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  1. OMG @gayinpattaya! Please do introduce him to me when I am there next month. I have a soft spot for Burmese boys, as my previous trip reports can attest, and throughly enjoyed my time in Myanmar a couple of years ago. Send me a personal message! Coincidentally, my Brazilian friend Tiago, who is now working at a Muay Thai gym, told me that the owner of the gym is fond of ”adopting” strays to stay at the gym if he can see some potential in the person, whether he sees a good fighter, or a good worker to work around the gym. The newest “stray” at the gym is an 18 year old Burmese boy who has potential to be a good MMA fighter. Tiago of course has sent me photos of the boy (not sexy photos of course, just normal ones), and the boy is hot and super ripped and in tremendous fighting shape. So. Many. Abs. Not sure if there is a possibility for me there, but I do appreciate Tiago sharing these tidbits with me when he knows I’d be interested. Thanks for the great intel, @Min. I think I’ll bite the bullet and choose the Baywalk or Aya, and maybe book a night or two at a fancier hotel further away closer to the beach to get the resort atmosphere I may need, instead of the Avani, since it is not by the beach. Nice to know that those three properties seem to be more or less fine for our purposes.
  2. @12is12 haha you're probably right. I probably should start a new thread about my inquiry. i thought I'd just ask it in this thread because it is about Pattaya and a newbie would want to know about it too. I just got lazy lol. Though yes, I don't like hijacking a thread not my own, with my own shit (like I am doing right now lol). Maybe I'm just too cautious that's why the "sorry". It's been 5 plus years since my last Pattaya escapade. I'll likely go back next month. I'll be open to buying a beer or two with any forum members who will be there too!
  3. Hijacking this thread about Pattaya sorry, but I am in the planning stages of a Pattaya trip soon and looking for hotel options. As I try to quickly requalify for American Airlines Exec Platinum Status for 2023, I wanted to use Rocketmiles.com to book my hotel that will enable me to get the Loyalty Points I need to get me over the line to get over 200,000 points. (Background here for the curious: https://thepointsguy.com/news/rocketmiles-vs-booking-direct/) Using this website does limit my options, and if I was wanting to stay within sane walkable distance from Boyztown Pattaya, it looks like I have 3 main choices: $43/night - Baywalk Residence (1500 miles) $44/night - Aya Boutique Hotel (2000 miles) $83/night - Avani Pattaya Resort (2500 miles) Anyone have any insight on any of these three hotels? I have stayed at the Baywalk and Aya before, but this was 2015-2016 time, so things may have changed since then. I am curious about the Avani Resort, pricier and arguably the least miles for the buck, but I wouldn't mind a little bit of luxury if its worth it. Obviously the joiner situation needs to be liberal. Thanks!
  4. So close and yet so far… I was writing this trip report in a lull in my travel schedule. And I almost made it to my final posts but not before I started traveling again. Let’s see when I can finish the posts. In the meantime, a view from my seat today. Can anyone guess where I am and where I’m going? @floridarob you already know the answer.
  5. Having met @Latbear4blk a few year ago, and if his situation hasn’t changed, I’d say that his time is indeed limited to these two weeks. I’ve actually done week-long Thailand trip all the time back in the day. I’d leave Thursday night from California and get to Thailand early Saturday morning, when I then do an early (pre-arranged) early check in with the hotel (usually Crowne Plaza), and then sleep off the flight till 8 PM, then after a great shower, have dinner and then hit the bars at 9 PM, for the shows at 10:30 PM, and I’ll have a boy with me at midnight, and actually taking advantage of the still being in the USA time zone that I will have the energy to fuck all night. Indeed, jet lag is a bitch, but it doesn’t hit me till after lunch, so I’d usually book my tours and sightseeings at 8 AM or earlier if possible. This way, I can tire myself enough to actually sleep in the afternoon, and I will have skipped the heat that usually gets more intense later in the day. Lather, rinse, repeat, until I am adjusted to the time zone. That is usually Tuesday, Wednesday time, when I can then do full-day tours, and with boy bars usually less populated on weekdays, I can opt to skip or spend time with a long time boy. Then when the weekends hits again, I’ll try to get back to the American time zone by sleeping in the afternoon again and hitting nightlife till the wee hours of the morning. And at the night before my flight back to California, I usually don’t sleep, and just spend my few remaining baht to enjoy my threesome/foursome/my house-ful of boys till my morning flight back on Sunday beckons. The flight is usually 13+ Hours back, so I can make my adjustments then, and then I’ll arrive early to late afternoon Sunday in California, where the wear and tear of travel catches up to me, but I force myself to sleep no earlier than 8 PM so I can adjust quicker. @Latbear4blk either time window is great and I think you’ll be getting to Thailand with other gringos with similar times off, and that it’ll make your trip better. I doubt it, but if your Spring Break runs through April 13, I’d suggest going during Spring Break to spend Songkran in Bangkok, since Songkran is amazing and you will need to experience it at least once in your life. I know some here hate being doused with water in inoppurtune times, but knowing you, water is your thing and you will absolutely love it! I’d pick Bangkok as your first time city. There is enough to do culturally and boy bar wise to help you get introduced to how Thailand does Mongering. You will find that the overall cost to rent boys here will be a little bit higher than what you’re used to, but that will be offset by everything else being cheaper (food, accommodations, transpo etc). Either way, you won’t know you if you will like it until you try it. And I have a feeling that you will! P.S. And no, I am not a paid spokesperson for TaT lol.
