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  1. Hi man, great posts you have here. Any chance you could give more info on Agadir please?

  2. Great experiences! I hope to be back for the month of June or July. It was especially cool that you had those experiences in Cairo which are harder to cum by than in Luxor or Aswan!
  3. I started posting again solely to get access to the other forums AND especially to read @numazu. I began at Hooboy’s site, moved here when Brazil’s Minister of Sex Tourism (TomCal) started posting here and the old gay Brazil site, and then Numazu keeps me here. Superb job with the writing!!!
  4. You need only look at the guy’s free Twitter account to see the size. It’s like a freakin baseball bat!
  5. That’s a good reminder, especially for those first time travelers. I could mention my two most previous experiences to show some of the change: If you look on google maps, you can see Banana Island along with photos. My normal experiences in years past allowed me to have sex there two ways: first, I would take one of the boats from the east side of the Nile and go to the island alone. At the island are two cafes, three little farm display areas, a Banana grove farm area, a few private farm areas. and this funky fort structure. I would sit at the cafe, have a drink, pretend to read a book, and then eye some of the boat captains. We could go to the banana grove to do the deed. Sometimes the farm boys would also smile and do something for money. Well, my last visit last year had no action there and just old men and old women on the island. The old marina guy that has been there for 20 years told me that the young guys have to either joined the military for money or travel north for work. Now I did find another way this most recent stay: during the day you can go to one of the three private marina dock areas on the East bank. This is where you have the sexy guys acting as gay bait to get you to book a boat where an old man will suddenly appear as the driver. So, I found a really sexy boy at the entrance and told him I wanted to go to the the Island with HIM and ONLY him. He agreed. We went to the small boat with outboard motor. The old man suddenly appeared and I quickly said no and exited the boat. Then the young guy talked to the old man and the young boy alone took me to the island. There we enjoyed sex in the grove, a little snack, then another round of sex. The Island wasn’t very active, but I had found a way. On our way back we saw the Egyptian marine police that began to stop our boat. The boy asked me for 100 pounds (6 USD) and I quickly gave it to him. The police asked him a few questions and he said he had taken me to the Island for tourism. The boy gave them his ID with the money. They gave the ID back without the money and let us go. Come to find out, a permit license is required to ferry people so the money sufficed as a little gift. We went to the Island two other times with no problem. Thus, if you find no action on the Island itself, you can use it as a place during the day for sex if you can just make sure the sexy guy is actually the one to go with you. In days past that place was so crowded I remember every banana plant seemed to have westerners having sex with a guy. Alas, times have changed so we old men must adjust our tactics!!!!
  6. Dear Lord, Baska! That was a sexy story! I can just pictured the riding!
  7. ForestReid, What a great story! Its like the old image of making lemonade out of lemons! You were right to be a bit concerned about the south side of Omonia Square. Whilst I was there, the police were regularly making arrests on that side for drug dealing. The boys told me that the drugs are on the south side and the sex on the north side. You do raise an interesting point, though. In all my years of travelling there, I only met three genuinely Greek guys at Omonia, the Theatre, Zappeion, Pedion, the bars, and Victoria. Most of the sex there was from foreigners. Maybe others have had better luck with Greeks in those places. In my experience, the apps are far better for meeting those sexy Greeks and they usually command a slightly higher price for their services as well. Nonetheless, I found the Greeks on offer willing to do far more with far more passion! Maybe it’s just part of their ancient gay heritage passed down!
