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  1. I am surprised how many people here post the business class prices. Looks like a number of the forum members are wealthy people. Looking at this thread you will get the idea at least 50% flies business
  2. Stable? Direct flight Amsterdam to Bangkok with KLM for October is around 1300 EUR. Used to be around the 700 mark. You call that stable ?
  3. Correct. And the name is totally fake. I don’t even have a Muslim background. 100% Dutch
  4. Is it me or are they really twice as expensive as before ?
  5. Also cuming 3 times in one day? I assume you are a bottom and then one sex date doesn’t necessarily have to result in cuming as I think huge part of the pleasure is being fucked by the hunk of your dreams. I feel for tops it is different. But maybe it’s only me who thinks that. I just want to remark that when people write: “my god he has a great libido” they implicitly assume you cum every time. However, if that is not the case you can easily have 6 dates in a day as a bottom and cum only two of them. That is then the same libido as about everyone else.
  6. abidismaili

    Thai Pass

    Thai don’t like farang ? So politicians play this game?
  7. Thanks Vinapu. I wonder if these others get mainly Thai gays as customers. The gay area for tourists is Silom after all.
  8. Good to read this. Until now I had no idea you can get massage from boys ouside Surawong/Silom/Tawan streets. Lady massage yes is all over Bangkok. I am by the way into twinks. So all over Bangkok there are massage places where sexy twinks are available? I must say when there I only explore the 3 streets listed above. If someone knows about other massage places with twinks available, let me know please.
  9. But this is not 100% true. A man of a certain age can’t just cum 4 times a day. I manage two times a day at start of holiday, but then I only do 1. And after two days I go to Kamagra. Else it takes longer for the erection to come. I can’t let a boy wait for 15 minutes for me to get rock hard. I want it in 5 minutes. No problem first 2 days with 4 sex partners but after that I need Kamagra. I think for bottoms this is all less important. But as a top the sentence “it only depends on ATM how many times sex you can have”, is not very true in my view. So the only option is make your stay longer.
  10. abidismaili

    Thai Pass

    I can sit in the BTS. Before I rarely could sit. The number of tourists is far from back to normal. Also sometimes I am the only customer in a massage shop. I was in Ayutthaya today (small group tour). We had the ruins almost for ourselves. The guide said there used to be many tour buses. It is absolutely not full. I like this. Next time it will probably be back to normal. Lucky Boys gogo is closed. They had last time (November 2019) a good selection of twinks. I was the only customer today in Fresh boys. Didn’t like the selection on stage at all. The boys outside (some Vietnamese) were nice but not on stage for some reason. They did have a number on their shirt however
  11. There is indeed inflation. Going Bangkok today. Taking bus from Pattaya to Ekkamai is now 119 baht. During my last trip 2.5 years ago it was 108 baht. A 10% inflation in 2.5 years. I have to re-title the topic to “huge inflation in Thailand”. All the more surprising the baht bus is still 10 baht. In the 1987 I read it was 5 baht. In 2014 it was 10 and I suspect it was it then for quite some time already.
  12. abidismaili

    Thai Pass

    Of course not. But then he was lucky none of his moneyboys had covid. I am not testing them before sex. So I hope none of mine has it also. But there is a risk. It is not 100% in my control. Else at the end of the trip trip I will have covid.
  13. abidismaili

    Thai Pass

    But since sex tourists kiss their money boys and are otherwise intimate with them it is pretty hard to avoid getting it. Unless you test your moneyboy before going to the sex part.
  14. abidismaili

    Thai Pass

    It is however as a sex tourist very hard to avoid getting it here in Thailand. Luckily my country from 23 March on doesn’t require a PCR test anymore to travel back home. Else I wonder how many at the end of their trip will have a positive test and can stay. Question: my temperature was checked at the airport upon arrival. Do they do the same when you depart? Else for sex tourists - who have very intimate contact - getting back home on the planned date can be a challenge.
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