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  1. Are all who post here so ugly that sex is only possible for them in Thailand for money? And these same faces criticize me for liking it in natural way. Lol.
  2. Please, be true to yourself. I can't use condoms because they are total turn-off for me. Even the smell is so terrible and feeling having sex in a plastic bag. No. I am for real feelings, I am for true senses.
  3. Why to go to Thailand if there is no anal entry? As a top, I don't like condoms because they make me feel suffocated.
  4. You have to have minimum 15 000 € in bank account at least for 6 months in order to get visa to Thailand. Details on Thai Embassy websites for Sweden and Finland at least. Don't know if this applies also elsewhere.
  5. Thailand has to open its borders. Everyone understands that. There is an increasing number of state of sexual emergencies abroad, which can only be healed in Thailand. Thailand must take seriously its responsibility towards international community.
  6. There must be some SECRET way to enter Thailand. What is that way?
  7. Please, someone of you, go to these flights and report here how did it go. I am waiting.
  8. Do we have aboard someone with Elite visa?
  9. Can I marry someone in distant and immediately after entering country apply for and be granted divorce? This is serious. 16 000 USD is actually not that bad price for 5 years if you can stay in Thailand all the time and leave and return as you please.
  10. I am in state of sexual emergency, I need some Thai skin soon. How can I enter Thailand?
  11. Hotel that accepts guests without hassle is preferred. Some hotels have backdoor for this.
  12. Why do you resist your true nature, Dave? No reason. We should enjoy the little time we spend on this planet.
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