Gay Istanbul – Tiptoe Through The Tulips

Gay Istanbul, Turkey Photo 6When it comes to gay travel, Muslim countries probably are not at the top of the list for most of us. And while it's true that some Muslim countries are not very gay-friendly, that's not true for all of them.

Turkey, in fact, is much more gay-positive than you would expect, which is probably why Istanbul has recently been rated one of the top gay tourist destinations in the world – and certainly the top one in the Arab world.

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If you've ever had a fantasy about doing or getting done by a hot Middle Eastern dude, Turkey is the safest and sanest place to do it. You'll be surrounded by history, be able to chill out in warm weather, and get your gay on!

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And the best city in all of Turkey for a gaycation is the ancient city of Istanbul, where Europe and Asia collide in a secular nation with a large and active Muslim population. You'll experience a vast mix of cultures as you explore the heart of the Ottoman Empire.

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It's a truly exotic experience that you'll never forget – and you know you want to sample a different flavor of man meat.

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So, my turgid twinks, tight little bottoms and terrific tops, let's take a journey to Istanbul, where you'll want to go down and get your hoe down.

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Gay Culture In Istanbul

If you've ever had a fetish for straight boys, Istanbul is going to be your dream vacation. It is full of very, very straight-acting bi guys. In fact, the guys are so straight-acting they consider themselves straight.

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That's because in Turkish culture, tops are not considered gay men and there is no social stigma to being a top. So they don't hide in the closet. and actively seek out bottoms with no shame at all.

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Your only problem might be that if you travel with your fag hag, the guy cruising you at the bar might end up wanting to do both of you! Most of the tops are very, very masculine and aggressive, and will have no problem hitting on you at all if you seem even the slightest bit gay.

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Because of this, the bottoms compete with each other to be as flamboyant as possible to attract the hot Middle Eastern studs. This has also led to the creation of the largest drag queen culture in the Middle East, and you have not lived until you've taken the time to check out an Istanbul drag show.

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You won't find any of the homophobia common in the rest of the Muslim world in Istanbul. Quite the opposite. If you bottom, you may find yourself more in demand than you've ever been in any city you've visited.  You can find a boytoy or a hot bareback partner at almost every turn in gay Istanbul!

The Gayborhood in Gay Istanbul

Of course, you don't want to just trust it to luck that you'll get cruised by a “straight” guy in Istanbul. You'll want to up your chances by going where the gays go. So head over to Taxsim, the main Istanbul gayborhood, where you'll find tons of gay bars, clubs and saunas where you can play with the boys night after night.

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Istanbul Saunas

Saunas are a huge part of Istanbul culture. But, you have to be careful. The large majority of saunas are not cruising areas, and in fact are not even gay. They are called Hamams and are a part of daily Turkish life.

If fact, you should check out these traditional Turkish saunas, where you will be offered a “scrub” which will exfoliate your entire body, followed by a “rub” which is a full body massage – although sadly lacking a happy ending.

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For a traditional gay sauna sexperience, stick to the gayborhood and make sure there is a rainbow flag sticker on the door of the place before you go in, just so you don't end up doing something inappropriate and embarrassing.

Istanbul Rent Boys

You'll be delighted to know that in Istanbul, prostitution is completely and totally legal. And, you'll find rent boys working nearly every gay bar and club in the city. It's also fairly easy to find Istanbul rent boys online.

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Be sure, however, to ask if they are “aktif,” which would mean they only top and never bottom, so you don't get disappointed when you get them back to your hotel room.

Being Safe In Istanbul

The one downside to Istanbul is that because it is a poor country, there is a fairly high minor crime rate. It is advised that you don't ask people on the streets directions, because there is a good chance they will steer you into a side street where people are waiting to mug you. Instead, either travel around by taxi, or hire one of the many professional guides offered by every hotel.

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You should also be aware that it is common in Istanbul to negotiate the price of the cab fare before you get into the taxi. If you don't, they may try to rip you off by charging you much more than they should for your trip.

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Let's Do Straight Boys In Istanbul!

I'm up for Middle Eastern men who are straight but not narrow! So, why not join me in Istanbul, and get it on?

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