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  1. Same Tuesday night. A small light on but no boys and not even the sign light on.
  2. hanan

    Eros Boy Bar

    Can not disagree more on that one. Dreamboys a really overpriced and boring bar.
  3. hanan

    Eros Boy Bar

    Terrible news. Sunee will not be the same without Eros. Sunee felt like on its very last days tonight. 789Dragon was also closed. That soi is almost completely in darkness and One bar and Doubleshot almost deserted when I walked by, so were the beerbars. Winnerboys and Nice boys the only ones that seems doing ok.
  4. hanan

    Eros Boy Bar

    Closed. Forever?
  5. hanan

    Enjoy music bar

    It doesn't seem to ever be open. Closed every day/night. Diamond bar usually open late instead.
  6. Yes on all your questions
  7. Walked past late Sunday evening and open but only saw 2 persons sitting inside the bar. No boys at all in front of the bar.
  8. I too hope this bar will be fully operational again. However... I just can't stop thinking how this is yet again another example of how thai logic is failing. Goodboys had problems attracting enough customers with their 150 baht drinks and "private shows" for 300 baht. So they closed down. Dragon789 opened across the street and offered drinks for 160 baht each and the boys started asking for 500 baht for that kind of "private show". The logic is that since the customers now should pay more, then there would be more money for the business and the boys, right? The sad part is that this not always work out well.
  9. I hadn't visited Niceboys for a few weeks but visited Tuesday evening. If it has been a lack of boys lately, that certainly was not the case this evening. 14 boys on stage at about midnight, I would say everyone of them handsome, and a couple more sitting with customers. Plenty of customers coming and going, tipping and offing boys. The new black and white decor looks good! Niceboys as usual a good reason to visit Sunee.
  10. Police were seizeing bikes and giving out fines to the arabs in soi VC and soi Yensabai yesterday. Looks like the police really are serious this time and the raid wasn't a one-time event just for show. Lovely.
  11. A new boymassage shop named Paradise spa has opened in soi 13/4 between Celebrity ink and the long abandoned unit that once was Happy place agogo.
  12. A russian lady was recently killed after being hit by racing arabs in south Pattaya. Everyone who have visited Sunee knows about the reckless racing in soi Yensabai and soi VC. Now finally the police say they've had enough and raided soi Yensabai on July 6: https://thepattayanews.com/2019/07/06/police-arrest-and-fine-multiple-young-arab-nationals-for-racing-motorbikes-in-pattaya/
  13. The layout of this bar which started as 360 degree boybar, was really bad. Anyone should have been able to see this obvious fact.... It is almost entertaining to now see that also the latest formation of this bar, a lady gogo bar called Romantic agogo, has closed after a few weeks. And some chinese is now advertizing and trying in every Pattaya group on Facebook to find someone who wants to take over the contract and pay 350 000 baht for the privilege....
  14. It was closed Tuesday night when I passed by at around 23 and same a few days ago. Maybe only open some nights now due to low season?
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