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  1. Here Japan's address format explained. I go read it, see if it makes some logical sense.
  2. Here the Thai address format from the international postal union Very easy system. There is logic in it. Notice that a city name is not needed in the address at all. Just district name and sub district name. That explains why many addresses in Pattaya dont have the name "Pattaya" listed at all. In most other countries the format is: street + number, postal code, city. Not in Thailand. City can be omitted.
  3. My question is serious. I fail to see how a country can function if citizens don't know their address. How was it done before the email age? When a lot of communication between companies and clients and between government and citizens went via plain old paper mail. I am sure we all agree you need to know and be aware of addresses then. Else these letters don't arrive. You need them to be able to communicate your address.
  4. Ok thanks. So I assume it works like this. When you enter the condo there is a wall of mailboxes (for each apartment one). With on each mailbox the name. If the leter is for person J. Johnson the mail man looks for that name. If there are 40 apartements in the condo and the 40th mail box if for J. Johnson then the mail man has first scanned the first 39 and because he has bad luck finally on the 40th box he sees there is the same name as on the letter. That is why it is much more efficient to have house numbers/apartment numbers which are part of the address. The numbers are listed on the mail boxes in numerical order. If the mail man sees on the letter number 12 he can in half a second spot the correct mail box. But since people have no idea about their house number or anything of their address besides maybe only a street name, this more efficient way doesnt work in Thailand. If I was in Thai government I would device a new system to assign addresses, this can't go on like this. In the near future so much will happen online, with online orders. There are not many countries in the world where it is so complex that people have no idea about their own address. How was this done before e-mail? Say your insurance company needs to send you a letter, or the government needs to send you a letter that you have to go to the army because you are now 18, then the government needs to know the addresses of their citizens. How can this possibly have worked if people don't know their address?
  5. Then as a consequence local webshops have a bad time in Thailand, no one can order online because the package won't arrive (the customer doesn't know his address and if he does it is still a big unknown if the package will arrive). The digital economy still has to take off then in Thailand?
  6. Ok. You do wonder if the mail man knows it. Anyone has experience in Thailand with orders from webshops? Do they make it to your local address in time? Or the mail man also has totally no idea about street names, soi names, house numbers?
  7. You live in a condo and don't know the address of your apartment? I will understand if it is temproary (like for holiday) but if you are living in Pattaya permanently, then aren't you curious what your address is? You never order something on Amazon? Name me one other country where local citizens have no idea of the adress of the house they live in?
  8. Can someone explain what a silicone dick is? Does it mean the boy had surgery to cut of his real penis and replace it with a silicone version? In other words he has become a eunuch? Is it detachable? So when he wants sex he puts on an erect silicone dick? I have never encountered it. Maybe twinks aren't into this. Also never had a boy with these beads under his dick.
  9. I am interested because Thailand gets slowly more and more expensive. Have been thinking about other destinations for some time.
  10. Many moneyboys have no job (besides working in the bar). In low season I tend to believe them when they need help with rent or food. Or is every request really a lie you think? I have about 3 boys I help now and then. Reluctantly. But it is also not easy to say no if you believe their request to be genuine. Are most requests not genuine ? Also the first post makes a remark about how boys do not know their address many times. I have the same experience and find it very strange. How can you not know the address of the place you live in? Also doesn't the Thai government need to communicate sometimes with their citizens ? Like sending voting card, bill for municipal taxes, etc.
  11. That is a long time ago that I read someone stayed in BBB Inn. I did it one time. During my very first visit to Bangkok in 2014. It was very run down. Worst hotel I have been in, out of all my hotels in Thailand so far. How is it these days ?
  12. No, but I expect it more to go like this in 2050. Now in 2019 some guy sees you on Chaturbate and you are his favorite. He makes a video of your jerk off performance for his own private use. Because you are his type. 20 years later he sees someone running for president. He thinks: "I recognize that face and smile" and suddenly he remembers: it is the guy who was on Chaturbate 20 years ago and whose videos he still sometimes watches (not a strange idea, I still watch porn that was maybe recorded 10 years ago). Then he thinks: I go make money, I go leak this to the media for 100.000 dollars. THAT IS HOW IT WILL GO
  13. It only will cease to be an issue if we don't feel shame anymore that people see our erections. But lets face it I dont see that going away soon. Many of todays young people wouldn't like it at all if their families, friends, neighbours saw a naked picture of them with their full erection. We still live in an age where most people don't want this to happen to them. I don't see that going away anytime soon. The Chaturbate guys have a false sense of anonomity. They can block viewers from their own country, that is why they not seem to care about this. Like I dont care when people see me naked in a gay sauna with erection. But I would care if my whole neighboorhood saw photos of that from me. This aspect is not going away anytime soon. If you are running for office in 2050 you wouldnt want your old erection photos/chaturbate videos going around for everyone to see.
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