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  1. I've greatly enjoyed reading your reports and your first time in Thailand experiences. Thanks for taking the trouble to write!
  2. What times are the shows at Jupiter?
  3. The Local Canteen (that's its actual name). The Local Canteen 158 Soi Naradhiwas Rajanagarindra 3, Khwaeng Silom, Khet Bang Rak, Krung Thep Maha Nakhon 10500, Thailand +66 97 078 5710 https://maps.app.goo.gl/53cjW
  4. another vote for the duck red curry!
  5. My time at Pattaya at an end, I made a two day stop in Bangkok before heading back to the airport. Staying at the Raya, I decided to go and and see Hua Lamphong station before it closes next year. On the way via Sam Yan, I passed by a massage shop called Magic Hands. Very out of the way, but a quick google search suggested that was an M2M place so I thought I'd try it on the way back. When I arrived back there, I found the place deserted. All set up and ready to go, with music playing etc, I wandered right through the place freely. After waiting 10 minutes or so, I decided to head for a coffee instead. Whilst in the cafe, I happened to notice that another forum member was asking about the same massage place. I decided I would go back a little later, and this time, there was just one guy there who happily took my money and led me upstairs. Not especially good looking, but it emerged during the massage that he had a cock to die for, and in all respects it was a very good experience; I will definitely return again on a subsequent visit. The next day, transferring for the afternoon to the Malaysia hotel, I went out for one final massage. I was aiming for Sanctuary Spa by A, but decided if I saw someone I liked at an alternative on the way, I would do that. I passed Magic Touch, but no one took my fancy. In fact there were a few guys smoking outside which was quite off-putting. No-one around in either of the other shops along the way, so Sanctuary Spa it was. However, despite being the most expensive massage this holiday. It was a total disappointment. Massage was borderline ok but the guy wouldn't remove any clothes and didn't really know how to keep things flowing. I didn't even cum! I won't be going there again. On my way back. I passed by one of the massage shops that was deserted earlier, only to find quite an attractive guy calling out to me as I went past. Damn, why wasn't he there earlier? Too late as the airport beckoned. So a slightly disappointing end to my trip, but overall I can't complain. I have had another fantastic time. Hope you enjoyed reading!
  6. So true! But we all get caught out when we are not using our brains to lead us!
  7. Day 9 Today I decided to go to Supreme massage (2nd road) and again opted for 90 minutes. This wasn't as good a massage; it was clear that he didn't really know how to fill more than 60 minutes and actually just repeated the massage room the beginning! When it came to the ending, there was no negotiation but he was happy without being asked, to strip naked and I ended up fucking him with him on top. In the evening, I passed by one of the bars in Jomtien centre (on the road between the Venue and at Agate) and was rather attracted to a Cambodian lad. He definitely had the gift of the gab and striking looks to go with it. A few whiskeys later and he accompanied me back to the hotel. He stayed overnight and part of the next day swimming before heading back to work. While sitting round the pool in the afternoon, I was quite drawn to another guy who was around the pool area. He was talking to another farang but it wasn't clear if they were here together. It seemed the attraction was mutual as I found him looking at me several times during the afternoon. Eventually, as I was sitting outside my room reading, he came over to talk to me. No, the farang wasn't his boyfriend, they were just friends. Turned out he was from Laos so we had a chat about that. Then he asked to see my room. I said go ahead but he asked me to show him. Once inside, he made a grab for my crotch and kissed me. Seeing where this was going, I suggested I needed a shower and left him in the room while I did so, but when I turned round in the shower, he had come into the bathroom and was watching while I showered. It was actually quite a turn on. Once dried, I went back into the bedroom and lay on the bed. At this point, he said he'd better not as his "friend" would be wondering where he was! What a tease! So suitably primed but not fulfilled, I headed off in the rain for a massage in Jomtien. Continuing my tour of not-specifically-gay massage places, I settled on Sawasdee Spa, the furthest massage place on the left hand side of the road to Jomtien beach, opposite Country Road bar. Again, a very competent massage and excellent handjob at the end without negotiation. No nudity (only curtains separate the "rooms") but good nonetheless! Afterwards I popped into Dick's and whilst there my new Laos friend then messaged me to say he was in the pool and would I like to join him. Well great, but I'm not falling for that again! (Subsequently it became clear that he was staying with the other guest and I imagine that he was lining me up for when his other guy leaves. Too bad, I leave the same day! Not that he stopped there... I tend to go for a swim early evening and on several occasions he appeared from nowhere to swim at the same time). Day 10 to 12 My new conversationally-challenged Thai bar friend contacted me in the morning asking if he could come swimming (aka as swimming, showering and sex). What a bother eh? Another really pleasant afternoon (that was to be repeated a few more times before my holiday was out). Although painfully difficult to chat with, he's good for playing in the pool and very good to cuddle in bed.
