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  1. One thing I forgot to mention and I post this for anyone who can use it. I found a wonderful lady taxi driver who responds to calls. Mrs. WanphenWuttiwai 089-7654292. Truly reliable and knowledgeable.
  2. No, not yet. But, your right a Date with one of the Chaturbate models would be worth the trip. Just beautiful guys - they share that with Brazilian guys - just hot. No, beautiful.
  3. As the redoubtable Vinapu is not sure about my feelings I've decided to wrap up and give clarity as well as some final thoughts. Yes, I had a good time. Thailand is always fun. I think Jomtien soured me. But, this is my fault as I should have returned to Bangkok. I did not go to Pattaya because it is cheaper but I do agree with FloridaRob - Brasil is so much more expensive yet the cost is far more reasonable., humbly, suggest that whenever you drive something even slightly underground then the costs go up. I'm lucky that I love many types. Asians, blacks, and Latinos - even the blue-eyed red-haired lads of Dublin. Frankly, the older I get the more I go to Santo Domingo in the Dominican Republic. 90 minutes from home - enough said. Now, if I can find someone in Santo Domingo's china town... I too am waiting to see what happens to Brazil under it's new, ultra-right-wing president. As I will be carefully watching for reports of the Ambiance and Boy's town. Christian mentioned that the soi with the Ambiance is closed to cars at night. Yes. But, my grab took me nowhere near the place on my first three ( yes 3 times. I shortened it for the story ) times entering the destination for the driver. He insisted I had gotten into the wrong car. Well, I checked his plate before entering, Heiko of the Poseidon spoke to him, and really, the front of Poseidon is littered with grab cars???? No, they need some basic, minimal standards for drivers in Pattaya. I'm glad others remember all the wonderful bars of Saphan Kwai. Midnight Cowboy used to dress the boys in old Thai costumes for some of their shows. They were just wonderful. I used to stay at a small, Thai Chinese owned hotel right next to the far larger Elizabeth. They were wonderful to me and there was never a better more welcoming spot. I think my feelings are cloudy because, as always happens, on my way home I'm saying "never again", "too damn far and too damn long a trip." I feel jet lag terribly. Yesterday someone came by my house around noon. He called me, knocked on the door, chatted with a neighbor who called me. I did not respond. Why? I have no idea I would have said I was up and awake all day. I must have been sitting up sound asleep and oblivious - this is a week after my return. Finally, my thanks go out to Scooby without whom my old phone plan would have greatly restricted me. Ggobkk for guiding me, in personal notes, to such a good tailor, and to Paulsf for lots of advice and encouragement. This is a wonderful group of like-minded people who assist each other.
  4. Christian, I suspect you're correct about the grab to Tukom. It was the multi-story parking garage. Here's another: inpute Poseidon destination Ambiance. Car arrives and off we go to an arean and a hotel that I don't recognize. He hands me his device and I type in Ambiance, check thart it's correct - off we go to another place. As I was following on my own google directions ( thanks Scooby for the data plan !!! ) and when we were 2 minutes away and he was parked on the side of the road talking to his help desk. I gave him a tip ( yeah I'm an American ) and left. The good news is Grab never billed me for that trip. I just think that Pattaya is not that big that a driver making his living as one would be able to loook at the map and find the damn thing - I did!
  5. I totally agree. I was just struck by the fact that, for me, the goi-go bars had 4 or 5 possible offs each night and I would walk up and down the Jomtien soi and find nothing for me. I didn't find any bars in Boys Town that did not have workers I found attractive. Sunee, also has nothing for me.
