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  1. Personal tastes do differ I agree, but I dunno, I was raised on Filipino food so it's kinda comforting for me. But yes, Filipino spaghetti is definitely different.. I'm not sure if I like it either haha
  2. Oh right! ahaha I quite like filipino food - ate a lot of it growing up, and still a bit today!
  3. I will definitely be more careful this time round and stick to beer and bottled water I think! Yes it was unfortunate but you live and you learn. I am looking forward to my first time in Pattaya and will definitely hit up the bars and massage places in Boyztown! I found a few notes which I wrote whilst I was there, so that definitely helped :P Hoping my next trip will be more successful! Thanks for the suggestion - will definitely look into it. Yeah for me the worst of it was over in a day or so, but it took a bit longer before I started feeling better. I'll be more careful in future. Muse Hotel was great, loved the general theme of the hotel but didn't manage to eat at the steak house. I'll include a photo below. But it's funny, I've been to the Philippines a few times in the past and have never gotten food poisoning there!
  4. Hi all! So I went to Bangkok back in 2016 and I was always meaning to write up a trip report but just never got around to doing it. So I thought I would do it now whilst I have some spare time, plus am returning to Thailand in the next couple of months. Better late than never I guess. A bit of background, (was) 32 years old, Filipino/Australian heritage. Shy, small in stature, and look a bit younger than I am (thank you good Asian genes), and it was my first time to Thailand. It doesn't contain heaps of sex stuff, so apologies, but here goes: Day 0 Flew from my home city to Singapore, where I had an overnight stopover. Invited a 'massage' friend to spend the night with me. I met this guy when I was last in Singapore a couple of months before my Thailand trip, and we got along quite well. Last trip I booked him for an hour and he stayed for like 3 hours and even bought me McDonalds afterwards. Anyway it was good to see him again. Day 1 Since I was staying at one of the airport hotels, I caught the skytrain to the terminal that I needed to be at, my friend saw me off, and I eventually boarded the plane. Landed at Suvarnabhumi Airport and was expecting huge queues and chaos in immigration, but it turned out that there was hardly anyone there. I was out within a few minutes. Good time of the day to land I guess. Waiting for my luggage took ages, but once I got my luggage I went and changed some AUD into THB and went to get a tourist sim from DTAC. Found the taxi stand, showed him where I was staying on my phone but I don't think he quite understood but we got there in the end. The driver's English was limited but he did attempt to make some conversation including "many lady company" and "bang bang". Oh if only he knew. Arrived at my hotel (Hotel Muse on Soi Langsuan) checked in (there wasn't a check-in counter, but there were all separate desks to check in which I thought was a nice touch). Whilst checking in they brought over a sample of 4 different (alcoholic) drinks). My room wasn't ready yet since I arrived before check-in time so I went and sat in the bar and had some Singha. Shortly after, one of the hotel attendants took me to my room (it was huge!) and carried my suitcase (never had that happen to me before!) and I slept for a while as I was exhausted. Upon waking, I went for a walk to find dinner, couldn't decide on anything so returned back to my hotel and got room service. Day 2 A few weeks before my trip I had organised a travel companion for two of the days I was in Bangkok. Just found his website randomly on google. We had a big day planned, so he met me in the Lobby in the morning and the first stop was to a tailors (State Tailors) because I wanted to buy a suit or 2 whilst I was there. I had a look through some magazines to see what styles I liked, and chose some fabrics, and the tailor told me a price for the 2 suits (includes 2 pants, 2 jackets and 2 shirts) which was a little too much more than I could afford. I told him that I could only afford 1 suit. So he crunched some numbers and got me a price of 14500 baht for the 2 suits. I then had a think, and thought that if I had 2 suits made for me in Australia, the price would be in the thousands. So I accepted, since it would be a worthwhile investment. I got measured, paid my deposit then off we went. We walked to Sathorn Pier and took the boat to Wat Po and the Grand Palace (beautiful but so busy). Afterwards, took a tuk tuk (hated it) to Phanfa bridge and took another boat to Jim Thompson's house. I went on the tour and it was really quite an interesting story. Afterwards, I took the skytrain back to my hotel for a rest. My guide then met me again later and we went into Soi Twilight (my first time!), had dinner at Maxi's first, then went into x-boys (I think), and just sat and had a drink. There was this guy, number 19, who kept smiling at me but I didn't call him down. We then went to dreamboys to see the show, and wow. Having never experienced something like this in my life, it was amazing. Didn't off anyone that night as I was too tired. Day 3 I had today on my own, so my first stop was to a clinic where I had a consultation about a cosmetic procedure I want done, then I went back to the tailors to try on the (unfinished) suit, and made some adjustments, then found my way to Arena. My heart was beating quite fast because I was nervous! Anyway, I went in and the guy at the counter didn't say much. He didn't really explain anything, just sat with me while I chose. It took me a little while, but there was this one guy who was smiling at me and was cute. His name was Art (I think) and he was my age. Went upstairs, had a shower together and he started massaging me. After a little while he said "I fuck you?" and I was like "okay, but be gentle" so he put a condom and lube on and started to put it in, but I don't have anal all that often so it kinda hurt a bit so we didn't do it for very long. We just sucked and jerked each other off for a while. It was satisfying, but nothing earth shattering. The shower decided to not work afterwards, so