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  1. so, I should perhaps see if my former employer's global insurance plan has this perk - as I am also retired like you....
  2. wow - please tell us more. How can we also join this prescription program ?
  3. Here in Jomtien, I found this shop that sells Cialis - box of 4 - 20mg for 400 baht - so, 100 baht per pill. Not sure if this is a good price - but just want to share information. It is right outside of our Jomtien Complex on the main Thappraya road. (Note the image below it is quite dated - as it has been quite a while since the Google street view car has passed to update the street view image).
  4. So true!!! Unless of course, you cannot resist your encounter with the "pile of old stones....." Reminds me of a place called, "Dream Canyon" - just outside of Boulder, Colorado - you never knew what you might cum up against on those pile of old stones :>))
  5. What could happen in this hypothetical situation. You bring back to your room a HOT Indonesian heterosexual married male. Next day, anyone from his family (parent, spouse, or child) makes a complaint with the police that he had sex (with you) with someone other than his legal wife. Are you (the foreign tourist) arrested and subject to this new law ?
  6. This topic has been cumming up over and over in all the years that I am a member of this forum. I found this interesting web page - that tries to help you discover what condom size is correct for you. https://www.condom-sizes.org/condom-sizes/condom-calculator I am from the USA and we buy our condoms based on the length of your tool in inches. So, if you have a 7 inch dick - that converts to 17.78 centimeters in Europe. The above web page condom size calculator suggests a Thai condom with the size of 53mm - as the Thailand measurement system seems to be more interested in the calculation of the Condom Width, as opposed to the length. Then using the below additional web page "Find My Fit" - I can obtain additional information regarding the 53mm condom size https://www.tnrcondom.com/en/our-brand/find-my-fit?size=53 Could some of you guys try out these 2 web pages and let me know if I am doing this correctly ? Now that I live here in Thailand - this is a topic that I want to understand properly. Thanks, M.
  7. and if I remember correctly, that hotty had the number 45 - right ? he was definitely sexy.
  8. and I was a witness to those 3 HOT offs :>)))
  9. I would agree - In my case, I was invited along as the falang to celebrate a Thai birthday of one of my few Thai friends. However, as I note in this trip report - at the red chairs section of the Tien Beach - there were 2 gay workers - an older Thai gentleman, who was probably the manager of the red chairs establishment, and one of his staff, who was young (perhaps 23 or 25) and very sexy and cute and made it obvious that he was interested. When we checked Grindr - there were only a few (2 or 3) profiles active - and it was not evident if these "on Koh Larn" active profiles were day trippers or guys who were staying overnight like us. I guess the only way to find out would have been to check Grindr in the night time hours - which I did not. Since Pattaya and Jomtien are in close proximity - Grindr displays them as "near" - but they are truly back on the mainland requiring a 20 minute speed boat ride. I guess you could order-in :>)) So, bring your entertainment with you. If you are staying many days - you could order-in new entertainment each day and send the previous day's entertainment back to the mainland.
  10. I'm confused. I thought the "tip" was knocking on your back door in the morning ???
  11. Hi Olddaddy, Please see 2 related firework threads at:
  12. compliments - I LOVE your writing style. I was laughing SO hard and also at the same time your suspense was killing me..... I myself have been in this situation - with ALL of the eyes on your wallet as you pull out each baht to pay the group bill. The best is to do it slowly - it keeps them on the edge of their seat. Even better, to not have enough in your wallet but to have enough somewhere else in another pocket without them knowing it. During this hesitation as you fuddle to see if you can find more bahts - just to see if any of them will jump in to help you out. It is GREAT entertaining theatre......
  13. Do you think that this management limitation can be overcum? or it is written in stone and is not possible for any shenanigans ?
  14. Thanks for the compliment 12is12. My passion to have new experiences drives me to write these tedious trip reports. Of course, I also like to have my fair share of sex - and why not while making a traveling adventure :>)) 12is12 - I have to say that I misused the adjective, "infamous" to describe the Klom Klom restaurant in my Koh Larn trip report. Based on the official explanation for the use of this adjective (see below) I should have instead described it as: popular, famous, trendy, in-place, etc. I had an incorrect internal mental definition for this word as being equal to famous where I had thought that by adding in+famous made it more historical in nature. I stand corrected.
  15. Thanks Shameless Mack - I'll cherish this complement coming from you... In the more populated parts of the island the cellphone signal was good. In the more remote areas - like Tien Beach (my favorite), the cellphone signal was intermittent. When you needed to do something on the internet with enough bandwidth you had to wait until you had at least 2 or 3 signal strength bars to do anything serious. So, sometimes it was Poor or Dead Zone for a while and then suddenly it would jump up to Fair or Good at Tien Beach. However, in the main port town (NaBaan) which faces Pattaya - the signal strength was always Excellent. At the other 4 beaches that I visited the signal strength was Good or Fair.
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