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  1. In Pattaya I saw election posters. I also saw a van with a speaker in the streets. So it is not absent.
  2. I am often surprised how money boys memorize you and recognize you. I have only rarely encountered that it was clearly fake and I was sure we never met. It happened also this current trip. Two boys I had only offed ones, still remembered me. (And I remembered them, but that is not strange, I see no boys at all between trips, while they keep seeing customers when I am back home). How do they do it? My last visit was October. Now at my current visit we are 5 months further in time. In these 5 months they must have had quite some other customers. Others recognize this?
  3. Thanks. Although I am into twinks. I want to reply to your idea why farang don't go to Thailand anymore in the numbers they used to. I think the explanation is not as you say. Let's be honest: if you want - above a certain age - a boy of your type, you will need to pay (it is rare a 60 year old can get for free his 20 year told ideal type). I think the reason is financial. Not only because many pensions haven't been indexed for inflation for quite some years, but also the strong baht. I notice this this on my current trip. I get less baht for my euros.
  4. I see in the listings a Up2 Bar on Rama IV, is that the bar you mean? "Most shows include muscle men, bodypainting"
  5. So you are sure it isnt My Way Bar? I see that bar listed on Rama IV
  6. Yes, see below. If you dont see your bar it maybe is listed not in the map but only in the listing section. In that case I will put here the relevant pages from the listings also.
  7. Thanks. Just ordered the 1998 edition of the book you refer too. Title is 'Thai scene'. Indeed author is Michael Notcutt. Below Pattaya map from Spartacus 2001-2002 edition. Sunee has arrived by that time! 1994-1995 edition still doest menion Sunee on the map. So I guess Sunee appeared between 1995 and 2001. When did Jomtien appear?
  8. That people still buy guides like Spartacus. We have the Internet now. I wonder how much they sell in a year. The Men of Thailand had added value beyond just listings. Such a volume I would still buy if it was in print today. I did buy some old Spartacus magazines to see what they wrote about gay Thailand in the past. I have the 1991 edition, 1994-1995 and 2001-2002 editions. The 1991 edition mentions only the twilight bar in what is now Soi Twilight. In Pattaya no Jomtien en no Sunee is mentioned in the 1991 edition. Below the maps from the 1991 edition
  9. Is there an option to stay logged in? Now each day I have to log in again, with the previous version that wasnt needed.
  10. Indeed my second edition magazine came also with a small appendix booklet. From the last edition the seller only had the book 1 (the main book). The other 2 booklets of the last edition (the listings booklet and the maps booklet) I not have sadly. Couldn't find any seller that had them. Why you threw the 2nd edition appendix away? You still are using the listings in them? They are of course now very outdated. When did m2m massage places came into being in Bangkok and Pattaya? Around the time of the last edition? So around 1999? Before that only women who were giving massage? And when did soi twilight came into being? I remember seeing the twilight bar mentioned in one of the books.
  11. Another thing I learned from this magazine is the reason the boys in gogo bars have a number on their underwear. I always thought it is for the convenience of the customer who can mention a number to the mamasan. That is why I never understood that your guys mention the boys' number in reviews because I thought maybe next day another boy takes that number. So why mention his number in a review. But thanks to that magazine I know the numbers are needed by law. The boys working in the bars MUST have each day the same number. Not for our convenience, but the law states this.
  12. Recently there was a thread on this forum about gay books. Some older members mentioned the now defunct magazine The Men of Thailand. A gay travel guide and more then that: it gave all kind of info about how go go bars work, about how saving face is important in Thailand, etc etc. The last edition (edition 7) appeared in 1999. Since I am very interested how this gay sex tourism in Thailand operated before my time (my first trip is 2014) and what the prices where back then I ordered via second hand bookshops the first, second and last edition. It is indeed very very good and detailed. Finally I also know now what short time price was in 1987 for example. And in 1999. What drink prices were in bars back then. This will be an important magazine for social historians later (rise of gay sex tourism in Thailand, how it operated etc). Also interesting to see that much hasn't changed at all. Like it even says back then many boys used to say "up to you". That hasn't changed at all. Very happy with my purchases. If you still have these magazines not that many are being sold now. The ones I bought were sold for about 80 EUR each. You also see sellers who ask a few hundred EUR for it. So if you want to earn some money sell it!
  13. Strange the contradictory info I get from the boards. Sometimes you get the idea Sunee is crowded in high season, and now I read its empty, while it is now the highest of high seasons.
  14. I am testing last minute prices. Looking in the travel apps what it would cost me now if I wanted a ticket for tomorrow. You would expect airlines would do everything to sell their last seats for flights departing on such short notice. But I don't notice any difference with the prices compared to when I book months before.
  15. Do you inform hotel you wake up that late because else a cleaning lady walks in thinking by 14.00 for example you surely will be awake and she finally can start cleaning your room and she walks in on your sleeping. Happens a lot?
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