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  1. Maybe actually getting an STD will serve as a warning and they will be safe in the future, preventing contracting HIV. But HIV cases may rise also because of the current popularity of unsafe casual sex.
  2. bookmark the main forum page you want to visit? when logging in click "remember me" when clearing your history unclick "clear active logins" if available on your browser
  3. I would also like to hear more about New Cafe Royal and whether you can get rooms there for the entire stay reasonably without hearing a bunch of karyoke all night.
  4. https://www.scientificamerican.com/article/an-hour-of-light-and-sound-a-day-might-keep-alzheimers-at-bay/ Wow this is three years old and I hadn't even heard of it. They have even done a study on human(s) thst helped but stopped the study to great anguish of the participant(s). Lights/sound apparatus available now online https://gammalighttherapy.com/collections/all Separate/same apparatus available on ebay (I ordered already). YouTube has mp3 4 hour sound clip here Podcast with the actual lady Phd researcher in charge of MIT department here https://www.wnycstudios.org/story/bringing-gamma-back (click "Listen")
  5. "Thoughts?" Post pics?
  6. William Shatner had an experience after Testosterone treatment... http://www.hollywood.com/general/testosterone-supplements-gave-william-shatner-prostate-cancer-scare-60732006/
  7. Or worse than radiation, insertion of a slim camera and scraper through the urethra. Even under general anesthesia you are a little sore the day after.
  8. https://www.kingepic.com/testosterone-bangkok-thailand/
  9. t0oL1

    Brasil poll

    Some interest but as an occasional visitor to BestGore.com I find far too many videos from Brazil on that site.
  10. t0oL1


    "Personals" section on Craigslist has been deleted due to liability.
  11. warm welcome to Michael and a hats off to Scooby, Moses, and even back to Surfie!
  12. cute waiter still works there? maybe he can EARN a 300 bT tip heh certainly he's better at wanking than adding up my bill
  13. and no one else wanted them the rest of the night...
  14. Did they give you a "pearl necklace?"
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