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  1. Had a friend staying with me watching "gay" porn! I was amazed. But he was my honored (and paid) friend and I was estatic to have him stay.
  2. So instead of going to a doctor you’ve self diagnosed and prescribed yourself vitamin C…?
  3. Think I had to show for a stop over in Doha before I even take off. Also was asked to show return booking for the first time before leaving for Doha.
  4. speaking of exchange rates, how is THB doing. I saw a moneymaking opportunity in the lower baht values earlier. Unfortunately once Thai banks get your money they want to keep it?...
  5. Do you really need a specialist to determine if it’s cancer? Couldn’t a GP suffice at a lower rate?
  6. https://www.vice.com/en/article/aeqj38/botox-could-be-the-new-penis-wonder- For a man who wishes he was more of a "shower," there aren't a whole lot of options on the market, short of expensive and risky surgical procedures and stretching devicesthat need to be worn several hours per day for months on end. Botox, however, could change that. In a 2009 study, researchers used Botox to try and help guys who had a "hyperactive retraction reflex." In other words, these were men who experienced a lot more "shrinkage" (in the words of George Costanza) than others. Doctors made four injections around the base of the penis, with the goal of paralyzing the muscles responsible for the shrinkage reflex, known as the tunica dartos. And it worked. It could help treat erectile dysfunction, too. A new paper published in The Journal of Sexual Medicine argues that Botox could be a "game changer" when it comes to treating erectile dysfunction (ED). The thought here is that Botox could be used to paralyze the smooth muscles inside the erectile chambers of the penis. By relaxing these muscles, blood should be able to flow into the penis more easily. A small study conducted in Egypt that was reported last year provided some initial support for this idea: Men with ED who received a Botox injection demonstrated improvements in penile blood flow. One patient, however, experienced priapism afterward—a prolonged erection that wouldn't go away on its own. This tells us that dosage is going to be very important: Too much muscle relaxation isn't a good thing.
  7. In Serene Bar I saw a small opening tunnel to the Serene Hotel. I HAD to go in and check it out based on what little I could see. Couldn't BELIEVE the real estate appointed to the reception lobby! Also a sign out front 30 days/15,000 baht. Gotta check out the rooms sometime. I just loved thinking of all the history that has passed there. https://www.facebook.com/SereneHotelPattaya/ Kind of partial to the Copa Hotel though.
  8. Is this the place with the stealing kathoey mamasan?
  9. I wasn't particularly religious for years until recently. Ok, an understatement. But when a beautiful young Thai friend died I realized I needed him to have the beautiful afterlife he deserved. Including me wishing him well each night in my prayers.
  10. Had a sinus infection on the way in to Thailand. Got a crazy idea to wash out my nostrils with disinfectant soap in the Thai shower in the hotel. So I had one helluva infection (shower water) three days later on my flight out. Had to wear a mask so no one would see my nasal drainage on the plane before the Benadryl kicked in and dried me out (and put me to sleep)
  11. One guy asked if I was "Gen" on Grindr. I heartily replied "yes". Now and then I set my profile to say "GENtleman" and occasionally send pics of cash to certain hotties. I also note this rarely works on any profiles listed as "bottoms"
  12. On Saturday, The Daily Beast reported that "just one day after several municipal deputies in Putin’s hometown of St. Petersburg called on the State Duma to try the Russian leader for treason, their colleagues in Moscow joined in and demanded he steps down because his views are 'hopelessly outdated.'" In an open letter to Putin, deputies from Moscow's Lomonosovsky district recalled that Putin's leadership began with "good reforms" but that as time marched onward, “everything went wrong.” While the deepening quagmire in Ukraine was not specifically mentioned, the authors stressed that the status quo under Putin is untenable. “The rhetoric that you and your subordinates use has been riddled with intolerance and aggression for a long time, which in the end effectively threw our country back into the Cold War era. Russia has again begun to be feared and hated, we are once again threatening the whole world with nuclear weapons,” the officials wrote. “We ask you to relieve yourself of your post due to the fact that your views and your governance model are hopelessly outdated and hinder the development of Russia and its human potential."
