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  1. I wasn’t talking about me. The other guy to which I replied wrote that he noticed most men transition from top to bottom when they get older. My reply is: yes because when you get older it’s harder to become hard on command. This is not a statement about me. And indeed I am still working. My retirement is far away.
  2. Because when you get older getting hard on command isn’t as easy. I do wonder however how they prepared their ass for bottoming. I tried it a few times and find it very painful.
  3. Don’t assume that. For young guys around age 20 it is very easy to get hard.
  4. This is in reply to my message? Twink masseurs consider us too old?
  5. Apparently not when you are an expat. Then this rule doesnt apply. Even if you just like me - a tourist - are at that moment a customer of the bar and like to have company of boys. Then as an expat just paying the drink is enough. Next time I will say "I am an expat, I understand you dont expect tips then so I wont give you anything, only a drink"
  6. Well you did pay them in the above scenario more or less. You buy the bottle and share it with them. Free drinks for the boys. If they sat with you and you did not give them anything at all, and yet they chatted with you for free for 30 minutes-1 hour, does that happen? If this does happen and you get this for free I will never tip them again for sitting with me. Because why pay if other older farang get their company for free?
  7. @Londoner: I was talking about Colombia not Thailand. Thailand is save. Isn't Colombia dangerous?
  8. In March I was in one of the massage shops in Saphan Kwai area. And the photos the man behind the desk showed me where only muscular manly guys
  9. I will move when I can retire. How can I move now? I dont have enough funds to retire now.
  10. Yes it is allowed. Woke is only sensitive for non-white steroetypes. Since farang = white western male it is allowed. You can even call them racist, evil etc. All allowed. Of course not allowed for any other race/gender.
  11. Hi. I am going there later this week. Which massage shops have twink masseurs?
  12. I often see a few boys sit with only one customer drinking together. He pays for all these boys (drinks AND tip for sitting with him)? Or he is just a regular and the boys know him and come sit for free with him?
  13. It is a great injustice to Western Europeans that we have to travel so far and pay a lot of money to be in a setting with boy bars and go go bars and gay massage parlors. In the Netherlands there is NOTHING like this at all. And if you can get gay massage it is never from a 20 year old Asian twink. These Singaporeans can get what they want far cheaper than we. Life is unfair.
  14. Is that legal in Thailand? In the Netherlands this would not be allowed.
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