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    vinapu got a reaction from VancBCMan in Unexpected reunions and few shattered dreams - 22nd trip to Thailand in May 2022   
    I'm not saying no, but not this trip as it was my last night in Pattaya and I returned to Bangkok as we learn when I post next day later today (or tomorrow for those who are in different time zone ).
    While I liked those two multi boys nights I must state that my preference is still one on one . Multi boys may be more fun but one on one is more romantic. That gives me idea for next time if they still be there and I find them still attractive - dinner together than drinking in the room for fun part , then boys sent away   with exception of one designated to be romantic partner for that night.
    Why I say " if I find them still attractive " ? This is a life . I don't meant particularly those three but most likely most of us experienced it in the past . Guy we salivated about last trip , all of the sudden doesn't seem to be so glorious now  even if nothing changed. Or even worse - he doesn't seem to pay any attention to us, avoiding even eye contact or pretending we never met.
    Of course it works both ways, guy previously overlooked now shines like  a star and one who sported blank eye then, now is all smiles and winks. 
    Actual off seems to be often breaking point. I used to have big hots for certain model offed him twice despite some antics on first off and only after 2nd time when those antics were repeated I realized that hots are gone for good. 
    On another hand X featuring in my trip stories never paid any attention to me when he was in bar to extend then in order to off him I searched help of another member but after first , somewhat forced off we hit it on with multiple repeats. No double my handsomeness is the factor, otherwise what it could be ?
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    vinapu got a reaction from Mateo_37 in Back in Pattaya after 2 years and 4 months   
    you are right , I had them asking for taxi on such short distances like Moonlight to Tarntawan or  Tawan to Chong Nonsi BTS.
    On another hand I once took 30 seconds trip on motorsai taxi from Senso to Silom but it was for fun, he just stopped there to unload somebody and I asked
    " how much to Silom ?" , 20, ok
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    vinapu got a reaction from 10tazione in Bridge connecting Lumpini and Benjakitti parks   
    I agree with Deputy Boonma at least in little-used part, it's still nice walk though but partially over smelly canal so hopefully they  clean or drain it too.
    Walking from Lumpini on the left close to walking bridge is interesting Holy Redeemer Catholic church, if not cross atop it could be easily taken for Thai style Buddhist temple
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    vinapu got a reaction from tm_nyc in Bridge connecting Lumpini and Benjakitti parks   
    I agree with Deputy Boonma at least in little-used part, it's still nice walk though but partially over smelly canal so hopefully they  clean or drain it too.
    Walking from Lumpini on the left close to walking bridge is interesting Holy Redeemer Catholic church, if not cross atop it could be easily taken for Thai style Buddhist temple
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    vinapu got a reaction from GWMinUS in Cruising   
    they may be enjoying it the same way we enjoy our work with view of Thursday cheque  even if we don't like it. 
    I'm of opinion repeated  many times that straight guys are trying harder as they know they need to make good impression to stay in business. And when you take them to restaurant or store they make their choices fast.
    Once in Pattaya I went with certain Z to buy a shirt as one of mine was soiled with ink. I found one I liked , similar to soiled one , checked size and bought it , all it took was 87 seconds. His comment :   "you are not gay"
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    vinapu got a reaction from reader in Pride Party Tonight and Tomorrow at Home Bar, Jomtien Complex   
    it may be truth in that.
    Next time some member will condemn me for paying excessive tips I need to recall that sentence even if , in my case is not true but as Italians say ' si non e vero e ben trovato" or something like that  which translates to ' even if not true, well invented". 
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    vinapu got a reaction from TMax in Bridge connecting Lumpini and Benjakitti parks   
    I agree with Deputy Boonma at least in little-used part, it's still nice walk though but partially over smelly canal so hopefully they  clean or drain it too.
    Walking from Lumpini on the left close to walking bridge is interesting Holy Redeemer Catholic church, if not cross atop it could be easily taken for Thai style Buddhist temple
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    vinapu reacted to ggobkk in Pride Party Tonight and Tomorrow at Home Bar, Jomtien Complex   
    Another version from Albert Camus - "Ce n'etait ni vrai ni faux, c'etait vecu", translation to English: it's neither true nor false, it's how I remember it.
