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  1. I would agree - In my case, I was invited along as the falang to celebrate a Thai birthday of one of my few Thai friends. However, as I note in this trip report - at the red chairs section of the Tien Beach - there were 2 gay workers - an older Thai gentleman, who was probably the manager of the red chairs establishment, and one of his staff, who was young (perhaps 23 or 25) and very sexy and cute and made it obvious that he was interested. When we checked Grindr - there were only a few (2 or 3) profiles active - and it was not evident if these "on Koh Larn" active profiles were day trippers or guys who were staying overnight like us. I guess the only way to find out would have been to check Grindr in the night time hours - which I did not. Since Pattaya and Jomtien are in close proximity - Grindr displays them as "near" - but they are truly back on the mainland requiring a 20 minute speed boat ride. I guess you could order-in :>)) So, bring your entertainment with you. If you are staying many days - you could order-in new entertainment each day and send the previous day's entertainment back to the mainland.
  2. I'm confused. I thought the "tip" was knocking on your back door in the morning ???
  3. Hi Olddaddy, Please see 2 related firework threads at:
  4. compliments - I LOVE your writing style. I was laughing SO hard and also at the same time your suspense was killing me..... I myself have been in this situation - with ALL of the eyes on your wallet as you pull out each baht to pay the group bill. The best is to do it slowly - it keeps them on the edge of their seat. Even better, to not have enough in your wallet but to have enough somewhere else in another pocket without them knowing it. During this hesitation as you fuddle to see if you can find more bahts - just to see if any of them will jump in to help you out. It is GREAT entertaining theatre......
  5. Do you think that this management limitation can be overcum? or it is written in stone and is not possible for any shenanigans ?
  6. Thanks for the compliment 12is12. My passion to have new experiences drives me to write these tedious trip reports. Of course, I also like to have my fair share of sex - and why not while making a traveling adventure :>)) 12is12 - I have to say that I misused the adjective, "infamous" to describe the Klom Klom restaurant in my Koh Larn trip report. Based on the official explanation for the use of this adjective (see below) I should have instead described it as: popular, famous, trendy, in-place, etc. I had an incorrect internal mental definition for this word as being equal to famous where I had thought that by adding in+famous made it more historical in nature. I stand corrected.
  7. Thanks Shameless Mack - I'll cherish this complement coming from you... In the more populated parts of the island the cellphone signal was good. In the more remote areas - like Tien Beach (my favorite), the cellphone signal was intermittent. When you needed to do something on the internet with enough bandwidth you had to wait until you had at least 2 or 3 signal strength bars to do anything serious. So, sometimes it was Poor or Dead Zone for a while and then suddenly it would jump up to Fair or Good at Tien Beach. However, in the main port town (NaBaan) which faces Pattaya - the signal strength was always Excellent. At the other 4 beaches that I visited the signal strength was Good or Fair.
  8. Thanks Vinapu for remembering my early trip reports from 2012, 2013, etc.. Being retired has given me the luxury of having the free time required to write these types of detailed trip reports. As you know, I very much appreciate maps in trip reports because of the way my brain works. If I can see a visualization of where a given location is on a map - it greatly helps me understand where a given place is and the best way to get there. Recently 12is12 showed me how to insert custom geographical pinpoints onto Google maps. This made me realize that I can use this Google feature to enhance my future trip reports and as I get older (deteriorating memory) help me to remember where I have already been to avoid that in my future that I have groundhog day experiences. In that way I can see everything once and avoid repeating them - good for the budget :>))
