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  1. Having planned to be in both Bangkok and Pattaya, I started my usual hunt for boys on Hornet a week before arrival. My ideal age is 18 -23, slim, twinky bottom types. I find sometimes that an initial ‘You want Sex?’ can first be met with ‘No’, but if you chat for a day or two, it can become a ‘Yes’, and then a ‘Yes Please’…. So the advance Hornet search narrowed down to two boys, both keen to meet, both early twenties twinky types. Boy 1 and Boy 2 – 28th October. Already lined up, chatted up, and both Boy 1 and Boy 2 keen to meet. Neither are money boys. One is a student, the other working in the ubiquitous Central. Photos give preference to Boy 2, so stall Boy 1 and arrange to meet Boy 2 on arrival. Boy 2 is 22 years old, exactly the height and weight I prefer. He comes to my hotel in taxi soon after I've checked in, asking if I can help with taxi fare. Sure, no problem. Gorgeous boy, slim, smooth, dark dry skin, from Isaan farm. Shy at first in room, but once the lights are out and he is under the covers, turns into a tiger. Clearly experienced, and very hungry for sex. I top, and we cuddle for a long time after. He can’t stay the night – staying in BKK with his sister (?). So I pay his taxi fare back (120 baht), and we arrange to meet the following morning. Boy 2 - Monday 29th October. Start on my shopping list with Boy 2 in tow, but only after a hot time in hotel room. He is not so shy this morning. He does his best to show me around town, but doesn’t know the BTS, and is not sure about directions. After shopping, we are both hungry, and he fancies ShabuShi. We indulge (800 baht) and then back to hotel room for more fun. It’s been clear during the day that he has problems with eyesight, and as a student that isn't so good, so I take him for eye test and pay for a simple pair of glasses. It’s a fair return for him, and something useful – not just party money. I explain that I have other things to do the following day, and we part company both very happy. Boy 3 - Tuesday 30th October. Boy 3 shows up on Hornet un-asked, and says ‘Hi’ to me without prompt. His pictures are ‘OK-ish’, he’s 21, and he has very few followers. Chat on Hornet gets very steamy very quickly, and it’s clear that he’s well up for it. He’s working, and I am busy in the evening seeing old friends, so we plan to meet the following day. Still not paid my usual visit to Soi Twilight or any of the surrounding bars, but that can come later. And Pattaya on hold... Boy 3 - Wednesday 31st October. I had planned to be in Pattaya today, but early today had several messages from Boy 3. He’s clearly very horny, and wants to know in detail what we might do later. The tension mounts up during the day. He messages me throughout the day and I have to remind him not to chuck wow, so the trip to Pattaya is postponed. He comes to my hotel immediately after he’s finished work. Hardly through the door and he’s shedding clothes! He is very much nicer than his pictures, though a little on the tubby side. I quite like that. He wants to shower with me, and is very hard from the moment he comes to my room. So preliminary activities take place in the shower! He wants to spend the night with me over the weekend, so I suggest that today we just somokee and chuck wow. No way. He is all over me, and I end up topping him for a very long time. I get the impression that for him it’s more about affection, and the comfort of another person to hug and caress than it is about getting his rocks off. But they do come off – twice. He has to leave fairly early because he lives with his parents and the don’t know he’s active (oh yeah?). He cannot meet on Thursday for family commitments. Boy 4 – Thursday 1st November. Finally make it to Pattaya. After some sightseeing, I catch the Jomtien bus from the Airport at 5.20pm arriving at 7.20 and book into Zing. Crappy hotel. Safe doesn’t work properly, and it’s bare minimum. But it’s in the right place, and cheap. Start the evening by visiting some of the host bars nearby. In Sun Bar, see a boy I really fancy, chat briefly, and off him for a short time. He agrees to do long time as well if it works out in bed. But I’m also keen to visit Sunee, and doubt that I’ll be back in Pattaya this trip, so after a nice, but not stunning, short time, he returns to the bar and I’m off to Sunee via Songtaew. To be continued.
  2. Wheelz

    Jomtien visit

    Thanks Terryt4 will do.
  3. I’m going to be in Jomtien from 30th Oct for 3 nights and would love to meet up with anyone from this board. One off in each of Sunnee (never been), Boyztown (been once) and Jomtien Plaza (never been) planned, but happy to go with the flow!. Like twinks. Would love to chat, learn from your experiences.
  4. I never knew Saphan Kwai had host bars? Where are they? Are they active?????
  5. Actually, some of the fatter boys (the ones on the apps) don’t get much attention and consequently can be firebrands in bed! And I prefer slim Twinks, but have had some amazing sex with chubbies!
  6. Thanks, Vinapu. Just what I needed to know. Will book. Are you in Bkk for a while?
  7. Has anyone stayed at Zing in Jomtien?
  8. Got it! Thanks. Visit planned....!
  9. If you walk from National Stadium BTS towards the Canal Saen Saeb, on the left just after you descend the steps from the raised walkway, just around the corner from the Exhibition place, there’s a money exchange. Forget the name, but its always been the best rate place for me. I usually change a fair amount, though. Its not a place for a few dollars for the night! Siam Exchange, Phayathai Road. Just checked.5
  10. Please can someone give precise location of G-Boys? Thanks
  11. Curiously, having felt tired and with no energy for the past weeks, I met one of my favourite boys yesterday for a short time - no payment, just fun - and today all my energy is back, I'm working like a 24 year old, and full of life. You'd think it would be the other way around. Exertions when already tired = greater tiredness. Not so. Not so. Curious!
  12. Wheelz

    Bars or Apps

    i know its not a norm here, but several websites i used, review of MBs are more frequent than say a trip report, where details of the mbs and their attitude, pics vs reality, massage skills, sex, dick size, and what theyll do or not is listed as part of the reviews, making it easier for us to pick and choose. Please enlighten the unenlightened! Where are these websites? Or forums / fora?
  13. Wheelz

    Bars or Apps

    Interesting. PlanetRomeo I find has less of 'my type' (twink, younger thai guys). Grindr ditto. And I can't seem to work Blued. Are there others? The only downside is that, very often, there's a sob story attached.... Some are genuine, others I suspect may not be. I don't mind giving small amounts of money - probably maximum 1000, but more often up to 500. But I don't pay for Buffalo, Credit Card debts, or anything of that order....
  14. Wheelz

    Bars or Apps

    There's a sense of decline in Soi Twilight, with fewer boys and ever-greater prices. I used to like the host bars there - you know what you're getting - and one boy, Toy, who works for Maxi's, is a great kisser and very enthusiastic in bed. A lovely guy - he even came with me to make sure I got a good taxi when we'd finished. But the prices continue to put me off. So I've been using the apps more and more. And in particular, and I know ChristianPFC doesn't like it, I've found Hornet to be a gold mine. I live in the outer ring of Bangkok, and the boys here aren't used to the high prices found in Silom. Many of them live with family, or rent tiny rooms with no aircon, just a mat on the floor, and thin walls so they have to make no noise during sex. So they're only too keen to get away and enjoy a nice room for a bit. Where they can let themselves go. And the sex has been fantastic. One boy uses nofap.com and was aching for release - an absolute gem. And it's real, not the faked enthusiasm you so often get from Twlight. One beautiful twink boy told me he was a money boy. I asked him how much he wanted. 500Bt ok? Did it all, with enthusiasm, and obviously enjoyed every moment. As did I. And he wanted to come back for more. So you can keep the gogo bars (though I do enjoy a horny massage with the right boy). I'm moving to Hornet from now on.
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