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  1. There was nothing personal or crazy. In my opinion, which I am entitled to, my post was accurate. The threat of a "ban" is not something I am too concerned with. I can contribute somewhere else if my shared knowledge here is not welcomed. No problem. I think it's worth mentioning that I had no intention of even posting in this thread till you took it upon yourself to call me out. Guess you just can't help yourself huh?
  2. samebb

    Zing Vs. Agate

    If you want a place around the same price as the zing but a much higher standard take a look at The Venue. You won't have a pool but you will have nice rooms.
  3. You may find the odd Thai expat in pornography videos produced in other parts of the world, specifically the United States, however, there are no active studios producing gay pornography inside Thailand. Producing pornography in Thailand is a serious criminal offense with long prison sentences if caught. The studios who did produce content here moved away many years ago. Those old films are still around and can be found with a quick google search. One such individual was caught in Pattaya a couple of years ago. It's an interesting story if you go find it. It is worth noting that similar laws are in place all across South East Asia. This is why there is very little quality Asian gay pornography around currently, excluding Japan who continues to pump out large volumes, excuse the pun. While this does stop commercial production, it seems to have little effect on amateur videos, i.e guys with their smartphones recording their sexual exploits. These pop up all over the place on a number of Thai language tube style websites and more commonly in large LINE groups. This is where most gay guys get their porn fix. If you are close to any Thai gay guys, chances are they will have no problem inviting you to some of these LINE groups.
  4. I actively avoid Soi 4 on Saturdays now. Too busy! If you are looking for a normal gay night out, Soi 4 and DJ Station being packed is a good thing. If you are looking to pay for your fun there is nothing to be gained on Friday or Saturdays. Busy venues, bad seating options, more offs and fewer boys to choose from. Sundays and Wednesdays are the best for me personally! I will give you a hint why Wednesdays are great! It's party night at DJ for the twilight boys! Only 150b entry!
  5. samebb

    Zing Vs. Agate

    I didn't book the basic room. I don't remember what I did book though. In that instance I didn't book online, I was a walk in so I can't look back online. I do book online now though, through Agoda. I can report that the "walk-in" rate at the Agate was 1500 a night for a balcony room, as of last week. Cheaper than Agoda. I know this because myself and a friend decided to extend our stay on said trip to Pattaya. Even if you remove the room problems at Zing, which was borderline hell... The screaming Russian kids and families at the pool from 7am, at the time the place being a building site with an industrial compressor outside my room door in the hall.. A combination of things that made for such a horrible 1 night stay that the staff didn't care about at all. I felt ignored and blanked by staff who didn't give 2 shits about their guests. With bugs falling out the air conditioner in the nights, the room safe broken and other fixtures in the room broken. A bed that even by Thai standards was like sleeping on concrete... I walked out the following morning, walked next door to the Agate and never looked back. Since that time I have spent over a month staying at the Agate and I am always greeted warming by the excellent staff there. Ultimately everyone has their likes and dislikes. Sure, I would love to pay Zing prices for the Agate... I just find paying that little bit more makes my stay more comfortable. Another factor is when I stay at the Agate I am never alone. I boy pretty much stays with me my entire time there. The rooms are more comfortable for multiple people in my opinion.
  6. samebb

    Zing Vs. Agate

    Zing is nasty. I have stayed in guest houses half the price that are far nicer! Agate is expensive compared but worth every penny. Take a room with balcony. They all overlook the pool and have a nice table outside where you can sit and enjoy a coffee, read in the morning ect. If you get a room from the 304 - 307, 404 - 407, side you will get the late morning sun if that's your thing.
  7. And as of last night, you're wrong again. You are really good at being wrong
  8. I am a firm believer in charity for the disabled. Would you like me to meet you at nice boys Dthump and point out to you what you can't see? Would be a pleasure to school you?
  9. No. Never stayed in Power Boys. I am talking about nice boys. I was there with other board members. Were you? Or still blind?
  10. So you are blind. There are a number of what you call fem twinks in nice boys. 2 saturdays ago it was one of those fem boys birthday. Were you there?
  11. Why would you hate that? The boys are there to make money through tips, boy drinks and offs. You should be happy for them. Without customers these bars disappear into the history books. Here is an idea. Tip boys better and they will come sit with you! Magic! Or is there a more sinister reason they avoid you? I could see that being the issue from here...
  12. I referred to medical conditions. Not insults. There is no shame in medical issues. I wear glasses. Without them I am blind. Why jump to conclusions, slowflake?
  13. Shame it wasn't filmed and uploaded. That would be some hot Xtube content!
  14. You are clearly borderline retarded or blind. Maybe both. There are fem and masc twinks and older in both bars. In fact, I clearly remember drinking with a muscle boy in Winner a couple of months ago with a big dick. Either way. Just because a boy doesn't go to the gym daily and appears slightly "fem" to some people, in no way does he loose the fact hes a BOY. X and Y chromosomes blind man...... They are boys. They have dicks, and they work... well... Does yours?
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