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  1. t0oL1

    Boystown noise

    Lady taxi driver a thief... I miss Nai (LCR). He was saying he bought a lady bar by walking street but I walked the whole area and didn't see him. Probably a side street east of walking street but it was very hot out walking.
  2. t0oL1

    Boystown noise

    Update: As much as I had loved LCR in the past the noise until 3:00 am was unbearable. Had my credit card worked I would have tried Copa next door. Paid taxi to airport (1400)only to be held up at airport - taxi driver wanted another 600bT. Finally got hope to cook some microwave meatloaf
  3. t0oL1

    Power Boys

    There are links on eBay to buy a whole selection of prosthetic eyes as auctions. But incoming packages are often absconded for non payment of taxes
  4. t0oL1

    Power Boys

    some start with a larger selection of sizes for a better fit
  5. Still reeling over Michaels post that he has a Harley...
  6. t0oL1

    Power Boys

    Artificial one yes but link has gone. Wanted one that wouldn’t be stolen going through shipping customs so locally would have been ideal as shipped from within Thailand. I personally am here for only one more day but it would certainly change the life for the boy so much for so little
  7. t0oL1

    Power Boys

    Stopped by for a drink and a look. One cute taller boy flitting around and looked like he only had one eye. Can’t find on eBay now but was a link for one in Thailand for only 330 bT. Might be appreciated lots. Dunno he kept distracting and hard to believe at first. Afraid to stare
  8. t0oL1

    Boystown noise

    Busy “shopping” all night though. And the two nights preceding in BKK were alone also. Did have a very “Nice Boy” visit last night for a bit.
  9. t0oL1

    Boystown noise

    1:30 AM first night at home in LCR. Barely noticed light bass thumping on third floor room but I am a very cheap drunk and slept very well considering
  10. t0oL1

    AmEx credit card

    Was worried for little reason. Brought a little more cash than usual but you know what the first night or so in Bangkok is like spending curve. Then nervous for no reason about Agoda hotel LCR prepaid paper. LCR didn’t even ask to swipe my card. Monday was holiday still my birthday and the Kings so couldn’t go to bank. Did see a green ATM on Patpong and got less than my USA small limit but that made me feel good. At home I remember having dreams about arriving in Pats with no cash. Actually bring some cash back from vacation usually.
  11. Wow think of Nigeria nothing but scams but trust Michaels appraisal. Maybe a secret prince...
  12. t0oL1

    BKK first night

    Back to Super A last night . Stunner boy not there-10 other boys mostly thinks. . On to Pattaya via taxi tomorrow. Been such a long time since my last vacation- 7 years.
  13. t0oL1

    BKK first night

    Bar closing time taxis go way up usually 100. One time I took tuktuk without asking price. 500 bt then no change for 1000! Very mao .
  14. t0oL1

    BKK first night

    Pantanawet just was thinking of pool despite taxi costs at Malaysia. Re: feet soaked- eew!
  15. t0oL1

    BKK first night

    Tried to give tout 100 bt to get rid of him after 2 bars he said give me 100 more. As my hand emerged from my pocket with 300. bt folded over he grabbed it all and took it. Plus he was getting my change from each of :2 bars skinning it for 50 bt. Then he kept asking for “drnnk for me?” “NO cannot”
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