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    vinapu reacted to PeterRS in SC justice says gay rights, contraception rulings should be reconsidered   
    Although not an American, viewing from afar I have to agree. I also think certain parts of the electoral system and the Constitution should be reviewed - at least from time to time. For example, why is it necessary to have such a huge gap between the declaration of the winner in a general election and the assumption of power? Clearly it was necessary 200+ years ago when travel was by buggy and it took States time to gather all the votes and then declare a winner in the electoral college. Then it took more time to get all those votes/electors from the west coast to Washington before they could all be certified by Congress. But we don't live in the 18th century. In many developed countries vote counts take hours rather than days or weeks and often, as in the UK, the loser moves out of the official residence in Downing Street only a day or so after the vote. When this takes more than 2 months, you end up with Trump and any other future President who is determined to use everything avaiable to him and much else to contest votes and remain in office illegally. Oh, I know there were the hanging chad shenanigans in 2000. Had there been a sensible and obvious voting system in place in Florida that would not have happened IMHO!
    The Constitution is often held up as an example of how prescient and great the framers were. Again I have to ask: how is it that what was seen as right and proper centuries ago remains so today? Did the framers really want their country to be overrun by guns and gun violence as it is today? Did they envisage the vast social changes that would engulf the world after World War II? Granted they were not always in agreement and there were major differences of opinion back then. But did they foresee the near total gridlock that now exists in Washington? Did they foresee a supremely political Supreme Court which, from those viewing from afar, seems to have two sex offenders on the bench, both put on the Court primarily for political reasons? Why did they determine that Justices would serve for life? With the vast majority of the population now having to retire at a certain age, why not those on the Supreme Court? Similarly with Congress?
    Just questions for discussion. The UK has its own set of major problems as do other countries. But US democracy in particular seems rooted in a period centuries ago with those in power determined not to enact what seem like necessary changes to bring it into the 21st century.
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    vinapu reacted to Olddaddy in I'm going to Manila   
    Well arrived Manila last night 830pn, taxi queue was a mile long all unorganised of course ,nothing like Bangkok.
    I booked a hotel on the app , all seem very expensive here in Manila compared to Bangkok.
    One thing I found out is never think it's the hotels advertised price.
    Agoda says a hotel is 2100 pesos a night ,then you click it on then they add taxes , admin fee etc it becomes 1000 pesos more by the time you go to the payment page !!
    So anyway ended up paying 3100 pesos for a 3 star in Malati , expensive Manila !
    Actually I'm starting to appreciate Bangkok far far more after being here in Manila and seeing it's disorganisation 
    So  me and bf decided to walk away from airport, into a nearby street and to be greeted by touts " where you go ,where you go?
    Ended up paying 500 pesos to malate ! Had to, no taxis available and grab too busy 
    Grab qouted 455 so not much difference but this place compared to Bangkok is expensive.
    Our hotel 1970's style  which is in centre of malate would be around the 2000.baht mark in Bangkok ,here in malate with taxes,vat, admin fees, Agoda fees etc came to 3200 pesos a night ! 
    Maybe during the week the qouted from apps such as Agoda go down.
    Now one thing I should of learnt by now is .....never book a hotel more than one night , I always see what it's like the first night ,but this time I didn't and booked 2 nights only to see the Agoda app drop the price to 2000 pesos tonight !
    Anyway guys sorry for being so negative this post ,I will see how Manila goes in the next few days,it's not my cup of tea at the moment.
    In fact I probably prefer my old stomping ground of Thailand but that may change as I wander Manila
    I'm staying Manila bay area
    Now sorry to sound so negative about experiences just I'm used to Thailand.
    My Filipino bf has told me to angry last night to stop complaining and whinging & accept that this country is more aggressive style  and I would say more expensive  than Thailand but anyway it's a experience I guess ,
    Anyway arrived hotel last night my bf was angry or fed up I was whinging/ complaining a lot so went to bed as soon as we arrived 
    I will see today it's about 7am right now so I'm heading off into Manila city 
    I just hate it when companies like Agoda add all these taxes etc,they don't do this in Thailand.
    But anyway today I will stop being so negative , this country is making me one of those whinging old men 😂😂
    ...to be continued 
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    vinapu reacted to z909 in I'm going to Manila   
    Also, I think you're offering exactly what they want.   I'm expecting it's relatively easy to get lads around for free if you're just looking to suck them off.  However, we are a diverse group and some members will have totally different expectations for what happens when meeting a lad.
