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  1. I got a flyer in Winnerboys agogo yesterday that they will host a New years party. They promise 20 gorgeous boys, free shots and free food.
  2. No I had not. Because since I live in Thailand my euros give me much less baht nowadays than in 2016.
  3. So you expect gogo-visitors to ask boys of their bank details so they can transfer the tip to their accounts? Every time I have seen a customer throw bills or ping pong balls at gogo-boys or -ladies on the stage they've certainly looked happy and enjoyed the game of trying to get as many as possible before the others.
  4. I can't believe such an outrageous behaviour could take place in a classy bar like Eros! Shocking!
  5. That is the only real bad thing with Winnerboys, that they dont get it that a bar need to have aircondition when alot of people is inside. Especially when it's crowded with pompoi falangs. Sometimes the bar just stink of sweat!
  6. Drink price in Niceboys now up to 200 for high season.
  7. I think he is refering to one boy in that bar who has the most strange cock I've ever seen in my life. It is totally deformed by silicone looking like a flower with leaves folded down.
  8. When walking today in Pattaya I saw an exchange booth stating that they gave less than 37 baht per euro now. Seems like the EU isn't such a good thing then if the euro still is worth much less than the Brexit-pound. Also a lot other currencies have became more weak to the thaibaht so it seems strange when the Brexit opponents repeatedly use the british pound on different Thailand boards as an argument.
  9. I was in Nice boys yesterday and the boys kept coming down the stage for tip as usual. That is one big part of why this bar is so fun and popular and I would be very surprised if the boss changed that. The only change was that drink price had gone up to 200 baht now, same as for boydrink.
  10. My guess about Bollywood agogo was right. It is open tonight with an indian doorman outside. The name of course gave away that it would cater to the indians. So now this soi has 1 lady agogo and 3 boy agogos.
  11. Sky bar is the latest bar in Sunee to close down. That soi had become even more dark last night without Sky bar. I don't know the owners plans but I would believe that if he opened a bar in Jomtien complex it would be successful.
  12. Yes nothing seem to happen. Weird to put up signs for a new gogo then in high season nothing happens.It also looks like somekne has renovated the entrance (and maybe inside?) to old Bollywood lady agogo which has been closed longer than I know, in the same soi opposite Pussy galore which closed about 2 (?) years ago. So perhaps some guy is planning to try to reintroduce lady agogos to this soi with not only one but two bars.
  13. That has been discussed and answered so many times in this forum, even with polls just recently. Why not read the many posts about the topic?
  14. 300 baht is normal tip for jerking and sucking a boy until he comes. If he's the one sucking you off it is 300-500 depending on what you agree on. You also buy him a drink which costs 150 baht.
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