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  1. For those of us not quite at the right age for VIP Lane. The Fast track service can be purchased. I used it on my last trip. I think worth the money See here. If any one can find it cheaper I'd be keen to have the details https://www.limousine.in.th/fast-track-immigration.html
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    "Do they swallow cum?" I'm yet to find one that does!! But some will let you finish in their mouth and then make their way to the bathroom (rather quickly)
  3. Hahahahhaha. Yes that was my flight... I like how they say "its management at Perth International Airport took immediate action to help stranded passengers to get accommodation at a hotel waiting for the next flight of THAI. Some passengers changed to other airlines" ​FML. 10 hours later I still haven't heard from THAI and I was able to book my own ticket on a flight the next day. Obviously they have not help many of the 235 stranded passengers onto the next flight. If only there was another airline that flew direct to BKK
  4. I've been watching the construction each trip, but I still don't know where the tunnel goes to. What are the starting and ending points? anyone have a map??
  5. Hi Guys I had my Thai Airways flight cancelled today due to engine problems. Long story short, we boarded, waited for 30 mins, got off the plane and got cab vouchers home with the promise of a phone call to arrange a new flight. Eight hours later no phone call and all the numbers I have are for Mon-Fri Business hours, so I have booked a new return trip for Sunday. Has anyone been in a similar situation? I'm wondering how I'll go with the travel insurance company, will they pay for the cancelled return flight or will Thai issue a refund? Any help most appreciated. I will have to deal with it when I get back I guess
  6. Depending on the Bank you can. I'm hoping to open one this trip. Anyone had recent experiences?
  7. lilbob69

    One day to go

    Such an Aussie thing to say!! "Pissed down" Do any other countries have the same saying?
  8. I think they tried to get this up and running earlier this year. It will be interesting to see if all the 7elevens and small stalls in MBK etc pay for a fingerprint reader at 8000B. Interesting that they are starting the roll-out in the troubled Southern Provinces. Previously they have said the implementation was related to bank fraud, this article clearly mentions bombs being detonated by mobile phones
  9. So you haven't even met him in person yet? I do wish you all the best of luck. I think you may need it!
  10. I've only been once. It was fun, hot and exhausting. Is it just me or are all the markets selling the same crap? Nice to visit once or twice but nothing worthwhile buying. I'd only go back to eat some food
  11. Regardless of the Travel times go to Pattaya!! I haven't been to CM yet but Phuket is not the place to go for a short trip 1st time alone. The number of (gay) bars is low, perhaps the boys are available on the apps now. Pattaya on the other hand has boys everywhere. I would definitely stay a few nights, perhaps a weekend trip?
  12. I do take Motorcycle Taxis. Only had 1 close call in 22 trips, but it was enough to make me reconsider my mode of transport
  13. I love Thai food and probably only ended up in Thailand the first time because of the food. The boys soon became another reason to go
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