    If a customer is looking to be the top & **** a cute slim lad, the field shrinks considerably.  There are of course so many lads in The Philippines that we will still find one, but having found candidates, I'd rather pay them the 1000 pesos than keep looking for free sex.
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    vinapu reacted to Olddaddy in I'm going to Manila   
    Just sitting in my hotel lobby waiting for my taxi to the airport 500 pesos I think Filipino money is equivalent to Thai baht 
    They let me check out late for no additional cost.at 2pm 
    I last had free sex guy 27yo at 1230pm today in my room.
    Got him off grinder ,said im checking out at 2pm he said I'm a electrician in the area and I can come around and light your spark I'm near your hotel now 
    Sucked his dick, he was clearly married, obviously doesn't tell his wife , anyway 27yo boyish face, lean brown skin  fit tradie body , but cock too big ,I wasn't going to risk the noise as I heard cleaning staff outside my room giggling.
    15 minutes into it he had blown his load and  I refused his unloading in my mouth, he answered I presume a electrical customer call whilst he was getting dressed and flew off quickly obviously ashamed at himself 😅
    So now 6 guys sucked  over 3 days if there was no sex here on Cebu it would if been boring .
    I have to stop asking ,are you moneyboy? Are you moneyboy?
    Everyone on grindr I'm asking this question and getting boys replying back that they are offended !
    Some even go into detail, " you have asked me that 4 times !
    " I don't need your money Sir !! this is to guys with huge dicks  & abs I'm replying back to me ?
    But...but . Why would you want me Im thinking a chubby granddaddy?
    But this was here in Cebu & Davao, doubt if it will be like that in Manila ? 
    But I ask them repeatedly because I'm so used to money for eg money  boys in thailand.....i can't understand why these young hunks in Cebu want to fuck me for free ?
    There are some negative to free sex I have found out , you have to find guys , either in apps or walk around and talk to guys working in shops etc it's a lot of work hunting !!!
    Secondly you can't ask for exactly what you want eg if I want my butt slapped I can't ask a free grinder guy would he do that ? Can U slap my left butt cheek for example like I can with a money boy
    Anyway today I was in Anytime fitness in Cebu I'm on the treadmill logged onto grinder there are like 12 exercise bikes at the back of me all full., I get a Grindr message from a blank grinder profile " nice ass cheeks Daddy "
    I look behind me , I see all bikes full and no one really looking at me 😅👍
    I think rather than have guys clinging onto you everyday you better to hire a day or night tour from Siam Roads gay tours to get to know the area so your confidence to be by yourself hunting for either free sex or gayy4pay boys .
    I mean you might want a clingy guy to be with you everyday and you can find that here but I prefer to be by myself, I made the mistake of meeting up with my Filipino Aussie bf and he doesn't like walking as it's too hot etc and doesn't like what I like looking at ,eg artitechure and Asian boys  etc .. he likes casinos and farang guys  like that better to come alone and you can do what you want when you want and have better chance of meeting guys alone !
    Just hire a tour guide for a few days if your not confident 
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    vinapu reacted to Olddaddy in I'm going to Manila   
    Guys I'm off to Manila tonight just checking out of my hotel here in Cebu .
    My plans this week to book the tour guide in Manila if he is at.
    I should of booked the Cebu Siam tour guide I guess rather than wander around aimlessly.
    Cebu is ok it reminds me of the Gold coast Australia, except there are no nice beaches I can see directly around .
    I probably won't come back to Cebu.
    Things I would do differently are do my research first , I do like casinos so there are a few big ones here full of Chinese & Koreans , attractions here are ocean world marina,shopping malls ,nothing to really excite me.
    I probably would stay in a less price hotel ,you can get decent 3 star here for around 1200 pesos a night not as cheap nor good quality as in Thailand for that price though,here I'm paying average 2500 pesos per night around 2000 baht a night I guess in Thai money 
    But as I said I think Pattaya still wins over Cebu for me except there's unlimited free sex here in Cebu.
    But guys if I done my research better or even went with that tour guide from Siam  roads I would probably enjoy it more because I would have more knowledge .
    Anyway I'm off to Manila then to Angeles City 
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    vinapu reacted to Olddaddy in I'm going to Manila   
    Guys I'm leaving Cebu today and heading to Manila 
    Can anyone give me the link to the gay tour guide advertising here for Manila ,I will book him this week on a night tour .
    My impression of Cebu ,it has different infrastructure, big shopping mall looks like royal garden in Pattaya , just the crazy traffic here and many areas lack of footpaths .