  9. Pattaya Koh Larn island trip report - November 2022 This is my trip report to Koh Larn from Pattaya. It is written for those who might want to venture over to this beautiful island for a day trip or to stay a couple of nights like we did. I travelled with 2 of my Thai friends, as it was one of their birthday’s, hence these chosen dates. Why Koh Larn? Because you may want to get away from the hustle & bustle of busy Pattaya to stay at some truly beautiful beaches that have transparent blue turquoise clean water with nice white sand. As we know, most of Pattaya, and lesser so, Jomtien beaches have brownish water, consequently making it sometimes difficult to enjoy a true pleasant beach experience that Thailand is known for. Note, that Koh Larn is NOT at the level of beauty of Koh Samui or Phuket – but for only being 20 to 30 minutes away from Pattaya – it is a nice quick and easy substitute for them. Day ONE - Monday 21 November 2022 We took a Grab taxi from Jomtien over to the Bali Hali Pier in Pattaya. At the pier, there are many offerings for private tours via speed boat (costing thousands of Thai baht) and also transport via speed boat for ฿150 baht per person one way. We opted for the speedboat transportation modality, which takes 20 minutes. Note that if you continue towards the pier you can buy a ฿30 baht one way fare on the ferry boat, which takes 40 to 45 minutes. Note ferry schedule below – there are 2 destinations available – Naban Port which faces Pattaya, and Tawaen Beach which faces west into the Gulf of Thailand. http://kohlarn.com/getting-to-koh-larn.html The speedboat ride was quite enjoyable, as the sea was calm – consequently there were not many bumps. If you find that the sea is rough, then I would suggest that you instead take the ferry. Each of us wore a life vest – including all of the other passengers. After exiting the speedboat onto the floating pier, you will be almost immediately solicited for room rentals, taxis, and motorbike rentals. My 2 Thai friends had already reserved us a place in a 2 unit bungalow that they really liked (from previous trips) because it is isolated and private and still within the Naban village. We walked about 5 to 6 minutes south from the pier (as indicated in the below map) to where my 2 friends were greeted by a friendly Thai lady who acted as the broker for our 2 sleeping accommodations, which included 2 motorbikes (1 per unit). The price was ฿1,500 baht per unit and we always took 2 units – as I like to sleep alone. This is our first night accommodation. Simple – but nice and very private with a rocky beach front – when the tide is up the balcony is on top of the water and when the tide is out the balcony overlooks the rocks. Nice places to sit on each single balcony with 2 chairs each with a small table, nearby tree with tons of shade and an outdoor table if needed. From the below photo, you can see that the rooms are modest but practical. There was good air-conditioning and normal bathroom with hot water for a shower. The best part was the view of the Pattaya city and Jomtien skylines. For some months now, I can see Koh Larn from where I live in Jomtien and now I can look back to where I live. I have to say that it is very impressive – more so from Koh Larn looking towards Pattaya/Jomtien – especially at night when the entire city is illuminated. Note, there was NO breakfast included in the above mentioned price. View of Pattaya City and Jomtien from our Koh Larn room balcony – quite impressive. We unpacked our bags and then headed out to lunch at one of the many roadside cafes on our way to our first beach destination at Hat Nuan beach – which is on the southern tip of Koh Larn. Beach was pleasant and nice, but was not my favorite because when you walk into the water, it quickly gets deep – as there is a drop-off in the sea floor. I prefer a gradual drop off where you can walk out far into the water before it gets deep. At the far end of this beach – towards the rocks – are a group of monkeys. Many tourists were feeding them. I did not attempt to get too close as I saw many Youtube videos where the monkeys will steal something from you (like your mobile phone) and run away. No thanks. After a couple of hours at Hat Nuan beach, we then drove over to Samae Beach, which is on the western side of the island. The center of the island is dense green with large hills – so the ride from west to east and east to west are breathtaking – as the views from high up are stunning. Note the following - The roads on Koh Larn are narrow and there are NO cars – only the occasional baht busses that shuttle passengers back and forth between the different beaches. Each way on the baht bus is ฿30 baht for each single ride. Consequently, since there are NO cars – it makes driving on Koh Larn very pleasant, as it is just motorbikes going about – and they tended to drive slowly without any chaos. This is truly a nice experience after the crazy chaos of motorbikes in Pattaya city. Also, even though I have my official Thai motorbike driving license – I have not yet started to drive a motorbike in Thailand. I believe that driving one on Koh Larn will help me get over my fear to get started. Consequently, during this trip, I was the 2nd passenger on one of our 2 motorbikes. Going up some of the bigger hills puts a strain on the motorbike – so, if you plan to go 2 persons on a single bike – make sure that you get a motorbike strong enough. For sure, 2 falangs on a single motorbike might not make it up some of the