  8. Day 5 and 6 A guy who I made contact with (but not met) on Jackd a while ago on my last trip and had been skyping a few times was coming to visit me, for a couple of nights as there was a Thai holiday. The skyping was for mutual benefit: he wanted to practise and improve his English and I wanted to do the same with my Thai. At no point had we discussed being in a relationship but during his visit it appeared that he considered us boyfriends. I might be naive here but we had never discussed such a thing! In fact, once when he asked me about sleeping arrangements, I told him there was a comfortable couch, or he was free to share the big bed, which he opted for. Whilst in bed later, he then asked me when I last had sex: I lied that it was last week(!). This appeared to shock him as apparently he thought we were now exclusive! So it was a tad awkward and we spent the night on different sides of the bed. The next day he decided to go back to Bangkok. I have to say I was quite relieved given the awkwardness. It's a shame though as the skyping might end now. So, unspent, as it were, I headed to try out another Chivarome branch (South Pattaya road. Near the police box junction). I picked a handsome Thai guy, opted for another 90 minutes, and had another good massage. Not the best hand and blow job (but then the bar has been set very high this trip) but his willingness to get naked was much appreciated and I left a happy man. Day 8 I invited a lad I had met the previous evening at a Jomtien bar (which was closed for the day) to come and swim etc at my hotel. After a bit of a hiccup with him not bringing his ID card, the afternoon went well, and with the onset of some rain, we retired to the room where we had a great time together. The only painful issue is that his English isn't good and he seems to have no conversational ability in Thai, so I wouldn't especially want to take him for a meal and sit in silence. However then my ex boyfriend messaged me saying he was driving down from Bangkok and would be arriving to see me at 5. So I had to encourage the bar guy to leave in time. Needless to say the dash from Bangkok was less about seeing me and more about "borrowing" some cash. However he is going to drive me to Nong Nooch, then back to Bangkok on my departure, then to the airport after a couple of days. To be continued
  9. My first day in Pattaya started with my traditional trip to the Blind Massage place in Jomtien centre. Sadly my favourite masseur was only available for one hour rather than my preferred two hours, but I guess one hour is better than nothing. Later on I ventured into Pattaya for various beauty treatments at the Royal Garden shopping centre. On my way back, I passed Pawanthip massage (just to the right of the Mike Hotel) and a cute guy got my attention. I have decided on this holiday to strike while the iron is hot - too many times I've decided the time isn't right and returned the following day to find no trace of the original attraction. I think it made his day; the massage was good, and what I liked was he kept it very sensual all the way through. A real tease! When I turned over, a few cues from me and his t-shirt and shorts vanished. A very nice body, cock and arse I have to say and very enthusiastic. So a really good start to my trip. Day 2 I had been expecting a guy I had previously offed on a prior visit to come to me today, but he kept delaying the time and then finally arranged to come in the evening. So I wandered down to Jomtien for a pedicure and then paid a visit to the usually reliable Fah massage in the complex. I was not disappointed by the highly enthusiastic masseur. The guy I had previously arranged to meet turned up in the evening and we went to the Sketchbook Art cafe to eat, followed by a walk along the sea front. Returning to the room, we climbed into bed and all was getting nicely warmed up when he suddenly decided to give me a love bite on the neck. This is something I really hate and it wasn't as if we were yet in the throes of unbridled passion. Not only are they sore but I hate having them on display. I jumped out of bed to put some ice on it. I was now in a thoroughly bad mood and decided the evening was over. I asked him politely to leave which he did. Maybe harsh but I felt his actions were unnecessary and I