    There are many old farangs here,
    I have no idea what they get up to,however yesterday I went to Ocean World which is a big aquarium and had a wonderful time.
    I have my opinion that Philippines is the Land of shopping malls,they the Filipinos luv shopping malls and eating fast food ,to me Cebu is expensive in terms of buying food as they all seem fast food chains here but yes you can buy street food too.
    I gathered by the taxi driver that Cebu is more for diving, snorkeling etc and I'm not Into that 
    So next time if I was travelling I wouldn't travel with my Filipino bf again,Better to be by yourself so you  can meet guys rather than have someone tag along with you ,I sent him out by himself to the disco the other night just so I could meet guys alone on Grindr.
    Total guys I/we met over the last 3 days were 5 guys free 
    Just about to check out of our hotel now and Grindr is still going berserk.
    Would I come back ?
    Possible,but maybe just a few days as there is nothing for me to see here , and if I did it would be alone and I could meet (free)  guys in the street and shopping malls etc 
    I'm 62 so if I can meet guys for free you can.
    I guess also I would do more " research" into Cebu before so I can plan where to go.
    So meeting guys is grinder mostly .
    Its more expensive than Pattaya here I'm Cebu in terms of hotels although i guess if I don't my reset I could find cheaper hotels 
    The place is crowded everywhere,shopping malls ,fast food restaurants etc,I have yet to see genuine poverty here in Cebu it even Davao ,not one person has asked me for money .
    Taxis are plentiful here in Cebu.
    I don't think I would come back though , I can't really see what the attraction is for these farangs living here ?
    Anyway I'm off to Manila tonight I think that will be better 
    Last night I sent my bf outside and Grindr was pumping ,I always put in my profile No Money Boys .
    And then I confirm it with them if they want to visit, had a 27yo guy last night,looked younger ,he topped me , biggest dick I have ever seen , I had to send him countless messages to confirm he didn't want payment but he didn't ,he was a personal trainer at fitness first so didn't need money,no idea why he wanted to fuck old guy like me ,but lunchtime is the busiest on Grindr here in Cebu, bisexual straight guys in their lunchbteak want to be sucked off .
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    vinapu got a reaction from prickles in Unexpected reunions and few shattered dreams - 22nd trip to Thailand in May 2022   
    Day 21
    In the morning no trace either one of us two being bored or hungry so we just brushed our teeth and returned to vertical position doing a lot of romantic stuff and talking . It was well past 10 when we decided to call meeting over, tip was paid with some extra bonus  and we marched to world famous for my last breakfast this trip. Usually when I dine with boys there,  they are sitting facing me, L decided for some reason to sit just beside.
    So when I got this extremely bright idea in some moment of enlightenment I could easily whisper to his ear “ are we going back to the room?, I’ll tip you extra” only to receive smile and nod in response. It looks that my last day will be spent almost all in bed, not that I’m complaining.
    Back to the room for more gymnastics and some talk. In meantime I discretely responded to X question if I want to see him today , unfortunately no. I liked his classy response “ thank you for  supporting me all other days”. Equally discretely I confirmed to K that I will see him at 4 as agreed previously and as result around 3 pm. I initiated parting rites after what was longest off I ever had in Thailand. I did it with bit of heavy heart as it was nice to spent all that time with L and hope for repeat in the future. I kept my side of bargain and tipped him again for that not so short short time after breakfast and even walked him to the Silom rd where we shook hands farang way.
    At 4 I could see from my window K’s motorbike parking at front and minute or two later we were embracing again. With 4 LT and 3 ST he was staple of my trip  and for me he was hunk of my dreams with no attitude, never rushing and smooth but steely body of semi-god, muscular  but not overbuilt.
    No doubt he realized that I liked him so shortly after arrival  he jokingly tried to discount his popularity with me showing me picture of motorcycle and telling that if I buy him that machine he will give his motorbike to his father.
    But after I found very good answer “ I will not buy it because I don’t have motorcycle myself “ he turned everything into joke.
    It was not out of this world request since I know former Tawan guy later transplanted to Jupiter whom I offed dozen times who got big machine from his Chinese lady client, I even saw her in the bar not to mention I was awarded trip to Hualampong by that vehicle. No, that phishing this time did not spoil my experience and we had normal fun as every time before. At one point Jason1975 reported arrival in BKK and I told him  K and me  will be dining at G”Bangkok so he can join us.