  6. I definitely prefer working boys who know what they need to do to make a sale, not shrinking violets that you have to pull teeth to get anything from them. Those Taiwan guys know what sells. They know when to flex their muscles, when they think you need a sample of their strong touch, and will go for the jugular if they deem you are open to it. I just wish there was more of them, and more variety. I will continue to be customer regardless. It’s just one of those things I have to do to when in Bangkok. Sigh, yes I did mix them up, and thanks for catching it and correcting in your reply post. I’m better with actual names so maybe I shouldn’t try to name them as Thing 1 and Thing 2. I could also use their real names, but I know some of yáll are the stralkery type so I won’t go that route. OMG you really really love it there. I must admit this bar is more of an afterthought this trip, having only stayed for the show and not offing anyone. Definitely a revisit when I have the time next trip. In the past, I have also had a favorite guy from DB, and boy was he dreamy for sure. I know, I was in SP in Lagoa when someone asked about you two, as in where were the “um casal”. Gosh Sam, your lesbian sister. You mentioned he was now living closer to you now. Still in touch?
  7. @Olddaddy we applaud you for putting your fears out here on the board, and obviously it has struck a chord with a lot of people here, which should make you feel good about what you’re going through right now. Being envious of other people having more than you is natural and a common experience. Someone will always be richer, be more good looking, be younger, have more energy, than you will ever be. Your main concern, that you are older and slower that you used to be, is just a fact of life, and something that we do not have any control over. So you can be envious of others that still have their youth and energy, or you can use envy as a motivation for you to focus on the things that YOU can control, be it inviting a cute guy to have pizza with you, or discover a place in Bangkok you’ve never seen before, to mix things up. And have you thought of maybe that others are envious of you too? Having the resources, and the time, to spend 7 straight weeks in the Greatest CIty on Earth™ is no small feat. You have probably worked your darndest all your life to get to this point, and that is something to be proud of. I’m pretty sure most of us here on the board are envious of you for having the means and the courage to go on a vacation this long (I know I am). And don’t forget, this is YOUR vacation. You set your own rules. If you want to eat pizza alone every night after a night in the town, then that’s great! If it makes you happy. The pressures and expectations you have of your own energy levels and youth are all from you, and no one else has the right, nor the capability, of telling you how you should spend your vacation. Finally, I am glad you are letting yourself feel these “negative” feelings, and being honest about how it affects you, and even putting yourself out there, out here on the board, by reaching out to like minded people such as us. I feel that life is better if there is a balance. Too much of a good thing really is too much, and that includes sex. Be glad that you can fuck all those pretty things once in while, while allowing yourself the time to convalesce, and regains both your strength physically, and your desires mentally, for another round or three. I love this graphic: because it shows that balance is ultimately what you should strive for. You will have your ups, and your inevitable downs (like what you’re going through now), but no matter what happens, make sure that you enjoy yourself, because that’s the whole point right?