  8. My experience with muscle guy/body builders has been somewhat similar. The ones in the Massage places are straight. They will let you suck them and will sometimes give a hand job for Extra Service. About half will sometimes fuck you. I only experienced few guys who would kiss in all my years going to massage places in the Philippines. The same guys off of Grindr and Planet Romeo/Hunqs can offer much more expanded service. I was keyed into this when I was told by a local Pinoy with the same fetish to be VERY specific in your profile about what you want (without being too specific on the money part since that will usually get you banned). When you then do an initial meet or video chat, be very specific in that private conversation about how much you will pay and what the expectations are for the meet. I did this and had great success with these guys who were also great kissers. About half spoke good English because they learned it in school and tv. The others (mostly the ones from the provinces or rural areas living n the city now) were very limited in speaking only Tagalog. Now, there are downfalls. I noticed that many of these type of guys use photos that were 5-10 years earlier than their present age. They will certainly show the muscle from the neck down, but then not show the rather older face. As an example, I met up with one guy at Starbucks in Manila. I told him ahead of time that we could meet, have a coffee, and then decide if both of us still wanted to do the deed. When we met, the guy was incredible. He was also, though, in his late 30’s and not the 23-year-old he advertised. I told him that I would take a pass, offered him 500 pesos for his transportation costs, and suggested he not lie about his age in the future. He then told me about he and his friends’ dilemma. He said they all have to do this at the end of the month for rent and gym fees. He said that old men from around the world are constantly messaging them and like to only not talk (as they now say “no talk shit” in their profiles) but they never actually show up in the Philippines for a meet. They also get lots of old men claiming they are in the Philippines but not actually there (they now say “no posers” in their profiles). As a result, he and his friends rarely chat with foreigners other than to see if they are presently in the Philippines. If they are, then they try everything to meet because they want a long term sugar daddy/sponsor. He also said most of his work came from Growler, Grindr, Planet Romeo and a few by Scruff. They tried rentmen but the monthly fee was too costly for them. He then introduced me to a much younger body builder friend, so I paid the old man a “consultant fee”. There was one older (mid 30’s) body builder I DID want to try but we never got past a coffee because I had a work appointment afterwards. If any of you have been on the apps and searched the profiles, then you will know this guy because he has a great niche he serves. He writes in his profile that he has a specialty for older men who have erectile challenges, who want to learn to bottom, or ones wanting to experiment in their older age because they came out later in life. Now, I am not in that niche, but he was an incredibly pumped guy, an amazing personality, genuinely the most perfect set of teeth I had ever seen on a man, and normally worked on cruise ships. I don’t remember his profile name, but you will easily know him by his niche profile. I met him for coffee through another escort because the guy wanted some medical advice for one of his clients. Nothing like doing a medical consultation with an escort at Starbucks talking about sexual boundaries (what he and his client could do without the old man dying), preexisting conditions, all the while… I am thinking I really want this escort to pound ME! Good luck and report back!
  9. Basks, You raise an interesting point. I have travelled twice to Egypt during Ramadan and actually experienced only limited problems. I saw about half of the small restaurants closed as there was no eating until sunset... and thus no need for them to remain open during the day. Mind you, there were still lots of places open to eat in the tourist areas. Similarly while some small historical sites closed up, it was also the case that the MAJOR tourist sites remained open. At the end of the day, they want AND need your tourist money... so many more will probably be open this year than in the past. As for the sex, that is harder to address. You can already see by the sheer number of guys letting you suck their dick (or them fucking you) that their Muslim religious sensibility is a bit... how shall we say... flexible! So, I found them just as horny and just as willing during Ramadan as other times for their dick to please me... both during the day and night. So, it is a tough call. If you set your expectations low and just go with the flow to get your feet wet for the first time in Egypt, then you will have a great time. The second trip will then be even better. If there are no plans to ever return to Egypt AND you can adjust your schedule, then you might want to do so such that you can get the maximum value/opportunities for that one trip to Egypt in your lifetime.
  10. Frenchy, I stayed at both and had no problem bringing guys back. I usually met the guys at Starbucks and walked over, or else met them in front of the hotel and walked in with them. New Coast is closer to things, but that also means the noise of Pedro Gil can get annoying. I never just had them direct to my room until I met and checked them out first.
