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  2. wow - a VERY good observation. I did not even notice those accoutrements - I was stuck on his beautiful teeth, eyes and face.
  3. Hi Tassojunior, In the photo of this young cutie from the HUNQZ site - you can see his true beauty and smile and innocence. I am a frequent user of HUNQZ - as I live in Europe where it is very popular. I often see when you meet a gem like this guy you see one of two things happen as the years march forward: they become hardened and bitter due to their client experiences over the year and consequently lose that innocence that was their initial appeal, or, they become quickly disillusioned and leave the HUNQZ world to find other non-escort work. These are the gems to hold onto. I highly recommend to stay in contact with them as they go forward into their new non-escort lives. They tend to still hold onto what gave you that initial appeal and you can build a kind of business friendship with them. One of my hobbies is I like to "mix and match" guys from this category where we meet for 3 ways. Since they are both ex-escorts - it leads to some really fun and sensual moments. In some cases, the 2 guys that I chose for a 3-way really like each other and start to date or create friendships, and I truly get a big kick out of that - in that I could play the role of matchmaker. Often, they will allow us to continue to meet even while they are dating - and that makes our meetings more intense and erotic. Just my 2 cents on how to create a private stock of guys to have fun with - current escorts and prior ex-escorts and to mix and match them for fun.
  4. TotallyOz, thanks for this film recommendation. Not knowing what to watch last night I inadvertently found this forum channel, "streaming suggestions" - which is great and consequently I was able to watch Tick, Tick... Boom! This film hit home for me as it was depicts the struggle of the late 1980s and 1990s regarding the effects that AIDS was having on our community. Unfortunately, I lost so many dear friends in those awful years. Although this was not the primary focus of this film, it was well done how they made you understand that it was always there in the background lurking. I never knew the story of Jonathon Larson, which I felt he was a very heart warming and loving individual. It is truly incredible that he was not gay himself - but that is what probably made this film more intriguing. Without giving away the ending of the film - I found it incredibly powerful all of the many references to the phrase, "I don't have much time left" and its relationship to Jonathan's untimely end.....
  5. Those are the types of moments that we will remember f o r e v e r ! ! ! Thanks for sharing it with all of us. Mine was like this but in Brooklyn. There was this cruisy park where I had heard that you could go to meet other guys to jerk off with. It was near the BQE and quite isolated - as it was hidden underneath the highway in a park. There were about 30 guys milling around. A hot guy approached me (I was only 23) and picked me up and put me on the park table. I was so nervous that my knee caps were shaking and making a strange noise. The guy asked me to close my eyes and wanted to know if I had white underwear on. I replied yes (I later learned that this hot guy had a HUGE fetish for guys in white underwear). He removed my shorts (it was a hot summer night) and started to caress me in my white underwear. I was rock hard very quickly and finally my knee caps stopped to clatter. I peaked with one eye open and the other 29 guys circled around the park picnic table where this hot guy had placed me on and they started to jerk off in a literal circle jerk formation. Some tried to approach me - but he barked at them to keep their distance as I understood that he wanted to be in full control of my ejaculation. He asked me to let him know when I was getting near to ejaculate - which was like within the first 5 minutes - and he would stop and do other things like caress my balls and/or nipples. I then understood that he wanted to make a show - as various guys who were in the circle jerk would cum each time I told him to stop or I would cum prematurely. When there were only a few guys left in the circle - he said ok, I give you permission to cum and boy did I let out a big load. The guys from the circle jerk applauded and the hot guy who took charge of me also ejaculated. It was totally hot. I frequented this park often after that initiation night and often this event would be recreated - but I was no longer the one on the table -- as I learned to understand that only a newbie could be on the table to be celebrated in front of the others like that - as it was their tradition and ritual. This celebration lasted until one day the NYC police descended into the park one evening during this ritual and most of us escaped by rapidly scaling the high fence to get away from the cops. It was a totally crazy period but one that I will remember forever - like your Arena massage in secret with your trusted taxi driver.
