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  1. "Two of Hearts" by Susie Q? https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=lfBdGT4dn4E
  2. Sorry, I had intended to point that out but forgot (you know us American's reputation for ethnocentrism and all ;-) ). In the US and Canada, Labor Day is celebrated on the first Monday of September whereas most countries in the world celebrate it on May 1st. Incidentally, it is my understanding that Thailand is one of the few countries to have no labor day public holiday. Yes, that is what I said. It is the unofficial end of the summer vacation season and the last appropriate day to wear white until the following Memorial Day, which is celebrated in the US on the last Monday of May. In other words, it was considered fashionable only to wear white during the summer vacation season, which unofficially began with Memorial Day in May and ended with Labor Day in September.
  3. White parties were traditional parties on Labor Day, the unofficial end of the summer season, and is related to the old fashion rule that one should not wear white between Labor Day and the following Memorial Day, the unofficial start of the summer season. Circuit parties do have a reputation, in my general experience, for attracting the older gym bunny set. But I'd say the most specific "type" drawn to such parties are those who enjoy (a) heavy drug use, (b) promiscuous sex, and © loud, crowded dance parties. I don't mind (a) and (b) but I loathe © and avoid circuit parties like the plague.
  4. Scooby was able to reactive my original username, so I'm 17 again. If only
  5. I never said that it was hard to believe or that it wasn't true. What I said was not true was (a) the photos posted of the boy were not taken from his social media account (some he shared with me and some I took myself personally), and (b) that I lied about his friend. I did no such thing. I have met that boy myself and have met him several times. Samebb's accusations about what I did were what I was disputing, not his contention that he is good friends with the boy. Well without being privy to such chatter, I have nothing to say about it. If anyone has any issues with something I have said or done, they are more than welcome to bring their concerns to me, and I will give as honest a response as I possibly can. What stopped you? I think you are confusing two things. There is a difference between posting a "trip report," which is meant to convey an honest reflection of a trip you have taken, and when you post something that never pretends to be anything more than an escapist fantasy. My posts were really no different from the hundreds of "model photoshoots" that have been posted over the years with the exception that I added some narration to spice it up a bit. They never made any pretense to be anything else. And as for "devolves into this," there are 30 topics on the main GT forum page. About 90% of which have nothing to do with any of this. Again, I think this is a tempest in a teapot, "offline chatter" notwithstanding.
  6. "Many people" seems to be a bit of a stretch. I think so far I have counted two people who seem to have any significant problems whatsoever. And one of those seems to be under a misapprehension that his "good friend's" photos were stolen and lies told about him. Neither of which is true. I just find it odd that my posts are deemed "in bad taste" when this forum is full of "reviews" of guys from Gayromeo, Grindr, Hornet, etc. as well as "trip reports" in which photos are posted, where guys were met, what they charged, and graphic descriptions of the sexual activities they engaged in are all discussed. Does anyone fret about any of the "boys" in the reviews or trip reports having given permission for their sexual proclivities and activities to be discussed frankly and gloated about by their customers? I have certainly read trip reports or descriptions of interactions with guys that I thought certainly pushed the envelop of good taste. But here's the difference between me and some other members here. I can accept that different people have different tastes, and they are as entitled to their taste as I am to mine. What I do not do is throw a hissy fit and demand that actions be taken because my sensibilities have been offended. As the great British wit Stephen Fry once famously remarked, the only proper response to "I am offended," is "Well, so fucking what?" I think this board is broad enough to accommodate the various members and inquisitive guests who come for all sorts of reasons. There are certain members here whose posts I do not care for, and i have a very simple solution to the problem: I don't read them. But for the certain subset of human beings who are absolutely determined to be offended, there is not much you can do about them.
  7. I agree that there is a difference, but that is using "model" in the loosest since imaginable. Yes, some of the photos posted are professional shoots whose subjects could be said to be models. But the photos that have been posted here are of all sorts of provenance, including those taken by the members themselves, those discovered on the internet, those taken from pornographic sites, and those taken from social media and hookup apps and sites. If we are going to apply a standard of legalese to photos that is not completely arbitrary and capricious, then probably 95% of the photos posted on this site would need to be removed.
