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  1. well he could not afford the condo as the mortgage was in his name so it was either him selling it to someone else or transfering to me, which what happened. I contacted the bank for statements etc and i was lucky it was all sorted within 4 hours
  2. Hi There Shyatfirst Well Tip number 1. Stop sending him any money as he has been relying on you for far too long. For the house if this is in his name there still could be a way for you to take this back. You can email me on here and I can let you know. I have lived in BKK for 15 years and I had a BF for 6 and brought a condo in his name and after we split up I easily managed to go with him to the land department to put this in my name. You just need your past records of transactions and the authorities here are very helpful. I think many of us have been burned here but the most important is to stop sending money,
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