  8. Day 7.5: The Dreamers You know you’re getting old when you start reminiscing about the old days. And for me the old days were way back in… 2014. OK, I know that that’s not even 10 years ago, but that’s the year I first started going to Bangkok and started to darken the doors of its illustrious boy bars. Back then, Soi Twilight was in full swing (at least from what I saw), Tawan and Jupiter were both off-Soi choices I would visit, and Moonlight didn’t even exist yet. And back then, we didn’t need a New Twilight, as the old one was more than enough. Dream Boy on Soi Twilight was a standout for me. That neon sign alone was iconic. This was my impression of it way back in 2016: It seemed to be always full on weekends. The touts may have something to do with it, as they were ever present in the Soi, literally pulling indecisive people from the street to plop them onto DreamBoy’s seats. Inside, I’ve always thought old DreamBoy’s layout was the most ideal for optimal viewing of what was going onstage. Since the setup was “arena theater”-style, the audience almost did not have a bad viewing angle, and the shows were optimized for viewing of this kind of stage. But of course the greatest of structures is nothing if the main attraction is inferior. The fact that there was great variety in the boys here, often in skimpy white briefs, and with the seating the way it was, you can be up close and personal with balls in your face. I’ve spent so many nights searching for Mister Right Now in this bar. Oh the memories. --- As Tiago and I make our way to the gay area of Patpong 2, I only had to show my face to my usual mamasan at Dream Boy to be automatically led to the premises of the club. The club was almost full on a Saturday night, but miraculously there were nice seating close to where most the staff were sitting, with the mamasan shooing the staff currently sitting so we can claim the seat. Regular coke and rum and coke – it was fine, not too strong or weak. We got in just in time for a last glimpse of the boys on offer and before the coyotes terrorized the stage. There was a lot of boys, maybe 40, and a great variety as well, as in the old days. There were twinks, and hunks, and everything else in between. They were in jeans, which was less ideal, but beggars can’t be choosers. I see a few boys I’ve offed in the past, which is always a comfort knowing that they have toughed it out through the pandemic and able to continue with this life. There was a tall hunk (handsome, white skin, abs) who was model-like and was even better looking than any of the Moonlight or Jupiter boys. He got snapped up very quickly by a rotund Asian guy up front. The coyotes came, which was fine. “All girls,” Tiago said, as he thought the dancers were to feminine acting for his taste. I didn’t mind them, but no one was attractive to me. I’ve always thought the big column in the middle was an unfortunate fact in the club. It's probably load-bearing, so they can't do anything about it, but still, it's fairly awkward to have it obscuring the center of the stage. Though, it was ingenious for them to put a platform around the column so that it can be used for numbers. But boys and other numbers who end up behind the column would be unseen, and depending on where you were seated, you would miss some of the action if the column obscured your angled view. Far cry from the seating of the Twilight days, but this is what we have now. The drag queens were actually pretty good. Gone was the slapstick skits that were a trademark before, but now they just have the traditional lip-syncing goddesses that are staples of clubs all over. The numbers in general were pretty slick and choreographed, like it was before. I recognized the star of Dream Boy, still here after all this year, maybe looking a little older, but still hot as before, dancing his heart out like his life depended on it. I used to dream about how it was to off him, now, not so much. How my tastes have changed. Probably the highlight of the night, and possibly because Tiago was so entertained by it, was the fuck show. I recognize the bottom and I’ve seen him do this a thousand times before, but the top was new to me, and very handsome and had a good dick for topping. The fuck show was always more spectacle than erotic for me, and I am impressed by the dexterity needed to pull off some of the moves. It was all impeccably choreographed, fairly acrobatic, and Tiago is amazed that after all this impressive acrobatics, the cock doesn’t seem to leave the asshole at any point of the number. The pair then makes their rounds around the room, searching for tips. When the fucking pair gets to us, Tiago implores me to get out some baht as tip. 100 baht. When the boys are back onstage, it was time for me to choose if there was anyone to off tonight. There were a few possibilities, and one old off who, once he recognized me, tried to get my attention all night. I then feel Tiago’s head on my shoulder, as he yawned. I laughed. I asked him was he sleepy. He said he was just yawning. I asked him if anyone onstage was to his liking. He took a look, and then put his head on my shoulder again. “Up to you,” he says in Portuguese, which gave me a little chuckle. "Up to you," in Portuguese lands differently for