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  1. You mean with reality earning a living? Which for most of us below retirement age is indeed the reality and sadly work visa for Thailand aren't easy and the options pretty limited (I cant even be an English teacher because I am not a native speaker, so the most popular ex-pat job is ruled out for me). Since working in Thailand is not really feasable also for me the reality is to work 47 weeks a year in my country with 5 weeks holiday. Some people are lucky. They don't need to work, got big inheritance at age 30 and live their life in and travel around Southeast asia. Other people are lucky in that the got a slight handicap which make them unfit for work, get social security and live in Thailand from it from age 45 on. That handicap is not such that you can't function at all, you can travel, move around, fuck boys, only the rules were a bit bend to give you that social security and you have a life of leisure with one small disdavtage; a slight 'handicap', like back starts to hurt when you work for 2 hours in a row. Life is unfair. I fall in the category where I have to work 47 weeks a year in my country.
  2. If was a millionaire I would do the same.
  3. 20 years ago was 1999. I understand it all started getting serious half way the 1980's, so then the high point of gay sex tourism was only a 10 year period or so? Before that there is a build up phase, slowly news spreads to Europe, gays go Pattaya, tell about it back home, others go then too, till you reach the peek period of second half 80s, first half 90s? Then for some strange reason after 1999 it goes down (before the mobile phone era, before the gay app era).
  4. Please ask him what extra job options the boys (many with only highschool education) have compared to the past? They could already work in 7-11, so what extra jobs are in 2019 possible I wonder for the boys we meet (many of whom only have a finished highschool education)? They can't become a doctor, or a police agent with only highschool.
  5. Baht to EUR rate still bad from European perspective. The current rate is the worst I have experienced since I started going to Thailand. Its getting more expensive my trips, just because of the currentcy rate. I wish we had kept our guilder and didn't switch to the Euro.
  6. Not only that, even if the picture is not photoshopped and is very recent, somehow some boys look different in 3D than 2D. Very strange. It can be better or worse looking. So indeed, seeing them in person is also my preference.
  7. Al these gay bars moving to Patpong must mean they are replacing other business there. No new bars are being build, they just move to an existing building. So what type of bars in Patpong are doing so bad that they have to stop their business, so the Soi Twilight bars can go in?? And what a luck for the Soi Twilight bars. What if there was no room in Patpong that now miraculously becomes available ? Then they all had to spread out in stead of being concentrated in one area?
  8. You are I think an exception. Most sons I am sure would feel embarrsed if their parents saw their sex toys or their SM dungeon. I guess it depends how you were raised. Likewise: I dont care when people see me naked at all, but somehow with family its different, or collegues. I would feel embarressed if my mother saw me with full erection. Likewise I would feel embarrseed if they saw my Thai sex tourism magazines and sex toys. You were raised I think in a different culture at home. Hippy parents? Walking naked through the house when you were growing up? Let yuou walk naked in the house during your childhood? Etc? If you grow up in such an environment I can totally understand that it is not an issue at all.
  9. Unless this would drive the prices up (off fee, drinks, short time price), then I prefer current the situation.
  10. Out of curiosity: why is Chiang Rai a favorite of you ? I visited last October and no gay scene to speak off, gay massage hard to come buy. I went to see the white temple and Mae Sai and Golden Triangle. But the city itself is not that interesting, or did I miss something ?
  11. In the Netherlands when you are born this has by law to be registered and a birth certificate is created. The government also needs to know if you have died. Family is by law ordered to notify the government and a death certificate is created. Else for example they will keep sending your state pension every month to your account for example. Then the person having access to it can use this money which consitutes fraud, because the recipient of the pension is no longer alive. Your consulate needs to know because as a citizen of your country, your country needs to know if you no longer walk the Earth.
  12. Do you know how he will get notified that you have died? I assume authorities contact family first. If your family does not know your attorney how will that attorney get notified abour your death? It can be days, maybe weeks, after your family got to know about it. They leave an apartment un-entered all these weeks?
  13. But how can you prevent family from entering the apartment before you do as the Executor? Do you legally need approval - even as a family member - from the Executor, before you can enter the apartment? Also the family will know that you died first, before a friend will know about it. It can even take days before the friend will know about it if you die unexpectedly and the friend is totally unknown to the family. I have wondered for some time how single people - who die unexpectedly - take care embarassing personal stuff isn't discovered by family. In my country (Netherlands) having a will and Executor is rare. Only the very rich have this I think. Imagine cleaning the house of your father who died unexpectedly and discovering he had a SM dungeon in his basement with SM toys. Something you totally didn't know he was into. I think your father would find it very embarassing if you discovered that. He kept it a secret all his life. And since he died unexpectedly, he couldnt clean it all out. Now replace 'father' with yourself. You really wouldn't mind family discovered these very personal things? Most would mind. So a Will/Friend is the answer. (Of course most people die expectedlty (say after a sick bed) and not unexpectedly and have time for disposing the embarassing stuff themselves).
  14. We all have stuff we don't want family to see. For example sex toys. Or sex tourist magazines (like the Men of Thailand magazine) which if they see it will finally make them understand why you go so often to Thailand. The problem is that if I die in a plane crash on my way to Thailand - or in Thailand itself - my family will of course be informed and in due time visit my apartment and clean it out. They can then see my sex toys and the sex tourism magazines. I rather don't want them to see it, because it feels a bit embarassing. What I do is this: all embarassing stuff I put - before I leave for the airport - in a recycle bin at the bottom with above it normal trash. If I die I am pretty sure they will just throw away the bag with thrash in it and don't look inside it. If I return savely (which until now has always happened) I restore my stuff from the bin and put it in its regular place. Of course this doesn't cover events like getting for example a hearth attack at home or at my job, so there is still some risk if I die unexpectly in my own country. I wonder if I am alone in doing stuff like this. Or you really don't care your parents, sisters, borthers see your dildo's and other toys?
  15. By the way there still is a sign to the right of the entrance: "This soi we go on for 6 years". The same text in Thai and Chinese. Above another sign "This soi is not going to close". Why dont they remove it? Very confusing.
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