  6. So, I gave up on Grab in Pattaya. Still, I never climbed a Bhat bus. Why? With all the reading I have done and the questions I asked I arrived with the idea that a taxi in Pattaya was a rare sighting. Not so. To be clear, I spent some 25 years traveling only to Bangkok and on retirement 8 years ago switched to Pattaya. However, I had a very narrow view of Pattaya as I would arrive at the Ambiance and never leave Boys Town. Staying in Jomtien raised an issue of getting back and forth. Actually, I never waited more than 2 minutes for a taxi to come by. Average fair about B200. Yes, I know it's a lot more than a B10 trip. I understand that but as in all things I don't live there I have limited time and this worked well. Boystown. I felt very sad. January 13, my first night in Pattaya and BoysTown was remarkably slow. I arrived at Toy Boys at my usual 8:30 - yes early. I always am and the bars always sat me down and I had a drink while the guys assembled. Very accommodating; they still are but the place was empty. "come back 10 PM, best time, no boys" I went over to Cupidol and they had a few. As promised more came by 9:30-10 PM and the selections were nice and I enjoyed myself. But, damn the soi is empty and sad looking. I will be monitoring this space for updates as this was not what I expected. Jomtien. The main soi of Jomtien Complex running down from Poseidon was busy. Lots of people. Gays in bars augmented by non-Gay sightseeing folks from the Agate. Sadly, Jomtien - despite the huge attraction of the Poseidon - is not my place. The bars are the opposite of Go-Go bars. In a Go-Go the guys are on stage facing the audience and the orientation is totally to appeal to those customers. Sure, we can argue about music, lighting, quality of shows, types of underwear, etc. The guys are facing me, oriented to my sight lines and, clearly, there for me. I was told that these Jopmtien bars are like the old Host Bars of Bangkok. No, not so. I spent years in Charmming, Adam, and Alladin. For some years I stayed in Saphan Kwai just to be near them. Host bars had a group of guys, fully dressed, sitting on one side oriented toward you, looking at you, smiling at you, etc. No shows, no underwear but the same face to face, "take me home" idea. Jomtien is a soi with open to the air bars facing each other. The chairs all face the soi and you sit with your back to the bar area. However, and this is huge for me: the guys are all in the soi between the chairs of facing bars trying to persuade people to come in. If you want someone it is up to you to get his attention and get him over. Frankly, I do not like this system in any way. Many people are there for a drink with friends, etc. I'm not. I'm shopping. I need the merchandise to be better displayed. Now for my controversial statement. Feel free to jump in but this is my 12-day sampling result: the guys in Boystown are far, far better looking than the guys in Jomtien. Perhaps there is a reason you work with your clothes on? But, how does that explain the faces? The pimples, the shaggy looks. OK, now yell at me. Frankly, never again. I will miss the Poseidon. Of course, it's not too far for dinner. Massage places. I have little to report other than a harsh opinion. The guys working at the Ambiance still look cute and last trip I worked my way through each and every one - some twice. Here's the harsh part. I saw not one single massage guy in Jomtien, and there were many, who I would have enjoyed. I found none of them attractive. I did not check out the places near Tukom so I can't say. Honestly, I hate to say this and don't understand it. Toy Boys, Cupidol, Dream boys, Ambiance massage all have handsome, often toned, guys working there. I saw very few guys in Jomtien who could get a job in the go-go bars. Just one man's humble opinion. My final note is the Tailor shop: Siam Next Fashion. Leave Poseidon, walk to the road and turn rightt. The place is maybe 40 feet down. I had a sports jacket made of linen and silk, fully lined, working cuff buttons, etc. as well as trousers with silk to the knee lining and two silk shirts for $227 dollars. Beautifully done.
  7. Eric, if that's what truly happened it would have easier and far cheaper to fire them, throw them in jail for a stint and hire new people holding the examp0le over them.
  8. It was pretty bad, lots of people with masks. Otherwise cool and low humidity
  9. I choose Sunday to go to Pattaya as the opinion here is that there is less traffic midday Sunday than other days. Good advice, 90 minutes with no problems. The driver arranged with Poseidon hotel in Jomtien was there early and that pleased me enormously and raised my expectations for the trip. Rather than recount each day let me break this down to its constituent parts. The Poseidon: I had never been to Jomtien but was convinced to try it as well as this Gay hotel. Well, it's outstanding. Very nice, attentive service and nice rooms. The restaurant is just fantastic. For the first time on a visit to Thailand, I ate western food as the chief here is wonderful. The menu is fairly short and German/Austrian and perfectly prepared. The Schnitzel is on the menu as "pork schnitzel" not pretending to be true Wiener Schnitzel as this is always made with veal. But, as family connections affirm most Vienesse make it with pork as it is far cheaper. The menu is entirely in that vein even offering the famous Berliner currywurst. Breakfast is ala Cart I always chose bread basket ( all the bread here is wonderful ) augmenting with eggs, bacon, sausage. etc. Here I must mention that the breakfast sausage is a true breakfast sausage, not some sad hot dog abomination ( my apologies to hot dog lovers. I love a good ballpark or a true wienerwurst too, but it has no place on the breakfast table ) and the coffee is good. I'll mention Dick's here as it is the only other place I ate. Dick's is the same in Jomtien as it was in Bangkok even down to the service tableware. The food is good and because the Poseidon does not serve lunch this was my place for a late lunch and afternoon tea. Grab: While this app was wonderful in Bangkok it was just evil in Pattaya. Not the app, of course, but the drivers. I tried several times but let me give just one cogent example: I wanted to go to Tukom. I typed in to pick up at the Poseidon and destination Tukom. The driver arrived promptly, tracked by the app, he drove to the general area of Tukcom with help of google and ended up circling a parking garage two blocks from Tukom and wondering how to get in past the pay gate. I got out after a fruitless no English-no Thai conversation and walked. So, I ask. Would you not expect someone making his living driving in Pattaya be able to find a large shopping center in his own town? more later.
