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  1. A payment to a visa agent will get you a visa without having the financial requirements - I agree with what you say but as one acquaintance said to me once you get the stamp in your passport you are surely here legally
  2. Sadly true - even accounting for it being low season the number of locals out and about attending the venues has also diminished. Connections Bar in Soi 6 of the Night Bazaar seems to have boys most nights. Circle Pub is soldiering on as is Adams Apple and Orion Bar
  3. Would be devastated if i went there and M was not available Or Khun or Ton or Rock or Ray or ........
  4. His name wasn't Manuel???
  5. Different experience with Mike's Taxi service - Booking handled in timely manner. When landing at Bkk and departing Pattaya i have always been met around agreed time and at specified location - in four journeys to and fro never had an issue. Daytime journeys only. Always been given a contact number in email confirmation in case of any problems. Vehicle type provided as requested. Drivers naturally with limited english but not a problem as Google websites and maps are there to assist. Usual fee is around 1000 - 1200 thb plus a tip for the driver. Good to know however of other options.
  6. Adam Apple is open - staffed mainly by tai yai lads from Myanmar - usually around 16 or so lads on show - but due to recent police raids on bars and clubs in CM the lads are wearing shirts and shorts ( previously underwear)- there is a show which consists of cabaret and lads exhibiting their wares. A bottle of Sangsom or 100 Pipers is around 1400 1500 thb with free mixers - small beer around 270 thb. Usually no shortage of volunteers to help finish a bottle and the lads enjoy a good friendly customer. Circle Pub is also open and operates on the same style as Adams Apple. Both venues easy to get to via Grab, Maxim or Bolt or tuk tuk. The night bazaar has 3 main bars - Orion, Connections, Ram which are all in Soi 6. The latter is primarily a cabaret bar whilst Orion and Connections cater to gay clientele. There are a handful of drinking companions at both bars. and extras can be offered. It's low season now so bars have been relatively quiet. The apps - Hornet, Grindr, Blue'd are popular. Classic House massage is well worth a visit and the management also.provides tour guide services - Woody is your man. So many eating possibilities in CM as well as coffee shops. Nothing better than a visit to the lake at Huay Taeng Tao with a couple of lads , sitting on a bamboo platform eating fried fish and drinking Leo. Or better still an overnighter on a houseboat with company on Mae Gnat Dam.
  7. Let's say i have a reason for a somewhat positive opinion of Dreamboys - perhaps the only reason for going there every visit to Bkk πŸ˜€πŸ˜€. Mind you my time inside there was limited as I had spent at least 30 minutes wandering the Soi outside hoping to catch a glimpse of famous Colonel Sanders look alike who I understand patronises nearby world renowned eatery
  8. Last week I decided to escape the heat in northern Thailand and enjoy a few days in the heat of Pattaya and Bangkok. Firstly a shout out for Mikes Taxi for the Bkk to Pattaya trip - never a problem with bookings and from my few experiences on time and very good service. Only 2 days in Pattaya - i enjoyed time at a very quiet Dongtan Beach athough my no.79 beach massage man was around both days. At night i visited Nice Boys, Toy Boys and XBoys. The latter has a show which included one explicit final act - a handful of customers. Always amazed at the stamina of star performer Bang. Toy Boys had several asian customers including several females, one of whom delivered 20 thb tips to the stage boys. At least 20 boys. No. 77 from Myanmar and No. 85 from Cambodia were delightful company. I find the stare gazing technique of some of the lads a little amusing. Much prefer the aloof get me out of here look more appealing πŸ˜ƒ. Nice boys had at least 10 boys - all willing to show their wares.Must admit that this visit was much more enjoyable than my sombre previous visit a few months before. More life in the boys and less intrusion from staff. That area seems to be the place to go for middle eastern food Also squeezed in a night massage at Paradise Spa in Boyztown area. Then to Bangkok - 2 massages at different Olivia locations - both good and