  6. will this activity disrupt operations at our Dongtan beach ?
  7. Good question Olddaddy. For me, the choice for Pattaya/Jomtien - was that I did not like the alternative choices - which from my Western point of view were: USA, Italy, and Hungary - where I saw how the non-elderly gay community treated the elderly gay retirees - as if they should just be invisible and to be ignored. I did not want to finish the last chapters of my life in this way - especially when the point arrives in our lives when we will need assisted living care - in some assisted care center where the life there is conservative and to be out and gay is frowned upon. So, it would mean to go back into the closet. No thanks!! Of course, if you are extremely wealthy in the West you can negate most of this by hiring gay staff to give you the illusion of not having to be invisible. Thailand - I saw in the vibrant gay ex-pat retiree communities of Bangkok and Pattaya that it is not necessary to be invisible and ignored. Why? because us elderly retirees are numerous - and we have created our own infrastructure and support systems - where being old, gay, and elderly - with all of our special needs does not need to be looked down upon. In fact, it can be a very positive experience. Here is a proof-in-point story. During my last trip to Thailand, in 2020 - I saw a VERY elderly feeble Western gentleman, who could barely walk, be assisted by two kind Thai guys to help him walk from his apartment in Jomtien to his favorite table at his favorite Jomtien Supertown bar. It made me cry - in happiness - that this gentleman would be taken care of by the kind likes of our Thai guys. In this way, I do not need to DREAD what it would be like to be so old in Thailand - to still have dignity and respect to enjoy our lives right up until the end. For me, Thailand is the pot of gold at the end of our gay rainbow. Lastly, why Pattaya and not Bangkok? My dream has always been to retire at the seaside. Although Pattaya City is situated on the seaside - it is too urban and congested for my tastes. I truly enjoy the Dongtan seaside area - especially the seawalk from Thappraya road all the way north to Phra Tam Nak 5 - that piece of seafront is truly lovely and peaceful for me. I do love the energy of Bangkok - but thinking long-term, I find that Bangkok can be stressful from a moving around point of view - as I like to walk a lot. So, I will probably head over to Bangkok every 4 to 6 weeks for 3 to 4 days to get my high energy fix. So Olddaddy - let me ask you a question. Where on our Planet Earth - do you believe are the best places to retire for us elderly gay guys with our particular needs and care issues ?
  8. I am the guy that Olddaddy is referring to. What he wrote are also my concerns - meaning will I fit into a new retiree life in Pattaya/Jomtien. I have left my doors open so that I can return to Europe (or to some other destination) - where I live now - if I won't like Pattaya/Jomtien. I am originally from the USA and I left the USA in 1999 as a result of some gun violence that occurred to a friend. It was in Colorado - our ski buddy group went out for a beer. I was tired that night so I left earlier to go home. Our friend was the last person to leave the bar that night - he went out back to the parking lot to get in his car - some random guy came up to him and said give me your wallet - he replied NO and the killer said, good-bye and shot him dead at point blank range. After his funeral at one of the ski group friend dinners, my friends told me, hey, we are going to get our gun licenses - do you want to join us (back in 1998)? I replied, NO thanks - in fact, I will use this opportunity to leave the USA to finish my undergraduate studies that I never finished. I hate gun violence!! So, in 1999 I moved to Rome, Italy and started my new life there as an older student at the university. Just shy of the first year, I almost moved back to the USA - as the culture shock and language barriers were keeping me from fitting in. Of course I fit in with the younger students but I did not click with them as they were just there for a one semester abroad party. I persevered and seeked out an Italian who could not speak much English to live with and after living with him for 6 years - I was able to fit in, make real friends, learn their language, get my Italian citizenship, and find an international career. So, what I learned in my early years in Italy - I am hoping will give me the strength and perseverance to help me fit in and adapt to my new life to-be as a retiree in Pattaya/Jomtien. I believe that if we encounter