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  1. Drimvoiz Vinapu and Hank75 thanks for your input. I will certainly make Bkk my first port of call during my next trip and visit gay bars where hunks are to be found. I did this maybe 15 years ago but my memories have faded about my activities, but I do remember offing one muscle boy who I took to the Tantawan Hotel.
  2. Zing has a variety of rooms. I have had one adjacent to the pool with a separate lounge area, but the one I liked the best was on the second floor which had a large private patio area.
  3. During my numerous visits as a gay sex tourist I’ve virtually confined myself to selecting twinks in Pattaya as bed companions. However since my last trip 3 weeks ago I’ve developed a nagging thought about having hunk experiences and have been scanning the hundreds of pictures of body builders on this site and have been jacking off looking at them. I’m mainly bottom these days so I’m dreaming about being topped by a Thai hunk body builder. This would be in Bkk and I think would be expensive.
  4. Z909 - Logic ? Thai Boys ? Don’t think they go together ! could be reasons you suggest. I remember a couple of years ago when I was staying at the Poseidon in the Complex. I contacted a boy via Planet Romeo who said he would join me there but couldn’t say when that might be. I have him my telephone number and told him to call when he arrived. Maybe half an hour passed and I started to think he was not coming but my phone rang - it was him asking where I was. I of course said Poseidon Hotel - Jomtien Complex but that did not seem to register. I passed my phone to the guy on reception who gave the boy instructions. Apparently he did not know where the Complex was and had continued on the baht bus to the far end of Jomtien Beach Road looking for Poseidon. He had only been in Pattaya a few days. So the moral of my account is not to assume that all Thais have a good knowledge of Pattaya’s geography.
  5. That’s true. I contacted a boy from Planet Romeo at about 6pm whilst staying at the Zing Resort and asked him to come to my room. He was with me in 5 minutes due to working at a Complex bar. He was really cute but not that hot in bed. perhaps i was the first of several short times for him that evening. But I did on two occasions have boys based in Pattaya not wanting to travel to Jomtien.
  6. I had nearly 3 weeks in Pattaya returning home 10 days ago. I split the trip with the majority spent at the Zing plus a few nights at the Ambience in BT. The former is very gay friendly having some str guests who don’t mind the activities of gay guests (including myself) and their Asian boyfriends around the very pleasant pool area. Of course the Ambience is a long established gay hotel. I was very happy with both. The beach at Jomtien is far superior to the Pattaya one. The former has a so called gay section with Dongtan but this is now far more “mixed” than in past years, but the sea, sand and air is very pleasant either with your boyfriend du jour or maybe alone perhaps chatting with other visitors, or having a drink or food. Transport Jomtien > Pattaya is very easy by baht bus (10 - 20 mins to BT), motor cycle taxi and even walking if you want excercise. when returning from BT or Sunee with a boy I used motor cycle taxis 3 up including taxi guy. Not recommended if you are nervous but the boys are used to it. As mentioned already there are twinks in the Jomtien bars. They tend to interact with customers more as the evening progresses, but don’t delay inviting a boy to join you if you are attracted to him, as another customer may off him first. They seldom refuse the offer of a drink. Boys from Planet Romeo based in Pattaya May sometimes be reluctant to join you in Jomtien.
  7. Stayed there 2 weeks ago. The WiFi in my room was fine. I’ve been at Zing four times now. It’s a good choice for gays in the Jomtien Complex. No problem having boys in the room.
  8. This thread has made me speculate as to what would happen if I died in Thailand. Maybe this would be as a result of a road accident or maybe whilst having sex with a boy in bed or maybe being murdered by a jealous boyfriend - the possibilities are many. i have of course made a will and left that and information about my affairs with my lawyer. As to embarrassment with what my family would find at my house, all my porn is stored on my iPad and nobody knows the pin. I would be leaving a collection of fetish wear and maybe somewhere there could be poppers, but I’m not concerned of about those. i have read an interesting book written by the former British consul in Pattaya in which he talks amongst other things about dealing with cases of deceased British visitors and expats. A very interesting account of what actually happens in a variety of circumstances.
