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  1. well, they have good experience
  2. imo, i prefer those age around 30 yrs +. just i like mature look guys. few of the boys maintain their muscular. some just lack of shape. yea, its true, they are straight, become gay for pay. however, i don't mind, as long as, they are good on beds.
  3. Tarntawan Hotel is always my stop by hotel. Good customer service. I stay there without any hassle. im planning for a visit in bkk. Hopefully someone can tell, when the hotel will finish renovation.
  4. Other than Tarntawan, is there any hotel that allow to bring in boys? i mean around Silom area.
  5. Look like anxious way story telling on 1st night at BKK. Good experience though.
  6. i usually pay 2000b for short stay. i lure them for 3000b for long stay, but no, they said need to do something early morning next day. so, just short stay.
  7. i like those late 20s till early 40s. i mean they quite experienced with our 'needs'.
  8. the more luxury the hotel u stay, do your joiner would like to stay overnight?
  9. Thanks for the info JackR, im fan of Tawan bar. kinda i like mature muscular men. otherwise, im quite interested with that airport theme show. look new to me. will plan to visit bangkok for this year. not now, bcos of the election. i want to see the election outcome 1st. if everything good, ill do come.
  10. i think he is good. his body almost near physique type. just, a bit awkward he had the lowest voice tone among boys/men in Tawan.
  11. he behave like a bit irritable, i mean for me. i think he is on 'something' muscle enhacing drugs that made him behave like that. some side effects.
  12. Hi my fellow forum, I had been at bangkok for 3 days for holiday. A relief from my stress working life. I arrived at bangkok at late night. 9pm, about that time. My AirAsia flight land at Don Mueng airport. At immigration, i noticed less tourists check in the immigration counter. I feel weird, why the thailand immigration dedicated to put 6 or 8 booths, for china tourist. For me, ASEAN booths only two. No hassle in immigration booth. Then, i feel free to enter thailand. Pick up my luggage. Go get some simcard, cost 299b for promotion. As usual, i get taxi cab from the airport, straight to Silom area. A little bit costly for night taxi ride. There, i stay at Tarntawan Surawong hotel. My favourite spot to stay. It costs me about 3,000b for 3D2N, 2 person. I went alone, the other person is my special for my one night stand guest. I just realised that, the day before i arrived here, Thailand celebrated Chulalongkorn Day. Therefore, all the visiting places look colourful. I went to Wat Pho, Wat Arun, Chatuchak Market. Everything look happenings. Only Patpong market slows down, as i seen. Probaly they just get ready, if any raid attack by police, which happens a few weeks ago. For taxi travel in bangkok, some of those drivers are money demanding. I use my Grab app to estimate the expense to go such destinations. After i know, then i can confidently argue with taxi driver for the pay. Grab service is less popular at Bangkok. It might be so many taxi services, and bike taxi services. The weather during my trips always changing much. From hot blazing weather to cold stormy weather. I feel headache when walk around. I never had idea to go any massaging center. I usually go to Arena. However, i may not thinking to go there for this trip. I just enjoy visiting the must place to visit in bangkok. I just realise the BTS train service quite expensive for trip to another stations. Since its rainy days, i cant go other bar far away from my hotel. I walk to nearby bar, well, its my old favourite hang out place, Tawan bar. 100 meter walk from my hotel. I assume. Tawan bar. Not much change of their bar setting. The entry door, the furniture settings, led lights, stages. I just notice only one new, more chains hanging from the ceilings. For the boys/men stripping around the chains. Entry fee 400b, no changes. Keep the ticket, for exchange of any drink, which they had. Before main show start. They display boys/mens on stage with numbers. Its true, most of them in off season condition, especially the big guys. Only the one with physique look still maintain their shape. i knew one of the boy, nickname Tiger. He looks well define body, muscular physique, not bulky. Only one thing that i feel 'hate' to off him, he is too demanding. sigh, too bad. As show goes on, start around 11pm. I remember their shows order. boys cat walk, orgy in the dark, bdsm with whipping and hot candle pour on body, police and guilty guy, pharaoh or thai orgy dancing session, ends with boys masturbate and ejaculate on stage. I notice the shows become too short. It ends about 12 pm. My night is lonely. I off one of the men. I only off big muscular man. I don't know his number on stage, as he ready sit beside me throughout the show. He's nice, speak a bit english. I only speak simple english, so that he can understand. I brought him to my hotel room. We had good time one night stand. He accidently felt asleep after we done had fun. So, we hug while asleep. After he realised 1 hour awake later, he woke me up. He was a nice guy. I really want to know the real name of his guy. Too bad, his id in thai alphabeths. I got his Line id. But, it doesn't look he is active using the Line app. That all I can share for my trip. Sorry, it may look short trip. It may worth for me. However, I can come again next year to bangkok for another trip.
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