steeper hills. In my case, we were always 1 falang and 1 Thai – and as we know, the Thais don’t weigh much. Next stop, was Samae Beach. This beach I really liked. During this trip, we visited 5 beaches in total and Samae was tied for my favorite with another beach that we visited on day 2. Samae, has the type of white beach sand that I really like with the gradual decline in the seabed, that allows you to walk out quite far before having to start swimming. The water is a beautiful transparent turquoise color. After almost arriving to sunset, we drove back to our room to freshen up for our Main Event – the birthday celebration of my Thai friend at the infamous Klom Klom restaurant / bar. The Klom Klom restaurant / bar is truly an eclectic cool hippy type of place and was an excellent choice to celebrate my friend’s birthday. This was one of my most favorite places in Thailand – something that I would expect to find up in PAI, in northern Thailand. A jazz band was playing during our visit. The food and drinks were very good. The only negative is that the food came from another affiliated place that is across the street – which made the wait for our meal somewhat longer than normal. When I thought that the bill would come, instead the waiters and band played and sang happy birthday for my Thai friend – which was a nice surprise. Even the customers joined into sing. A weird jello birthday dish was served with a lit candle in it (?? Thai tradition ??). To find this place – see below map – as it is about half way between Naban village and Tawaen Beach. Anybody who lives on Koh Larn knows about this place as it is super famous. Back home for some more drinks on our balcony to enjoy the illuminated Pattaya skyline. Day TWO – Tuesday 22 November 2022 We had to switch accommodation locations because one of our 2 bungalow rooms was rented out to another party (surprise snafu). So, we moved north of the main Naban village pier to ธนัชชา รีสอร์ท (Thanatcha Resort). Note from the map below, that this place is VERY close to the main ferry pier and if you remember from the above ferry schedule, the first ferry is at 6:30am bound for Pattaya. It starts blasting its horns for departure at 6:20am. So, I would avoid this place if you do not like to wake up early. Also, it is kind of run down and you can see that it has seen better days. It has a large wooden deck that is tastefully illuminated in the evening with an excellent view of the Pattaya city skyline. Breakfast is included. Price was the same as the previous accommodation, ฿1,500 baht per unit and we took 2 units. This place includes breakfast out on the terrace, which included a Thai kind of rice / chicken soup, toast and marmalades, and eggs sunny side up + coffee. Our next destination was to go see the BIG giant Buddha up on Buddha hill. What is impressive about this place is that you have an incredible view of almost all of Koh Larn – especially looking down onto the tourist packed Tawaen beach. Furthermore, this is where the paragliders take off and land – it was truly breathtaking to watch all of them as there was at least a dozen of them up in the air above us. Have any of you tried this paragliding thing? https://www.flykohlarn.com Driving down into Tawaen Beach, the scene was overwhelming, as the beach was teeming with tourists mainly from India – it was loud and super crowded. I told the guys to continue onwards, and we found a great place to have lunch just before the next beach over, where Tong Lang Beach starts. It was much more quiet and tranquil. I believe that Tawaen Beach is extremely crowded because the main ferry from Pattaya also stops here. Here is a photo of the tranquil and beautiful Tong Lang Beach, where we relaxed for a couple of hours. It was nice and pleasant – but was still not yet my most favorite beach spot. Our next stop was Tiennara (Tien Beach). As I mentioned from day one this was also my most favorite beach. But now after writing this report and reliving the fond memories, this beach is my number one favorite from this Koh Larn trip. Why? It is a very BIG (long) beach with many variations within the beach, such as lush green canopy overgrowth where there were many places to stay shaded, eat, relax, etc. There are even secluded places to lodge and stay overnight here --> I definitely need to return to sleep in one of them. Have any of you slept in any rooms that are directly at Tien Beach? If so, please share with us the relevant contact information. To arrive at this paradise, you first park your motorbikes and then walk on this elevated concrete pathway until you arrive onto Tiennara (Tien Beach). It feels different than the other beaches as you feel more isolated and more immersed into the nature with the white powdery beach sand. Note that walking north (opposite way from which you entered) you will eventually find some red chair lounges. This is where we stayed, and the older