  11. PART THREE: OMNIA SQUARE (red outline area on map below): This place is brimming with Middle Eastern young men for sex. This is a place you either love or hate (as our other reviews here have shown)!!!! The whole square is very seedy, but the area for sex is the northwestern part of Omonia. This is the part in front of and surrounding the Hondos department store. The Syrian, Iranian, and Iraqis are usually sitting/standing at the top of the tube escalator that empties in front of the juice bar Gregores (red circle). The escalator that empties in front of Hondos (and the elevator area) usually has the Greeks and eastern Europeans (red circle). As you face Hondos, the side pedestrian street on the left side is filled with Afgans and Pakistanis. The same can be found on the right side of Hondos on the side walk. It is also the case that if you cross the street to your east you will find several outdoor cafes. One of them, whose name escapes me, you will find has old gay men sitting with their young male companions. I usually frequent the outdoor café/restaurant right in front of Hondos where I can sit and watch the boys on offer (dotted red on map). When I arrive at Omonia I usually take a complete walk around the Hondos center and then spend a few minutes seeing what is available by standing at the top of one of the two escalators. Now there is a nearby police station, so do not be so stupid as to do business in public. As to where you can go for sex, that is rather easy. All the boys will know that there are three possible sex hotels from which to choose. One is one block to the west (the one I prefer), there is one next to the Kosmopolit cinema, and then one more one block east of that. So, for those not familiar… once you negotiate what you want with the boy and how much to pay, you then proceed to the hotel. Just tells the boys to show you the hotel. You will probably pass a number of female prostitutes along the way who also use these hotels. Once you get to the hotel, you approach the clerk and hand over 5-10 euros depending on which hotel you go to. No id is required. I do this with one swift motion as I hand the 5 euro with my right hand whilst my feet continue to move to the elevator with the boy. It is usually the second floor if you choose the hotel west of Omonia, but that changes over time. The boy will know the floor. Once you get off the elevator, you will be in a hallway with about 10 rooms. There will probably be one or two couples (gay and straight with prostitutes) waiting ahead of you for a room. Once a room is clean, the maid will motion for you and you enter the room. It has a bed with one fitted sheet on top, tv with porn, a bathroom, two towels, and usually a condom. You have between 30-40 minutes until the maid will bang on your door. Most of the Syrians were especially phenomenal kissers and fuckers. Often they would also ask if I would fuck them as well. Interestingly to me, the Afgans always liked to get fucked and kiss. My usual deal was 25 euro for the boy and 5 euro for the room. I have found it safe 99.9% of the time and only had one problem. I once got a boy back to the room and he stripped. I then looked and noticed he had a small discharge from his penis even before it got hard. It was clear he had gonorrhea or chlamydia , so I used google translate to tell him how to get some medical care. A friend of mine DID have one problem when a guy could not get hard to fuck him, so he paid the guy only 10. The guy went ballistic and would not allow my friend to leave until he paid more. My friend then started yelling for the maid who started banging on the door. The boy had to relent and my friend left. I never had problems and had some amazing repeat business with these boys. Most of these boys ALSO show up a few hours later at Victoria Park where they are also available for more sex. TYPICAL DAY: I would begin the morning with work. Around 11:30 am I would take a nice walk to Omonia Square to see if there was a young male appetizer I might enjoy. I would walk completely around Hondos Center and then stand for a while at the top of the two escalators. I would always find someone. After going to the nearby hotel for sex, I would return and settle down at one of the cafes for lunch…usually the one right in front of the Hondos Center. During my time I would regularly make eye contact with another young man and invite him over for lunch. After lunch he and I would go to the sex hotel for some fun. I would then walk back to my place to freshen up and take an afternoon nap. Afterwards, I would walk over to Pedion Park for an afternoon to sample one of the guys there. Then, I would walk back to Omonia for some theatre action where I would always find one or two guys to my liking. After some sex, I would leave and have a coffee and enjoy one of those amazing Greek rice curd desserts they have. I would then return to the theater for one more round. After this I would walk up to Omonia Square and see what was on offer. I would always take at least one guy to the sex hotel for some fun, sometimes two. Afterwards, I would make my way to Victoria Park. They have some nice caffes with outdoor seating right off the top of the tube escalator that are perfect for eating dinner and watching boys. If I did not catch the eye of anyone special, then I would check Grindr or PlanetRomeo to see what was on offer. As was almost always the case, I would find someone in Victoria Park to take back to my place for a late-night snack. I would generally repeat this pattern, but add the two bars especially on Friday/Saturday nights when new guys would appear. For those not yet familiar with these areas, then simply use the street view of google maps and you can see pretty much everything that I noted above. Good luck and be sure to report back on your visits!
