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  1. There may be many ladies at Jupiter and the Jupiter guys love to be with them to drink but the ladies seldom take them off.
  2. I recommend going to massage shops where there are more ladies than men. You ask for a male massuer and he will probably give you a sensual but non-sexual massage.
  3. I agree with all your points regarding Jupiter guys. Definitely cheaper to get massage guy but you can't see massage guys in briefs in advance. Unless you already are having massage by the guy and you see and know him well enough to invite him again for outcall.
  4. Maybe permit is still not ready. But should be up soon for Christmas!
  5. I found recent info from a forum member. Jupiter guys are willing to go with male customers and they are not expensive! In fact, mamasan is able to arrange for guys to go directly to hotel room. I like Jupiter guys because they are handsome but most of them have large tattoos on their chests which I don't like.
  6. You should have asked the Jupiter mamasans about Mr Boom. They should know his current whereabouts. They might even be able to get in touch with him to arrange a private meeting with you. For a tip of course!
  7. How did you know that he did not like you?
  8. I can't wait to go shopping again especially sexy underwear!
  9. I believe strangers will approach you to strike conversation!
  10. Happy to read that you enjoyed yourself! You and your friend must have caused impression on the Jupiter boys!
  11. Can you share which club you offed the two guys from?
  12. I like Doctor Twink too! And i have done doctor roleplay with guys in Bangkok!
  13. It's also possible that customer doesn't know Korn well enough. Korn is a recent addition to the Moonlight model line up.
  14. He used to do the merman show at Classic at Old Twilight then he went to Lucky Boy as part of big cock show and finally ended up at Dreamboys. Guy on right looks handsome.
  15. I agree. Arena is tried and tested. Good service.
  16. 200 baht for a drink is a steal! I hope drink for boy is small price!
  17. There are two guys in white singlet in fact!
  18. I don't care about navy theme. I am just so happy to see them parade in white underwear!
  19. Can't wait to read your report on Tawan. Thank you for your real-time live reporting.
  20. Thank you for your real-time reporting! I stayed at Le Meridien in June and liked it. Sad to find out that Screwboys, Bangkok Massage and Lucky Boys have not reopened but happy to hear that there's many guys and customers at Freshboys and Dreamboys. Do consider checking out Banana at Soi 4. The guys there seem to be your type.
  21. So glad to have met and known you back in June, @flashbarryallen Glad that we were able to click so spontaneously. I have never given much thought to social anxiety. What's there to be anxious when entering a bar/pub/club?
  22. Such a waste you won't be in Bangkok during this Christmas. I am so glad you get along well with @18past19 Both of you love handsome muscle guys and I can imagine both eyeing the same guys in bar!
  23. Not unless they are competing with you for your favourite muscle boy in bar!
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