  13. Police Road stops for inspection Friday night 02:00 am in Pattaya.
  14. You might notice a lingering smell in the streets of Boystown at night…
  15. I had spent my 65th birthday in Thailand and was so happy I did. Hadn’t been there for four years so this one hit hard the second I saw him waiting at Nice Boys. He knew how to flirt with dazzling eyes and beautiful smile. It hurt to leave after vacation and I worried about him each day I wasn’t working. Sent him enough money to feed him mother and children and his travels. I knew he had really become sick in the hospital because the emails asking for money went silent. Cancelled trip because of CoVid in March 2020. Moved the ticket to his birthday in August to impress him and make it up to him, but he made it no further beyond July 4th when I got the call. Two years later I really am not much better Just returned for his birthday in August and merit for him at the temple. Why should I be better- he is still gone.
  16. Killed the cash cow. Friend of my deceased friend had many emergencies the past weeks. 3 am I get a call- need 3000 baht- scratched motorbike. Wants to not file police report. Next day or so girlfriend sick go to doctor. Next day girlfriend in hospital. The next day could I reimburse his mother for 3000 baht hospital trip. Pressing the limits of probability the next day he had to go to the hospital- 2000 baht. This time I asked for a picture of the receipt. He send one the next day - no patient name, date, or hospital name. The following day he somehow lost 1500 baht. Then he needed another 3000 baht for the scratch on the motorbike again. Around my final day I gave him 5000 baht as a parting gift. Wasn’t 6 hours later”could I send 1500 baht for something to eat?” I was giving him 2-3000 daily just to help him bank some money. Now he is on restricted Messenger. Hated to do that but I was in a bad mood after missing my flight.
  17. Had to message a friend in USA with credit card and passport numbers. She could buy a one way ticket for Friday morning for $966 includes insurance. I was guessing $8000…
  18. Bought plane ticket via BudgetAir.com. Couldn’t get American Airlines to register me for online check in. Missed check in (Pattaya road construction, slow taxi driver, long check in queue). Travel insurance is only good for medical reason so now I get to purchase a new round trip and throw away the return leg. Two different airlines. AA and Qatar. My niece used to work at AA (and STILL flies for free). Hoping to get advice from her but she’s in Rome vacationing and not getting my messages yet. She did say if you don’t buy from the airline not to expect much. I thought the taxi would only take an hour and leaving Pattaya 4 hours early would be no problem with three hours early.
  19. And they’re just STARTING to take anti-aging research seriously… check YouTube -actual physicians posting early trials/supplements
  20. The digital prostrate exam is not as fun as it sounds… Cleveland Clinic does an IsoPSA that gives better results and prevents some unwarranted biopsies that really aren’t fun. But dying doesn’t sound like fun either. After prostratectomy, injectable ED medication therapy 2-3 times a week raises erection recovery to 50% by a new smaller study.
  21. Eat salmon and blueberries for optimum nutrition. You might want to check out Biaural Beats on YouTube. This has been shown to reduce plaque in the brain. Personally I believe the plaque is a result of infection. Smoker? I took Chantix and got incredible dreams almost all night long. REM sleep increases the “washing of the brain” and I feel great once I got used to the 1/2 dosage my doctor approved. Not always approved by your insurance. They should seriously investigate this. But you can always tell your doctor you picked up the habit and have him prescribe it for you. I also enjoy the dreams - like HBO for your dreams.
  22. Online prescriptions/doctors. Tried one place online- no prescription and they sometimes send 12 junk emails daily for their Canadian “Pharnacy”
  23. And here I have already broken a cardinal rule of Thailand. Don’t tell them when you are leaving. Yesterday his girlfriend is needing to go to the doctor and he is visiting the hospital today.
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