  12. PART TWO: BARS: Test Me and Sammi’s both have middle eastern hustlers for sex. You can find their addresses online. Most of the guys that come to the gay bars for paid sex also come to Victoria Park. As a result, what might cost you 75-150 euro as take away from a bar will be 30-50 euro at the park. It is worth a visit, though, just to support these businesses that cater to us gays. THEATRES/BOOK STORES: There are three theatres and four books stores that I visited where you can find their addresses yourself online. They rarely have guys available for paid sex, but mostly for free sex with other gays. When they did have hustlers, but their number usually ranged from none to 2 or 3. The Athinaikon is the one most often listed, but I usually considered it a waste of my time because men rarely went there to find the paid sex. This is because everyone in Athens knows where to go for the paid sex in a theatre: Kosmopolit Cinema (Marikas Kotopouli). The theatre is located right next to and north of the Hotel Cosmopolit, which is itself just one block north of Omonia Square. It is the red X on the map. When you walk in, be sure to keep your ticket as you can re-enter one more time. I regularly had sex, went for a coffee, and then returned for some more sex. You will see guys in the park area in front of the hotel and theatre who are very eager for your take-away business as well. The guys will come and go into the theatre every few minutes. Once you get into the theatre, you will be hounded by guys in the back standing area even before you can have a seat. Find a seat and let your eyes get adjusted to the darkness. When you are ready, then its time to venture into the balcony or basement for the adventure. I would start with the balcony which can be accessed by the stairs to the left or right as you came into the entrance. That upper balcony area is where the young men will show their dicks and offer themselves. They will sit along the long side balcony aisles, as well as the main balcony. This is where you can negotiate to give them a blow job. However, the funky sex occurs in the basement. You should know… next to the theatres in the Philippines, I found this theatre to be one of the dirtiest and seediest places I have ever had sex. It is not, as they say, for the faint of heart! Thus, I loved it just because of the adventure! The basement area is accessed by steps on your right as you entered the main theatre section. It is a narrow set of steps that takes you down to this small open area where all the guys are smoking (and I mean LOTS of smoking!). They will check you out as you come down the steps and will quickly want to offer their services. Just walk around there to get your feel for the place. It has four bathroom stalls for blow job areas, a back area where it shows gay sex on a very small tv and has but six seats, a dark area off of that, and then two rooms where you can have more active sex. I usually sit myself down in one of those seats and start watching the movie and boys who are all now standing around trying to get my attention. If I like a guy, I then usually motion him to go with me into one of the two rooms where we can talk. The rooms have locks on them. I then negotiate for sex and compensation. I have seen/heard threesomes, twosomes, spanking, heavy pounding of anal sex, kissing, etc. come from those two rooms as I watch the gay porn. The only problem I have found is that guys will usually fake cumming (unless you say you only give a blow job) and say they will kiss with tongue and suddenly they will NOT once you start the sex. Those two rooms are the only real place there to have sex beyond a blow job. I should mention the rooms are nasty and rarely get cleaned. I would say there are three groups of guys at this place: Class A guys that are straight, immaculate, showered, would never take drugs, never smoke, and sexy as fuck. They come only to get one client for money so they can go out with their girlfriend later. They will let you suck them and they will fuck you. Class B guys are the ones who come for one or two clients and like to eat afterwards at a café. They are looking for long-term sugar daddies and usually operate in a pair with their friend. They will let you suck them, they will fuck you, and many kiss very well. Class Z guys are the drug addicts and you will see them also outside the theatre where they will typically turn 5-10 clients in a day for sex. They will do anything and everything if the price is right. Interestingly, most of the guys IN the theatre are from Bosnia, Romania, Albania, Macedonia, and Bulgaria. Prices here ranged from 25-50 euros depending on the deed negotiated, but they did have to pay for their ticket so I always footed another 5-10 euros to cover that. I met several of the class A guys that I later brought back to my place for extended sessions. PART THREE follows…