owner/manager is most likely gay and one of his sexy younger workers appears to also be gay. He was quite flirty – another reason to return to this beach. On our way into this beach over the elevated concrete walkway, my 2 Thai friends acknowledged a group of fellow gay Thai individuals who were heading back – as they only came for the day. So, perhaps this is the beach more frequented by us gays ? The sun was starting to set and it was time to drive back to our accommodation to freshen up and to head out to our last dinner on Koh Larn. The chosen Thai restaurant is, ยกยอ-เกาะล้าน (Lifted Yo - Koh Larn) https://yokyor-kohlarn.business.site/ which is located on the main road going south from the Naban village that follows the sea shoreline (see below map). It is a somtum type of Thai restaurant and the food was great. It received a 4.3 rating out of 5 maximum in Google. After dinner, we made a quick stop at 7-Eleven (even on Koh Larn they seem to be almost everywhere) to grab some beers to enjoy our last view of our hotel sea deck illuminated Pattaya / Jomtien city skyline. We had breakfast in the following morning at our 2nd day hotel and then off to return our motorbikes and join the crowd looking for speedboats back to Pattaya. Again, ฿150 baht per person one way. In about 22 minutes we were already back at the Bali Hali pier in Pattaya. We called a BOLT taxi to take us back to Jomtien. Would I go back to Koh Larn? MOST definitely – I was truly enchanted with this place and I see that it will take several trips to discover all of the nooks and crannies on this wonderful island – truly an oasis in nature to get away from the craziness of Pattaya city. What would I change? 1.) To have better control over the accommodations that were chosen – there are tons of them and some are truly amazing. 2.) To get over my anxiety to drive a motorbike in Thailand – as Koh Larn is definitely a tranquil place to overcome this fear. In closing, I hope that you enjoyed my long trip report. I hope by sharing all of this information with all of you that it will encourage some of you to take advantage of this unique place in Pattaya.
  10. Shameless Mack is back in the house!! Welcome back to LOS - looking forward to your updates....
  11. New or not new - how to define this bar?? I get an invite in Hornet to come to the "new" Zoomer Bar, which is found in the small alleyway (behind the Bamboo bar) where the D.D. Inn is in Jomtien, near Beach road. If you know where the Pirate Bay Cafe is - it is in that alley way right after the D.D. Inn is located. I asked around about the history of this bar before going and everyone told me - no, that is a Lady bar - as that alleyway is known for that. So, after visiting the Pattaya fireworks last night, I asked my Thai friend to accompany me there. As I am new here - I don't know the history and backstory like many of you more senior experienced members. We met with the 2 gay guys, who are brothers, (the ones who sent me invites on Hornet) who are manager bar workers there. I ask them if I can interview them as it was confusing to me what kind of bar this is and why is it outside of the Jomtien Supertown Complex? He points to a "Lady" and tells me that she is the owner and that previously this was a Lady bar. The 2 brothers talked her into repurposing the bar into a gay bar - which they are now doing. By the way, they are ALL from Isaan - hence the common connection between all of the staff. While we were there - only for 1 drink - as we were VERY tired after attending the Pattaya fireworks show - we saw: 2 cute / sexy straight masculine guys playing pool. When I asked about their status I was told that they can be offed and that 1 of the 2 was already reserved by a falang customer who had not yet arrived, 1 Lady - the owner - I assume that she is a real woman, 1 Ladyboy - she was older and not sexy at all - perhaps left over from this bar's previous life ? 2 waiter/manager gay brothers - super friendly and willing to answer any of your questions, 1 falang that was sitting by himself, 3 falangs - a group that entered during our visit - they all seemed to know very well the 2 gay brothers who are managing the place, 1 semi-waiter that was also available to be offed. I hope that this new reincarnated bar can survive being outside of the Jomtien Complex (JC). I asked the 2 brothers, why did you not put your new bar inside of JC, and their response was that since their bar was in this small hidden alleyway behind the famous Bamboo bar, he said that the clients would have more privacy. He said that if they had put their bar in Supertown - then their clients would not have the privacy that they can have in this hidden location. It made me wonder - privacy for what? We did not see any hankypank (sleezy behavior) taking place. Perhaps it gets more interesting later in the night ?? We were there around 10:30pm. Anyone have any additional information?
