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  1. It's ok. I'm sure Trump will have paid for an NDA already.
  2. No taxation without representation !!
  3. Although I have a landline as part of my broadband package, I don't have a phone attached to it and just use my mobile. I don't answer my mobile if I don't recognise the number unless I'm expecting a call from that area code. I find cold callers generally don't leave a message where anyone genuine will. It also allows me to check numbers without answering a call. I answer few spam calls after these simple precautions.
  4. Everyone should be careful of being scammed whether in Pattaya or elsewhere. Do not give sensitive information to anyone who calls you up on the phone. Be very careful clicking links in emails unless you are 100% certain they are legitimate.
  5. It so isn't. Just how many senators and congressmen/women skate through crimes that would see others in prison. How many african americans see a far harsher side of the laws of the US than whites doing the same or worse crime. The current congress is being run by idiots that couldn't spell law let alone introduce one.
  6. 1) Indicting an ex president is a political minefield, especially when you have a congress which will 100% interfere all they can. 2) Even if indicted, Trump can still run in '24. He is also the most vindictive pig imaginable so expect reprisals against all concerned should he win in '24. Not saying they shouldn't indict him as hey definitely should but I can understand why they are being careful. It's time for Democrats to take the kid gloves off and play it as dirty as GOP does as I can't think of much worse than another 4 years of Trump.
  7. There are a few but not many. I know because I try so hard to find guys with natural bodies.
  8. Woke - alert to injustice and discrimination in society, especially racism. I don't see a problem with being alert to such things. Many of these areas are improving in many, though not all, countries. Perhaps we should all be more woke, not less. I find that the entertainment and art industries are often the most sensitive to such issues and among the first to accept people discriminated against in other areas of society. Do people go too far in some areas? Certainly. It's pretty hard though to have experienced prejudice for so much of your life, see things improving and then see people trying to revert and reintroduce prejudice. Everyone should make their own decisions over re-imaginings of old plays and films. If you just wanted a repeat of the original you could have stayed home and watched it? Surely it's the job of any new production to create something new and appropriate to today rather than regurgitate productions of the past. Bring on the wokeness. I'm capable enough to filter the things I want to see and use the off button if necessary. Personally I enjoy seeing things that challenge preconceived ideas.
  9. I find paper maps to be a waste of time these days. Places open, close & move so often in Thailand that the map on my phone is the only one I need. I especially like features telling me if the shop I'm going to is closed today which saved me a trip last Tuesday.
  10. Most EU countries are members of the ICC. I'm not bored enough to see if it's all of them. Unless you can prove the ICC did tasks requested by the EU then the word bribe does not apply. There is little doubt many of Putin's actions fall within the remit of the ICC. That Russia is not a member means actually arresting him is not likely. Perhaps he'll find a window to "fall" out of or some "bad food" to eat like so many of his opponents.
  11. I'd be quite happy for the UK, US and others to stop paying over the odds for these organisations.
  12. Perhaps because the UK is the largest contributor to the ICC supplying 10% of its budget? Yes, the ICC is fairly toothless but what else is there? Putin is a war criminal - fact. If the ICC decision affects his movement even slightly then it's a success.
  13. A couple? Some places I've seen have 20 to 30 bikes for rent. I often come March time but this is my first visit since before Covid. Many places seem busier than I expected but it seems the demographics have changed. There appear far more Russians both young and old. I've also read that condo's, etc are being snapped up mainly in Phuket but also in Pattaya with people avoiding conscription. A number of gay massage shops have disappeared and the ones remaining seem fairly quiet. I did recently see an entire troop of female Chinese tourists invade Relax massage and utilise pretty much every masseur so it looks like they are coming back also now Covid restrictions are lifted.
  14. You don't mention which Diabetes drug it is. Metformin for instance is widely available in Thailand without prescription.
  15. Not seen it but I've read he was giving a BJ. Other reports mention the leak may have be
  16. You can typically get more if you explain your circumstances to them. I'm the same in the UK with only one month at a time but it was fairly easy to get extra for this trip.
  17. There is no choice at this point. Trump has so much contempt for the US legal system that if the charges aren't followed up on he is going to get worse.