  13. PART ONE: I have stayed in Athens over twenty times this past decade. These are my thoughts from both immediate pre-Covid and Covid visits last year: LOCATION TO STAY: This will depend on your plans for Athens. My first trip to Athens was with a tourist group many moons ago. I then transitioned to high end hotels as my work took me there regularly. Finally, over the past four years I have been trying various Airbnb apartments. I tried various locations, but have settled on a general area. I am not going to write where I stay now because I do not want competition for the place!!! I will just say that if sex is to be an important part of your stay in Athens, then apartments located between Omonia Square and north to Victoria Square can be ideal locations. Similarly, you can actually stay anywhere if you are near one of the metro/subway/tube lines. APPS: Grindr and PlanetRomeo (Hunqs) are very active. Just adjust your profile to express your desires and men will be messaging you. I also used Google translate for Greek in my profile to outline my hopes as well, since I always want to partake of the local Greek delights!!! Their prices ranged from 50-150 euro’s, with most settling from 75-100 euro’s. This is where your location near a tube station can be very important. You will also find that if you schedule your stay when it overlaps the end of a month when rent and payments are due for the boys, then you will have far more delights to sample from the apps. PARKS: I visited all the sites listed online but found these three to be regularly active. 1- Temple of Zeus and the National Garden (Zappeion): Much has been made on some sites about the danger of finding guys around these locations. Simply go during the daylight hours to familiarize yourself with the paths, so once you are there at night it will be less confusing. Now, there ARE some times where it is clear there are some dangerous drug addicts. What you find mostly are gays for free sex and maybe 3-5 young men for paid sex. The problem here is finding a location that is private, as you can be doing the deed and 10 men will suddenly appear to watch and/or participate. I found more of the paid guys to be located west near the Lord Byron statue and immediately north. In general, over the years I have found less and less paid sex guys here at all and almost always just gay for gay sex. 2-Pedion Park: While there is some gay-for-gay free sex here, it is almost entirely paid sex. Again, before you venture too much you need to go there during the day and walk the area. I would suggest you start from the big main entrance at Mavrommateon and Alexandras. If you attempt the entrance further north on Mavrommateo then you will be right in the middle of the drug encampment area. If you have never seen one of those, then walk near it ONLY once you are in the park so you can gaze on it from afar. Now the paid sex I found starts at the open circle area east of the Pedion tou Areaos. The entire park east of the Statue of Athena and this open Pedion circle area will be filled with guys walking to locate sex. I plop myself on one of the many benches that line that main walkway going east (see blue area on map). From there I just sit and watch to see who is and who is not available for sex. A guy will give you the eye, he can sit with you, and then you can negotiate. Remember that this is actually a family park with lots of dog walkers and kids. But, you will easily know that those old men walking in the side paths are there for one purpose only. I did see two instances of violence… one was an old gay man had been looking at his phone. He put the phone in his pocket but a young man approached him and BAMM hit him with his fist. He then reached into the old man’s pocket, got the phone, and took it. The second instance was an old man carrying a backpack. One guy approached to talk with the man to distract him, whilst a second guy came from behind and ripped the backpack off and ran. So, be cautious and aware. The price for sex here ranged from 25-50 euro and was generally done in one of the private areas of the park. I scouted out discreet locations my first day there so I knew where to go, but the boys will know places as well. These guys are ones that will let you suck them or they will fuck you. I visited in the afternoons and early evenings and have had good luck. I once visited late night right before the park closed, but security and police cars were checking out the area at that point. 3-Victoria Park: This small park is like a middle eastern sex buffet in the evening. Most of the guys come to hang out with their friends. However, there will be large portion that are available for take away sex. I usually sit myself at one of the benches and drink some water whilst watching the guys walk by. Within 10 minutes I will find someone to take back to my nearby Airbnb. It is very easy to see who is available. On my last visit, I saw a group of three young Syrian men who kept smiling at me. I chatted with them via gestures, offered to take each one separately to my Airbnb for a blow job, and then negotiated a price (25 euro each, plus a pack of cigarettes for each). Once I got each one alone, I was able to also see what else they might do. One agreed to fuck and passionately kiss. I then arranged for him as a regular even as his two other friends never knew. Most of the guys in the park are there late afternoon and evenings. PART TWO follows…