me. “What do you want to do?” I ask him. He sits up at attention, and smiles his million watt smile. “I want ice cream!” he says. I laugh. That actually sounded better than the smorgasbord that was before us. Oh no, I have changed as well. I do not feel the same sense of urgency of offing, and fucking as I have before. Or maybe because I’ve cum three times today already, twice with Tiago, and once with the Tawan twosome, so maybe I deserve this ice cream. Overall, this club holds a lot of promise. The premises were nice, the numbers were entertaining, and the boys great looking. I'll put a pin on this club for now, and will take advantage of its delights at a future date. We then go to the famous 7 Eleven at CP Tower across Silom Soi 4, where a lot of gay cruising happens. Tonight was no different, as some young Bangkok-ians were checking Tiago out. But we were there for ice cream. And after two Magnum chocolate ice cream bars later, we walk back to the apartment. No Dream Boy for me tonight, as the one with me is very very real. My last day, next post…
  9. Day 7.25: The T in Thailand is for Threesome I’d say I’m usually up for things I’ve never done before. Whatever it is, if it sounds good, I won’t hesitate, and will just say yes. If I overthink it, I’ll just psyche myself out. That’s how I felt about the threesome with two Tawan men. The Tawan men, with big bulging muscles and the bravado that goes with it, in my experience, does not translate to particularly mind-blowing sex. This is subjective of course, and you might be all-in to what the hypermasculine have to offer, but I have the most luck with guys with just a tinge of gay in them. On the average, Tawan guys are not these, with a few exceptions, of course. And this is the first time I'm going to have a threesome with Tawan men. It's hard enough to get any threesome happen in other boy bars, let alone Tawan. But it was a situation where both men approached me first, showed some interest in making me feel comfortable, and made the suggestion of the threesome to me instead of me to them. It hasn’t even crossed my mind to have this in Tawan. I usually get just one guy and feast on him for the night. And the quality of sex has been uneven. Some have wowed me and do full on kissing and foreplay, others just insist on a muscle worship session and won’t initiate or be passionate. Probably because this is the mystique of the bar, and probably because most of them are straight. The two that I hired were the classic Tawan type. Even their profile pics on Line are of them competing in bodybuilding contests – all tan and oily and muscly. Not necessarily Tiago’s type. He is bowing out of this off for now. As he has newly acquired fighting gear to try on and admire, that will keep him busy while I am busy. I’ve been getting Line messages from both earlier in the day and closer to 5 pm. They both asked the address, and confirming our 5PM rendezvous. Tawan guy #2: Tawan Guy #1 Fairly professional communication. And at close to 5 PM I got a call from one of them asking for directions, as they were already closeby and wanted to confirm the address. They were on time, a very good sign. I told them I’d meet them at the curb so they know where to go. As I step out of the main gate of the AirBNB I was staying in, I see two big motorcycles, with big muscular dudes on them, literally a house away from me. I wave to them, and they look relieved that they weren’t lost. They parked in front of the gate, and followed me in to the house. You always get a different vibe whenever you see a bar boy in full street clothes. They were both in shorts, and wearing matching big Nike tennis shoes. 1 was in a fitting t-shirt, with his muscles bulging through the sleeves, and 2 was in a sleeveless shirt with biceps and arm veins prominently displayed. They lumber through the door and take off their shoes, another good sign, and survey the living room where Tiago, shirtless and trying out his boxing gloves, was. “Two?” 2 asks, pointing to me and him. “No, just me,” I laugh. They didn’t expect a foursome for sure, so I eased their confusion. “Boyfriend!” Tiago then exclaims, in English, standing up, pointing to himself. We weren’t really boyfriends, but I don’t mind when Tiago does this, perhaps to show that we are together, in case there was funny business planned by the two. He pointed with a gloved hand to himself, perhaps to further drive the point that he can mess these two up if need be. Not that there was any need for that. Tiago is just very protective when it comes to what he feels needs his care. “You do Muay Thai?” 1 asks Tiago. Translation was needed. Both Tawan guys got a kick out of Tiago. 1 asks where the bedroom would be, so I lead both to the room, and both take turns showering. As I already have showered, I hang out with Tiago until I see 2 in a towel. 2 is actually pretty talkative, telling us about his travels throughout Asia, selling his muscles all over. He said he has a hard time picking up other languages, and he has at least English to lean on, though it is not spoken in all the cities he has gone to. 1 now emerges in his own towel, and we go into the bedroom and I bid goodbye to Tiago. I was invited by both to strip down, as both take off their towels to reveal their moneymakers. 