  10. God bless! Yes, I always tip . Oddly , in Bangkok the same guy stayed with me up to the Taxi stand but on arrival in the US ( TSA government close down issues I think ) they were short staffed and were trading off most efficiently.
  11. Yes thank you very much. The plan is much better. With Verizon i was charged $9.99 for a days calls if I used the phone even once for a miniute call. I also got a new XR I phone to replace my old 6s whose battery was on it's last days. So much better.
  12. After a fun evening with Mr. Scewboy, truly a doll and finely made. Next morning I feast ( facetiously ) on the smallish breakfast at Tarntawan; Making a mental note that there is a large hotel across the street where I could buy a better breakfast. Perhaps next trip, the omelet is not that bad. This day is dedicated to the newish Ganymede spa recommended by the estimable Divine Madman. To get there I use my new T-mobile phone and data plan ( recommended to me by this board ) and make my first use of Grab, recommended by Paulsf. Where would I be without everyone's help? Grab works fantastically well. Not only is it easy to use, charges to your credit card removing the need for the driver to have changed and it provides the driver with a google maps set of directions. Behind me are the days when I would ask for the "Grand Palace" and be taken to the Royal Palace. Being forced to tell the driver that I was "alas, not dining with the King" will no longer be a source of embarrassment. Ganymede is located on a soi before a resort and is gated. The driver followed along carefully and found it. I believe this would not have been as seamless without the app. I have no Thai and invite you to imagine communicating this to the average taxi driver. The spa is new, well appointed and very inviting. The "massage therapist" I selected from their Line account timeline is named Kevin. Actually, I made the appointment before leaving the US and was delighted when it all worked out. He's Vietnamese and gorgeous. We had so much fun I booked him to come to me at the hotel the next day. No problem, he showed up the next day 15 minutes early and was a delight, we lunched together. I humbly thank Divinemadman for his excellent blog. Lunch was at Madrid Tavern, everyone likes pizza, even the Vietnamese. Frankly, I wondered how good this would be. When I say pizza I'm thinking of the New York ( New Jersey ) style and this Madrid's is not. It is, however, a very good thin sliced Neopolitan type. I appreciated the ability to order a small which is perfect for one. Until I leave for Pattaya you can assume dinner, drinks and teasing chatter with Jack at Maxi's every night. Now, off to Moonlight. Ah! The legendary Moonlight. I remember it when it was the brand new Jupiter 2000 named to welcome the millennium. I also remember when that area housed a room I shared for a week with a lovely lad from Issan, one of Barbiery's best. Frankly, I enjoyed it better when it was my room. No, that's not fair. It's a nice place just too much hype for me. I've never been a Vegas guy. The "models" are just not my type. I recognize their good looks and obvious attraction to others; however, the "floor models" are more my speed. Still, I return to Scewboy for the evening and choose a doll from Chiang Mai. Who makes a fine end to a very nice day. In summary, I was only three nights in Bangkok which I regret as I enjoyed it and ( sigh ) still miss the delightful Jack. But, I supposed you guessed that. The crowds were not large for high season, Maxi's is good. Madrid is good and the Tarntawan is perfectly fine and the endless speculation seems unjustified. Tomorrow I'm off to Pattaya and my first visit to Jomtien.
  13. exactly, Hank. This is better handled with dispatchers and the volume of business coupled with cheap labor would warrant it.
  14. Please look, but the Romans and drains. They built this in the age of elevators!
  15. Yes, I should have mentionmed that it is my favorite as well. I never get my hair cut before a trip as I plan to have it cut there. I'll run over there for a shave in the morning. When I'm on vacation I like a little pampering. I don't mean to demean it in any way. It's just that so much is changing so fast that I'm sensitive to seeing something that looks to be on the down side rather than flying high. It's still very nice.
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