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  1. I doubt the spelling bee organizers grade on grammar. But, I am at a loss as to how this comic video, cute as it is, as anything to do with the DR.
  2. I have been traveling to Santo Domingo for many years. I've known every procurer and bar. In the last year I was looking at the friends recommendations that come to me as a result., I guess, of all my "types" - I have no idea how this works. But I started to Friend some and have a collection now - today a suggestion cam for this Santo Domingo page which seems a shell and I have, as you can see, 17 mutual friends. The page blocks view of non mutuals so there may be more than this aggregated there. Some of the guys are self proclaimed gays, some post pictures or do stories with money being shown . I suspect that many of these guys are available. Some have friends of their pages that I know have been with tourists. I'm curious if anyone has noticed this. I believe in a certain amount of coincidence in life - but 17 guys??? I have not contacted any of them. it just seems awfully intriguing. What does anyone think.
  3. He appears to speak Spanish but they clearly say there is no chicken. They tell him beef, he still thinks it's some sort of Jamaican like jerk chicken. Somehow I doubt his fluency.
  4. Kind of you to ask. Always been a bit of a social introvert; quite possibly my reason to prefer travel for encounters rather local relationships. Thus, self isolating is a bit of the norm but I cancelled March in Santo Domingo and that IS rough. Husbanding my wine supply and waiting for the ability too travel again.
  5. I've used Uber in Santo Domingo dozens of times and they come in roughly the time shown and you can track the car on the map. I don't understand how you experience this.
  6. I have to say this, there is an old custom among those who visit the bars of Bangkok and Pattaya that would be well adopted here: if you sit with a bar boy and talk to him for 10 minutes or so; regardless of whether you have touched him, kissed him, fondled him - let alone, engaged in oral sex you MUST tip him. They are sex workers and you know that. I can't believe this is an issue that needs to be discussed. It is not an issue of being a "noble sex tourist " ( why you would want to be otherwise is a mystery ) but of simple good manners and decency.
  7. personally, just my opinion but telling an American citizen where I can or can't go when there is no war on is sufficient grounds to impeach any of these presidents for simple tyranny. This whole Cuba thing gets so tiresome. I l live in South Florida and I understand the distress of Cubans who fled Castro, who lost everything. Yes, I get it; but if telling me what to do and where I can go is your understanding of liberty then it is faulty.
  8. I have always been single. My long term relationships have always been simple maintenance for Dominican guys I've wanted to be with . However, I have to mention one part of this thread: "Can you imagine how hot a threesome would be with Ashton Kutcher and Demi Moore?" Demi Moore???? She would be a woman so no I absolutely can't imagine it as I would run. Some indignities are not worth even Kutchner's bod
  9. exactly Bugarrone is hustler and Sanky is a gigolo - neither is a word you use with someone you want to spend time with. I only bring this up again to make it crystal clear to NOT ask anyone if they are either.
  10. BY the way, in the bar iformation: Gallery is closed. G lounge was incorporated into Fogo so it is no more. Bar Friends is not always open it is gasping for live and opens when there are enough tourists in town.
  11. I have not met him but the information is mostly sound but not perfect. 1. The DR is NOT in the middle of the Carribean. I get so tired of American weather people who say that the Bahamas are in the Caribbean. NO, they are in the Atlantic and the Arc of the greater and lesser Antilles divide the Atlantic from the Caribbean. Puerto Plata is on the Atlantic, Santo Domingo is on the Caribbean. Jamaica is, actually, entirely in the Caribbean. Granted, it's a very common error. 2. There is a public party beach in Santo Domingo called Guibia it is on the western ed of the Malecon Blvd. It is not a lush tourist beach, almost totally locals but it exists. 3. The hair thin differences between Bugarron ad Sake-Panky is usually restricted to sociology texts. My advice is to Never use either term - he's your amigo - pure and simple. God's sake don't use the term with a guy your interested in. 4. Finally, I gather that Casa Sanchez is a big advertising source and it is a nice place - Adam Suites is a desperate dump run by an expat Cuban America with grandiose dreams that have never materialized.
  12. I was, briefly, tempted to revisit the Dominican reality of how they view the many shades of brown to black that make up the melange of their society. But, it would be pointless and tiresome.
  13. Personally, when I'm in London again I shall rejoice that safe sex practices are still in force. I am protected when the boys are protected.
  14. @NoGagSuckerSF I want to echo "when in Rome". I was fortunate in that my work took me around the world many times: Europe, the Middle East and Israel, South Africa and South America and countless times to Asia. Any gay man, at least those on this forum, would have a wonderful time in the secluded, well mannered bars of Tokyo - but not in your leather getup and pads. You have to adapt to the place and time. Bangkok? They would giggle, hide their faces ad try not to run. Cape Town? Someone will kick your ass. I have not been to San Francisco in some 8 years and ca't really comment. South of Market and the fair may still be a place to array yourself in kneepads and accoutrements -I leave that to others. Santo Domingo? You won't scare them but you will be an oddity to say the least. You will get farther and much better if you leave the fetish outfits at home, blend in, respect the machismo and learn that respecting other cultures means letting go of some of yours. I'm sorry if this offends you as my advice is well intentioned. One can't travel the world with a fixed set of unadaptive requirements and expect to be embraced. The "dicks" you seek are, from Moscow to Tel Aviv, attached to living, acculturated human beings and you should accept them for what they are and not try to impose your own peculiarities on them.
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