2 had some oil, and told me we can start by some light massage. The shoulder massage I got from the two last night, was continued, now with both hands touching my whole body. It wasn’t a massge per se, but it was a way for the sex to start, and it was effective. 2 was directing the whole tableau, as he instructed 1 on what to do, who is now super hard, with a nice thick cock, so feed me his cock, while 1 continued with using his hands all over me, and his tongue to play with my nipples, as he did last night. I was laying on my back, and 1 feeds his cock to me, as he offers up his body to my wandering hands. There was a lot of nice things to touch, as he had a a great ass, giant thighs, and a nice penis. 1 took a break from the pleasuring to wash his hands. After a while he came back hard as well, as he joins 1 with my wandering hands and mouth. Now it was his turn. He was smaller than 1, but he had big muscles and almost no body fat. After a few turns on foreplay on my part, 2 then again goes back to me to jack me off, while 1 continues to press his body against me. It wasn’t long till I came, all thanks to 2. 2 gets a towel to wipe away any of my spillage. And then 2 goes on to take a shower, as 1 stay behind with a still hard cock. I cuddle beside him, grasping his cock, as I talk to him about the night ahead – he’s heading to Tawan after this as it was a Saturday and it’s going to be a good night to work. A few more cuddles and 2 was done and it was 1’s turn to shower. I excuse myself to shower in the other bathroom. 2 stays behind in bed. Tiago at this point was shadow boxing, all sweaty and worked out wearing his new gear. “Good fighting,” 2 said, as he emerges from the bedroom, with 1 behind him. I give them what is owed, 2000 baht each, and no pleas for more money, which I expected but it did not come. They put on their shoes and asked me to see them at Tawan tonight. I say maybe, I’ll think about it. They find their motorcycles and off they go to probably eat. I just realized that aside from my alone time with Tiago, I’ve only had Threesomes with bar boys here in Bangkok. This must be a first. Tiago asks me about the off. I tell him it was fine, but I didn’t expect it to be as bed-shattering as how I usually prefer it. He asks me why I even wanted it, since he knows how I like it, knowing me very well by now. I tell him that sometimes I want the feel of a man’s body next to me, without the urgency of passion. It can be passionate sometimes, but the appreciation of other men’s bodies was the primary goal. “I don’t get it,” he says, as he takes off his shorts. “I’m super sweaty and taking a shower.” Two bouncy cheeks trailed him. I ask, “Do you want company?” “Come,” he says. I guess he was going to show me how I really liked it. After cumming twice in a row, I just needed a nap, which made us almost late to have time to have dinner and then a boy bar. But if one is pressed for time, one would only have to go to Foodland Patpong to have a decent and quick dinner, for cheap. It never disappoints. We taxi it to Patpong, first to Foodland, and then walk to our next boy bar… which ones do we have left to go to?
  10. Stayed in both many many times, and have taken boys with me back to my hotel room many many times with no issue. Both hotels will need a key card to use the elevators so you'll have to meet incoming visitors at ground level, but again no issues whatsoever in meeting boys and taking them up to your room. Maximum number i've taken I think is 3 boys at one time.
  11. Day 7: In the heat of shopping I can’t believe it. After two and a half years of waiting, and finally being able to travel to Thailand, here I am, down to my last two full days in the Land of Smiles. It might not be a traditional visit, as I have Tiago by my side, but it was nice to see the old haunts. We still had some things we needed to do, and one of them had to do with shopping – mine looking for bargains and Thai-specific items that I’ve missed for 2 and half years, and Tiago some fighting gear he will need for the months ahead. Thailand is many things, but finding cheaper goods in the nooks and crannies of Thailand is certainly one thing that I’ve missed. On the subject of shopping, Tiago was sent a list of shops that the part-owner of the his gym recommended: I looked at the list and saw that some of these were in Chatuchak Market, the legendary outdoor market in Bangkok. Which was good, because it will give us a chance to visit the market after all these years, plus it will also satiate my shopping urges. I look at the map and yes, here they are: After a hearty breakfast at Coffee Club, we take the BTS using the Silom Line and then the Sukhumvit Line to the Mo Chit station. Leaving the station to walk to the market itself, we get a generous helping of Bangkok’s unfortunate heat and humidity. Perhaps this would be good to do earlier in the morning, when it is less like the surface of the sun, but we are both creatures of pleasure, and getting out of bed was a struggle. Regardless, we are here, basking in the infamous Bangkok heat, about to partake in an outdoor activity. Chatuchak Market is always a nice alternative to the traditional malls in Bangkok. I’m sure there is some logic to how everything was