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  1. i would have guessed the custom officer would be happy to accept $ instead of Thai baht, don't you think so?
  2. haha good question Vinapu I just want to look a bit younger
  3. Hi, Does anyone know any salon/spa that does a good job at dyeing grey hair? And how much is it? Fyi: preferably near Silom or bts/mrt. Thanks
  4. Hi JimmyJoe, Do you remember the cross street to 54th st where Lime Spa is located?
  5. I don't know if that 35000 kyat b2b includes tip or not (I personally think probably not). Any expert in Yangon care to help answer this question?
  6. I saw some spas advertise 35000 kyat for body-to-body massage. You paid 17000 kyat was probably for an oil massage but you got b2b instead
  7. Hi JimmyJoe, the 30000 kyat tip plus 35000 kyat fee for the shop, total of 75000 kyat? Is that right?
  8. Hi everyone, I am going to Playa DC for a few day weekend and am wondering if anyone has any recommendations (strip bars, masseurs or callboys)? Thanks
  9. Hi everyone, I am interested in purchasing the Gcircuit boy pool party but it was sold out online. What are my options (try to buy ticket at the gate or look for ticket on black market)? in addition, is it worth it to go to that pool party? Thanks
  10. Hi a447a, yes i have seen some site listed massage for 1.5 h for about 12,000 yen on average. Does this already include the tip or do I still need to tip separately ? I heard tip is not expected in Japan including at restaurants and other services, is it true? Thanks
  11. Hi all, I have a long layover at Haneda airport (Friday from 4 pm to 1 am Sat) and am looking for suggestion to pass the time. In addition to the usual sight seeings, I am also looking for a good massage place near Shiguya or Shinjuku area? and how much am I expected to tip the masseur ? Thanks
  12. Hi Paul, Do you know any nice, clean apartment to recommend? I used to stay at Klass condo in silom but i believed they are sold out too.
  13. I have a last minute impulse to book a trip to Bkk from 12/28 through 1/1/18. Now i see lots of good hotels either fully booked or the prices have skyrocketed
  14. Hi Spoon, What is a reverse image search? and how do you do it? Thanks
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