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  1. I’ll take Thailand over Brazil just for the slender boys. I feel extremely safe in Thailand also. I would enjoy the shorter trip to Brazil though.
  2. RobinHood, you sound so angry. Floridarob is a respected member here. Did you know your hero Clint Eastwood is a vegetarian?
  3. I am not an owner of any bar in Sunnee plaza. Just someone who enjoys the bars, and the area that still has a go go bar with twinks. I’ve walked there after getting off the baht bus countless times and can’t recall once where I was in danger of being hit by a motorcycle. This was from January thru April of this year. Maybe with the easier entry it’s more congested now, possibly. RobimHood sounds like he’s into drama. Just stay away then. And while your at it, watch out for lightning. And don’t touch anything metal, you might get shocked,lol.
  4. Robinhood must be a troll. I won’t even repost anything he wrote. Does he even know where Sunnee plaza is? I doubt it. He claims it takes 30 minutes to reach Sunnee, he must be using a walker. It’s a five minute walk and he’s certainly exaggerating about the Arab motor bikes.
  5. I’m 64 and live 7 months in USA and 5 months in Pattaya. I love my time in Thailand but my time in the USA is rather depressing. I do like the cooler weather, and I eat healthier, but my best friends have died and I hate constantly driving everywhere here. I watch too much tv here also. In Thailand it’s easy meeting new people and nice being near the beach. I’ll be in Thailand in a month, can’t wait to play pool and swim in one also.
  6. It looks like prices aren’t so bad. No excuse not to travel.
  7. Those are great fares! I booked nyc-bkk round trip two months ago on Emirates for $1500. Could have gotten Eva for $1100, but that was best on google flights.
  8. He came towards me and asked/demanded 100 baht. He sounded desperate, this was during the worst of the pandemic and he was probably hungry. He wasn’t a thief, just another Thai in need. As I gave him it a couple of motorbike taxi men laughed at the situation.
  9. Sunnee is relatively safe. I walked up soi vc, that begins at McDonald’s, about 4 or 5 times a week for a few months. Never any fear but it is dark and quiet. For a while there was a broken pipe and the soi was a mess. There was a mean dog that barked constantly near there also. Of my many trips there, only once a guy came up to me and demanded 100 baht.
  10. I understand your dilemma wtfool. Unfortunately you’re in the closet everywhere. You can stay in the closet at home in uk, but it’s too bad when you went to Thailand you didn’t just come out there. It’s that much harder now that you have established straight friends. I watch football in bars in Pattaya. They’re all straight there. I talk to them but I don’t exchange numbers because they will not want to associate with me when they find out I’m gay. Well most of them. One time I brought a money boy with me and they all knew we were gay. People assume I’m straight at my condo, until I bring boys back. I often meet straights that question me in a roundabout way to see what my sexuality is. I try not to hide I’m gay, if they ask I tell them. One time I lied though and I feel awful about it. I had great tenants renting my condo and I was afraid I’d lose them if told them I was gay. Sometimes when I tell a bargirl I’m gay they are very surprised. I don’t know why, there’s so many gays in Thailand. I would have many straight friends in Thailand if I was straight. They seem more approachable and friendly than the gay farang I meet there. Gays can be clicky and judgmental themselves. But I try to be friendly with any gays I meet. I would like to have some real gay friends in Thailand than the superficial ones I know now.
  11. A boy from Winner bar died a couple years ago from hiv. I spent a lot of time with him and was rather surprised when I came back and heard the news. I don’t know if he just gave up, was not taking his meds correctly, or wasn’t taking any at all. I know the meds are available if they need them. I know another boy in another popular bar with hiv. I don’t want the same thing to happen to him. It’s probably none of my business, so I don’t ask him about it. The rest of the boys in the bar all know as they told me. They knew he was my favorite so they wanted me to know. I suppose they were afraid I’d get it and give it to them. Maybe they were genuinely concerned for me.
  12. I lost most of my hair in my twenties, but have it all back now with the miracle of a tattoo. I should have done it much earlier. i retired at 57, could have been 55. However I was able to sort of manipulate my job so my pension is about the same as my salary during my working years. I will say I’m more lonely since I’m retired and don’t have the interaction with my coworkers. I will never do any work now, as time is the most valuable commodity. I certainly don’t want to be the richest guy in the cemetery.
  13. I’ve wondered why the boys work in Pattaya and not Bangkok also. But maybe it’s the same reason why I prefer Pattaya over Bangkok, the slower pace and not so polluted environment. The rents are cheap and generally prices are lower.
  14. Make that three of us. I’m spoiled from the past also, but the twinks in jomtien complex are few and far between. And not many stunners either. I don’t like it at all. id rather pay more for a better boystown or Sunnee. In fact I see more twinks riding the baht bus. I’ve probably picked up more on the baht bus than at the complex. There was one really hot twink at Sun Bar that looked dressed in a Japanese komodo, wearing glasses. I’m not sure if he was there to sell drinks or get offed. My regular from years ago works there and tried getting me to buy him a drink. I was more interested in playing pool at corner bar sadly. I doubt we’ll ever see a go go bar in Jomtien. I’m hoping more don’t give up on Winner bar or Toy boys, they are our last hope for twink survival.
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