organized here, but the beauty for me about Chatuchak is how seemingly random everything is laid out, and how I find the stuff I want is always purely by chance. I have a mental note of roughly what I want to get, but basically I am content with wandering aimlessly in the market, buying stuff if I see it, and if the price is right. I am not beyond haggling, and actually look forward to it. I always leave with a healthy number of plastic bags with little things that I’ve found along the way. The experience is not without challenges though. The heat is part of the experience, but it is doubly challenging with a mask on at all times. I’m thinking part of it is ultimately performative, part of it is probably mitigating the spread of the virus, but I am at least more than willing to take part in it, if it makes the locals feel safer about me being around them. They are all mostly masked as well, so if its good enough for them, it’s good enough for me. When in Rome and all that. Unfortunately, the two stores selling Muay Thai gear were both closed when we got there, with the storefronts shut and a peak inside the stores revealed scant inventory. A casualty of the pandemic perhaps? I’d imagine 2 years of little to no tourist foot traffic in the market takes a toll eventually. I do notice other empty stalls as well. I feel bad for the locals who could not make it work and hold on until things got better, so I feel even better being here and doing my part to help the economy by spending my modest coin here. We still had one Muay Thai store left in the list that we could try, and it was sort of close to the MRT Line. Luckily Chatuchak also had an MRT Station next to it, Chatuchak Park. We head over to the station, and we were surprised that there was a full blown shopping mall at the station, and we continued our shopping there, albeit in more comfortable confines (they had air conditioning, for example). One of the finds of the trip was actually at a Starbucks in the mall, and this old-school Thailand mug, which design I prefer from the more modern mugs: After a good lunch at the mall, we make our way to the MRT, and a few stations later we get to the store called Super Export Shop. We were relieved to see that it was open, since we came out all this way. They actually had a great selection of boxing gloves, leg pads and Muay Thai shorts. Tiago was as happy as a clam, trying things on, asking me what I thought, and asked me to translate for the workers there when needed: It was quite interesting to see and experience. And also interesting to meet some other Brazilians who were shopping there as well. One Brazilian in particular was actually shopping in bulk, for a big shipment to the US, as he is based there, teaching MMA. Tiago and he had a fairly productive conversation about the sport and his goals, and they also exchanged contacts. Pretty soon he has chosen a couple of gloves, some Muay Thai shorts, some shin guards and athletic tape. He also insisted that I buy a pair of shorts he thought would look great on me, so I got those as well. I intended to pay for all this, and just wanted Tiago to keep his money for more important things. It was actually pretty reasonable, all of that was about $150. Small price to pay for my beloved to be ready for his future battles. It was 3:30 PM, so it was time to go. Before we head home, I notice there was a 7-11 walking distance to the shop. I wanted to buy some condoms, as I was preparing for the short time visit of the two Tawan hunks: Time to get happy. So next, a Short Time with Tawan…
  12. I never do, and this saga is totally my fault. Tiago and I were consolidating all our things into my one luggage because he left his at the Muay Thai gym, so I inadvertently put my power bank in with the rest. Normally I'd have it in my carry-on, which is the whole point of it, to be accessible to me whenever I travel. Yes, they would have allowed it on the carry-on. That's what the Bangkok Airways agent confirmed as well. And I only (usually) have it in my carry-on for easy access. Never had a problem with that in the past. I think it is allowed so at least you can "watch" over it if there is a problem. You know its one of those things that you forget happened because it happens to me so many times, and I take it for granted. I get on a plane at least once a week, so all this becomes so routine. I don't remember if the agent checking us in asked me that. I knew I was also distracted a little bit during that time because there were some super hot surfer dudes in the next counter trying to check-in their surfboard. This is the Bangkok Airways policy for carry-ons and power banks, so yes I could have 10 of my 20,000 mAh in my carry-on if I wanted. Nope, it was totally my fault. The Power Bank should have been in my carry-on, and they could not have it fly back in the next flight unless some flight attendant or pilot had it in their carry-on, and that's not their job. The agent did say that we can retrieve it in the original airport by just showing the receipt we were given. And that's exactly what Tiago did, and even with his limited english, was able to retrieve my power bank. Screenshot of a video he sent after he landed: OMG YES you reminded of that. I guess Tiago fits the stereotype.
