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  1. Find it :) Thank you very much
  2. Hello, Can someone help me to find the bus to go from Jomtien to Boystown ? I do not find it :(
  3. Where is the New Twilight ?
  4. Someone tried Bavana Hotel Thaniya Soi2 ? This hotel seems to be well placed and not so expensive.
  5. Extra facilities are not very important for me. I will be mostly out of the hotel. A clean, safe, quiet room hotel is important to me. The hotel must be near gay bars and gogo too
  6. @Travellerdave Zing Resort et Ambiance are both cheap. Is the quality of rooms OK ? Isn’t there too much noise at night? Agate and Poseidon hotels are twice as expensive than Zing Resort and Ambiance. Is this difference justified ?
  7. Thank you all. I bought my plane ticket yesterday With your guidances I will now booking hotels and looking for gogo bars, massage places...
  8. Thanks. Google shows Zing Hotel in first^^ I saw that post on the forum : Is there lot of risks of flood or tsunami if I go early in July ?
  9. @Travellerdave Based on Google Map, Zing Hotel seems to be far from Jomtien and BT. Was it not too complicated to go to the beach ?
  10. Yes I am looking for cute twinks
  11. Thank you for your advice. I like the proposal of @Londoner to stay some days in Jomtiem et some days near Boyz Town I write on my to do list that I must not go at Sun Bar
  12. Thank you very much @traveller123 I was just wondering where I should stay in Pattaya (Jomtien or Boyz Town). I was afraid that Jomtien is too far from the city and that there are not enought fun in Jomtien (boys, gogo, massage...). Is there buses all night between Jomtien and city ?
  13. Ok thank you. So, I think I will be one week in Pattaya and one week in Bangkok
  14. Hello all, I am preparing a trip to Asia this summer. I thought about Thaïlande. I am looking for sun, fun, massages, gogo, sex... I would like to go in two or three cities during my trip. I heard about Bangkok, Chiang Mai, Chiang Rai, Pattaya, Phuket... Can you help me to select the three hotest cities of Thaïlande ? I heard that summer is not the best period to go to Thaïlande. Is there any fun and local boys at this period anyway? Thx for helping me PS : Sorry for my very bad english^^
  15. Yes I did that, thank you
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