    And in fact  shortly after we sat down there I heard my name, Jason came to say hallo and shake hands and I had impression in K he liked what he saw asking me where I got him from. Being discreet gentleman I whispered where from.
    Dining at soi 4 was not good idea today as all Pride attendees descended on the soi so place was noisy and very busy and I was glad I had my own, much more quiet celebration in my room.
    Another sad good bye today but I always maintain one can’t return without going away first.
    K went to his bar on his old motorbike , I walked to hotel to pack and since I travel lightly I did not take too much time  but spent rest of time on my tablet  until time came to roll my suitcase to Chong Nonsi. Night guard  waved me good bye smiling knowingly and I don’t even try to guess    what he thought of me but who cares.
    I was in airport bit too early , everything went smoothly and flight to Zurich where I had connection was uneventful . We arrived quite early and it was very refreshing after 3 weeks in tropics to finally get some crisp cool air on the terminal’s roof.
    22nd trip was over, for a change after arriving home I almost did not have jet lag at all, no idea why but it was nice bonus.
    Thank you for all your likes and comments and now for  a while I will be much more quiet here on the forum.
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    vinapu got a reaction from prickles in Unexpected reunions and few shattered dreams - 22nd trip to Thailand in May 2022   
    Day 20
    Eventually I become hungry so I went to world famous for late breakfast.  Few tables away I saw farang with boy bit past his prime whose face looked somewhat familiar. He recognized me as well , smiled and  while walked toward me  to shake hands I recalled who he is. Another surprise reunion this trip ! Alek from Tawan , guy I took to Pattaya at his insistence  for few days back in 2016.
    Few years later I saw him passing by on Silom and must say now that time was not very generous to him as he gained a lot of weight but certainly his farang was generous as I noticed few gold trinkets , ring , bracelet , chain , you name it. We did not talk much as he was in company and I did not want to be rude although judging by smile , his farang , himself quite a good looking, did not mind his boy met old acquaintance in such a classy upscale place.
    Being there I finally decided to visit Patpong Museum right across the soi. Ticked 350 , including 50 baht drink credit and a guide. Since I was only visitor at the moment , it was my personal guide. It’s well organized and informative although nor really much is said or shown about gay scene  but let’s be honest for years Screwboys was only boy bar in whole area so no wonder boys are taking back seat there.
    I asked about Madrid Tavern, I was told  owner decided to move it to Charoen Krung which was news then . Now we know as it was discussed in another thread. Should be easy to find as it seems to be in plaza on corner of that road with Silom. Hope somebody in BKK now will make a survey and reports. Since new place is called Madrid café and bar if I recall I hope that Madrid Tavern will be resurrected in old location , if only because for me it’s only place in entire world with edible pizza.
    Then I took BTS to first station on other side of river Krung Thonburi to check new driverless BTS golden line. Only 2 stops, cost 15 baht but first stop is iconic Icon Siam mall.  It was very fruitful trip for me as only purchase I made was few dragon fruits  red inside. For some reason ones with white inside are much , much popular and I like red as it seems bit sweeter. I’m big dragon fruit eater and it’s my staple when in Thailand and always have at least one in my room.
     I returned old way i.e. by free shuttle boat to Saphan Taksin.
    In meantime  for zillionth time it was confirmed that world is small place and everybody knows everybody. I got message from one boys I met in Pattaya that he had  accident while driving his friend’s  motorbike and  he was forced to spent his rent money on repairs and was asking for help.
    So I politely answered that at the moment I can’t help because I have friend who broke his leg and is immobile so I need to help him instead. You may recall from day 15 that it was a case of Namo. To strengthen my case I forwarded a picture of that stitched leg. Answer was bit shocking “ so you know Namo ?”
    How they know each other remains mystery but I think Pattaya guy once mentioned that for a time he was working in some massage place in Patpong area and most likely it’s how he knew Namo. Who would think? On another hand probably most of us  have stories like that to tell.
    Since I badly needed consolation after derailment last night in meantime I arranged for Besty,  freelance masseur I already saw few times to come to my room at 4 p.m. and on the dot he arrived. Dressed in while polo, white shorts, white socks and while shoes and as very soon I discovered , sporting also white underwear . White looked very good on him so I comment about it , it turned he went to temple to make a merit and that’s reason for such a neat outfit.