  12. Yes Londoner - this is SO true what you wrote. I wrote about my hair raising experience below.....
  13. What an exciting adventure to go and see the fireworks last night (night 2 of the 2 night affair). Met with Thai friend at 6:45pm on the busy Thappraya road in Jomtien in front of View Talay 5. EVERY bahtbus passing by was super packed like I have never seen before. My Thai friend insists that we take motorbike taxis to Pattaya. Only problem was that there was never 2 motorbikes available at the same moment. Some of the motorbike guys try to talk us into getting the 2 of us onto a single motorbike in 3 persons. I was like NO way!! Plus, I could see burning legs on the muffler. So, we walked over to the Jomtien Complex outside of the main Supertown entrance where there are usually many motorbikes - but ZERO and when one would come it was a frenzy of competition. So, we decided to walk in the direction of Thepprasit road, where there are usually many motorbikes available. One came and he told us to wait a second and then another came - which was his wife. Then we were off and I thought I would die a thousand deaths until they dropped us off at Soi 10 in Pattaya. The drivers (husband and wife team) were truly excellent affronting all of the intense traffic and new little short cuts to get us to our destination 10 minutes before the fireworks started. I agree with Ruthrieston that the first 2 displays were great (Canada and then the Philippines). From where we were standing on Beach road we had a very clear view. The coordination of the fireworks with the music was superb. For the third display for Belgium, we did not experience the huge cloud of black smoke - as we still had a clear view (although slightly diminished due to a haze formation) from where we were on Beach road. What I did not like was the BIG interval (more than 1 hour) from after the 2nd display until the 3rd display. Standing the entire time we were tired. Would I do it again next year? Yes, but with better planning to arrive early enough to find a space on the beach with those nice big beach mats that we could sit on. Also, to bring enough drinks and perhaps some food - to help pass the time during the big interval. Afterwards, we headed over to Boyztown - where it was calm (not packed like over on Beach road) and we were so happy to have a beer and to finally be able to sit down. Then we arranged for 2 motorbike taxis and the ride back to Jomtien was more harrowing than the ride to Pattaya because our motorbike drivers took a side road that was not asphalted (it was a muddy pot holed road) and consequently the ride was bumpy and slippery, where you had the fear that you were going to become a wet pig in one of the giant water filled potholes when the motorbike would slip and fall on its side. Again, our drivers were truly super skilled to negotiate any obstacles that came in our way and we were safely back at the Jomtien Complex.
  14. and as one of your loyal fans - I cannot wait to read your sordid details about the finale of your trip.......
  15. Truly heartbreaking to see this happening in 2022. Back in the late 1980s and 1990s, I used to live in Denver, Colorado. I fell madly in love with a US Airforce guy who was stationed in beautiful Colorado Springs. Consequently, for many years I frequented Colorado Springs. That was during the period where most of the gay world was boycotting Colorado for passing Amendment 2 in 1992 - which prohibited the state from enacting antidiscrimination protections for gays, lesbians, and bisexuals. Most of this evil was coming from a group called Focus on the Family. I was president of a gay group at that time and we were trying to get the gays in the other 49 states to not support this boycott because we wanted their help to fight the bigots of Focus on the Family. Consequently, the gay community in Colorado was left alone to fight the bigots by ourselves, which was very painful because the boycott was killing off our gay businesses who could have helped to support us financially during these battles. So, we held many in-state fundraisers to fight the battle. During this time, I agreed to meet with someone from Focus on the Family in Colorado Springs in a local Denny's restaurant. That was one of the longest drives from Denver to Colorado Springs, because I was scared to meet him. We had a very long heated discussion where he hit me with every bible verse about why we were wrong and I tried to convince him that his God also loved us gays and that he needed to accept our right to exist and have equal rights. It was a lost cause with him and we agreed to disagree. Then the incredible happened while we were leaving the Denny's restaurant in the parking lot. He yelled at me, and said, "Do you know why you gays cannot have any rights? Because we (Focus on the Family) need to cancel any temptations that may arise amongst us by eliminating you!!" Then he further said to me, "You gays are the reason why I have to hide from my wife in my bathroom and masturbate to hidden gay magazines...." So, I lost the battle to convince him - but I gained inside information about this cult and their homophobia. It was good intel. Eventually, the citizens of Colorado came to their senses and we overturned Amendment 2, and the gay boycott against us was eventually lifted and our state was once again allowed to be a part of the other 49 states from a gay life point of view. Focus on the Family - and many other groups like this - are mostly all headquartered in Colorado Springs - so it would not surprise me if we discover during yesterday's gay massacre in Club Q that the culprit was one of these repressed homophobic people that I met back in the 1990s or one of their offspring.....
