take your new friends to play if you get lucky!

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Many of the gay clubs center their entertainment around karaoke nights, and drag shows are still almost unheard of. That said, Lan Kwai Fong is one of the most upscale parts of town, full of interesting restaurants, English language movie theaters, and a few gay saunas.

It is also home of the growing Tonzghi Rights Movement, which hopes to spread the acceptance of homosexuality throughout Hong Kong.

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Gay Beaches

While it can be nearly impossible to cruise in the city during the day, the beaches are hot spots with lots of raunchy rice baking on the sand!

There are two gay beaches in Hong Kong. Cheung Sha is the more upscale of the two, with several restaurants, changing rooms, showers, and a gift shop.

It's also the most conservative of the two beaches, and seaside hookups on Cheung Sha are rare.

Less upscale but much more cruisealicious is the Middle Bay beach, which is more isolated and considerably hotter. Because Middle Bay is off the beaten path, it is one of the few places where cruising and semi-public sex are accepted.

The beautiful gay boys cruise all day on this beach, and you'll find several secluded spots where you can get your gay on without worrying about being hassled.

It's your best bet for having a gay old time!

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The Tonzghi Festival

Hong Kong's version of gay pride – the Tonzghi Festival – is fairly sedate by Western standards.

It is more of a month-long October gathering of a small but growing gay community mixed with gay activism than a traditional pride parade.

That said, it does attract thousands of gays and their gay friendly neighbors – and the bars are much more hopping during the festival than at other times.

Sadly, it's only held on odd numbered years – so you'll have to wait until 2009 to help show your pride!

Hong Kong Gay And Lesbian Film Festival

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For the first time ever in 2006, the government gave its official backing to a Gay and Lesbian Film Festival that has now become an annual event every fall.

Roughly 50 films are shown a year at the festival – but the government insists that all of them address safe sex issues within the gay community.

The festival itself has existed as an underground event since 1989 – but under Chinese rule, it was not officially sanctioned until two years ago.

While the films tend to be much more serious than those shown at American or European film festivals, many men use the event as a chance to cruise – and you'll find it easier to get your cock on during the festival than at any other time of the year.

It's absolutely great!

The Dragon Dance

The most fabulous tourist attraction in Hong Kong is the Dragon Dance – performed at many clubs and at nearly every Chinese festival in the city.

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During the Dragon Dance, the performers carry an enormous dragon made of loose fabric and dance in circles while jumping and shimmying to traditional Chinese drum rhythms and music.

The effect is to look like the fabric has come to life, and the traditional dragon is moving through the streets or up and down the aisles of the clubs.

Once a year – in the most fabulous display possible – Hong Kong hosts the Dragon Boat Festival – where long boats are dressed up like dragons and race across the water.

Tea Drinking

The unofficial pastime of Hong Kong is tea drinking – and it's taken very seriously in the city!

In Hong Kong you'll find some of the best teas in the world, and a myriad of tea clubs and teahouses – some private and some open to the public – where people spend hours drinking tea and contemplating life.

Most teahouses offer a variety of free newspapers and several dozen types of tea, ranging from the slightly sweet to the very strong and pungent.

It's a great way to relax and get rid of your hangover – or just watch the people as they make it through their day!

Just remember – there is no public teabagging in Hong Kong, so keep your baggies in your manties!

Chinese New Year

The biggest party in Hong Kong is the three-day long Chinese New Year Festival. Most of the city – with the exception of the bars and restaurants – closes down for the three-day funfest!

People drink in the streets, set off fireworks, hold fabulous parades and dragon dances are near constant events up and down the streets of the city.


The party lasts for a full 72 hours as revelers dance and sing the night away – and the skyscrapers are adorned with lights and decorations to illustrate the theme of the New Year.

It's a fabulous event. You'll find yourself dancing the night away – and hopefully find someone to bring back to your hotel so you can set off some of your own personal fireworks!

Lantau Island

The tourist mecca of Hong Kong is Lantau Island – where Western values still rule and English is still spoken more than Mandarin.

You'll be surrounded by breeders on the island – but you'll find that the Chinese authorities are much more relaxed here, and you can let your hair down and be more flamboyant than on the main Hong Kong Island.

The most interesting attraction here is the Po Ling Monastery – which is one of the most famous Buddhist monasteries in Asia. It contains the tallest Buddha in the world – and we all know that size matters!

There is also the Chinese version of Disneyland here, which has become popular with tourists and locals alike.

The Tung Chung Fort is also popular and contains some of the original cannons the British used to fight off mainland invaders.

Gay Hong Kong – It's Not Just For The British Anymore!

While it is a conservative city, there are beautiful men to be found, tea to be sipped, and dancing in the street – some of our favorite things!

So, the next time you are in Asia, why not stop by Hong Kong and have yourself some discrete delights?

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