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  1. Can't conment. Too long since I was on that side of my country
  2. Stock bar is still opened. Dancers are now muscle type. Some with good endowments. Their website (www.stockbar.com/en) even has a paid section with the live shows. Used to like it more as the variety was greater. You could see twinks, skaters and muscle types but now is mainly muscles and some with too much steroid. There are more straight dancers than gay, I would say. Campus, (www.campusmtl.com) that used to be all muscles, is now more mixed. Taboo is more twinks and young types. So it's my regular spot (!!!). More gay than straight dancers. Very enjoyable place. Bar Adonis just reopened during last April (www.barladonis.ca). Also twinks but not necessarily good bodies but always have one or 2 dancers that stand out. Private dances are $15 CAD at Taboo and Adonis and dancers are really in your lap. I can vouch for it (!!) Dances are $20 at Stock and Campus and I cannot say anything on how "friendly" dancers are when in their cubicule as most are not my type and it's been too long since I asked for a private dance. In case people ask: I do not know if the dancers are offable. Prostitution in Canada is illegal and client asking for sex service are prosecuted. If offable, it would be something dealt directly with the dancer and it would be after hours as the guys have to be working for the bar until closing at 3am. Bar would not be involved and thus no off fee. Naturally all meeting apps are useful in Montreal. I know there at least 2 bars in Toronto but cannot comment as it has been too long since i went.
  3. I use kayak or google flight to check on pricing but i book on Expedia because I get upgraded and get benefits when I book Hotels. One new app to predict pricing is Hopper. It sends you notifications when prices drop. But you need to be careful as getting close to your departure date their savings stay the same but price of the actual price and predicted price are going up together. But it is a good tool when checking 4 - 5 months ahead.
  4. Good to read you again Numazu and looking forward to the 3some story. Many thanks for the bonus of the FB link of Moonlight. Looked at those videos and must say the superstars are exactly that. Also that the last days videos have all cute guys (Tee without the long cross hearing would be a good choice) but the real superstar is in previous videos and it is; Babe with the perfect body, nice smile and look of uneasiness hearing all the compliments the MC is throwing at him ! Had seen his Instagram where he shows off all kind of underwears and can't stop drooling on his posts. Knowing he can be seen at Moonlight is a real good incentive to go back to Bangkok. And yes, a 4000 bht fee is conceivable for a person with that body and personnality!! A bit more if he bottoms??? ;-)
  5. Anyone went to Sihanoukville since the last posts? I always like to go to the beach while on vacation and feel it would be a good rest after the visits of Phnom Penh and the temples of Siem Reap. Travelgayasia now says the OGA bar opened a massage, sauna and spa and there is also a gay friendly hotel https://www.travelgayasia.com/gay-sihanoukville/ Thanks
  6. Now, if they pushed for a direct flight from either Montreal,Toronto or Vancouver to Bangkok, it would be the perfect enticement
  7. Blue Karma Resort is a good choice as it is gay-rated by Gay Travel Asia and I can confirm it is gay frienfly, having stayed there in December 2016. So not too out of date. Details at: http://www.gaythaila...ort-bali/page-2
  8. There is something to say about Rio de Janeiro; I think they spray something in the air, some hormones to make you horny must be it!!! The one time I visited, I was horny all the time and libido was high during the 4 days there!! Quite amazing. Would have to try it again!! The place "smell" sex!!
  9. While it must be a thrill to eat at 50m (164 ft) with your feet hanging loose in the air for about an hour, I must say that for about the same price I prefer to drink and eat for 3 hours on the roof of the Banyan Tree hotel’s 61st floor at the Vertigo restaurant / Moon bar. The view is quite incredible and even if the food is not awe inspiring it is still high gastronomy and a nice experience. You have a 360 degrees view of the city at a height of about 235m (770 ft). So you really are “overlooking” the city. Disclaimer: No exact height can be found for the Banyan Tree so I took the information from the Lebua State Tower which has the Sirocco restaurant and Sky bar on the 64th floor, at 247m (820 ft) (3rd highest in Bangkok) and just extrapolated. Naturally, the vue from Lebua must be something too Other skybars are listed here. https://thejaiyencountry.wordpress.com/2013/08/18/5-best-skybars-in-bangkok/ Pictures from November 2016
  10. A Merry Christmas and a New Year filled with Health... and the rest will follow !
  11. Was in Mexico at beginning of July. I know the place well as I lived there 14 years. That is 15 years ago but I go back often. (3 time in 4 years). Open the apps (Grindr and Hornet) and you will probably be hit by a lot of people ready to chat and have sex. It felt that I could have someone at the hotel rest an hour and go at it again! Some asking for money, many not. Just wanted to have sex. Could not engage in it but I am still talking to a few still 2 months later. From the apps, most want to move to WhatsApp. Bar wise. Start after 4pm on Amberes street between Paseo de Reforma and Hamburgo in the Zona Rosa. Lots of small bars where the young start after school and the evening gets more interesting. There is one bar with gogo there but I did not go so I cannot comment. From there you go to El Almecen on Florencia street 37 (2 blocks from Amberes) and you have a drink and then go down to a separate bar even if in the same building to Cabaretito Neon (www.cabaretito.com.mx) where it is more disco and dancing but with strippers making performance at different time of the evening. Cute young guys and twinks around. Was easily approached and talked to. And, if not shy, you can touch the strippers. Can tell you that last year a friend even got to suck one of them in front of all. Does not mean it will work every time but you will not know if you are shy! Tom's Leather bar (mentionned by Floridabob) (www.toms-mexico.com) was very good too last year (did not go this year but no reason it changed). Good strippers too. As per the name, more jeans and leather and ruff crowd. Both Neon and Tom's have backrooms for quick fun. As usual, be careful of your valuables in those rooms! If you like more fem twinks go to (same corporate group) Cabaretito-Fusion (Londres 77 between Niza and Insurgentes). It was located elsewhere when I was there years ago and did not go this time but should be a lot of cute little ones there. Get your fresh orange juice in the morning at a street stall. Worth the 1.00 USD! Add the quesadilla from the stall beside it and you will have a great breakfast for little money! Stay at Galeria Plaza Reforma smack in the middle of Zona Rosa which shows rate for September under $80.00 USD per night. Sheraton and NH have hotels close by too or you can find even cheaper. I think bringing people at Galeria Plaza is no problem (I saw a guy brought someone) but cannot confirm. Could give you tips for restaurants but I would write all night! Too many places to suggest. But for local delicacies from the state of Yucatan, go for tacos de cochinita pibil (pulled pork tacos) at Antojitos yucatecos Los Arcos, Florencia 43 besides El Almacen mentioned above). Or good steaks and meats at La Mansion (one branch is inside the Marriott Hotel on Reforma street) Have fun!
  12. There are nice days like that when decisions are not difficult to take!
  13. Big gain if all is smooth and soft!
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