  16. This explains a lot. Thanks for sharing it with us. As a newly retired guy here - there is still so much to discover, understand, and get up to speed with. So much is a mystery, if you do not know the history behind the facts.
  17. I also find what the true name of the Jomtien Complex really is to be confusing: Both of the external marquees in the 2 distinct fronts of the Complex are illuminated with the words: "SUPER TOWN JOMTIEN WALKING STREET" Then the webmaster of the https://www.gaysupertown.com/ Supertown web page labels it as: "SUPERTOWN JOMTIEN COMPLEX" Some of my Thai friends refer to it as "Supertown", or as "Jomtien Complek". Why do these differences exist ? Who is in charge ?
  18. Meanwhile, over in Jomtien last night - there were plenty of those illegal flying lanterns illuminating the entire sky (I am happy to report that none of them set our condo building on fire or the nearby beautiful palm trees at the Dongtan gay beach). There were also many fireworks going off and thousands upon thousands of Loy Krathong floaties that were launched into the sea. This was my first Loy Krathong as a new retiree living here - so I was one of those thousands, with my two Thai friends, who helped me to launch my Loy Krathong into the sea -->> BUT - we had to first follow the correct Thai ritual of: 1.) cut a piece of your hair and place it into the Loy Krathong flower piece made of banana, 2.) insert some loose coins into your Loy Krathong, 3.) light the candle that is in the center of the flowers, 4.) light the incense sticks that are also in the center of the flowers, 5.) say a prayer before launching your Loy Krathong into the water (expressing what you are happy to be relieved of - negative things - and what positive things you want to come into your life). Then you are ready to go. I was not dressed properly, so I had to take my shoes and socks off, and because of the shorts that I was wearing, I could not get out far enough into the water to properly launch my Loy Kratong for enough distance that it would not be washed back ashore (bad luck). There were some kids out in the water and after we launched our 3 Loy Krathongs (see below photo), they approached ours and pushed them further out to sea - and I was SO happy about that - but there was a hidden service charge - they quickly removed all of the loose coins that we had placed in our respective Loy Kratong's (see step 2 above). I became upset, but my 2 Thai friends said to me, "stay calm - these kids are very poor and they deserve what they took and you should know that it does not invalidate the above 5 steps - so our good wishes will still come to us." I am a new retiree here - so I need to learn so much about the Thai Buddhist ways - sabai sabai.... But, for my year 2023 Loy Krathong - I will be much better prepared.
  19. I agree with you. I went a step further - I want to a lamination shop (photo copy store) in Pattaya and they took my passport and copied both the ID page as well as the VISA stamp page. So, the end result is a laminated ID card with my passport photo ID on one side and my VISA stamp on the other side. I had 2 of them made (one as a backup) and I walk around with one of these and the actual passport stays in my room safe. They made it into the side of a credit card - so it fits perfectly into your pocket and/or wallet without having to bend it.
  20. I have had this experience many times. This is one of the reasons that I try to prepare a small map (even if it needs to be homemade) with my trip reports. My worst fear is to find myself lost in one of these unknown far away sois with the soi dogs on the prowl.
  21. If Thailand created a unique word, kathoey, to describe what we call ladyboy in the west perhaps the aficionados / fans of people who frequent / desire them should have their own word to describe them: kathoey-lover kathoey-appassionato kathoey-fan I would not consider someone who goes with a kathoey / ladyboy as gay. why? I am gay, and I have NO desire to go with a kathoey / ladyboy. What do you all think?
  22. There is a lot of speculation as to when this will be. My initial thoughts were that after President Xi secured his third term as leader of the ruling communist party that they would open up the flood gates. But unfortunately, the Covid lockdowns in dozens of Chinese cities continue as part of their zero-Covid policy. This recent Bloomberg article suggests that the flood gates won't open until sometime into 2023. Bloomberg article - when will China reopen
  23. Well there are many of them here in Jomtien and I see no "for pay" activity originating from them here.
  24. It was after Bangkok Pat posted that video on Patpong that I asked him to do another video on the evolution of gay nightlife in Bangkok and Soi Twilight. But crickets - no response.
  25. Honestly, I do not know. From how they act at the Dongtan gay beach and in the Jomtien Supertown Complex - I would argue that they are competition.
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