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  1. Does it drive the guy's rates up when they learn the client is staying at a posh hotel?
  2. Well, inside underwear is where one keeps all kinds of valuables...
  3. Aaroninatl, thx a lot for these useful tips. With ur permission, m curious: OOH, u highlight communication difficulties for non-Spanish speakers; OTOH, u rcmnd taking them out to dine, which persumably entails friendly conversation.....
  4. I always assumed that an hour is a universal time slot, to b taken for granted around the globe. Apparently I m naive. )-:
  5. Not only during flights: When travelling I have on me a hidden "safe pocket", hung on the belt INSIDE the trousers against my side. Pickpockets proof
  6. Nasherich, with ur permission, I urge u (and others) to share here names of rcmndd massuers. They deserve it, and we'll enjoy and reward them.
  7. Does one really have to cum quickly? How guick is that? If u dont cum quickly enough, he justs leaves..... ?
  8. I guess it's taken for granted that an establishment doesnt share billing policy BEFORE boys start sitting and or drinking..... )-:
  9. Nasherich, could u share the masseur's name pls.....
  10. Sorry. I dont have anything beyond my VERY extensive reports. I join those waiting for contact info of Christian or other middlemen.
  11. And night walking there is safe?
  12. They fact that Thais believe that older people should show less respect to younger ones, doesnt mean that I must do the same. I m not judgemental about their tradition, and I dont care if they laugh at my attitude.
  13. Ohh....wasnt familiar with the option. how r the matresses there?
  14. I dont believe anyone anywhere is "below" me.
  15. I beg to differ. A Wai is a sign of respect and manners. Locals do it according to their traditional habits. Farangs may do it under the wrong circumstances, but EVERYONE involved knows he is doing it in order to show respect. I Wai bar boys and almost anyone else I come in contact with. It's a polite greeting / farewell. And if it makes anyone laugh, so b it.
  16. What would happen if I brought with me a sheet or a huge towel? Would I b thrown out? Laughed at?
  17. Do they still have in Thermas those plastic matresses, that r so uncmfrtbl to lie on ?
  18. Macdaddi, is the local anger BECAUSE of the housing crisis? That wld mean that tens of thousands of extranjeros r staying.....
  19. Floridarob, I think u didnt read the correspondence. It's the exact opposite of "meat" numbers.
  20. I apologize if I'm crossing a line here, and if I'll come across as a goody2shoes. The correspondence with the plummer is at the very least.....ethically problematic: waving badly-needed money in front of a guy, in order to entice him to do something which he repeatedly explains he prefers not to do..... )-:
  21. Macaroni, how do u plan to get home? Via europe, or have u found a better route that had eluded me?
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