  18. Foam massage visit to Helios. Helios Massage - Tukcom - Coming from beach, take road along Tukcom. Helios is about 200m on the left. Cost - 1 hour Foam Massage - 600. 1000 minimum for boy Boys quality: 5 or 6 boys. Low 20's to low 30's Ambience: The foam massage room is on the first floor so not so many stairs. It's basically a massage room sized shower cubicle with a couple of fans and not much lighting. It was cleaner than I remember and a comfortable temperature. My previous experience a few years ago was that I was continually cold. Not so this time. Massage Quality: Foam massages involve mainly body to body contact and not much pressure as the slipperyness of the foam makes pressure difficult. Overall the body to body style was enjoyable with much mutual touching. It was nice as a change but I definitely prefer an oil massage. Afters were basically throughout the massage. Mutul BJ & HJ. Duration (I've been asked to include this) - The full hour. Overall - Always going to be a favorite for me but there are no Lek's working there now.
  19. And yet you would give the hotel or restaurant the bad review and not the chef. As I have done with Foxy. Please note that I did not and would not refer to any masseur as "crap". I referred to my overall experience at Foxy as crap for the reasons I laid out. Reviews of masseurs are entirely subjective. We all like different things in a massage and different levels of "afters". Also, the type and detail of afters will depend on factors that mean different customers will receive different experiences. I'm sorry you feel me not naming masseurs is somehow unfair but, in case it wasn't obvious, I don't ask the names of masseurs I have no interest in having a massage with again. I prefer to continue the search for my perfect massage and trying different masseurs along the way.
  20. My recommendation was to go to one of the bars if you wanted sex and to go to Soda if you wanted a massage rather than going to Foxy. Either way puts the patron in a place other than Foxy where the masseur works.
  21. I don't do it because I believe actions of individual boys is private, individual, based on chemistry and training. What a boy may or not do for me may also be different for another customer. I decided many years ago on my early reports that I would either describe what happened or name the boy but never both. That a boy is not good at massage today or doesn't do afters today does not mean that won't have changed significantly in a couple of months once he realises the difference in the tips he gets or gains more practice.
  22. Paradise Massage - Soi 13/4 down from A-Bomb and Boyztown entrance. Cost - 1 hour Oil Massage - 400. No minimum mentioned for boy Boys quality: I'd passed earlier in my trip and it had a poor selection but 2nd time I went past there was a variety of 6 or so boys. The boys seem to take it in turns if you don't show an immediate preference. The boy was very keen, had a cute face and body, a big smile and was quite young. Not my normal type but I didn't have the heart to say no as he was literally bouncing around. Ambience: Surprisingly nice. The room had a large shower cubicle in and plenty of space. I'm pretty sure all rooms are not the same. Stairs are a bit iffy (quite narrow) if you have difficulties and no bannister on lower portion. Massage Quality: The massage was pretty good. Very sensual and as soon as the boy started he rested his cock and balls on the soles of my feet as he massaged my legs. He kept his cock and balls in easy range all through the massage but the funniest thing was that his cock was incredibly sensitive. Once I realised, I basically had him nearly doubled up due to just how sensitive he was. It was hugely amusing for me but he gamely carried on. The ending was mutual BJ as he was very much a bottom. Overall - As much as it was a fun time and good massage, I prefer a top. I will go back though with luck before the end of my trip.
  23. Somjit Massage - Tukcom - Turn right at Tukcom. Somjit is 150 yards up on right hand side. If you get to Helios you've gone to far. Cost - 1 hour Oil Massage - 300. No minimum for boy Boys quality: 2 boys on duty when I got there late afternoon but was about 5 or 6 when I left. Generally youngish. Ambience: No shower offered. Room is open with 4 beds and curtains in between. Each area is very small. 1 to 2 feet of space on each side. Massage Quality: The massage was ok. The boy knew the moves but was very light touch. He also avoided all sensual areas for the first 45 minutes of the massage. No chemistry at all and when he tried to get me hard at the end I simply told him no thanks. Overall - I'm guessing it will be erratic. I'm not going to go back during this trip but I've heard others have had better luck there.
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