  13. Day 6.75: If you Think of Happiness, Think of Tawan The title is the tagline that has permeated my brain ever since I first heard it in 2014. It is also the prominent tagline in one of the last fliers I’ve seen from a Bangkok boy bar back in 2019: Having physical fliers nowadays seems pretty quaint in today’s all digital world. Kind of like those business cards that I’ve had printed whenever I go to work conferences or work travel. Nowadays it’s just “add me on LinkedIn,” and coupled with the phone app, I must admit, is a way more efficient way to send your contacts to another professional. The analog to boy bars and fliers is the social media presence. Moonlight is the king of this, doing regular Facebook lives to give us an almost daily reminder of its existence. Fliers are nice to hold in your hand but to also ultimately throw away with the rest of your airline boarding passes (another example of something going digital) after your trip. Social media notifications however, are eternally pushy, to the point that one gets numb to their existence. I can say that Tawan as a Boy Bar falls into this “pretty quaint” category in the grand scheme of boy bars in Bangkok. Yes, it has tried to modernize a bit, as evidenced with its growing social media presence, since everyone is doing it. And they were giving out Tawan-branded alcohol gel to sanitize your hands. But generally Tawan has stayed true to what it has always been. Still the same muscular guys who some have probably been there 10+ years (and calling it a BOY bar is a misnomer). Still the same tired gogo numbers. Still the same chuck wow act that admittedly has the wow factor for newcomers, but as a veteran myself, find the tips pushing a little grating. Indeed, Tawan was showing its age even when I first started visiting 8 years ago. Going to it nowadays is like getting into a time machine, harkening back to a Bangkok that was grittier, dirtier, and maybe more fun(?), instead of the Disney-fied tourist paradise it is now. But even if you are not attracted to Tawan’s brand of boys - the rugged older muscular daddy types with the occasional pumped up younger pups - you have to admire its stubbornness to keep true to its identity, despite the success of the more recent crop of flashier, more popular, and better-attended bars that cater to the lowest common denominator: to try to appeal to everyone by sacrificing individuality. It’s like what gentrification has done to the character of our urban spaces, or former gayborhoods paving the way to kids in strollers instead of gays in tutus, Tawan still clings to its identity – even if it is to a smaller audience. Count me in as a fan, even after all this years. --- It is now 11:20 PM, and I head back to Tawan to hang out there while Tiago delivers my luggage back to the house. I figure he’ll at least be gone 30 minutes, accounting for the round trip back to here, so it’ll give me time to get to know the men of Tawan. Upon entering, the last of the numbers was ending, and at this point, the boys were milling around the room, and the stage, trying to get a sale. I head over to my old seat, and order a new drink. Rum coke as usual – and boy was it really strong. They know how to dose their drinks! I survey the landscape and I see probably about 10 boys still around, with about 5 I can see having fun with. At this point I wasn’t necessarily looking for a bottom, just someone who I can do a “muscle worship” session, like with some nice foreplay, and maybe someone to top me. I’m not sure Tiago will be up for anyone here, because I know what he likes, and he is not a mega slut like I am (even accounting for his Brazilian-ness). There are a million other bottoms out there in the boy bar landscape. I’m here for the muscle. Pretty soon, one of the muscular hunks sits beside me (let’s call him 1). I am guessing he is early 30s. Very very muscular, as in like one of the guys in the photo above. He had a nice face, classic asian features. He extends a hand to shake mine. He asks for my name, and then asks where I am from (I get “but you are Asian” reaction, maybe it’s just easier to say I am from some generic Asian place), and the other stock questions. He didn’t ask for a drink or anything, but he did take my hand to guide it to his groin. He was direct, which bodes well for me. I take liberty to squeeze the muscles, and he gives me a light massage on my neck and shoulders. Another equally muscular man heads over to me (let’s call him 2), and then sits on my other free side, opposite the guy who is massaging me. He is handsome, muscular cut, probably 4% body fat, and very strong thighs and nice abs. He tells me he has seen me before (no doubt), and asks me if I was well and all that. The massaging guy interjects something in Thai to the guy, and it seems there was a little argument going. They settle down and now the other guy is massaging me. I’m getting the treatment from both guys. They are angling for tips, which is fine, that’s why I’m here. Now 2 becomes even more direct. He puts his hand in my shorts, and expertly massages my groin until I am at attention. Again, very direct and showing really good signs here. I am glad I am semi-secluded by the stage from other customers, otherwise I’d be a little bit modest. 2 then puts his hand in my shorts and massges my cock. Wow, is this normal here? 2 then lifts up my shirt to suck on one of my nipples. Darn, this is really direct and, sudden. LOL. Not that I am not enjoying. I am also glad that I’ve had two of the strong rum cokes to make me a little bit less inhibited. So before things got out of hand, I ask 2 how much for short time. He stops the sucking of the nipples and the hand job to think about it, and quotes 3000, but with a sour face. That was odd. And I am not beyond paying 3000 if the sex was good, but at the time, found the price a little bit steep. 