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  1. I went to Colombia this march for 2 weeks and as it was my first trip there and i asked a few people a lot of advice I feel that I shhould share a bit about the trip The trip was a week in Bogota and a week in Cartagena I started in Bogota and booked a hotel in chapinero which seemed like the right place lots of gay nightlife and a lot of escorts around. Bogota is a great city people are friendly and its very easy to find boys there. I speak no spanish and it seemed like noone spoke much english aside from a few people at some of the tourist attractions. That makes it harder as a solo traveler I think if i was travelling with a likeminded friend i would have had a blast in bogota. The boys I ended up taking to the hotel I met online I am not a big nightife fan and prefer a good fuck and a dinner to a night boozing. There were tons of goodlooking boys and they were eager to meet up. Making plans for several days ahead turned out to be almost impossible prehaps its a language or culture thing but i found it was better to look for the boy when you needed him and take who was available. All chat is on whatsapp and google translate was all i used and it worked well. Spent the second week in Cartagena where there were quite few rentboys on the sites and none in my flavour bracket ( twinks) but with the help of a spanish speaking forum member i had set up my grindr profile and soon i had a lot of messages and I ended up going out with a nice dark student while was there i had booked a cheap hotel and had no problems bringing him there Cartagena is a lovely town the old town is beautiful and the food in the resturants is great and reasonably priced I really enjoyed the city and prehaps its also because i had a great 18 at my side there who spoke a good deal of english which made it all a lot more fun. Generally a lot more people spoke english in Cartagena so it was easier to communicate. So all in all a great trip a little more hassle finding boys than in thailand but great sex with very passionate lovers even when you are paying
  2. Thailand is quite unique in how few problems i have had of this kind as I have never had anything go missing while there is a boy in my room. I used to go to Prague where a few small things have disappeared and i have caught a couple of boy being nosy. Now I still act the way I did in Prague so there is never anything easy to find in the room and I always shower with the door open, also not drinking while looking for boys helps. Only in thailand have I had a boy come back asking if I had given him too much money because i had tipped him a little extra. ( 500 baht more than usual)
  3. I pay between 1200 and 1500 for ST in pattaya ( mostly 1500 always twinks) and I have had about 1 complaint over the last 6 years. I suppose there might be a difference whether you are into twinks or hunks. But as I never have problems with the price I feel I get the boys I fancy the most and I almost always get asked for a repeat.
  4. is mena the butch quite tall guy ? because he seems very trustworthy
  5. Pop from toyboys nice boy friendly I quite enjoy his company
  6. I am trying to remember and I think i have had one theft over the years from bar boys and that was a Pinnochio boy from Prague ( E addict stole some toiletries) and i saw some very rough boys in Prague. In Thailand the only "trouble" I have had here is a couple of dead buffalo stories which i dont mind and even they have been few and far between. some of my friends have had a lot of problems but they have a tendency to get drunk and that has never been a good idea specially because some nights they have had no idea what they have spent so they have no clue if money truely is missing. Thailand for me is also a far higher succes rate in regards to preformance in bed very few duds
  7. I had 3 different offs from Kawaii last time still in contact with the best one on FB all good boys and no problems
  8. I have played with Colin's golf bar the last few trips and Lewinskys before that I usually stay at colins as well no problem being a gay golfer there I know there used to be a gay golfing group but it was apparantly invite only and I never met any of them A
  9. 360 is sort of a horseshoe and the bar is in the middle so it limits the amout of the bar you can see it is also quite dark. there is a show and i hate shows. Nope the name is an old gaming name from ages ago use it on forums also i have a facebook account i use for boys in thailand it keeps life simple ( I am danish so not from an exotic place) I very rarely have problems with boys not doing what they promised, they dont get the same tips as the boys who are good in bed but I never send a boy away with nothing. During this trip of all the boys i had i had one dud from niceboys and one from kawaii i was obviously hurting when we started fucked so we stopped and found other things to amuse ourselves I dont like involving the mammasans as in my experience they lie a lot more than the boys
  10. I always ask them very clearly if they get fucked and this boy had no intention of doing what he said, on top of that he hadnt washed the last week or two which you discovered when you went downstairs
  11. Hi I was in pattaya 2 weeks in september and thought i would share a few things arrived the 12 th this is the wettest trip i have ever had in thailand I spend most of my days playing golf during the day it actually made golf difficult a few days I have never had any problems before so I probably wont come late september again. Plenty of boys around met 4 i knew from earlier visits and who i keep up to date with via facebook Sunee seemed very quiet on this trip and I ended up taking only one boy from here ( who turned out to be the only bad off I had on this trip ) Niceboys and Powerboys were a bit short staffed and most were boys i had seen before Boystown was very quiet on the very rainy nights but still tons of nice boys, offed boys from toyboy, cupidol and kawaii all had good selections of boys I am always lucky or just have broad enough tastes to keep me happy. The new 360 bar is weird and its annoying that you cant see the whole bar from anywhere. Added 3 boys to the facebook page only do that if I am very pleased and they want to but 3 new is a new record went to Jomtien complex for the first time was surprised by the amout of boys on a tuesday night not bad at all so all in all another good trip great times were had the boys were super Ish
  12. I usually divide my time between boys and Golf both of which are good in pattaya but maybe I should spend a few nights in Jomtien as a lot of people seem to give it good reviews recently
  13. I have spent my time with quite a few rent boys over the last years and I have to back Firecat up on the lowballers there are many people who get a kick out of getting the boy to do most at the lowest possible price. They usually miss out on the really good experiences because the boys hate them and therefore the sex and everything else is a bit crap. This is the case in thailand and everywhere else. As for what sort of class they are im sorry to say its a power trip, so thats got nothing to do with it.It might even be a bit the other way around where someone who is not born with a silver spoon in the mouth has a better idea what the boys life is like. As for the amount of offs off course ( ) only the real superstars off the bars have the chance to get a off most nights. I you do a late round of the bars in off season you will find a ton of boys who most nights are still unoffed at closing time. A lot of the boys I know have farang sponsors who help them every month that seems to be what gets quite a few of them through low season.
  14. I offed a boy from a massage place on my last trip he said he needed 400 bht for his boss seemed like a truthfull kid he joined me a couple of times when he had the day off
  15. ishfahan2


    I admit it was 16 years ago but I have been to Agadir for a week and a ton of boys where available and most boys knew what a single man was in town for. Its easy to find a cock to suck and they will all fuck you but finding a willing bottom is a lot harder I was a lot younger and blonde at the time and I was getting chatted up on the street
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