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  1. hanan


    Is this guy, named Guy and on photo from Moonlights Facebook page, still working there? I remember him from Classic boys 5 years ago and was quite surprised to see him on Moonlights page and to see that he had gained some nice muscles.
  2. New bar in Sunee plaza, next to Diamond bar. Tuesday evening the sign was lit and the door was open and something going on inside. I guess the very last preparations before opening so maybe just a few days until grand opening. Sunee plaza still live 'n kicking.
  3. Tested and confirmed by me on Tuesday evening, the boys agree on "standard Sunee price" 300 baht for "show". For some reason this bar tries to up the price to 500 baht, but if you bargain with the boys 300 was accepted.
  4. What about it. It exists but is another bar in another place.
  5. Last time I was there they had stopped serving food and now just being a hostel.
  6. hanan


    Definitely the best bar in Pattaya for twinks with bodies shaped by going to the gym. Always a large selection of boys. Best time to visit is 21-23. After midnight usually not so many boys because the freelancers only work during the most busy hours, and also high numbers of offs. Because expensive prices, 240 for drinks and 500 off-fee and the boys asking for 1500 (which normaly can be bargained down to 1000-1200), most times I just use the bar for looking whats on display and then contact the boys on Hornet or Blued.
  7. Expensive bar. Confusing business model.
  8. Goodboys bar has closed and does not exist anymore.
  9. It never reopened. This bar is history.
  10. I got a flyer in Winnerboys agogo yesterday that they will host a New years party. They promise 20 gorgeous boys, free shots and free food.
  11. No I had not. Because since I live in Thailand my euros give me much less baht nowadays than in 2016.
  12. So you expect gogo-visitors to ask boys of their bank details so they can transfer the tip to their accounts? Every time I have seen a customer throw bills or ping pong balls at gogo-boys or -ladies on the stage they've certainly looked happy and enjoyed the game of trying to get as many as possible before the others.
  13. I can't believe such an outrageous behaviour could take place in a classy bar like Eros! Shocking!
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