  8. That very well may be true, though I still think it is certainly a gray area. Personally, I think that when you share photos of yourself and post same photos to Instagram and FB accounts, there is not much "privacy" to be expected. But nonetheless I concede it's an ethically ambivalent question. But mostly that response was to the originally offended party who believed that the pictures had been randomly taken from his friend's FB account. Again, I think the ethical question is pretty absurd given that the "Some Model Photoshoots" thread is hundreds and hundreds of pages long, and I don't recall much discussion over whether the subject of any of those photos wanted their photos shared on this site. Those photos were taken from a commercial pornographic website and are accessible to anyone with an Internet connection and about five seconds of googling.
  9. Well hopefully with this issue being put to rest, everyone can move on. But I would like to close with just a few points: 1) Obviously, Admin/mods are fully within their right to set whatever limitations or parameters on the forums as they see fit. No disagreement here. 2) That said, I do think it was a bit of a solution in search of a problem. Beyond that, no protest from me. 3) For those members whose experience of the forum who will be adversely effect by the change the admin has implemented, I apologize. 4) Frankly, I think this notion of using photos "without permission" is a bit of a crock. I have seen hundreds and hundreds of photos on this site, and it would be absurd to assume that even a fraction of the posts were done by people who had "permission" (in any sense that the word means) to distribute and publish those pictures. If someone sends you a photo via a messaging or other internet app that they have taken themselves, then that photo for all intents and purposes does belong to you. In fact, the exact same photos of the boy in question were posted on the "Model Photoshoots" months ago without issue. 5) I was well aware when I made each of the posts over the past couple of weeks that they were a bit on the edge of what certain members would consider in good taste. Not wanting to see the forum descend into a parade of soft and hard corn pornography is a legitimate concern. I received some positive feedback after the first couple, including through DM, and decided that it might be a little thing to keep going. Seeing what he descended to proved me very wrong. 6) As I said before, the whole point of the posts was for members to read and maybe get a bit titillated by. I did genuinely feel bad that the pics of one of the guys got back to him and caused him any problem. 7) As for samebb and his contention that, "Just because a THAI boy has facebook or grindr, doesn't mean he is a money boy." Well, that is certainly true. But as for your "friend," perhaps you are not as familiar with him as you seem to believe. He, in fact, has been a money boy, and I have known him for several years, including when I first met him at a bar in sunnee plaza. Nonetheless, I am perfectly content with foregoing making anymore posts in that style and henceforth will not. We can legitimately disagree on the content and the tone, but I could do without some of the overwrought hyperventilating by certain members here.
  10. That is true. Of course, the whole thing started as a rash decision to add "narration" to what originally were just going to be additions to the "model photoshoots" thread. For what it's worth, with the exception of the photos from a commercial porn site (clearly indicated by the photo's watermark), every picture I posted was either taken personally by me or was sent/given to me by the subject. And every picture posted is of someone I have known personally. No photos were taken from the Internet or "stolen" from anyone's social media account.
  11. Never did such a thing. Are other people's friends okay? Or just yours? The most popular post on this forum by a long mile is the "Some Model Photoshoots" post. Obviously quite a few people do come her for pictures, your sensibilities notwithstanding.
  12. Damn, I wish i had responded to some of the criticisms leveled towards me in my post yesterday. Now I don't have permission
  13. In Part I, I introduced the first boy I ever met in Thailand...19-year-old Mac... Mac has since returned to his family farm up north, but we recently had a rendezvous after not seeing each other for the past several years... Arriving to meet Mac, I find him in a very familiar position. Since returning home, poor Mac has been so hungry for mature white cock. But he will have to wait... Fun in the water with beautiful Mac. We have finished lunch, and now it's time for dessert. All cleaned up and ready to go. Farm living has obviously been kind to Mac. Although nearly 29 now, he still has smooth skin and a nice defined body. Unfortunately, his ass has lost some of that teenage baby fat. But it looks like he may still have a nice round bubble butt. Time for a closer inspection... After being stripped naked, Mac thought he was finally getting what he had been waiting for. But not just yet. While spanking him hard on his bottom, Mac was made to beg for it. "Please, sir." "Please fuck me sir." Louder, I said, as I started slapping his ass harder. "FUCK ME! FUCK ME PLEASE." And finally, Mac get what he is begging for....
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