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  1. pattaya 31jan - 3feb bangkok 4feb - 7feb
  2. Going bangkok 4feb to 7feb which is during chinese new year.. will e vietnam boys at screwboy and xboy be there since its their large festival period and usuallly they to back... *cry*
  3. Ah ic.. nice.. thnx. Will explore next month..
  4. Wow thnx.. G boy club? Never heard of lol. Across surawong in soi wall street.. not sure where is it lol
  5. Heading to bkk for 5 nights next month August.. any changes to the gay club scene? Last i heard they are demolishing the clubs to build new condo... so where are e clubs now...
  6. Hi, Am going, anyone wanna meet up?
  7. Where to find those str8 manly boyish boys???
  8. crayontt

    BKK Gogo Bars

    Wow looks very happening during this month!
  9. crayontt

    28/12 3/1

    Hahaha.. true that Ahbang!
  10. crayontt

    28/12 3/1

    Hello will be visiting from 28/12 to 3/1 hahahahah
  11. For the Prime massage, any hot str8 rugged masseur to recommend? Number?
  12. Any "str8 massage" to recommend in bkk? Somehow.. i prefer those str8/manly/boyish/rugged boys working in those random "str8/normal massage shop" than the fem ones in shops labelled as "gay massage shops"... hehehe
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