    If I have any regrets about this trip is that I did not invite him more often. Not only massage is great  and conversation interesting but I sense that for some reason he really liked me, KFC syndrome perhaps ?
     Today we were in bit romantic mode and it definitely cured my soul and body. Sensing that it’s our last meeting this trip I gave him bonus and only can hope I will meet him again next trip and he will still like me then.
    Not that I needed another massage today but soon after Besty left I went to see Neo at his place as I prepared envelope with some cash for his brother Namo. No,  neither one of them asked nor even thinly suggested  any donation , I just feel  that in circumstances it is right thing to do. After knowing Neo so many years  I felt a little bit shy to ask him for massage and even told him that but he said ‘why not, I won’t bite you “ and we both laughed so off upstairs we went. It was better than I expected although in the back of my head it crossed my mind that I feel like betraying my Namo with his own brother, LOL.
    Doubly massaged today I returned to hotel to shave and shower and prepare myself for my last night in Bangkok. ( I can hear sigh of relief from readership that all this mumbling will be over very soon. It will, just bear with me guys ).
    Since I had great hopes last night which not exactly materialized  to specification I had only one goal for today. New Twilight and if possible to off L from there.
    I was greeted by few smiles , after all I was just there yesterday with reader, L was nowhere to be seen but since he is in show I thought he may be preparing himself for that part. I called one of guys reader tipped yesterday to seat with me  but told him I won’t be offing him tonight so from time to time he was going back to the stage until show started.
    All 4 dancers were offing material , of course L outshined all but got me worried too- he was only one who did not smile at me even if I was in first row. But hope dies last so when show was wrapping out I told  mamasan , one who used to work at Moonlight that I want to talk to L after show. Soon other boy was tipped and thanked to make room for new arrival and I saw L marching toward me with shy smile.
    Perhaps it’s his trademark because as soon as he sat down he turned out to be clingy and chatty. I broke  possible ice right away saying “ I remember you from Moonlight “ ,then continued my normal off liturgy   ‘are you going with me?”, ‘ yes’ , ‘long time ‘ , ‘yes’, “do you kiss “  ‘ yes”, ‘ how much you want? ‘ , answer was surprisingly modest in comparison to S’s  few weeks ago, not that it would matter as my mind was set although I have my upper limit above which I rather opt for other options i.e. Line V if he is available .
     New Twilight is pretty generous with boys drinks as they receive 120 out of 350 drink price and that’s paid off as soon as they leave bar.
    My usual dinner offer was declined as he already ate his and I was not hungry either. Even from 7/11 only thing he wanted was toothbrush but I always have 1 or 2 of those handy we did not even go there as my refrigerator was kind of neatly stocked.
    What can I say ?  It’s real life sarcasm that often we find our gem  guys just before we need to go to the airport. Happened to me before , happened to few members as well, happened to me this time.
    His English is rather good so over few beers we chatted at length about his life, few business ventures, bar life. He is very happy with NewTwilight and said boys like and support each other.
    Told me about his love of dance and how he survived pandemic and closures and slowly but surely lights were dimmed, shirts shed, showers taken and bit of intimacy commenced. Growing bit of intimacy.
    No, no complains about lack of sleep, being tired or touched indecently. In view of incoming long trip home all I needed was  romantic and sleepless night. And it worked to the specification.
    Since he is gay it made me realizing that I like gays , so hot yet romantic people, who would think ?
    Normally I should finish with sentence ‘ and so day 20 finished ‘ but not this time. Why? That's the story for tomorrow.   
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    vinapu got a reaction from prickles in Back in Pattaya after 2 years and 4 months   
    Ichigo, try  to work in rice fields for  a while and  you  may become slim and lean
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    vinapu reacted to alvnv in Air Fares to Thailand 2022   
    It seems that Air Canada is doing a trial/feasibility study of a new seasonal destination. If it proves profitable, they may add more flights, i.e. increase them to daily flights and tweak the season to include November. It should make a difference for West Coast travelers in the North American markets that Air Canada serves with non-stop flights to Vancouver. There are just a few carriers there that offer flights to Thailand with only one connection.
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    vinapu reacted to EricV in thougths on Airbnb for BKK?   
    paulsf has it right: it's not AirBnB that's illegal in Thailand, it's short-term rentals of less than 30 days. Long-term rentals on Airbnb are no issue.
    Even if it hasn't been enforced in the past, it only takes one upset tenant/owner in the building to cause a stink and get you into trouble...
