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    One of the best salad bars anywhere is in Pattaya!! The Wooden Box on Thappraya Rd. around the corner from Baan Souy Resort. Ate there every day for over a week!! Felt great! They also have a wide variety of other delicious food most of which is health oriented.
  2. .Thank you for all your efforts! May you have continued success in this endeavor.
  3. I used to use dreadedned. It was most helpful for all sorts of gay venues in all the major Thai cities. Haven't used it in a long while. So I just tried it and got directed to a page saying - "Your connection is not private. Attackers may be trying to steal your information from www.dreadedned.com" So I did not go further. Does anyone know if it is safe to go further and/or if the sire is still active?
  4. Probably most of this excellent discussion has been aimed at anal sex but what about oral as far as the use of condoms?
  5. But it was such a wonderful sight from the platform of the metro especially the large swooping roof!
  6. What if you want to spend some of your massage time massaging and doing more to the masseur? Should that be agreed upon ahead of time?
  7. That must have been either very painful or pleasurable for the guy!
  8. Thanks for the lovely report! Would you mind sharing how much you tipped him for such congenial service?
  9. Great idea! Tip under the pillow for the room cleaning. Did you give any tip for the fresh towels? Agree totally on the tiled floor.
  10. Thanks "newscene". Look forward to your update. Reliable, factual updates are always more than welcome!!
  11. `I'm a little confused? Is Spa Bangkok on Soi Twlight or in Silom Plaza?? Thanks.
  12. Lovely picture of Pong here: https://pbs.twimg.com/media/DVR9WQ-U8AESSTj.jpg:large
  13. "Pong musicmassage" on twitter and instagram looks very good. He has been mentioned a few times on these forums but never saw a review. His web site lists quite an intersting sequence of events for his 90 minute session. He has a web page - musicmassage.net. He looks very upscale!
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