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  1. At the gay beach the presence of cute guys could attract gays from the pools and bars, especially if the boys wore small tight speedos. Perhaps the proprietors could supply discounted food and drinks to boys who met that specification. I for one would welcome some eye candy. Not sure how older ugly females could be discouraged from visiting our beach
  2. Deliberate policy of the city authority - Definitely not. Thais are certainly not known for town planning. More likely it would start with one or more gays and their Thai boyfriends favouring one particular concession. Perhaps the proprietors would see a business opportunity and would be especially friendly and attentive to those customers. The word would spread amongst the community that this part of the beach is for us. Adjoining concessions then would follow the trend and hey presto you have a gay beach. Thai boys looking for customers or daddies would start appearing which would attract more gays, expat or tourist.
  3. I’ve been a daddy on several occasions and agree with Boy69 that you have to be careful in the relationship. Thai boys can be unstable and as we all know “face” is so important to Thais. They can get very angry when being dumped. I had to leave Pattaya in a hurry once when I terminated a boy that I had had with me for about 10 days. He came back to the Ambiance and banged on my door. I was in bed with another boy and he went into a rage threatening me with violence. I only got rid of him by giving him a good amount of baht. I immediately checked out and caught the first bus in the morning to Bkk and spent the remainder of my trip there. I should have recognised signs that he regarded our relationship as daddy/son.
  4. There is no doubt that the gay scene has shrunk in the last few years - that is quite plain from the closed bars in BT and Sunee and the trend for OUR beach to become less gay. The obvious reason is that Thailand is no longer inexpensive with the large increase in the value of the baht. When I discovered Pattaya 20 years ago I got 70 baht for £1.00 and usually paid boys 1000 for a night in my bed ie around £13 - the same boy would cost maybe 2000 at 40 ie £50 today. Thailand has changed and there are far more opportunities for young guys than working in the rice fields. But I very much agree with Vinapu that Thailand and Pattaya in particular is still a great place for a gay tourist, like myself, on a two/three week holiday who is attracted to Asian boys. Of course many gays come to Thailand with partners or are not sex tourists and do not frequent the bars.
  5. The. Link to Agoda had reviews of Cafe Royal one of which posted in May 2019 mentioned noise, but said that he was given a room which did not face the bars so the nuisance was minimised. The contributor also said that he hadn't realised that this hotel is situated in a gay area but did not say this was a negative. Generally gays and strs co-exist in hotels in BT, Complex and Sunee. Generally however I only seem to interact with other gays whilst on holiday in Pattaya.
  6. Travellerdave

    Ko Samet

    I went to Koh Samet in August 2018 when I bought a 2 night package with Malibu Travel. This included a mini bus to Ban Phrea, ferry, National Park entry and a bungalow. it certainly for me was worth going as a change from the madness of Pattaya and the beaches are really beautiful. I did visit 20 years ago when it was almost like a Robinson Crusoe island but now it is much more developed with low rise hotels, restaurants and bars. i did take a boy with me and there was no particular problems with that, apart from the usual knowing looks from farang str couples. However the boy was rather bored until I rented a scooter for him on which he spent a lot of the daylight hours zooming up and down the single tarmac road, whereas I liked to stay on the beach reading and swimming in the crystal clear water.
  7. I hope that it will reopen - Sunee needs more choice regarding gogos. In March I only went there to visit Winner hoping to off a cute boy, which I did 3 times..
  8. It seems that the opinion regarding tips in Gogo bars is coalescing around 20 baht to 100 for the drinks service. The latter figure would be appropriate if your stay was lengthy whereas 20,would be ok for a shorter period with just one drink. As for interaction with a boy my minimum would be 100 when I’ve not got too intimate (perhaps just kissing or caressing). This would go to maybe 200 if I have held his cock or indulged in lengthy tongue kissing. However usually my purpose in visiting a Gogo would be to off a boy usually LT sometimes short time. I would not give him a bar tip, the tip would come later related to his performance in bed. I visit Pattaya as a gay sex tourist - skimping on tips is not what I’m about.
  9. Agree with you there Spoon. My last trip was centred on the Jomtien Complex plus several visits to Winner Boys to off boys. I did go to BT but only occasionally whereas over the previous 10 years I was a regular in BT. Going back a long time (10 to 20 years) spent a lot of evenings in Sunee.
  10. GGBKK Thanks for your report - I enjoyed reading it as it brought back memories of my March trip when I stayed in the JomtienComplex but visited the Pattaya gogo’s. you mentioned that whilst you sat in Toyboys you had thoughts of a 3 way involving Sophy but the other boy sat with you did not appeal. However in the evening of your final day you had dinner with him and David. Did you not think of a goodbye session with the two of them ?. Do you think you will come face sometime to renew the acquaintance ? you also mentioned walking along the beach to Boystown (from Jomtien ?). I once tried that but found it impossible because after the end of the Dongtan Beach the way is blocked by private hotel grounds. But maybe you found a way ?. Of course you can walk along the road Jomtien>Pattaya but that’s not at all pleasant with the traffic and pollution.
  11. Yes it’s more than 5 years ago that I sat with him on Dongtan Beach and had an enjoyable hour with him in a short time room. It sounds like the years have taken a cruel toll and more so because he will in fact only be 26/27 years old. Many Thai bar boys are in their prime at that age. Probably a Western diet in Germany for a few years was responsible.
  12. I agree with you Boy69 and have always preferred Pats to Bkk, since I discovered the place nearly 20 years ago. Although I concede that Bkk is better for hunks rather than twinks of which there is an ample supply in Pattaya available at lower prices, prepared to stay overnight and maybe become a holiday boyfriend. Bkk is rather overwhelming and I suspect the traffic pollution is not good health wise.
  13. I’m trying to place where that dazzling neon sign is located in the Complex. It certainly was not there when I stayed at the Zing Hotel in March. One word I read as “Party” but the others are unclear. After offing Sophy in BT how did the two of you return to Jomtien ?. It sounds like he would create an impression on the gay beach !. I very much enjoy the beach during the afternoon either alone or with a boyfriend. Have you tried the indoor pool at the Poseidon with its pumped current to swim against - rather a novel feature ? Thanks for your report - I look forward to hearing more.
  14. I’ve come across mooks before, but believe they are not that common. I think they are ugly and don’t see what motifs boys to have them. Silicone enhancement I’ve not seen with boys. As to g-strings etc I think that gay gogos could benefit if the dancers wore a wider variety of apparel. For example jocks as illustrated to the left, tight jeans, speedos and yes g-strings, in addition to the usual white briefs. Perhaps very loose fitting gym shorts also which permit easy access of searching hands.
  15. I love those multi coloured g-strings the boys are wearing in Jaspers post. I the event of a off I would insist that my boy boy wear his for me in my room.
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