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  1. abang1961

    The 13

    I have been hospitalized since mid-July, so I read but hardly any surplus energy to type. I am on drips 24/7 and can use the expensive Mobile Data every once in a day. I am now around 45 kg - way below the required 65 kg, I cannot walk away from the bed without medical supervision. I am totally useless,
  2. This is coming from a sick man I had just informed my travel agent push back all their promotions temptations till end-Nov 2018. Much worse than a sofa-commentator, may I offer its cheap and tranquil Krabi. You could get upgraded to a pool villa for less than THB 1200 and breakfast is thrown in The booth at the sharp corner offers the nest official prices. Everything can be arranged for a small fee.
  3. Not everyone is photogenic. Perhaps lighting in the room was insufficient. If they do stay till breakfast, capture their brown-tan beautiful lean/slim naked bodies around ruffled white sheets. The boy should look unaware as he hugs a pillow and gets his buttocks exposed. Full nudity is a bonus. The best effect is to draw open the curtains to allow sunlight to penetrate and give a warm glow to your boyfriend-du-jour. Another good photo is to get him to take a shower and snap that shot when water runs down his body. Finally, after his shower and wipe out, take another naked full-body shot of him standing in front of the window. This is best achieved taken at a tangent angle of 33 degrees to the glass. What about face shots? Go out into the open air before 9 am where the sunrays ain't the strongest. Take as much as you want. Enjoy the photo-taking session, even with our 12 MP camera phone. Have fun and good memories.
  4. abang1961

    The 13

    Naive, again! How do these stateless people survive in Thailand - manual and menial jobs only? Should there be a yardstick to grant permanent residence first and after 7 years, they can apply for full citizenship. Of course, I am from a country where the law is so strict that illegal migrants are few and far in between. Once caught, they have deported after a jail sentence of up to 6 months jail and an inhumane 3 rotan strokes. Those below 18 and above 50 are spared of the caning. Back to Thailand - would a proof of employment, language proficiency test be the minimum requirement? Thailand still need cheap labour and granting PR status has its advantage - if can be REVOKED.
  5. Forget about Beijing...if you are interested in finding Money Boys, head south. The YE-men (big brothers) in Beijing is just too rough. The Shanghainese, the Cantonese and those from Southern REgions are more palatable.
  6. abang1961

    The 13

    I must have been living in ivory towers for too long. I have no knowledge of such migration of people. How did they get into Thailand in the first place? I am speaking in general, not just for that some of the stateless boys. Without proper papers, how are they able to get proper medical and educational privileges/entitlement granted to citizens?
  7. abang1961

    The 13

    Just a naive question -why are some of these cute, young boys STATELESS? Isn't it mandatory to register all births of newborns within 7 working days from the date of birth? I think the Thai government should look into granting citizen status as long as anyone can prove that one of their parents is Thai.
  8. Another set of perks of limited movement. I was lucky to install handrails (last year due to some Singapore government housing update.within my room as the toilet is ensuite. At the very least, I can't fall as the handrails are secured into the wall. Second thing is to catch up with lots of Netflix series. Sadly my local free-to-air local station (yes there is only 1 company) is still depending on action series like Hawaii-5-0. At the prime time of 8 pm to 9 pm, silly programmes like Just for Laughs and a local drama that had run for the past 3 years. I have not been able to sit down to watch a single episode as the production quality is worse than Wheel of Fortune. Wheel of Fortune stimulates the brain because of some intriguing puzzles. Now come to the Netflix Series I want to share with you. It has been running for the past 4 years and the topic is surprisingly daring. I am talking about Grace and Frankie. The 4 main leads are all about 70 and were married heterosexually to one another until one day. The husbands decided to come out of the closet and divorce the wives. I am very sure that some of you can relate to marriage and children issues. Jane Fonda is the ever-sophisticated GRACEful socialite. She looks amazing for someone in her late 70s - yes, there was much cosmetic enhancement done but she generally sexy. On the other hand, Lily Tomlin is the Bohemian. She believes in chanting, spiritual stuff that Asians are likely to be bewildered. The husbands are played by the serious-looking Martin Sheen (still very White-House look) and Sam Waterson. Sam's character may strike one as a hopeless romantic. Someone that is so loyal to his partner. Go look for it - it is worth your time laughing at my expense - a middle-aged man in desperate need of stability after major changes. The acting is superb and the female leads have been nominated for SAG, Emmy. Golden Globes but won none.
  9. abang1961

