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  1. First time I went to koh larn was 2002 with a pal and two boys. Walked from the pier to Duen Beach (Monkey Beach) . 2 miles maybe. There was nobody and nothing there - took some booze and food from,7-11. Had lots of fun swimming out to the reef. Got taxi back for return to Pats cos I had cut my foot on the coral.
  2. Reading these various experiences of fellow members about boys watching porn whilst in bed , I’m taken back to some years ago by something rather different. I was in a king bed with a very hot twink and was woken up in the middle of the night in the pitch darkness by noises (beeps, buzzes and clicks) coming from under the bed sheets, from which there was also a faint glow. I gradually came to and slid over to his side of the bed and whispered “what you do “ to which the reply was “play game”. . I was amused by this and asked him to show me. It was in the early days of smart phones and I did not possess one, only a basic mobile phone with few extras. He demonstrated the game and showed me how to play and for a while I forgot about sex in my efforts to master the skill. However I gradually focussed more on his delicious body and commenced sucking his cock whilst he gradually ceased play and put the phone aside and we commenced “normal service”. In the morning and over room service breakfast we Laughed about the experience and the game which I think was some sort of early version of Candy Crush. It was One of my boy “adventures” which remains in my memory bank and causes me to smile as I reminisce about times gone by.
  3. I rather enjoy kissing boys in gay bars and “boyfriends” on the gay beach and of course in bed. But I wouldn’t do it, particularly French kissing, if the boy resisted in any way. Definitely not in public in non-gay places - you have to be conscious of your surroundings. I was once sat round the pool at the Zing resort where another farang was kissing and cuddling a boy which was rather unsettling for str couples present there.
  4. I have had a few boys over the years watching porn on their phones whilst in bed with them. If it’s quality gay porn I’ve run it on my large iPad, and watched myself.
  5. I have quite a few pictures of my Thai “boyfriends” stored on my iPad and home pc. Whilst some of them are what you could call “sexy”, ie for example in bed with me or wearing jocks, none of them are phonographic and I would not share them with anyone else or upload them to the internet. The majority are are just normal “tourist” type pictures eg in bars, beach, travelling etc. The early ones were taken on non-digital cameras, processed commercially and then scanned from the prints. Many happy memories.
  6. Quite a saga pong2 ! i remember the first visit I made to Thailand in 2001. I took a mixture of USD And GBR cash -plus a wad of Amex USD travellers cheques. This was just before the internet took off as a source of information for travellers. I recall cashing the cheques in banks and being amazed at how much purchasing power I received. The rate was around 70 baht to £1. I returned home to the U.K. with a good proportion of the cheques which I used in USA subsequently for cashing and for direct settlement of hotel bills. i don’t suppose anyone still uses travellers cheques ?. Maybe they are not available anymore.
  7. Yes mostly they just stroll around without actually taking a seat in the bars. There is nothing at the entrances to the Complex to indicate that it is predominantly a gay area. Probably they don’t feel confortable about being surrounded by us gays and our young boyfriends. There are usually a few str couples in the Complex hotels And I have sometimes chatted with them - one couple asked me about the gay scene in general. You hardly ever see str guys with their Thai girlfriends in the Complex
  8. Agree Boy69 - I stopped going to BBB after it became dominated by screaming Chinese ladies. Better when it was patronised 100% by gay men.
  9. During my stay at the Ambiance, the place as well as BT in general, was quiet being towards tte end of the Covid restrictions.. In fact at during the first couple of days I thought there were no other guests. I had one of their better rooms for a bargain price and I was happy with everything: aircon, cleaning, wifi etc etc. The tv did not seem to have any English channels but I was there on a boy orientated trip, not to watch tv . I stayed there many times up to 4 years ago when I moved to the Complex owing to the problem of late night noise from a karaoke bar, which isn’t there now. The staff were friendly and had time to chat and supplied extra towels when I had a short time boy during the day and one overnight. The restaurent was closed - maybe it’s open now.
  10. I always carry a copy of the Id page of my passport whilst in Thailand, as I believe carrying the actual document risks losing it or having it stolen. Typically I’m wearing lightweight shorts and shirt without deep pockets in which paper deteriorates in hot tropical conditions. The passeport stays in my room safe together with other key items;- insurance details, 2nd debit card, flight details, drivers licence etc etc. I’ve only been asked to show my passport twice by the police twice in 20 years when in boy bars subject to raids. The copy was accepted on those occasions.
  11. That’s a huge endorsement for East Suites Boy69. I’ve stayed in nearly all of the Complex hotels but not this one. I certainly like the sound of the jacuzzi suite and the thought of entertaining boys in it. Did you actually make use of the two bedrooms ?. In July I stayed at the Ambiance so I think I’m due luxurious accommodation next trip.
  12. I’ve only been in Thailand (Pattaya) once during the Xmas/New Year high season and that was 12 years ago. The downsides of this period were high flight/hotel prices, but I don’t recall any shortage of boys. I think more arrive to meet the demand from increased numbers of affluent gay tourists as opposed to money conscious residents.
  13. I too have no desire to go with ladyboys. Like you I am gay. They are all over in Pattaya so there is obviously a demand for their services. Some closely ressemble woman but others are just boys using make-up in female clothes.
  14. I have met guys who go to Thailand to have sex exclusively with ladyboys and yet maintain that they themselves are not gay even they enjoy the same activities as us gays who like boys. I would say that if you suck cock you are certainly gay - but they don’t agree.
  15. I can afford business class but my tough North U.K. upbringing has conditioned me to travel MAN > BKK economy, saving approximately £2000 / $2200. Yes it’s uncomfortable that way - small seats, queuing to use the toilets, no sleep with the constant Noise and adjacent passengers wanting to get past etc etc. But I used to run marathons 20 years ago and they were also similarly uncomfortable even painful but the satisfaction in reaching the finish was huge. It’s the same for me travelling economy where the satisfaction is reaching Bkk saving 2000 quid on the business fare.
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