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  1. https://coconuts.co/bangkok/news/pattaya-paralyzed-storm-slams-city-swamps-streets-video/
  2. Oh if only it was so easy?? First I financed and opened 2 Bars in Thailand and opened, owned and ran 3 Bars in the US. The Bars in Thailand were just regular bars with some simple food served and they were an investment in a young friend that failed. You would have thought I would have learned my lesson after the first but I did not . I remember how long it took to open Winner Bar in Sunee which is tiny compared to A Bomb and this was an experienced owner of Lady Bars in Pattaya. First you have to get the Bar License and then you have to get the Entertainment License . And yes in Pattaya unless the police chief owns the Bar , it will take time and you can never be completely sure in Thailand so you have to consider how much you want to spend until you have the various licenses. Construction in Thailand can be slow even for what seems like simple renovations. No chance you would ever complete ownership, get licenses , and renovate in 2 weeks. Zero chance! 2 months maybe. By that time the previous staff has likely taken jobs at other Bars so you will have to find mores boys to stock the Bar. I'm going to assume that the Bar we are talking about is A Bomb and if it is ,they were a Bar that tended to have more muscular boys. If they wanted to continue in this vein it will be harder to stock the Bar. 2 Months sounds optimistic , 2 weeks no chance . Since summer is certainly not the best time to open a Bar in Pattaya, I probably would not be in rush and would be trying to woo staff after the summer. Easy to open too soon and have all kinds of expenses with no customers. I had a number of chances to open a Gay Bar in Pattaya. I would rather shoot myself. HeHe!
  3. Been a few years since I stayed there but just a wonderful Hotel on the River which gives you so much to do during daytime hours. Not only that next to the Skytrain, However late at night you may have to get taxis to get home. Don't think anyone will bother you with presentable guests but I always advise to book the room for 2 people . Makes it more unlikely that they will bother you. Recent reviews say the rooms are getting a little dated . Aren't we all? The staff, location, restaurants, pretty sure you'll love it.
  4. I'm going to chime in although it has been a few years since my last visit. If you do your homework and know what areas not to frequent , when to take a taxi rather than bus or underground etc etc . It is unlikely you will have a problem. I made sure I left watches and jewelry home . But it is a completely different animal from Thailand. Those who like GoGo Bars etc will be disappointed . Certainly in Rio the major places for Sex are the Saunas . Not sure I would use online meets unless the boy/man was known to me or a friend . I do remember the advice not to use ATM's except in well lighted and more upscale areas which I followed carefully. Of course for some visiting a country ,there are lots of other things to do other than pay for Sex. Fabulous beaches, sightseeing of all kinds and great restaurants. Also if you like Big Dicks then Rio is for you. IT would be hard to find ( but not impossible) what is normal in Brazil anywhere in Thailand. A decent and safe area Hotel will definitely be more expensive than Thailand . There are many reasonable and great restaurants in Rio along with cheaper alternatives where the food is still wonderful. I know Michael will disagree with me but if you are into twinks , don't bother . Of course there are some but they are in the minority . It is one of the most beautiful places on earth and for anyone who loves to travel, it should be on your bucket list. I'll say it again if anyone has the itch then spend some time on boytoy.com where there are great members who love the country and are more than willing to help you in any way.
  5. I doubt you don't grasp it but I'll spell it out. Christian has made it plain that he thinks Thai people have a limited ability to grow in their mental abilities past the age of 13-15 year old. I'm pointing out that any boy who can sucker someone into sending them money and then blocking them on all the possible sites where he could be found exhibits a mental ability far exceeding the pigeon hole Christian puts Thai people in.
  6. As a follow up to paying for a taxi. I have no idea how many boys I have hired off of GayRomeo, Hornet etc but it is definitely in the hundreds and only once was I ever asked to pay for the taxi and it was not in advance. Boy told me it was a long journey from the hinterlands of BKK and he asked if I could meet him at Hotel when he arrived and pay the fare. Seemed fair to me. One of the best decisions I ever made . That 250 baht taxi fare came back to me many times over , because this boy was a favorite of mine for over a year and many meetings.
  7. It's been such a long time I have forgotten many of the facts. But I seem to remember it was a terrible turn out of voters that started this mess.. When people don't take seriously their right to vote, you end up with Brexit and Trump!
  8. Scooby


    It is not the GoGo Bar. Just the outside bar on street level.
  9. But that would assume the boy had enough smarts to get the customer to send him money and then know that he would block him afterwards on every site imaginable . I don't know many 13-15 year olds that would come up with that scheme???
  10. I must be missing something here or some members don't read read every post. Michael paid for the taxi. The boy did not spend the money foolishly and I would be willing to bet that he took the Bus back to Pattaya.
  11. Why would you ask me. Michael answered it completely?
  12. Good suggestion. Then if you like him you can bring him back to BKK.
  13. Sometimes the hunt is as important as the catch and then even more rewarding.
  14. Scooby


    Of course you could always just have a carry on which are certainly big enough for this type of trip and not have to wait for bags.
  15. I'd have him interview with one of your many friends in Pattaya before taking the plunge for that much.
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