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  1. Maybe the girlie bars in Patpong were unwilling to sublet free space to competition. Gay bars aren't competition for what they have to offer.
  2. You'll have more fun lying down.
  3. I don't know about Vietnam, but in Thailand it is the Thai authorities. Without that, no funeral is possible. The body stays in the morgue. Unless you have made a Thai will nominating an executor with the specific power to make funeral arrangements (as I have, with my boyfriend as executor) It's as much for the benefit of my next of kin in England as for any other reason. Without it, they would have the task of negotiating Thai bureaucracy and arranging a funeral from several thousand miles away.
  4. They may already know. I did not come out to friends and family until my youth was long gone. Almost all said something along the lines of "what kept you? We knew that for years". Turns out that what I had not spoken of out of delicacy for their feelings, they had not spoken of out of delicacy for mine. So it goes.
  5. Google translate is OK but, in part because of the different structures of English and Thai, not always reliable. For anything important I do a back translation (translating English to Thai and back to English again.) If the back translation is not satisfactory, change the wording in the original until you are happy with it. Keep it as simple as you possibly can.
  6. Possibly, but also consider the possibility that someone whose job is to keep out or let in the right people may develop enhanced recognition skills over the years. So far as money boys go, I think they are probably often bullshitting (not always, just often). It may just be a pploy to get talking to you.
  7. I'm sure that's right. One of the security guards on the lift at the Tarntawan once greeted me with "Welcome back". I had been there once before - three years earlier.
  8. The problem with the UK is that they don't publish the criteria for investigation for money laundering. I have, however, heard of one instance of it happening because the individual was making transfers too frequently, regardless of their size. If possible, I would suggest opening a Thai bank account, making occasional larger transfers into that, and then using the Thai bank's internet banking or banking app to make smaller, local, transfers inside Thailand. It also means you end up with a Thai bank account and ATM card which are very useful things to have if you come here at all often (even more so if you ever move here).
  9. ceejay

    Trip Advice

    For me, Bangkok is too hot in July. Pattaya seems to have a little microclimate of its own and I find it more congenial at that time of year. December time - haven't been in either place for Christmas/New Year in a long time. The last time I was in Pattaya on New Year's Eve, it was literally impossible even to get into the Boyztown soi it was so crowded. I think those days may be gone though.
  10. I would take the phone to a True Shop, tell them I wanted a high speed/high data capacity service, but only if they could transfer my existing AIS number to their SIM. They will do it for you.
  11. Thanks for looking into it Michael. It's not a problem to me - I just thought you would want to know.
  12. Don't know why it happens but sometimes when I am replying to a post, Firefox closes down without warning. I lose everything I have written. I have: Win 7 64 bit - fully up to date Firefox 64.0.2 (64-bit) It doesn't seem to happen with other websites.
  13. When I hear a story like this, I don't so much wonder why they gave so much away as how they got it in the first place.
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