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  1. totally agree, they are so experienced they can sniff and sense a prey and go for the kill. I visited Moonlight first time two weeks ago and within seconds the mamasan knew I was there with the main aim to off somebody. My body language? Or leering eyes perhaps, although I kept it as low profile as possible and avoided staring at the boys
  2. What's the name of the 'loud' music pub in Patpong?
  3. DivineMadman - Thank you so much for your Sabaidee spa recommendation. The somewhat hidden entrance and cozy feel of the place just gave me a relaxed and non-intimidating vibe. The person who manages Line was also spot on and honest in the assessment of the guys. A few other centers simply ignored my initial Line contact. So for someone shy like me who likes the idea of prebooking rather than taking a chance and choosing from a fish aquarium, this place is great ! The place also has a “discreet” feel to it. Definitely a return for me for next visit to Bangkok in June
  4. Great experience at sabaidee spa. Prebook with Line . Very responsive and honest about the boys and their preferences
  5. Someone please enlighten, I will be in BKK soon and thinking of visiting this bar
  6. WXYZ is the name of bar of Aloft Hotel, sukhumvit soi 11
  7. Heard from former Hero boy, the old place will be converted and renamed My Hero. Same boss as Prince. Open sometime in November. Any truth in this ?
  8. Who is he? slurpp again...
  9. #1, before he was so bulked up...
  10. I'm paranoid - had camera stolen once, and that's it. Now in hotel, everything locked in safe deposit. Except lube and rubber . Money for boy comes out while boy is showering after fun, then relock.
  11. kentop

    Adonis closed

    oh! I didnt realize Uniman was closed. When did it happen?
  12. Reading this thread made me wanna off Thong as well!
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