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  1. We have stayed many times at the agate and always had a fridge in the room
  2. If money is no concern IMO Cafe Des Amis is far and away the best restaurant in Pattaya Less expensive with an atmosphere I really like is Au Bon Coin which isn't open every day
  3. Guess there is no way around that. Using your VPN you can access BBC IPLAYER for free and view a good selection of programmes. You do have to say you have a UK tv licence but they don't ask for its number
  4. That looks a really nice guest house. Would you mind sharing the location and name, pm if you prefer.
  5. Sean Connery will always be James Bond
  6. When I met my partner we agreed that it was crucial that we knew we could live together and be happy and that we couldn't judge that from my 2/3 week holidays to Thailand. Hence he came to England to stay with me for four months initially and then for almost two years during which we had a UK Civil Partnership ceremony. (His mother had passed away 4 months before his first visit, he wouldn't have come while she was ill) To backup floridarob's post at the end of his first visit he wanted to go to pray at the nearest Thai temple (about 30 miles from my home) while there he was talking to a lady cleaning the temple who gave him phone numbers for some Thai ladies who lived in my home town. As he was returning to Thailand in a couple of days he didn't contact anyone until he returned for his second visit. The result was he met a circle of about 15 Thai ladies who he would meet weekly for food, drinks parties etc, his visa allowed him to work and through their introductions he got a couple of part time jobs, which although low paid (minimum wage) made him feel very wealthy) He is very friendly and easy going which along with being a good cook of Thai food meant he slotted in with the Thai ladies very quickly.
  7. I stayed there must be 13 years ago, it was run/owned by two young French guys at least one of who whom was a Doctor. They were very friendly and would recommend restaurants and run us there in their car. It wasn't a large place, I'm guessing it had about ten rooms, the rooms, or at least the two I stayed in, were a little dark and gloomy but the pool and surrounding area were lovely.
  8. I think I have been fortunate. In the UK I lived in a small cul de sac of probably 20 houses mostly occupied by retired people. After I had met my partner while I was on holiday in Hua Hin and visited him three or four times I invited him to stay with me in England for three months, at the time I was 63 and he would be 27/28. Probably a little to my surprise my neighbours were very friendly and would invite him into their homes when I was at work, a couple of years later we had a UK Civil Partnership and one of the neighbours brought across a wedding cake they had baked. It certainly helped that my partner has a very open smile and responds quickly if he feels people like him.
  9. I actually feel empathy for the farangs I saw who were very large sitting in economy,I'm 98kg myself so I even found it difficult cramped for the 3 hours so if that farang I saw was I would say 150kg plus just imagine that flight for him. There is another angle to this, pity the poor normal sized person in economy sitting next to the overweight guy. I am 78kg and a couple of times had this on long distance flights, it was not a happy experience.
  10. I hope this happens soon particularly for Thai/foreigner partnerships.
  11. I am sure I have mentioned it before I have used a very good tour guide on Bali. He is a gay guy in his 40,s, fluent in English and French who can arrange activities from serious hiking to cultural trips (I was with my partner and we were not interested in sexual meet ups) @Latbear4blkIf you are interested pm me and I can give you contact details.
  12. Have you contacted The Agate by e mail and mentioned you are a returning customer.
  13. Min, we enjoy breakfast at the French restaurant on the corner near the hotel and a western breakfast at Tinnies, sometimes we will also walk down the promenade past the gay beach to the restaurant on the sea front at Pratamnak. Sorry I have never looked for a buffet style breakfast although if you want a songkaw trip the breakfast buffet at Casa Pascal on Pattaya second road is well liked.
  14. Whenever we go to Pattaya/Jomtien I always stay at The Agate, the entry level Crystal rooms are not huge but are fine for me and my partner. the staff are also very friendly. We spent a couple of nights there early June and they were not serving breakfasts which wasn't a problem as there are plenty of places to eat round about
  15. I am looking at fares originating in Thailand to England and return. Fares seem to be reducing for departures from mid September with Qatar flights to Manchester departing 19th September returning 24th October costing around 32,000 baht. Cheaper fares with Swiss/Austrian/ Lufthansa/Air France/KLM but they don't included a checked bag
  16. Have a look at the Paddy Doyle videos on YouTube they will give you some ideas
  17. I am similar to @Londoner in that i have no confidence in using IT/phone technology. I live near to a small city in Isaan but will be going next month to visit family in the UK for 6 weeks. I have a very basic phone with a UK sim which I top up to maintain the number and use for calls and text messages in the UK. However I would like to take my Thai smart phone to use for internet access and I suspect for my Test and Go on my return, so I need to buy internet and roaming at the local store. The problem being nobody there speaks English and my partner (typical Thai) says don't worry I can do it, but I know from past experience often he can't do it.
  18. Thanks for taking the time to post such a wonderful series of photos and reports. I'm so pleased you had such a great trip even with your Covid experience
  19. My partner and I also live upcountry and back in early August were only offered Sinovac followed by Astra which after talking to our Doctor we took. Typically 3 weeks after our Sinovac jab Pfizer suddenly became available in our area. Subsequently we have had a Pfizer booster.
  20. Thank you Vinapu for the time you take to write all your reports. I am pleased you have enjoyed your visit, you certainly deserve to with your consideration and generosity to the guys you meet. I hope it's not too long before you are back supporting the local economy ( and entertaining us with your reports)
  21. I think for @vinapu it will happen when a boy offers to cook him chicken cashew nuts and it is the best he has ever tasted
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