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  1. Really useful thanks, I have been to Koh Larn a few times now but clearly I missed out on so much that I could have seen or visited, In terms of any night-life, especially our side of the fence, I guess we need to bring our 'entertainment' with us as you did?
  2. Me too, although Harrison Ford is now 80! (I didn't believe it until I just googled him), so I suspect his 'stand-ins' are going to be kept busy. 😅
  3. That's not great, but at least they were inside on stage rather than sitting out in the dark outside. I just hope things imrove
  4. Two observations if I may please, I think we can get far too hung-up about the term 'boy', it is universally used in Pattaya to describe the young males who work in bars, clubs etc., in just the same way that 'girl' is universally used to describe female staff/workers. Even though some of my 'boys' are now approaching 30 years old. At home in England I go out to the pub at night for a 'drink with the boys', I would never say going for a 'drink with the men' - just sounds weird even though most of us are pensioners now haha. Second is that occasionally a bar or club will have one or perhaps two boys on their staff in the 16-18 age range. They rarely admit that but instead simply insist that they don't 'go' with customers; instead they serve as eye-candy for drinkers in the bar. Caveat Emptor! Any boy agreeing to go back to your room should have an ID Card or passport that clearly shows their ages. My hotel checks those IDs on arrival. Its relatively easy to ensure that you play safe in order to stay safe. 😇
  5. Yet another relaunch of Winner Boys 1st November which I hope will prove a more enduring success. In September the bar was ready inside but the few boys stilling outside again - very disappointing. Usual 'chicken/egg' problem. No boys so no customers: no customers so no boys. January before I am back again. I just hope that this time it will work better as I believe some boys will be on salaries/retainers this time?
  6. My TV watching now goes back 60 years and there are lot of programmes that I have enjoyed, but the ones I remember with particular fondness are the ones that made me laugh, some have already been mentioned, Dad's Army, Yes Minister/Prime Minister, Blackadder, but I would add, Men Behaving Badly, Last of the Summer Wine, It Aint Half Hot Mum, and The Carry On Films. But also as others have said, I very rarely sit and watch TV now. I might put the news headlines on for a few minutes each day. Otherwise I tend to watch DVDs or something off NetFlix depending on my mood and how much time I have.
  7. I have had girls on Soi 6 offer to rim me in the past, but no boy has ever offered, and I have never asked. I do try and trim/shave my body hair before each trip, but even so I can't image that my old ass is an inviting prospect for any boy. On the other hand I love to rim the boys, especially when they are almost hairless, and the gay boys often ensure that their asses are smooth. And indeed a gay boy arriving to be shagged has usually scrupulously cleaned his ass already and is freshly showered. I love it, and quite often feel the boy grinding down onto my face as I do so suggesting that my efforts are being appreciated. The straight boys usually (but not always) present quite hairy asses and that puts me off.
  8. Always a mix at X-Boys; most of the big cock show boys are straight, but also plenty of gay twinks amongst the basic dancers. Someone for everyone perhaps? 😅
  9. I have used Issan Flowers several times in the past to have roses delivered to the bar in Soi 6 were my then sweetie worked. They take a nice big picture on delivery, which she then had plastered all over her FB for days. Anything that makes her co-workers a little bit envious. https://www.isanflowers.com/component/page,shop.browse/category_id,15/option,com_virtuemart/Itemid,2/ Think the gay boys in particular would love the packages with flowers, chocolates and a Teddy. The more gaudy and oppulent looking the better! 😂
  10. Seems to me to be a 'holding-position' to keep the court happy. I would not be surprised if we had not heard the last of Gen Prayut yet.
  11. Our confidence and comfortableness with social interaction is a complex area and people make a profession out of trying to sort it all out for us. In my simple world there are two types of people and if both go to a crowded party, one will be the life and soul of the party, whilst the other will be found 'in the kitchen'. For the most part you would find me in the kitchen at a party, an observer rather than a participant. Living alone doesn't help much with all this, especially post-retirement. Now decades of work have built up my social confidence, my ability to make conversations with people; but my default position is to be the one sitting quietly in the corner of the bar, but nevertheless enjoying the atmosphere and/or having a drink with a boy. So on my holidays I have been fortunate to be able to surround myself with farang and Thai friends who are much more socially gregarious than me, who encourage me join in, talk, get up and dance etc. And I love it!; in fact I look forward to the social interaction of my holidays almost as much as I look forward to the sex.
  12. Someone on the ground can better update you on the bars that are open in Boyztown, but I think most are, certainly Toy Boys, Pikky Bar and BBB are open as I have friends working in them. Takes about 10 minutes or a little over to walk from BT to Sunee. You need to walk along Second Road, over the traffic lights and keep going until you reach the VC Hotel on the left hand side. The little soi alongside the hotel is Soi VC and if you walk up there a few hundred meters you will eventually find yourself outside Nice Boys on your right hand side. It does get a bit dark up there and first time you might wonder if you have missed it, but keep walking and you will get there. Just past Nice Boys is a right hand turn, also pretty dark, that takes you into Sunee Plaza itself. THere is a short cut from Second Road, but you kinda need to have someone that knows the way walk with you first. Probably, if it is your first time, get a taxi-bike to take you (the one-way systems mean that they have to go via Beach Road so don't be alarmed at their initial direction they take you). Also don't be put off if Nice Boys also seems a little dark. The boss, Beer, usually sits outside in a small light and will greet you and open the door into 'fantasy land' for you. Enjoy!
  13. Although that is not my experience; during my transition in sexual tastes I spent several years and several trips in the company of ladyboys and the vast majority were lovely people just trying to make a $ like everybody else in the city. Over the last decade or more I have spent time with girls, ladyboys and boys in Thailand and the vast majority were friendly and, within the limits of my interactions with them, trustworthy. Obviously there are a small minority of all genders that are not to be trusted and/or are prone to violence. but thankfully they are a very small minority. I feel far safer walking the streets of Pattaya at night than I would do my home city of Birmingham here in England!
  14. Invariably the boy and the farang will be looking for different things from any relationship. Farangs can easily fall in lust/love with their boy, but it is probably unrealistic to expect that a boy would lust after his farang unless there is only a small age difference? The boy is more likely looking for financial security, maybe status, maybe travel opportunities etc; sex with his farang is just an accepted part of the package? In the end it surely doesn't matter that each look for different things from the relationship; just as long as each gets what they want out of the relationship? Or maybe I am just an old cynic? 🤣
  15. That's interesting as I (like others I suspect) had just assumed that 99% of these 'gold snatches' were 'insurance jobs' and that there never was any gold, yet alone a ladyboy. Maybe I stand corrected? Or maybe the ladyboy's name is 'Patsy'? 🤣
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