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  1. For those of us of a certain age, pre-internet, our porn mostly came in the form of top-shelf magazines from our local corner shops. Like others I used to have quite a little collection built up during the 1970s and 1980s when a more liberal view was then being taken on what could or could not be published and sold over (or occasionally under) the counter. Most of my 'porn mags' were disposed of years ago, much to my regret now. I found a copy or two of my then favourite 'Vulcan' for sale on ebay recently and managed to buy them - they were not cheap! But now I am immersed in a wave of nostalgia. Mostly it was 'soft porn' as they say, flaccid cocks only, occasionally one a little thicker, but non erect, and certainly no active sex. Sometimes the pics were a bit grainy, almost armature looking, but some of the guys were hot. Very few proper twink boys; mostly 'men' in various form of hunkiness or not. So I just wondered, which were your favourite 'gay mags' back in the day. I post below a few pictures of some that have recently been on ebay to trigger memories. First my favourite, Vulcan Mister Magazine Him Magazine Zipper The above I was familiar with but the following two are new to me The above were available in the UK, and there were probably others, and no doubt other countries had their own publications. What do you remember and what were your favourites?
  2. Well there are those with longer memories than me with this bar, but it is one that I visit regularly when I am in town, and as recently as last month. As I understood it, the convention always was that you would enter the bar, be shown a seat and a drink order taken for you. Boys would be on stage, some standing looking at you, others seated. In the past they would be wearing loose fitting pants and flashing their cocks to entice you. More recently jeans, but there would still be some with their cocks out. You picked a boy to join you and a drinks order would be taken for him, chances are he would then get his cock out for your inspection and in the hope of persuading you to agree to a 300 baht chuck-wow. Now they have also been entirely happy letting me call boys off stage for a fondle of their goods in exchange for 100 baht tip. In fact the papasan will willingly go and change a 1k baht note for me into 100s for precisely that reason. (some guys offer less than 100 baht - but I have always thought that fair exchange). But normally I come into the bar with at least one other guy, so I am buying 3-4 drinks anyhow and they don't seem to mind about tips as my bin is usually between 1-2k (plus tips on top of that). The boys will obviously welcome the tips, but the bar needs to sell drinks to make any money; and frankly you can't have one without the other! And at the moment guys there is nowhere else in Pattaya where you can have the sort of hands-on fun you can have in Nice Boys; so dip your hands a bit deeper into your pockets and then everyone is happy!
  3. Great start !, I loved both your humour and your writing style
  4. Well mine hasn't gotten any bigger over the last 30 years
  5. Trick is to switch off the air con as you go to sleep (I keep the ceiling fan on). Consequence is the boys feel hot and throw off the duvet cover, a happy sight to wake up to the next morning 😂 Actually most boys seem to sleep with their pants on but still .....
  6. TikTok is full of short clips of such wrestling bouts between young men in tight leotards - very alluring! Once you start clicking 'like' on one, they keep popping up on your feed. All quite legit, but they can stir the imagination! 🤣 v09044g40000cipshmbc77u96o58qcng.MP4 v10044g50000ci18vq3c77ufps0khrl0c.MP4
  7. My next holiday is still a little over 3 weeks away, but now seeing those clips it can't come fast enough. That last boy I am in love (lust) 😂
  8. Reading all this with bewilderment! What have I learned? That 'our side' always tells the truth, 'your side' always tells lies! 🤣 We clearly have a lot to be grateful for on our side of the 'pond'! 😂
  9. I now do both, there are two advantages in being able to bottom as well as top. First, all money boys are now potentially open to you in the bars and apps. Not many straight tops will bottom, but a large number of gay bottoms will also top if requested. Second as you get older (I shall be 70 next year), I frankly haven't the energy and libido to be able to top as often as I used to be able to do. So now when in Pattaya I will probably do two short-times a day, one as top and the other as bottom. I am happy, the money boys are happy: win win! 😂
  10. Dismembered by chainsaw, bagged and stored in a working freezer unit - I am waiting for the police to declare that it was 'suicide'? 😂
  11. Me too! haha Perhaps this will help the 'what is a twink' debate? v0f044gc0000ch4og5jc77udju7hhe00.MP4
  12. Yes especially now in low season when the boys seem to vastly outnumber customers, you will be spoilt for choice, with many happy memories (and happy endings!) to be made. That said I have about 10 more weeks to wait until my next holiday!
  13. Not until mid September and then only for three weeks
  14. Good Lord have we reduced ourselves to commenting on each other rather than on the boys? 🤣 I can't really play as I have not met most of you including olddaddy, But vinapu I have met - he is the genuine article and a nice guy - although our taste in boys differs somewhat 😂
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