    There are now a number of serviced apartment buildings in Bangkok, so if you want to be on the safe side AND have a kitchen, laundry, etc it's easier than it used to be...
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    vinapu reacted to Milk78 in thougths on Airbnb for BKK?   
    I have not stayed in an AirBnB in BKK as I have found the hotels to be as good value for a week/ 2 week stay. I do like having the option of a kitchen and washing machine, but it is so cheap to eat out, that as long as the hotel room has a fridge i can use to keep beer cold then I find i don't use the kitchen anyway. 
    I have stayed in AirBnBs in Chiang Mai which are fantastic value and much larger spaces than in BKK. These places often have "security" at the gate but they have never even raised their head when I walk in - let alone if I walk in with a boy! 
    I did stay in one place in Chiang Mai that had a notice up in the lobby about not allowing short term rentals via AirBnb. This was clearly not monitored at all as there were large numbers of guests in the lobby with suitcases coming and going all the time. I didn't know about the no AirBnB when I booked it and there were no reviews to suggest that there was an issue with short term lets. So, it seems that some places do have "restrictions" in place but probably not monitored in any way. I would certainly back up the advice here to thoroughly check the reviews that have been posted. 
    In my research - utilities tend to be included for short rental periods (up to two weeks) but for extended times utilities are often charged extra but not always. Pattaya, which i have been looking at quite a bit recently seems particularly keen on this - month long stays utilities are charged on top, electricity especially.
    On the whole though, I find hotels so cheap in Thailand that the potential saving on AirBnb is much less attractive. And there are a selection of hotel options that are really like serviced apartments and have the extra services included. 
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    vinapu got a reaction from reader in My long-awaited and glorious return to Thailand   
    what this is supposed to mean?
    Very fact of  being back after long absence brings feel like ascending to a heaven or winning gold medal. 
    Just try it
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    vinapu got a reaction from fedssocr in thougths on Airbnb for BKK?   
    I never stay at AirBNB anywhere but  my understanding would be that if I rent an apartment it is all I get- an apartment only  and all other services like cleaning, changing towels or bed, cooking breakfast etc,. are on me.
    Isn't it how it works ? Honest question, not trying to be smart
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    vinapu reacted to maump in thougths on Airbnb for BKK?   
    I did Airbnb  in Pattaya in 2016, Dubai 2020 and 2 in Colombia recently.  I have been looking at them as a home base for a longer trip to Thailand (a place to leave most of my stuff if I do shorter trips to other locations over my 2 month stay).
    If you want cleaning, laundry, ask the host.  most have a cleaner who will (for a fee) come in.  In Pattaya (Talay 2A), I had them in once a week for 200b (that was 2016).  the cleaner swapped sheets and towel and did dishes, mopped etc, about 1 hr in the apartment.  Also, there was an inexpensive laundry service in the building (but I had my long-term take it where he knew for cheap).  The Condo 24 hr "guard" would do the ID thing if you brought your guest over to his desk.  For longer stays, I have seen the airbnb listing to say fee plus water and electric and mention unit cost.  
    In Dubai they had full hotel like service every other day (it seemed to me more like a hotel or serviced apart).
    In Colombia, one did it for a small fee, the other wanted too much, so I paid a money boy extra to clean.
    Regards legality... my next door neighbor is doing it illegally. If no one complains to the local authorities, the owners have no problem.  Don't know about guarded condos but it would seem to me if the people cause no problem it is not in the best interest to make problems for their owner/members.
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    vinapu reacted to paulsf in thougths on Airbnb for BKK?   
    I’ve been using Airbnb for the past 10 years.   My trips are more than a month.   Stays over 30 days are legal. Stays less than 30 days tolerated. Some places won’t accept less than 30 days. It’s up to management. Police don’t get involved.     Most rentals include utilities  and now more and more places are getting smart tv’s which is a nice touch.   I like having separate bedroom..putting clothes into the washer in my kitchen isn’t much of a chore.    Cleaning can be an issue.  Most condo owners have a cleaning person.  Every 2-3 weeks I’ll have someone come in and do a heavy clean. I pay $15.    
    Place I usually stay has security guy and he could care less who you bring back.    I get swimming pool to myself during work hours as most residents are at work.  If I was only staying a week or two, I’d probably stay in a hotel.    For me Airbnb works best, I only stay in a hotel on my arrival night , which is usually around midnight.   
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