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  1. Adams Apple and Circle Pub are the boy bars in town - both open around 9.00 - 9.30 and close at midnight. Last week Adams had 8 boys on stage with 4 presenting shows before circulating amongst the 9 customers to collect tips. Circle has fewer boys with a show starting around 10 .30. Both locations are on Facebook. Some boys can be taken off from each place. Ram Bar in Soi 6 in the night market has a popular cabaret. Also in Soi 6 is Orion Bar which has a few boys who will sit with you to drink and so earn tips. There are many host bars in Chiang Mai including Maya, Route 181, FinFin, Barocco, Maximo, Meeting, Monkey Club, G2K - most are mixed venues that tend to kick off after midnight. The Apps Hornet, Grindr and Blue'd are usually busy. Not sure what massage shops are open - Classic House near Thapae Gate I know is open and is usually popular. Other venues are House of Male and Club One Seven ( sauna , pool) - not been to either so unaware of their status
  2. Adams Apple remains closed - it was the closest to a boy bar with boys in briefs and shows - Orion Bar and Ram Bar remain open in Soi 6 of the night bazaar - the former has a few freelancers at various times whilst Ram is better known for its cabaret show. There are several host bars in CM but mainly mixed venues - Route 181, Pose Club, Maya Club, Barocco. These venues don't really kick.off until 11pm. Usually 20+ lads on stage - and you pay around 250 thb per hour for them to sit and drink with you. Whiskey bottle with free mixers 1500 thb. These venues definitely not like Screwboys or HotMale in Bangkok but the lads can be fun and attentive.
  3. Chiang Mai is showing signs of life again particularly with the approach of Songkran - Adams Apple remains closed and Pandee Bar, Secrets Bar have ceased operation. In the night bazaar area Orion Bar and Ram Bar are open and provided cabaret shows. There are several boy host bars Pose, Maya, Route 181 which really don't kick off till 11.00 pm - staff at these venues can be invited to drink with you at a fee per hour - post work arrangements can be negotiated individually. Barrocco karaoke works similarly. Most of these venues have Facebook pages. The gay Apps used here include Hornet, Grindr and Blue'd and there are plenty of members. The authenticity of some profiles is questionable. Chiang Mai old city is a great place to wander around and the Saturday and Sunday walking street markets are worth a visit. Food is a great attraction here as is coffee - some excellent coffee locations. You have to try khao Soy crispy fried noodles atop a coconut curry broth with chicken and yellow noodles. Classic House massage is close to the old city and remains one of the steadfast gay massage places. Woody at Classic House also does tours and he is a really good guy - a day tour costs around 2500 - 3000 thb Some really nice places to visit outside Chiang Mai - Doi Inthanon, Mon Chaem, Mae Khompong, Chiang Rai (overnight is best). However there is haze around at present which limits views. The large mountain Doi Suthep overlooks Chiang Mai and is a nice spot on a clear day. At present one of the fads is going to a watercourse , sitting on a chair in the water and eating and drinking and getting wet of course. Lots of people go to the lake Huay Taeng Tao to eat and spread out in the bamboo huts overlooking the water.
  4. the one in the middle with the black top does nothing for me!!!
  5. As Londoner mentioned CM gay scene isn't thriving at present - most bars are quiet - I was one of three customers at one of the better known ones last night - but as most know if you don't try them out you'll never know. Orion, Pandee, Secrets, CM19 bars are small establishments within walking distance of each other in the Night Bazaar area. Most have a few boys there mainly to sit and drink with you - some boys offable. All bars have some information on Facebook- but not all up to date. Most popular boy show bar is Adams Apple located in the Santitham area. Again on Facebook. Most of the boys are from the Shan State in Myanmar. Boys can be "offed" - ask the mamasan for any advice. Another boy show bar is New My Way also in the Santitham area. It's ok depending if there is an audience. More well known massage establishments are Classic House and Common Massage and Apollo - refer to websites/Faceboook. Grab works well in Chiang Mai for transport - short waiting times and available at all hours. The Apps are active here - Hornet, Grindr, Blued - mind you some profile photos aren't that current. Chinese New Year celebrations in the next few days - mainly I think around the Warorot Market area. And of course walking street markets on Saturday and Sunday in the Chiang Mai Gate and Thapae Gate areas. Relaxing time to be had drinking beer, eating thai food including fried whole fish, snoozing in the huts at the lake Huy Tung Tao particularly if accompanied. You even get to see King Kong!!
  6. Advertising on Facebook open with shows during Loy Krathong - last time I went more than a year ago show did not get under way till 10.30 - 11.00
  7. Thanks - return to Bangkok next month and will have a look
  8. any news on Super A, Golden Cock, Nature Boy - still open?
  9. is there more to the show than dancing boys in jeans ??