  14. Baska, HAHAHAHA… well, you are certainly invited “to look for an adventure” on my “ass”, but I think there are far finer young men there that will suffice! Seriously, though, since I don’t know you, how often you have been to Egypt, or what you are planning to do whilst there, I can only offer what I might do to start the trip. Given the hour you arrive and given my age, I would be ready for bed. HOWEVER, I would also want to make sure I had every opportunity to sample the Egyptian morsels that might be available that night BEFORE I hit the bed. So, my plan of action might be something like this: When I arrive I am sure the hotel might have a van for me. I would dispense with that and choose to find a taxi or ride myself. There will typically be two kinds… the official taxi at the taxi stand, and the nice young men offering a private car just for you. Now the tour books say to stay FAR AWAY from the private dudes and you REALLY SHOULD if you are a novice to Egypt. Me?... well, I size up the attractiveness of the taxi drivers versus the private drivers. If there is a sexy taxi driver, then I negotiate a price and off we go. The same is for the private driver, although I have to be careful and mindful of safety. Once I am in the privacy of the car, the fun begins. You must always remember that the Egyptian wants to take you for EVERY euro or dollar or pound that you possess. Knowing that, and knowing that young Egyptian males are always horny, I must think of a way to “create the condition by which he will offer me his dick for money”. IF he asks if I am married (see my posts above about the marriage question), well, the fun has begun and the odds are in my favor. I have had a number of taxi drivers pull into a dark area and let me do the deed. If possible, I usually try to put my luggage in the back seat and always sit next to the driver in the front seat. That, obviously, means he can see my smile and my eyes as I speak with him about what he can offer to me for my money!!!! Sometimes that is just not possible. Now let’s say you negotiate a price, do the deed, and head to the hotel… you should remember that once you pay him, there is a 75% chance he will say it is not enough. Fear not, young padawan, he is hoping for this so just give him the money. He may throw up his hands in disgust and not take the money. Well, I just throw it at him when he tries that (AFTER I have retrieved my luggage). I usually pay for the taxi, the blow job, and a little tip. Now let’s say your drive to the hotel was uneventful and nothing happened. Well, given the hour, you next have a chance with the lowly bellhop who will be bored at that hour and pissed that he is working a shift where he cannot make money like the day and afternoon shifts. In that case, I strike up a conversation and give a smile from the very first moment the desk attendant gives the key to the bell boy. As we are in the elevator, I wait for him to ask if I am married. If he does not, then I gently ask him if he is married. From that conversation we see if I might have some action in the room. I always pray to all the Egyptian gods that I get a sexy bellhop because I have had some great times with them. Now if even that is uneventful, I then go to bed sad and wake up late. I shower/shave and tidy myself the next morning. I then peek out the door to see if a room attendant is already cleaning the room on the floor at the late hour I awoke. If they are and the person is a sexy male, well my quest begins anew. I then take my room key and go meet my floor attendant. I smile, say hello, show him my key, and then ask for an extra soap or shampoo. Remember…he wants my money!!!! I must “create the condition by which he will offer me his dick for money”. I then return to my room and if the door has one of those cleaning hanger things, then I turn it to show I want my room cleaned. I then proceed to get some work done until… BAMM… my door opens and in my sexy attendant comes to clean my room. I actually already have some money out on the table for him to see, as well as smile and tell him to not go away but go ahead and clean now while I work. Without being obtrusive, I find some way to make conversation with him. I am hoping he will ask for some money at the end. If he does then… BAMM… I am about to pounce on my prey. So, the key is to look for opportunities where his desire for your money, your desire for his dick, and privacy… all combine to make the odds in your favor. So, whilst there is no Aquarius or similar sauna precisely where escorts are sitting and waiting when you arrive, there are ways to start your trip to Egypt. Just be on the lookout for all the days that follow and remember they really want your money. If this is your first time, then I urge again that you be prudent and cautious until you get the lay of the land and the people. Good luck and be sure to report back here!
  15. Frenchy, It depends on what you mean by comfort hotel. There are several hotels right on Pedro Gil Street in front of Robinson’s Mall that you can try. I usually stay in cheaper hotels that do NOT have security and won’t be surprised when I am with a young pinoy guy. On that Pedro Gil Street I have stayed at the higher end New Coast Hotel (when I have to also meet clients for work as well) down to the 3 stars Eurotel and Hotel Kimberly which allow me to walk in with my young man with no problem and no security. These last two are not great rooms and they only clean them when you tell them to do so, but they do not have security guards checking ID’s and offer a buffet breakfast with the room. When I book these cheap rooms, I then use the saved money to spend on my young man!!!! If by comfort hotel you mean a place just for sex, then the answer is probably yes but I don’t know. There are MANY girl KTV bars around that area and you can see the cheap hotels next to them. I would think one of those must be a sex hotel. I did not try them because I had my own room. Use google maps street view to take you around the area to get a feel for the place.
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