1 was just staring into space, probably incensed that he was customer-blocked by 2. The captain goes to me and asks me if I wanted to off both guys. I hesitated, not sure about all this. The captain then says that they have a room upstairs if I wanted to do the deed here. That was interesting, though I don’t think the two I have are into that idea. I get a text from Tiago, saying he is ready to come back. Oh that’s right Tiago is with me still lol. I get a Grabtaxi for him and send him a screenshot of the Grabtaxi detail so he knows which taxi to take. I seriously haven’t thought about the logistics of me doing a short time session without Tiago, but now I will need to think about with these two musclemen beside me. Though I was eager to open my luggage at home and check if my stuff was still in there, since Bangkok Airways opened it. When the captain leaves, 2 asks me when I will leave Thailand. I tell him three days from now. I then ask him if he does home visits. 2 says yes, and asks me when and where I wanted it to do it with him. I think about it and say before dinner tomorrow, around 5 pm. That’ll give Tiago and I time to do our errands in the day, and then sex with 2, and then dinner. 2 then wakes 1 up from his reverie, and then utters a few sentences in Thai, and 1 seems to agree with 1. 2 then talks in English to me, saying that 1 can also come, and it will be 2000 each. A threesome with Tawan hunks? That was new. I immediately say yes, and upon exchanging Line, I set a date for them. After more strokes from 2 (I am close to cumming) and some massages from 1, I get a text from Tiago. He said he just got dropped off Soi Than Tawan and is heading back to Tawan. Since I had a date with the two Tawan guys tomorrow, no need to have them suffer further. I take out 500 baht for each guy, and they seem pleased with the tips, and confirmed the time with me again tomorrow. Pretty soon I see Tiago emerge from the door of Tawan. 1 and 2 say their goodbyes. I'm still seated, because I still had a hard on, and waited for it to die down, though the sight of Tiago heading back to sit with me certainly didn’t help. I told Tiago what transpired, and broke the news of the 5 pm rendezvous with the Tawan guys tomorrow. He seemed unfazed by this. He told me he opened the luggage and all seemed to be in order. I was relieved. When I have calmed down, we decide to head over to Patpong again to check out what’s up there. Upon arriving at Hot Male, the tout there welcomes us again, and we talk for a bit about the crowd he’s seen so far. He says it has been picking up, but they have a ways to go from pre-COVID days. He then asks us if we wanted to go in the club. I told him maybe not. He insisted, saying that since there is not a show anymore at 12 midnight, he is going to charge us only 250 baht each, and we can check out the boys. That was a good deal. So that’s what we do, another late night Hot Male visit. There was still about 5 sets of customers in the vicinity, with boys sitting with them. There was about 5 boys onstage, and they were pretty nice looking. Tiago puts his head on my shoulder, probably signaling he is ready for some cuddles. No boy was really screaming at me to be offed, though there was one delicious one that I entertained the idea of offing for a minute but ultimately I didn't invite him to sit with us. One by one, the customers leave. And before we knew it, it was 1 AM, and it was time to leave. We see the boys putting on clothes, and the staff slowly clean up the bar. We pay 250 each as promised. As we leave Hot Male, I take a few snaps of the surrounding bars. Some closed, some abandoned. I was still looking for some kind of entertainment at this hour, but were was Screw Boy when you need it? I ask Tiago if he wanted to go to a club, maybe to see if G.O.D. is open, I wasn’t sure. Tiago said no. He just wanted a Netflix and chill after all the luggage saga today. So that’s what we do. For there was two muscular men to contend with tomorrow, next post…
  14. I find that having the time to know these other cultural aspects of the country you are spending copious times in, very important to understanding more about the people you are spending time with. I could just spend the whole time chasing after boys in boy bars, online, or out and about, but once in a while chasing down these other experiences are a better use of my time, quite frankly. Getting boys in Boy Bars is fairly easy and straightforward, it's like shooting fish in a barrel. Discovering other facets of the country can be sometimes challenging and you have to go out of your comfort zone most of the time, but super worth it in the end, and oftentimes these are the moments I remember the most, and not the 25 cm cock I just sucked. Muay Thai is deeply ingrained in Thai culture, much like futebol (football or soccer) is with Brazilian culture. I've never really had an interest in either sport at the start, but I always admired both the grace and physicality that participants of both sports have. It's beyond the amazing bodies that these athletes possess, although I will admit that that is a wonderful by-product. It is how, somehow, the whole culture is wrapped around the sport activity, and getting to witness a game or a fight with locals is always an eye-opening experience. You can enjoy Brazil without having ever seen a futebol match, and it'll be a good experience! But if you have a chance seeing Flamengo in a home game at the legendary Maracana, or even watching an international game versus Argentina at a bar in Copacabana (or even at Club 117 - boys weren't working as were just transfixed watching the game), it is a fascinating experience. It's like learning the Tango in Argentina, or going to an Onsen in Japan. It is something that is deeply cultural that you just have to participate in, if you have the time. Combat sports are pretty brutal, there's no getting out of that fact. Tiago gets banged up after every fight, win or lose, and I get to witness first hand his bruises and blood and aches and pains. If you're not a fan of that brutality, this sport is not for you, especially if you're up close and personal with any participant. Still, the main attraction for us are the amazing musculature these guys ultimately develop when they train for the sport. I am not at all squeamish about that! I have found that certain Mr Straight Guys are FASCINATED with getting someone to stick it up their rear.
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