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  1. I visited Jomtien yesterday and spent a few hours at Dongtan beach in the area I knew in the past as the Gay Beach. It was a “memory lane” visit and I had thoughts in the morning about asking my overnight boyfriend to accompany me there, but he seemed lukewarm about the idea so I was there on my own. At about 2 pm the concessions were about on average 20% full with several having virtually no customers. I occupied a rather confortable sun lounger for which the price was 100 baht which included a towel. Several customers had their Asian boyfriends with them but mainly it was single guys like me. Sat in an adjoining concession was a hetro couple, but then the “invasion” of “our beach” had started years ago. I’m one for reminiscing these days and my mind went back to the early 2000’s when I used to to wear very brief speedos and splash about in the water with my “boyfriend du jour”. Such activity unfortunately is now just in my memory bank and those speedos do not fit with my current body shape. However the afternoon was pleasant enough sat there with a book looking out to sea and being served with a cold drink. On leaving at about 4.30 I decided to get some exercise by walking back to Pattaya continuing along the beach path until leaving that to walk up an ascending road until I reached Thrapaya Road for the remainder of the walk finishing rather tired and bedraggled. When asked by the boyfriend what I had done that day he was totally unimpressed by my walking exploits. Exercise does not seem to be something in the boys participate in, but their bodies are deliciously slim and lean (certainly the ones which attract me), particularly if they have recently arrived from the Isaan rice fields.
  2. Barry - that’s a really useful sticker. I’ve always found checking that boys will rim me and vice-versa especially over the telephone. I will be using it soon.
  3. This evening there was more of a party atmosphere in the Boyztown Soi with some rather tasty complementary food on offer outside the Ambiance. They have also re-installed the tables outside, but without service. I eat my free food there watching the gathering crowd in which everyone seemed to know everyone else. The ladyboys in Copa were in full voice with frequent piercing screech’s during the show, which seemed to be well attended. There did not seem to be many entering the Boyz Boyz show, with no Chinese ladies going in. Toy boys at the other end of the soi seemed completely lacking in customers. i did intended to visit Jomtien this evening but I have contracted a cold and have been avoiding alcohol and trying to get plenty of sleep. In fact I dosed off on the beach this afternoon after drinking a coconut (50 baht for a large one), where I went to read a Michael Connelly book. This morning I actually made contact with a boy from Grindr for a rather bland short time. I had virtually given up trying to understand that medium. I think there must be something wrong with my installation. I messaged a boy who replied, but when I asked him where he was , he stated “Koh Samui”. I had entered Pattaya in my parameters. ive had a wander down Walking Street where things are really humming. All the gogos seemed to have reopened with a lot of visitors in evidence from India and the Middle East. That might be the future for Pattaya with the West sliding into recession.
  4. No it was not him I offed, in fact I cannot remember seeing that tall boy you refer to at all. My off wore standard white briefs, but he had two rather large dangling earrings. Prior to calling him down from,the stage I had also cuddled a boy in white briefs with a large front label stating “BMW” . I amused myself by speculating if he was sponsored by the motor company/. Were you in Winner Wednesday night or perhaps you spotted the tall boy on another occasion ?.
  5. Yes Winner was certainly thriving last night when I was there at 10pm with around 10 boys still there - 2 or 3 outside sat at tables with customers and the rest taking it in turns to dance or with the 3 customers including myself. Drinks are inexpensive and the music volume is reasonable. Boys were all in briefs apart from one in a g-string. It’s an Oasis in the mIddle of a ghost town. The owner certainly has got the formula right, but then it always used to be right in days gone by. Sunee’s decline could be judged by the motor bike taxi driver I engaged on second road not knowing where it was situated - I had to direct him. When I told him to stop at the entrance he looked down the dark deserted Soi appeared worried and said “sure ?”
  6. Yesterday was a good one - my first full day in Pattaya. Firstly I got my iphone operational. I was under the impression that it was locked to o2, my U.K. service, and that unlocking would be difficult and that a solution would be to buy an old phone just to make calls back home and to potential boys. With that in mind I walked to Tuk Com when it opened at 11.00. Browsing around looking at the displays of old phones (around 1000 baht) I responded to a lady stall-holders’ “can I help you “ with “I hope so - I think this phone is locked”. She did something and replied with an emphatic “not locked” and described various SIM card options. However this needed my passport which I had left in the Ambiance room safe. Keen to get my problem sorted out with an obvious expert I went to and fro to fetch it by motor bike. Within 15 minutes my phone was equipped with a Thai SIM card plus 500 baht of data and a charger. My next task was to fill my wallet with cash using my bank debit card from an atm inside a bank (some years ago in Thailand the cash failed to emerge from a street atm and it was a lot of hassle to receive reimbursement) Thus armed my thoughts turned to boys and back at the hotel I logged on to Romeo having failed to understand how Grindr worked (i think it’s not properly installed on my iPad) I contacted a promising boy and within an hour he was with me in the room. It was a happy experience, principally because despite my worries, I was able to perform (non chemical aided) and he gave a 100% service, for which he was well rewarded. He said I had offed him 2 years ago, but I could not remember. My evening campaign was largely focussed on Winner Boy Bar, where at 10 pm the boys were still dancing in briefs inside. Selecting a cute one I tried to describe what my expectations were but his English was negligible and a rather unsatisfactory experience resulted. The preliminaries were fine but when it came to pénétration things came to a grinding halt with him stating - “I sorry -‘cannot’ . Oh well I thought you can’t win them all so he got minimum tip and I changed mode and read a book for an hour or so before sleep.
