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  1. Andrew Sullivan is an asshole. Best avoided.
  2. If you don't want your kids there, don't bring them. How hard is this for people?
  3. I want an alternative to Biden, but I will absolutely vote for him if he's the democratic candidate. US elections have always been in my lifetime the lesser of two evils. Why would I expect it to suddenly change now?
  4. Given the frequency with which deadly amounts of fentanyl end up in seemingly ever variety of illicit drugs, those days of my youth are well behind me. I found I like this place. I'd like to stay as long as possible.
  5. I think it has been because the Republicans have become masters at feeding white anger. White fascism sells. It's a pity they are so angry they forget to check on who gave away the store to corporations and the rich instead of helping them.
  6. "Extreme leftward turn"? You and I have a very different understanding of the word extreme. Biden is about as oatmeal as it gets. There have always been a few outliers who always get more media because reporters think that's more entertaining. I wish the media would stop trying to entertain us and try instead to inform us.
  7. I'm not so sure. I think recent elections and primaries have shown that the American electorate is pretty sexist.
  8. Here in Oregon, we had the same problem initially. Not enough supply for the new demand so prices were high. Then everybody got on the bandwagon and prices crashed.
  9. My father was a doctor in the Air Force for much of his career. All doctors had to pull ER duty. He made me promise that I would never ride a motorcycle because of all the airmen he saw in his ER. I kept my promise except once( he was hot. AIDS took him like so many others). I don't want to trust a mode of transportation that if other people fuck up, you die. Trusting other people not to fuck up is a bad bet, I think.
  10. Riding without a helmet is foolish. Since none of us were at the crash, none of us know if that is true. And if stupidity were fatal, humanity would have disappeared as a species long ago.
  11. Always enjoy your Brazil reports.
  12. @KYTOP While I'm a democrat, I have, in fact, voted for republicans in the past. But, the republican party that was is no more. Maybe they're rediscover themselves. I hope so. I couldn't possibly support any republican today. It no longer has any ideas. It is just a mass of screaming infantile rage at the world for not all being stuck in the 1950s. It is a party that has lost the culture war, but is going to burn down as much as it can as it goes. My father is buried in Arlington. My older brother served in multiple combat operations in Iraq and Afghanistan. I wanted to serve but wasn't going to lie about not being a faggot to serve. I knew how that would go. But, I really did want to be a career navy officer. They used to talk about all the talent the gay witch hunts lost. They never talked about those of us who looked at it and never chose to join. I really, really want to love this country. Today, I can't. I have been shown how many of my fellow Americans want to be Nazis. I have been show how little compassion many of my fellow Americans have. I can't bring myself to love that truth.
  13. Keying off KYTOP's comments, I tend to agree that education is a mess. I think it is a mess in large part because society devalues it so much. We expect teachers to be miracle workers for shit wages and then justify it by saying they get summers off. Teachers catch heaps of shit from people who can't be bothered to engage with their own children. If any of these parents gave a fuck, they'd know what their kids were learning. A long time ago, women had few career opportunities so whip smart women became teachers for shit wages because they had no other choices. We had great schools on the backs of trapped women. Now they do have other choices, and they take them. I looked into teaching as a second career and laughed at the pay scale. I wasn't expecting much, but it was pathetic enough to make me lose all interest. It is about as easy to become a nurse and earn 50% more, never mind that nurses have many more career opportunities and choices available. Only the most dedicated, or those without much other choice would choose that occupation in my opinion. Building an education that depends on effectively secular nuns is idiotic. Shiny new bombs and guns? Buy them all! Invest in people? What are you a pinko socialist? A Liberal elite? I think the evidence of the consequences of that are everywhere to be seen in US politics. We have deified ignorance. What has been the effect of this new understanding of the state of our education system? The call to ban more books. To teach less of this or that. Nowhere do I read about parents rising up because their children can't do algebra, read another language, write a coherent essay, or the like. No, the rage is all about culture war crap. It isn't about education at all. Rant over.
  14. My reading of the news was that this was an evangelical christian school. Lunacy is practically a requirement. Fun fact, did you know that Jesus was incarnated as a man to die for our sins, but didn't have a pee-pee, because pee-pees are OF THE DEVIL.
  15. That may be true, but will it cost the same as an economy seat? I doubt that.
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