  9. I left Pattaya just before the storm broke in the morning of Tuesday 2 April for the airport. Good timing I suppose as a little later maybe I would have had a problem catching my flight to Dubai. I have watched the videos of the dramatic floods. Was there a storm also on 3 April ? Im hoping to be back in August for 3 or 4 weeks. I enjoyed my trip very much with great weather during the 2 weeks. I enjoyed also meeting several other gay visitors and expats and of course the boys from bars and gogos.
  10. I’ve only been to Babylon once and that was some time ago. Apart from that all my experiences have been at the Samsuck in Pattaya and I’ve not been there for more than a year due to lack of action when I did go. Like most gay facilities in Pats it declined from its popularity of more than 5 years ago, when action in the darkened maze was almost guaranteed. Encounters often led to sex in the many cubicles.
  11. 4000 to 5000 tip plus 1000 off fee. Presumably that’s for long time ?. I would never pay prices like that. I’ve just finished 16 days in Pattaya where I slept with boys most nights and paid 1600 to 2000 plus the off fee,. Boys were from Winner, Cupidol, Complex Bars and Planet Romeo. However they were twinks so we are not talking about the same thing. The guy above would certainly tempt me if I decided to give BKK a try, if the cost was more reasonable. Is it possible to get a muscled non-model hunk for say 3000 all in long time ?
  12. I’m now a lot more conscious about air pollution and think that it’s also bad in Pattaya particular during hot still days. The traffic seems to get worse each time I visit with the major roads being choked with stationary or slow moving mostly diesel vehicles pumping our fumes. There are far more large buses now catering for Chinese tour groups and the drivers seem to keep their engines running whilst parked waiting for passengers. I wonder what it is doing to the lungs of baht bus drivers. i avoid sitting in bars or restaurants close to busy roads but think that the Jomtien Complex should be relatively ok also Dongtan Beach. However I go jogging on Jomtien Beach Road in the early morning and think that this is probably no longer a health plus activity in Pattaya. Maybe go on the gym treadmill instead.
  13. It’s 6.30 am now and I’ve looked out of the windows where it looks like it’s going to be another sizzling hot day for the election. Most of the bars were shut yesterday evening with just the occasional one having one or two customers sat drinking water or a coke. when I went out for a walk I didn’t see any electioneering activity. with Thailand being very dependant on the tourist economy it would be beneficial for them not to have the alcohol ban in 100% resorts such as Pattaya Phuket etc. But that is Western thinking not Thai, where the Buddhist religion has a huge influence. I’m not a big drinker so the lack of booze does not bother me, but yesterday evening I did miss going to the bars. At 9pm I did sit in the room scanning GR but fell asleep and ended up sleeping alone.
  14. Saturday 23 March 2019 i was aware that this was going to happen today and was expecting see lots of election activity - posters, loud speaker vans, street meetings with speeches. However I have seen nothing like that at all so far and wonder if the people have given up on democracy after years of military dictatorship ?. i have asked in bars about it but have received non commital replies like “yes bars closed tomorrow”. I asked my boyfriend du jour last night in bed if he was going to vote but I didn’t understand his reply so didn’t pursue the matter. It’s 7:30 am and he has just gone. Have a little breakfast and then tour about a little although it seems one of the hottest periods that I have ever been in Pattaya. Things seem very quiet despite it stil being high season. The Complex bars were half empty with the boys bemoaning the lack of customers and the gay beach concessions had lots of empty seats. It’s not really a gay beach anymore with family groups, hetro couples and single females invading “our” space and virtual absence of boys in speedos, who we loved to see and lust for.
  15. I echo all of this. I have had boys address me by my name and yet in turns out I bought them a drink a year ago. Is this some sort of talent possessed by Thai people generally ?
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