  10. very impressive - but in a recent visit to Moonlight the one that caught my attention was a staff member- in the photo posted in this thread he is the one back row left end - delightful
  11. mynakedtop - most of the bars are located in the night market area - Orion, Pandee, Secrets, Ram, Blackjack - they are small bars wirh Ram having a cabaret around 22.30. Low season at present so not terribly crowded anywhere Adams Apple has a boy show - mostly straight Tai Yai boys but they like to have fun - there is a Facebook page with updates if they are having special shows New My Way is similar. Although not primarily gay venues some of the karaoke bars provide a good nights entertainment - mind you some of them don't kick off till 1.00am. Freeguy and Barocco fit this description - mixed crowd but plenty of boys to share a drink with you Other than the songtaews and tuk tuks - Grab is a good mode of transport here. It even mentions a day car hire service A visit to Huay Taeng Tao is worth a visit - sit under a bamboo hut overlooking a lake - eat and drink with some company - very relaxing and inexpensive A car trip to Doi Inthanon is worthwhile - great scenery, spectacular gardens - but a bit of a gamble in rain season lots and lots to do here
  12. The Black Jack Bar has opened up recently where 69 Bar was previously located - diagonally opposite Ram Bar on Charoen Prathet Road - opposite Pornping Tower Hotel and a very good liquor store. The bar is basic - tables out front and staffed by Lisu boys - there were about 8-10 there last night - next door types - all attentive and friendly and boy can they dance after a few drinks. I was the only customer last night - the reason ? probably a combination of low season, wet weather, a new unknown venue, a certain football game. Most bars here appear to be going through a lean period at present Also a new massage place opening here next month - Apollo Massage - there is a Facebook page and a web site set up already Off to Adams Apple on Saturday night for the Blackfoot Indian Party (????) PS Pornping Tower Hotel is closed at present for renovations - considering the size of the place those renovations could take quite a long time
  13. yes - G Boys still open last week - the tout was out on Surawong Rd but my companions knew where it was. If I recall correctly it was 100 Pipers - normal size not 1 litre - and @1500 thb - boys could share freely - don't think they got a ticket though like they do when you buy them an individual drink. Incidentally I was somewhere else recently and a bucket of ice was 20 thb
  14. Last week a friend offered me a ride down to Bangkok from Chiang Mai - so took the opportunity and hastily booked a room at Raya. Can only endorse most opinions and say it is a good place to stay. Nice size room and staff who are courteous and welcoming - especially the waiter in the breakfast room and the security man at night. After the road trip and shortly after arrival I had a massage at Art next door which was most relaxing in more ways than one. In the space of 3 days visited a few new places - so will offer my experiences and impressions. Screwboys - one of my favourite places - mainly Viet boys, lots of twinks - learned that if you bought a bottle of whisky, mixers were free - but if you didn't finish it and left it for the following night, mixers for the second night were 1000 thb. Maybe it was just a con and in retrospect should have just bought another bottle of whisky - but you live and learn. Still didn't dampen my enjoyment at the venue Tawan Bar - my first visit here - stayed 15 minutes - not my scene - but you have to do some things once - my lasting memory will be of small leather pouches. New G Boys - terrible - few boys when I went - I spent most of the time concentrating on my beer - maybe it is still finding its feet Classic Boys - at the very end of Soi Twilight - about 10 boys - a couple worth a second glance - creepy mamasan who seemed to hover over my shoulder for the time I was there - a couple of reasonable routines in the show - especially the underwater pool sequence Moonlight - 2 visits - the super models seem to take most of the attention if you like that sort of thing - I agree they do put a bit of effort into their routines which is commendable - some of the routines are a little bizarre eg the wedding - but for me the boys in the red shorts are much more appealing - especially enjoyed their group dance to Michael Jackson song at the end of the night and the small guy desperately trying to hide his boner with his hand. Invited a first nighter to come and sit with me - (sigh) Happy Beer Garden and Restaurant - been mentioned in another post recently - for me the food was ordinary (ok there was seafood) but way way expensive for what you get GC - went to see if a friend was there - he has worked there for a few years and been a little unwell lately - asked the boys present about him - unhelpful, rude, dismissive When I was there last week word got around that police were cracking down on some of the workers and quite a few of the Viet boys headed home - no doubt they will be back next week. Also played pool in the bar opposite X size one night - talked to a Viet guy - incredibly handsome - was going to start work at Classic next day As mentioned at the beginning only my impressions - as has been suggested you have to go and find out for yourself - you never never no - if you never never go Cheers
  15. As of a couple of months ago Regency Boy Bar was still there - small place with just a few boys usually playing cards. The times I have gone there I have usually been the only customer but a boy will come and sit with you. Always check your bill here. Hornet app works well - even when I have travelled through CR there are multiple hits.
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