loneliness - then it is our own responsibility to overcome it. I am also an introvert - but I can force myself - when needed - to be extroverted. So, I will push myself to create a network in Pattaya so that I do not become that lonely person in a nice condo overlooking the Gulf of Thailand wondering - Oh my GOD - what have I done. If I find myself in that predicament of loneliness - then I will only have myself to blame. My life will not ONLY consist of the Jomtien Complex, the gay beach, Boyztown, and Sunee. I see that there are so many additional things to do in the environment, nature, helping out the less fortunate, joining the expat group PCEC Pattaya City Expats Club, continue with some projects that my former employer would like me to work on, use Pattaya/Bangkok as a jumping off point to explore the nearby countries, explore Thailand in a more deeper way - after watching Paddy Doyle's great adventure where he explored ALL 77 of the Thailand provinces - I realized that I also want to do that - and it would be so cool to do it on a low powered motorbike like he did. So, in summary, do I fear all that Olddaddy wrote - HELL YES!!! but, I am not getting any younger and I have lived in the North American continent (New York and Colorado) and then the European Union (Italy and Hungary) - now it is time for Asia and all the excitement that this will bring to me for the last chapters of my life.
  9. Hello Londoner, Without prying too much - why not solve this problem by just moving to Thailand? Then you can have more time with P. and be where you might want to already be when the end of the life journey arrives. I am moving to Jomtien in September - as part of my retirement plan for the final segment of my life. This is my motivation to write to you what I wrote.
  10. Being a newbie here, I wanted to learn more about who Kevin Quill was/is and his relationship to the Splash bar. Instead I found a bigger story that involves BoyzBoyzboyz and the Ambiance Andrew Drummond article that includes information about Kevin Quill truly fascinating details on what happened - quite scary for those of you who were there in those years - is any of this true ?
  11. Hello Shonen, Interesting what you wrote. You are the FIRST SIDE person that I have met here in any of the forums. We are a hard to find sub-species within the community. Only recently, Grindr has finally given us our own distinct sexual preference category. For many years now with PlanetRomeo - I have been asking them to also give us the SIDE category - but they continue to be reluctant - another form of discrimination within the community. Oh well, the struggle and fight goes forward. Shonen - thanks for being brave to share your SIDE pleasure. More of us need to come out of the closet in order to feel safe when we sometimes receive ridicule from the people who belong to the 3 traditional categories of Top, Versatile, and Bottom. I believe that there is a need and space to add a 4th category to our traditional set of 3 categories. Dr. Joe Kort's announcement about GRINDR adding SIDE as a new sexual position category SIDE definition and anecdotes
  12. I visited Warsaw 3 years ago and to avoid the uncomfortableness of the hotel - I rented a place by using the MisterB&B app (works like AirBnB). I had a new guy in my room every day/night and nobody said anything - as it was my own rented apartment - it was perfect. I was supposed to go to Warsaw again this past May - but I got covid and I could not go - but I had already rented a beautiful flat with AirBnB - and I was going to repeat what I did 3 years ago. I also used the HunqZ site to find all of my sexy Polish guys - there were also MANY Ukrainian guys available because of the current situation.
  13. Those Tawan muscle guys sure know how to "milk it".....excellent business model - to keep the customer on the edge of explosion to get a deal = now that is truly thinking with your head - the one with the brain :>))
  14. Hi Numazu, Please tell us that you are Rush reincarnated. >)) Since you were an avid reader/follower of Bangkokbois blog, you have to admit that your writing style is very similar. This is a BIG compliment by the way. I truly enjoy your updates and writing style - especially when you leave us hanging for the next piece of meat - sorry, I meant to say, segment....
  15. perhaps it was the video posted by DAZ under his Everything Pattaya YouTube channel? at around the 4 minute to 7 minute mark in the below video, he discusses about how the salary can be better than the off fee potential earnings.
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