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  1. Hi Aikuchi


    Happy birthday and lots of fun filled trips to Thailand wishes


    1. Aikuchi


      hey there :D Thank you !!! 

  2. You only need 100 posts now. Holy ... I just finished reading that thread. Wow .. i did not expect it to devolve that quickly or aggressively. I hope that won't happen again. T would think we would all prefer to remain happy and minimize on negativity and choose to agree to disagree than rush head first into a bloodied match of 'who is righter and mightier'. ps: for clarity - all images in my profile pic are of me and since I posted it online, i know the risks of it circulating online - although it would be arrogant/egoistic of me to think anyone would want to use my likeness for anything.
  3. haha ... and i was just about to get 200
  4. I'd like to experience some part o the gay Singapore experience lol .... but alas i would probably need singaporean friends to give me some pointers
  5. I can't stand smoke either but it may also be influenced by spending my youth with bouts of asthma attacks. Also vaping isn't considered "hazardous" by many and the smoke inhalation is different. its like flavoured smoke but I htink on a psychological level, it stlll bothers me somewhat even if it does lack the grainy aerated texture of tobacco smoke.
  6. I do go to the gym. but i dont take steroids . and im not that size. hmmmm
  7. Not too fast - dont burn yourself out
  8. What most social media communities view as odd couplings of one more / one less attractive partner should keep their more aggressive opinions to themselves and just be happy if the couple is happy. Its tough enough meeting the right guy, then putting in the effort to maintain a good relationships and then fighting to get their union recognized and accepted. . Of course, there will always be some measure of criticism which is understandable when ones relationships goes public online or off - but in general is the couple is happy celebrating their relationships, it is better to spread positivist and goodness if no harm comes from it. The rugby player Sam Stanley probably has gone through a heckuva lot of flack for being with his fiance, but I see much less vilification of Tom Daley and his now husband.
  9. Thats pretty active/quick.
  10. Im not even sure the old man is really gay ...
  11. tbh - I also want to have that physical muscular shape, size and contour. But I dont have the micro penis.
  12. I don't like the smoking indoors either but its always been that way. Its not a very smoke considerate country. Same goes for the vape centers ...
  13. Wow - he does look amazing! How was the session, if you wouldn't mind sharing?
  14. Wow - this thread is blowing up really quickly. Is it that much of a controversial decision ...
  15. Im a little confused. Does it mean the photo forum thread only appears for members who have posted at least 200 or more posts? And it remains invisible to those who are under that goal? If so ... i have a little catching up to do!
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