won't be seeing him again Instead of sex, I spent the next hour with ice and a banana skin. It's still going to be a few days before this one disappears. Day 3 After a morning reading and swimming, as the weather was undecided, I ventured into Pattaya in short of a "proper" massage. Alighting at the police box, I walked up second road with my first stop Chivarome (the one in second road). Because of a downpour, all the masseurs were inside but, as luck would have it, a rather sweet looking guy came out having seen me looking at the menu. Choosing a 90 minute oil massage was easy and so we ventured to a room on the top floor. What followed was possibly the best massage ever: not only was it very accomplished, but his technique also got me highly aroused during the whole session. The transition into a handjob about two thirds through was without words or annoying negotiation - just totally natural - with me able to feel his own erection through his clothes, and the massage continued afterwards to the full allotted time. I really couldn't fault this experience at all. Full marks! Day 4 Passing by on a mission to secure another massage, if only to avoid the constant rain, I was accosted by a masseur outside Sea Massage. Not necessarily my type at all but the best of the bunch sitting outside. I would have found it awkward to switch anyway, so I agreed to a 90 minute oil massage. Like Chivarome the day before, this was also a very good massage. A lot of gentle arousing touches in different ways kept me hard the entire time. Where it lost a few marks was firstly the negotiation of a "special massage" upon me turning over. Not that it was difficult but just interrupts the whole flow somewhat. The second thing was that he wanted to bite my nipples and was about to do the same thing to my neck. Why I'm suddenly becoming edible I have no idea, but he did desist when I gently asked him not to. Later, I went for dinner in Cha cha cha and like vinapu went for the chicken and Cashew nuts. Hmm, I have to say I was a little disappointed. Note however I've eaten there a couple of times since and thought it was "good". To be continued
  10. I wish I'd known about the discount! Next time...
  11. I agree totally z909 - frequency is key. I'm interested in the AUA method as mentioned on the original "retirement" thread. Most language learning centres on being about to speak and write but listening to and understanding a fast speaking native speaker is a real challenge and AUA seems to really address this.
  12. I always pay a visit to The Local Canteen. Not somewhere you'd eat every day (500b for three courses) but their Massaman curry is the best I've had anywhere and the place itself is smart and friendly.
  13. Ok, in the interests of the forum, I returned to Magic Touch an hour later. This time there was a guy on the ground floor tidying a few things up. He seemed to be the only guy available so I'm not sure if picking from a lineup is usual or not. But I was happy to go with him, very happy as it turned out. I'm impressed with the place and its facilities (Ensuite shower and toilet, good massage beds with face holes). And a very sensual massage over the 90 minutes, the masseur wearing thin shorts that hid very little of his beautiful and considerable endowment. The shorts removed when indicated and no awkward discussion regarding tip. Happy to mention the name of the masseur, but pm me, as I prefer not to mention publicly. Highly recommended!
  14. I just went into Magic Touch (5pm). Beautiful place for sure but absolutely no-one seemed to be around. Reception deserted and I wandered freely upstairs. One door with a do not disturb sign so presumably just the one guy on at this time. May try later if I haven't found an alternative.
  15. I found the only way to master the tones and the sounds which are not found in Western languages is to have a paid teacher, in my case in the UK, to listen and correct. I think others are right on here that Thais generally like the sense of control and also that they can chat to their friends without us really understanding what they're saying. In fact, you have to be very fluent (in any language) to pick up on the coloquial interchange between native speakers so mostly they are safe anyway.
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