extras on offer. Coffee at Coffee Gindr Silom which is very pleasant. My florentine biscuit was delicious. Visits to Dreamboys and Screwboys. Dreamboys has lots of men on stage covering all preferences - my friend working there pointed out a guy on stage who is 50 - ripped and could easily leave his footwear outside my room. The show has lots of ladyboy lipsyncers - the best parts for me are the energetic coyote dancers and the bearded strongly calved (which I admired and felt) performer. Men on stage dressed in white shorts. My old favourite Screwboys - stage lads in white basketball outfits with some shirtless. Prefer the old previous blue and white briefs/ boxersπŸ™‚. Busy the 2 times I went with most seats taken - lively atmosphere. More than happy with my Laos companion who was recommended by mamasan. Drinks 350 thb off fee 500thb. Back again in a few months and visit places missed this visit - Arena, Freshboys, Super A, and revisit others πŸ˜„
  9. A couple of them have been sitting there a long time πŸ˜€πŸ˜€
  10. Love of my life - or - love of my night Back to Screwboys next weekπŸ₯³
  11. Forget the drama soak up the beauty of that hotel 😁😁
  12. Dreamboys last night - at least 40-50 boys dressed in white shorts. A respectable number of customers but not enough to match with all the boys. The show was entertaining albeit with the usual lipsyncing ( not my thing) my preference is to look at boys!! The highlight was the young gay audience member who joined the bearded lady boy on stage. Some of the boy routines appeared be still being fine tuned but they offered plenty to look at. As did the older ladyboy who did Donna Summer song - still not sure where all that ribbon came from!!! A wide range of boys to meet all tastes - there was one there who more than met mine. Enjoyed it enough to return tonight
  13. Arrived yesterday afternoom in Bangkok and managed a massage at Arena, a reminiscent visit to Super A and a night at Freshboys. Arena had around 12 muscular options but my favourite Tip had long moved back to Isaan - current alternatives offer more than adequate choices. Ps the escalators work and the seafood places on street level are worth a look. Super A had about 8 boys who are up to the usual Super A standard. Of note 3 of the former staff are still there - has to be more than 8 years!!! Freshboys had at least 20 boys decked out in white boxer style shorts. Lots of Vietnamese choices. Bar was 3/4 full most of the night with male and female customers. Shows were okay - not a big fan of lipsyncing cabaret but boy shower scene/ big cock parade were more than appealing. One thing about Freshboys the lads are very eager - lots of offers lots of enticing glances and smiles, lots of thank yous. One lad put my hand down inside his front to advertise his wares and asked "you take?". PS also walked inside world heritage listed venue and managed to overhear " what you like? I can get for you . You want boy? girl ? ladyboy? or 2? . not a problem"
  14. yp11 - AA does have what you asked about - there are about 5 show boys who do individual performances on stage and then circulate amongst customers to gather tips. I am aware of 4 ex New My Way boys - 1 works at AA and does the show - another works at Route 181 Host Bar which is within walking distance of AA in Chang Phuak - another works at Monkey ToysClub Host Bar which is also in Chang Phuak - the 4th boy I have seen working at Circle Pub and AA but he has not been at either in recent times All the venues mentioned have sites on Facebook.
  15. With the onset of covid and the closure of the venues many of the young men (who are from the Shan Stae in Myanmar) went to work in local construction jobs. Others returned to Myanmar. When the venues reopened quite a lot stayed with the regular jobs they had and consequently drifted out of the scene. Several that I know from pre covid Adam's Apple, New My Way went to work in the host bars here - of which there are several. Adams Apple at present has around 16 young men - a handful do the shows whilst the remainder keep customers company. Some staff returned from pre covid times . Circle Pub which is nicely revamped has fewer staff who appear less twinkish than Adam. The lighting inside Circle is more subdued so the atmosphere is more like New My Way offered. Both venues close at midnight.
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