    The 13

    Watching this video made me cry buckets. How can I not get emotional while listening to the true innocence and purity of these Wild Boars They are so adorable - there should be a public donation to see them through university. They are so simplistic - longing for rice with braised pork leg, pad khaprao with crispy pork belly are just very ordinary Thai food. None of them mentioned fancy Western fast food. Get your tissues ready. Don't you guys want a son/nephew that is so down-to-earth? I don't think anyone was thinking of deflowering them!
  10. Rent an UBER/GRAB taxi. The price is just right as you have 5 persons sharing the fare. Then the driver if he can wait for, let's say, for an hour with monetary compensation. This way, you don't have to worry about the return trip.
  11. I'm lying in bed while writing this depressing message. Today I thought was fit enough good enough to get out of my flat. I was thinking of getting ome fresh food as I have been feeding on porridge/congee for the past two weeks or more. It never occurred to me that this stroll itself would end up as a signal from my body. I started with the grocers down my block and then navigate around the small mum and pop shops. I was about to buy some fresh flowers when I realized that my wallet was missing. I had to drag myself back to the last shop where I paid for some items. However, the anxiety was so intense. Although it was barely 200 meters radius from where I started, it felt like 200 km. I began to feel very tired after walking the first 10 meters. Luckily for me, no many people were shopping in the early afternoon. I literally had to take baby steps towards my destination. Fortunately, the wallet was recovered but as if it is customary, in Asia, finders' keeper. The cash (about SGD 300), 2 travel cards and all the credit cards were gone. At the very least, Mr. Kind Soul had left my ID intact. I had no choice but to cancel all the credit cards (4 of them) immediately. This incident taught me a lesson - don't act tough and overestimate my capabilities and endurance. I am seriously losing my mind, besides my body. Perhaps it is time for me to check in for an elder care center for the time being. At the very least, I don't have to move around when there is always medical staff attending to me. They can be trusted to administer the medication. What do you think, guys? I lost so much weight since the end of May when the flu, fever and what have you got, started to invade my body.
  12. a447a, You are so lucky that your boyfriend du-jour is so understanding and accommodating. A good boy is hard to find. A hard boy is good to find. A good and hard boy is too good to find. I had almost a deva vu moment earlier but I replaced the boy in this case. Last year, I was in Pattaya with a Dutch beau. We were lovers for a couple of days and one day, he suggested going to town instead of staying at Viewtalay. We hopped on a baht bus and headed for Central Festival. I had zero intention to buy anything cos' really, clothes of better quality are cheaper in Malaysia. We strolled and landed in Royal Garden. First off to the supermarket as I promised to be a nice house-husband, cooking all the meals for him. Next, as we were strolling aimlessly, he spotted Domon and gave me the nudge to go into the store. For those of us who know Thai sizes, the clothes were way too narrow for me, even as an average Asian. However, while browsing through the goods, he made an indecent proposal. He signaled me to the rows of "unwearable" underwear - who on earth can fit those waistlines? Well, we finally found a white pair of briefs that barely covered my ample assets. Just said he was a happy trooper that day when I donned it throughout the day in the room and yes, in the swimming pool. That's me, the 56-year-old in an almost translucent white brief in Oct 2017.
  13. abang1961

    The 13

    Yes, this rescue remained in the headlines of the major newspaper in South East Asia. even more reporting than the on-going World Cup in Russia. Thankfully the boys and the rescue team preserve the cold and damp environment. This is pure guts and the entire team should deserve honors and merits for their efforts. The boys and the coach should get a ticket to train with top Asian teams and definitely be praised for their resilience. The unfortunate death of that diver, well, he should get a posthumous award for bravery. His family's welfare including house loans, tuition grants for the children, monthly allowances should be provided by the Thai government. Bravo... more engaging than 22 grown men running around a soccer ball...
  14. Still resting at home but able to take some softer food for the past week. Bread with peanut butter is my best friend. No meat so far. *** I believe it is foolish to carry a large amount of cash regardless of the location. We are already prime targets for the pickpockets all over the world. Just to save a few dollars here and there from bank ATMs' administration and transfer charges, I avoid carrying more than USD 200 on me anytime. Yes, that amount is small but sufficient as ATM are aplenty in most Asian countries. Nowadays, credit cards are used to pay for almost everything - grocery to gasoline. My comments: This tourist with an intention to purchase a housing unit should have to know better about bank transfer etc. He is just plain naive. He is wasting his precious time waiting for someone to fork out that THB 15000. Which rent boy has that sort of money for him?
  15. I suffer from jetlag whenever I cross the International Time Line from the States to Asia. Once I boarded the plane from SFO at 11 pm on a Tuesday and returned to Singapore on a Thursday afternoon. I lost almost 2 days.... sad... . My remedy to fight jet lag is to go to the swimming pool. I may not be tanning but I find lying on a deck-chair in open space and plenty of sunshine is my way to fight the fatigue. It may work for me but not everyone - lots of eye candy at the pool helps! Low season and World Cup.. The correlation is a wee bit far-fetched. From what I know, not many gays are interested in such sports - give me diving anytime. Those are who there during this period ..please do the boys a favour... off them as much as your wallet allows.. the boys need your patronage and financial support. One question: Low season means lesser supply of working boys or lower competition?
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