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  1. Very unscientific and condescending.
  2. It's called freedom of speech, whether you like it or not.
  3. witty


    Male pattern baldness is setting in...
  4. Now I'm really feeling hungry.
  5. The shop staff took out the calculator for the benefit of customers too.
  6. It is evidently clear that the true God is favouring the companies tasked with rebuilding, renovating, and refurbishing the badly damaged structures before welcoming the resident gargoyles to their favourite perches.
  7. Where was the Catholic God when they needed him?
  8. Colluding? I prefer cuddling with the boys.
  9. Use a cigarette lighter. After all this is an emergency!
  10. witty

    Yangon news?

    Didn't you wish you were in Myanmar for the new year festival?
  11. witty


    It was still open late last month. Shocking pink door.
  12. DIY laundry services are mostly found in Japanese hotels. Some for free and others for small tokens.
  13. witty


    I think that man is from Myanmar. He looks better in person.
  14. One should be able to yank out the cable ties with a pen or something similar.
  15. Do take note of the slight differences in the boys. @Home bar is 100% Khmer, whereas Sun bar is a cocktail of Thai, Lao, and a sprinkling of Khmer boys. Perhaps the veteran boys at Sun bar will react quicker when they spot familiar faces going up and down the soi. You can have a vantage point at RR bar next to the Venue to observe both bars.
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