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  1. Can you find bottoms boys in massages place in Bangkok or Pattaya and where can you find them please?
  2. Yes, i think i willl report my adventures when i will be on site until april 22th and may 6th each day or nearly. Can you tell me please how much you give for short time and long time in Bangkok en Pattaya please?
  3. how much please, i have to give to a boy for a night long or just for 1 or 2 hours please? 1500 bath for a short time and 3000 for a night it s ok or you, how much do you give?
  4. Thanks for all your advices! I think i will have great pleasure in Bangkok with all of this!! iF you have more advices or experiences, i am ready to read more! Thanks!!!
  5. Thanks for your answers guys!! At your opinions guys which bars do you prefer in Soi twilight? I like most bottoms young guys. Thanks!
  6. Hello, I have plan to do my second trip in Thailand in april and i need your help. I will stay a few in Bangkok and i haven't notice any gogo bars in the forum when you can see boys and pick up for the night except Jupiter and Tawan. Can you advice me for others good gogo bars in Bangkok? Thanks for your advices and sorry for my english!
  7. Yes, i really would like to have pics of all that boys, They look so cute! I wish to know them! I am french and my English is not very good but you are a great story teller!!!
  8. Me too also if you can!!! Thanks!
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