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  1. Good for u Emiel! Nothing ventured - nothing gained. Is there an ID process at the Agate? Additional pay for bringing guests? Is the hotel quiet, despite the noisy complex?
  2. Street taxis or apps r the first and simplest choice, but r they readily available also at sites 30-40 minutes from Pattaya?
  3. Thank u. Sorry, who is P ? Any recommendations as to where/how to hire in Pattaya ?
  4. .....for example - Nong Nooch and Khao Chi, or Crocodile Farm and Magical Ice? Do I rent a car, or hire a driver-car for a day? How much wld it cost?
  5. Gentlemen, I propose calling a ceasefire. I humbly submit there's nothing useful to add on the matter..... (-:
  6. Thank you BKKMFJ for the detailed description. (-:
  7. If they r serious about the ID process, they r not supposed to let the visitor leave w/o checking with u first.....
  8. According to gglmps, its half way btw jomtien and winner. Looks like neither here nor there...
  9. Please describe the facilities there. Also, no one reported anything about any action there, or if the inhouse masseur offers plus service....
  10. Why do they care what he does after hours?
  11. Olddaddy, I've never considered relocating anywhere. I'm staying in Israel bcs it's my home country; my family and my friends are here; my life is here.
  12. I live in Israel, 65 yo, in early retirement. No plans to relocate, and anyway - Israel is in Asia..... (-:
  13. WOW That's my fantasy: an ebony smooth xxl in Thailand. None of them in Pattaya?
  14. Thank u Emiel; I think I'll make my life simpler by just following your footsteps. Zag takes the show inside bcs it gets more sexual? Does BW allow visitors?
  15. Since I'm drawn to inspect the more promiscuous conduct in Nice Boys, this description of its vicinity is quite depressing.... )-:
  16. Why only 100 ? What did u do ?
  17. Whats the best way to get rid of papa mama sans?
  18. Is there any reason why Nice Boys and Winner aren't included in ur sexcapades?
  19. I think his latest post is dec 20. Maybe it's not updated....
  20. Olddaddy, me thinks the better definition is "sensible", rather than "stingy".
  21. Vinapu, point taken; won't annoy this forum with my experiment any more. Emiel, thanks. Will be waiting.
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