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  1. I like both for different reasons, but if I have to pick one it's normally Pattaya. Primarily for the pure sleeze of Sunee Plaza (and more particularly Nice Boys). FYI - Burboy is back living in Pattaya, if you were after a bit of nostalgia lol. I FINALLY had the pleasure of catching up with him again for a drink when I was there in March...still as handsome and charming as ever!!
  2. Yes, can anyone please confirm what the flooding (if any) is generally like in Sunee / Boyztown / Jomtien during the wet season? I've visited other areas during the wet season, particularly Bangkok and Phnom Penh...I really don't mind the rain itself (as long as you're fortunate enough to have somewhere to shelter when it's really heavy...preferably somewhere with cute boys and beer)...but when the streets flood excessively it can be seriously inconvenient trying to get around at all (and especially frustrating if it happens just when all the bars are closing and you're drunk and don't want to wade through knee-deep water just to cross the road lol!).
  3. Hi Alex, thanks for the enjoyable report! If you get a chance, I'd also be very interested in hearing about your experiences in / thoughts of Saigon. Considering a Vietnam trip myself in the near future.
  4. Aux1010

    Blued app

    From memory it gives you the option to sign-up using your Facebook log-in (as do many different sites nowadays). I did not provide my FB log-in, but was able to join as you would the 'traditional' way (i.e. provide your e-mail and choose a password). You should have another look / give it another try...I've found it to be a very active app', with many cute and keen guys! **Just an edit to add, this is based on using it in my home country, I hadn't got around to installing it last time I was in Thailand / Cambodia.
  5. NUMAZU! I was so excited to see a new post from you! Not to mention the fact that you're reporting on South / Central America, which is very high on my to-visit list! But the fact that you mention Chaturbate studios (possibly in Medellin?) drives me crazy with anticipation lol!! Sorry we didn't get a chance to catch-up for a beer when we were both suppose to be in Bangkok last August, I also unfortunately didn't get around to catching up with Burboy then either. BUT I'm literally looking at 12 hours now until I board my next flight to Bangkok (spending time in Pattaya and Phnom Penh too), and will definitely try and catch-up with Burboy for a drink this visit! Please keep posting!!
  6. Hi Dani / Moses, how are things going tourist-wise at the moment in relation to the Mount Agung activity? I was planning to visit Bali for the first time on my next SEA trip in February, but unfortunately due to the above my travel insurance won't cover me. I guess being "SUBJECTED" to Pattaya, Phnom Penh, then Bangkok isn't sooo bad...but hope I can also visit Bali in the not too distance future!!!
  7. My apologies if I'm incorrect, but I don't understand how you can 'dent' something that doesn't exist??
  8. My last trip was in August / September. I've only visited the region a few times, but this was my first trip during 'wet season'. Even though I still enjoyed my trip, I would be a bit hesitant to go again at this time of year. I love the tropical thunder storms and enjoy the fact the rain refreshes everything, but when the streets inevitably flooded (both in Bangkok and Phnom Penh), it really was a bit shit and quite inconvenient (especially if it was during the evening when you were out drinking and most likely not wearing clothes / shoes suitable for wading through water; also getting caught in even thirty seconds of downpour can mean you're drenched through and then to go and sit in an air-conditioned bar can mean you freezer your ass off!!). In regards to how quiet the bars can be..yes, that can be entertaining, as you're the centre of attention, but can also be a bit tiring / off-putting, as when you're the only customer in the bar and all the boys are just staring at you the whole time hoping for an off it can be a bit disconcerting!! . Having said that though, of course I'd be happy to be there any time of the year!!
  9. Hi colmx, I've only had a look there twice and can't confirm any specific info', plus it was mid-August when I was there and all the bars were quiet, so possibly not representative of what it's usually like. The first time I went was after Screwboys Gogo closed, so probably around 2am-ish. The only other customers were a group of of four Japanese (guys and girls), who seemed to be having fun. There were only two guys working, so I'm assuming they weren't really there to be offed / host like in Pattaya, otherwise there would have been no staff left! I had a few drinks / chatted with one of the guys who worked there (who said he use to work at Screwboys as a Gogo boy). From my hazy memory, I think the bar was probably open for an hour or so after I arrived (so maybe 3am-ish+/-??). When closing up the bar, the guy I'd been chatting with was keen to come back to my place (just to fuck, not for money), which I agreed to. On the way back to my apartment it dawned on me just how drunk I was and that I really wasn't going to be capable of anything much other than going to sleep; I also had a full day of tattoo work booked for the following day, which was going to be laborious enough with a hang-over, let-alone without getting much sleep; so ended up telling the guy that I was really sorry, but I was just going to have to go home and crash by myself. He was understandably a little annoyed at me wasting his time. I went there a couple of nights later, again after Screwboys Gogo bar had closed. This time there weren't any customers. I had a quick chat to the guy from the previous night, but he was obviously still a bit annoyed about the previous night, so I didn't stay
  10. It's a separate karaoke bar. Yes, on Patpong 2 (exit Screwboys Gogo bar, turn left, walk a small distance down the Soi and it's on the right-hand side....provided my beer and whisky-addled memory's correct!!).
  11. I third this, I spent a few days (well, mainly nights actually) with Sareth last November. To be honest I seriously underutilized his knowledge / guiding skills and just had him take me out for dinner / drinking most nights, but he obviously has a passion for and extensive knowledge of his countries history...as well as being cute and absolutely charming, I'd thoroughly recommend him!!
  12. Hi Numazu, I've really enjoyed all your previous reports / posts and appreciate the time you put into them. I'll be in Siem Reap for five days in November, so would really appreciate any info' / insights you can provide, sex-related or not. Cheers
  13. If I wanted to visit Angkor Wat in the evening as opposed to the morning, can anyone recommend what sort of time would be preferable to start / finish the tour (I'd prefer to avoid being out in the sun too much if possible, plus I'm not a morning person!)? I'll be visiting for about five days in November (and yes, I'll be seeing if Sareth is available for a couple of those days).
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