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  1. This is really heartening to know that there are such wonderful cases of SUCCESS. I have been reading too much and believing too much of the doom and gloom of the industry.
  2. I am being constructive. I am trying to contribute to this forum as I deem relevant. It really does not matter whether who I am to give my 2-cents worth. You have your every right to retain your writing style. With regards to your other remark, I deem it necessary as the posting in the previous 2 to 3 days were nothing worthy, just mere cross-sword among the very few members. There should be a flamming room where the few of the members can fight to no end. Remember, WORLD PEACE... And never forget Candidate Obama's slogan in 2008 : CHANGE...
  3. Sorry to say this: I cant teach an old dog new tricks... Thanks Rogie for giving me some new insights about EU.
  4. Uncle Rogie, Thank you for the invite but I dont really get the date.. 1st April? If so, I better get my gear together - I am going to turn up in my plastic shoes and ck boxers .. hopefully you guys dont throw up that expensive DP...
  5. Personally I refuse to watch those condom-less videos as I think the actors are exploited. The studios executives think only of their selfish bottom line i.e., profit. I dont believe they give a damn whether the actors are dying or not. To them, an actor is only worth at most 3 films and he is gone forever. This is the painful truth of the gay porn industry. Side-note: Really, as cute as those Bel Ami boys are, dont you just pity them? Their shelf-life is as short as 2 films, perhaps 1 assignment split into two offerings.
  6. Tim Honestly I tried my very best (every-time) to understand your posting. It has nothing to do with grammar or vocabulary, it is just that you have lumped everything into one major paragraph. It is imperative for you to start writing your thoughts clearly (and breaking them down into different paragraphs). As our teachers had taught us years ago, any sentence longer than 15 words, any paragraph with more than 6 lines would be difficult for the reader to grasp. So for the ease of reading and to increase the readership of this forum, write sensibly.
  7. Are things crystal-cleared now? OK if it is settled, let us from this very moment, contribute constructively to this forum. What we need: - more updates of general news for those of us living outside Thailand - more unbiased reports of the gay situation in Thailand (not limited to Pattaya and Bangkok alone) - more news about other interesting venues (non-gay) that may interest us during our (annual) pilgrimage to the Kingdom - more information about the gay scenes outside Thailand as I noticed that some of our forum members are globe-trotters. Please avoid one-liners and casual banters. Please refrain from shouting battles, whether you are spot-on about the issue. World Peace from Mr. Singapore.
  8. I am glad that the Association of South East Asian nations (ASEAN) did not go the way the European Union had gone. Fortunately the idea of adopting a common currency was dropped. Yes, it would be inconvenient for businessmen and visitors to use a different currency as they move across the borders from one country to another. The truth is, the entire region is not advancing at the same pace. Singapore is at least 20 years ahead (in terms of economic development, infrastructure development) than Myanmar. Although Myanmar is rich is its untapped natural resources, the political insecurity there remains an issue. Similarly, the disparity and the social/economic divide within most of these countries are too enormous. We all are definitely aware of the poor rural boy who moves to a big city. Such massive migration can only worsen the problem of housing, work and social (in)cohesion. So we wait earnestly for a better solution for the weakening European crisis. Does EU has the right to expel its members? And if so, who is the first to go?
  9. Yippie, Singapore is one of the preferred places to visit this year. I am so thrilled. I am sure you (my fellow friends) will have a wonderful time here.Yes, it is expensive when you compare with other neighbouring countries. One more Broadway fetish coming:
  10. Greece has herself to blame. The civil service employed about 50% of the workforce. That means, the other 50% has to feed them. So, when times are difficult, there was simply not enough to pay the civil service. I really hate to see interesting topics like this degenerate into verbal abuse and accusations among members. We should instead work towards creating a more cordial environment for members to contribute. Stop the nonsense of naming calling and other unbecoming behaviour. Like in any and every beauty pageants, WORLD PEACE!
  11. The prizes of 2012 quiz has been given out and I am all eager beaver for this year's. I would like the organiser(s) to consider my earlier proposal to round up the forummers of this board and present the awards at the annual Boxing Day dinner.
  12. That massive traffic jam reminds me of the Japanese traffic in Osaka. Between 4 to 5 pm, most sales representatives return to their parent company to do their daily summary. During this period, the cars move like snails. In Thailand, traffic after 3.30 pm is the same. Students are dismissed around this period and from my limited personal experience while staying at Hotel Malaysia years ago, that tiny lane/soi from Sathon towards Babylon was the worst nightmare. Pedestrians could walk from one end of the lane to the other before the car catches up.
  13. To me, the simplest way is to catch the public transport to town and jumped onto the Skytrain to Ekamai. I took the bus from Ekamai to Pattaya and reached the bus station within 2 hours.
  14. Ibis was a functional hotel and I did not bring anyone back (sigh). However, I crossed over to Hotel Malaysia's pool for tanning in my skimpy suit. (just with a small charge of non-hotel guest) Actually from the bus stop at Rama 4, the journey to Erawan/Central World Plaza was just a mere 15 mins as buses have their own designated lanes. For Silom, the MRT is just one station away from Lumpini. I sort of enjoyed the bus journey from Rama 4 to Yaowarat. The slow traffic actually gave me time to look at the shops there. I used my tablet to snap quite a number of good photos - at a higher angle in the bus than on the street!
  15. During my recent trip to Bangkok, I had used only the public transport. I had only 1 bag and I took the train from the Airport to town. From 23 Dec 2012, I was lucky to stay at the Hilton (across the river) for 3 nights. The free shuttle ferried me to Taksin Sapan Station or RiverCity. From there, I commuted to my destinations by the skytrain or by buses. When I returned from Pattaya, I had 2 nights at Ibis (across the infamous Hotel Malaysia) at Sathon. I used the MRT and the buses to do all my shoppings and to Silom. Actually, I enjoyed the experience on board the buses. The view was quite spectacular and it gave me time to view at the quaint buildings properly. Of course, the lure of Bangkok is its chaotic traffic jams and as a visitor without an agenda, this can be fun.
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