  7. Yes I’ve finally arrived after putting off the decision for quite a while. But following the introduction of the simple Thai Pass procedure I had no excuse to overcome my apprehension that it would turn out to be a mistake. i booked the £650 airfare through Expedia on Qatar Airline departing Manchester and changing flights almost half way at Doha. I thought about paying for business class but my economy upbringing caused me to save £800 with the penalty of 13 hours of mild discomfort. Arriving at Subanaphumi at 8.20 pm I found emigration an extremely smooth and efficient process putting the recent chaos at U.K. airports to shame. My Thai Pass was subject to a preliminary check during the long walk from the gate, but there were no queues at all at the desks. On approaching I hesitated when I saw that evidence of a hotel reservation was one of the requirements. I had a reservation at the Ambiance via booking.com but I had not brought a print out or saved the evidence on my phone or iPad. But the Pass, the Visa waver, and my passport got me through. Approaching the carrousel I was surprised to find my bag already circling and 5 minutes later I was on my way via the motorway. It could not have been much more that 2 hours from stepping off the plane to stepping into the Ambiance Hotel, where I had booked 3 nights. i was not intending to go out but after unpacking and establishing that I had omitted several items like my iPhone/ iPad charger and after taking a shower I ventured into a very quiet Boystown, which nevertheless looked exactly the same as during my last visit. Taking a motor bike taxi I arrived at Sunee to see that the only sign of significant life was Winner Boys, where outside there was two tables with boys entertaining I think 3 customers, who had recently abandoned the interior Gogo. Two boys joined me wearing rather sexy speedos to chat about the current state of the gay economy, which I helped by buying two boy drinks and giving both a tip. I had to steel myself to hold to my plan of not offing, rather to have a good sleep and wind down after the journey (I’m really too old for this long distance travel and sex tourism). So ended my first day by writing this report.
  8. I don’t like staying out late - midnight maximum. In fact nightlife ceases at that time anyway. If a have a boy long time I will get up when he goes, then go out for a walk. Later have breakfast and then try and sleep a little more. Without boy the latest I arise would be about 9am.
  9. I would love to have attended this party but I don’t arrive till next Tuesday. The balloon displays were really beautiful - they would have taken a lot of work to,produce.
  10. I often put a 100 note into the top band of particularly attractive boys when they on the stage. They usually then come down to play and be assessed for an off.
  11. I stayed a couple of times in Sunee in about 2005 . The hotel was called I think “Elephant”. Convenient of course when offing boys from the maybe 12 gogos. It was ok although I remember one night when a bar next door had some sort of party until about 4am. That’s the problem when you stay in the heart of the action. The Thais have only one setting for the sound system - maximum
  12. Thanks guys for your comments about the apps as I mentioned I have had a go with Grindr and have had several “experimental” conversations using it, which mostly have been rather short, as the boy’s inevitable early question is “where are you” and I’m not going to lie, so mostly the conversation goes no further, as my answer is “England”, although on 3 occasions I did get photos of good looking boys. in the “old days” at work using new software there was usually training sessions, but now it seems you have to muddle through perhaps with the help of a local computer “guru”. Perhaps there is a business opportunity for such a guru to setup in BT or the Complex, providing help with Grindr, Blued, Line, WhatsApp etc etc. It certainly would not be me. However good the app, I think I will be spending more time in the bars rather than clicking away on my phone or ipad
  13. I’ve just got Grindr via the App Store and paid for the basic service. I think I must have messed up the installation as I don’t seem to have the functions some refer to, like saving favourites or seeing photos of guys I click on. It seems quite hard to operate. However I have had several experimental conversations in which boys have sent me photos. Obviously they loose interest when they know I’m not in Thailand. But I have seen times when there are quite a few boys of my type online. what experience do other members have of Grindr or other apps. ? Romeo seems just packed with ladyboys and old guys like myself. grindr could be useful to me during my forthcoming trip.
  14. Is it a problem just to get a taxi from the rank at the airport ? Precovid the fare was usually about 1500 baht plus a tip. What are you anticipating ?
  15. During my last trip (2+ years ago) I didn’t find the late night transport Boystown/Sunee to Jomtien or vice versa a problem at all. It was always by motor bike taxi !. Years ago I owned motor bikes so I am confortable being a pillion passenger in Pattaya and have great respect for the skill of the Thai drivers. It always seemed like no time at all from Sunee to Jomtien with the rush of air and the boy holding onto me 3-up on the bike, zooming along the quiet night roads. I hardly ever did it using two bikes. The boys always seemed ok with this arrangement, with me in the middle being able to have footrests in that position. Of course I would never do this if drunk but that is never my condition when offing boys. I don’t think I could cope with this journey using baht busses which is difficult from Sunee though easier from BT. Not good squashed in the taxi with the boy, enduring the stares and the odd remark from tourists.
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