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  1. If a moneyboy main concern is his status or 'face' amongst his own friends who are fellow moneyboys that he should have the latest models of premium smartphones, may God help him in this life. I'm sure there are level headed ones out there who want to free themselves from this falsehood.
  2. The latest models of phones by Chinese manufacturers as well as Nokia with good specifications can be had for 5k baht. More than good enough for the common prostitutes to do all the promotions in their daily life, communicating with the family and friends, playing games etc, and then put the rest of money in the bank for future needs. That is living beyond tomorrow.
  3. Re: Bangkok massage. Quite a number of boys waiting for customers last night. I didn't stop to ask as I left Fresh Boys soi Twilight for Fresh Boys soi Patpong 2.
  4. Re: Scorpion bar & the small waterhole next to it are no more. Drinkers will miss the memories of times spent there.
  5. About 39 metres from my favourite King Castle ladyboys bar.
  6. Fresh Boys soi Twilight was busy for the 10pm show with many healthy boys and many lady customers. Drinks for 350 baht. Physically attractive Vietnamese #32 & #12. Maybe some of you might know Kevin and Yoyo. The Khmer lads were handsome and sexy as well.
  7. Re: Classic Boys. One of the staff outside the bar told me that their last evening is the 31st of March. Moving somewhere opposite Foodland but he wasn't actually sure of the exact spot and the name it will take.
  8. Workers are busy above Banana bar in Silom soi 4 getting ready for the shift to new premises. If more bars move to this location, the place will be vibrant. There are still vacant shop houses at the end of the cul de sac just beyond Jupiter. It will only be a matter of whose pocket is the deepest and penetrate furthest, and stay longest.
  9. Soi Twilight in broad daylight is like the common prostitutes without concealing makeup. It looks like the end is imminent. According to a lady at a restaurant just beyond Classic boys, all the businesses in the main soi would be gone soon.
  10. Work is still in progress, although today is election day. The premises appeared rather small, the frontage is about 4 metres wide, and the length probably less than 15 metres. There is an upstairs in the rear half. A lady(ladyboy)? supervisor allowed me access to the interior to take some pics. Expected date of completion sometime in April.
  11. All bars are closed tonight. A banner outside Fresh Boys tonight. Door opened but no boys, just a few minders loitering about. One of them told me that they will be open on Sunday.
  12. Election posters in Silom. 1. With a promise of equal rights for LGBT. 2. With a promise to protect the black panther. A very neat and orderly display of posters of all the contesting parties.
  13. Unknown territory maybe, but the anatomy remains familiar.
  14. And most of them are younger than the average farang too...
  15. witty


    Taking ice in any restaurant or bar can be risky unless the source is a hygienic factory. If you're in rural Cambodia, you'll certainly need a strong stomach.
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