I had to go without. I tipped him 1500 because he was a genuinly nice guy, wasn't cold, and kept saying that I was lovely. Whether he says that to all of his customers, I don't care, it made me feel good! After that I went back to the hotel (was proud of myself for navigating the BTS all day), and went to Siam Paragon later on to browse. My favourite was the floor with all of the luxury cars - how do they even get them there?? Day 4 Today started good but ended bad. Another big day was planned, so I met with my guide and drove to the Rom Hoop Market and watched the train go past which was kinda cool, then afterwards went to the Damnoen Saduak Floating Market, which again was pretty cool. Bought a fake LV bag on the way out for 1000 baht, no idea why. It was too expensive, and I never even used it! We then drove back into the city and had lunch at a restaurant in Silom (I forget the name now). Had pad Thai and some sort of mango shake. After that I went back to my hotel for a rest, and the plan was later on we would visit Babylon, have dinner at Asiatique, and then visit Soi Twilight again. What happened was (too much information ahead, I apologise) I had a nap, and upon waking my stomach was feeling a little off so I messaged my guide and postponed to meet by an hour, in the meantime I was stuck on the toilet pissing out of my ass, my guide ended up coming to the hotel and I met him in the lobby where he gave me some medicine, went back to my room, proceeded to vomit, which smelt like my pad Thai lunch, and at one point I was feeling really faint and ended up passing out. I woke up a little while later laying down next to the toilet with a bruise on my head (must had hit my head on the toilet on the way down). It was kinda scary. I don't know what caused the food poisoning, but I figure it may have been from my lunch (pad Thai, might have been from the prawns, or the mango shake may have been made with ice that was from tap water). I was kinda annoyed but the worst was over and I slept on and off that night. Day 5 I didn't want to go out today as I still felt a bit ill, but I needed to pick up my suit, so I had one of the hotel staff hail a taxi for me, I went to the tailors, tried my suits on (they were absolutely perfect, worth all the money I paid for them), paid the balance, the guy even chucked in a free tie. Afterwards, I hailed a taxi all my myself (was proud of myself) and spend the rest of the day in my hotel room feeling sorry for myself as this was not what I wanted to do on my holiday! Day 6 Still wasn't feeling 100% better, but decided to venture out for a while today. I ended up going to the Chatuchak market which was huge, and bought a few nice shirts. I was feeling still a bit weak so I just went back to the hotel. Day 7 My last day. I was feeling slightly better today so I went out to Siam Paragon and was craving some western food. Normally if I am in a foreign country I don't eat the western food, because I can just get it back home, but today I had a burger and fries and it was amazing. After browsing for a bit, I ventured out to Baantewa, getting a little lost in the process. I chose a small, but strong guy named Dan, and the massage started pretty normally and then got heated, he was a really good kisser, and then he said those magic words, "I fuck you now?" and I was a little apprehensive because I was still not feeling quite right, but I relented and was glad I did because it was actually really good lol. He called me sexy and kept saying "I like you" and again, I don't care if he says that to all of his customers, it made me feel good. Tipped him 2000 baht and was on my way. Later that night, I had dinner at the hotel's rooftop bar and it was nice just looking out at the view. Day 8 Back to Australia today. I'm a bit of a stress-head when going to airports so I feel the need to get there quite early. I figured traffic would be a nightmare, but then ended up getting to the airport 4 hours early. A little too early. But anyway, the rest of the trip was uneventful, made my connection in Singapore on the way back to my home city. Afterthoughts: Would I say that this trip was a success? Yes and no. The whole food poisoning thing was a bit of a downer and took time away from my plans, and I didn't off any guys really. Had a couple of massages which were nice, but there wasn't much action on Grindr either. I dunno? Maybe I didn't put myself out there enough, I'm quite a shy person normally. But I'm glad I went. I got to experience things that don't normally happen in my home city. And the Thai people are really nice people. I had random people speaking to me in Thai on a few occasions - do I look Thai? haha. Anyway I'll be going back to Thailand in a couple of months, this time staying in Pattaya (also going to Cambodia, Phuket and Phillipines) so I'm going to do it right this time! Thanks for reading
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    First post...!

    Thanks for all the warm replies and suggestions gentlemen - ill keep you all updated! If I get a bit stuck I might try to organise a meet-up, but for now, I'll just see how I go. Can't wait!!
  6. Hi everyone, A couple of months ago I booked a trip to Bangkok and whilst researching things to do, I discovered this wonderful forum. I really do enjoy reading the detailed trip reports of some users (numazu, vinapu, such an inspiration!) I always knew there was a sex industry there, but I didn’t realise how huge it was. Anyway a little about me, I am a young looking 32 year old from Australia (with mixed Australian/Filipino heritage), pretty shy, but really looking forward to this trip – it will be my first time in Thailand. I’m looking forward to seeing the culture and touristy type things, but also excited to experience the massage parlours, go-go bars and that type of stuff too. I’ve booked a private tour guide for a couple of days, and will also go exploring by myself. I’m only there for 7 days and am staying at the Hotel Muse. Whilst looking for accommodation I stumbled across this hotel and instantly fell in love with the darker colours and the whole theme of it. Sure it is a little on the pricey side, but I’m on holidays so I thought I would splurge. I think I have mostly everything sorted, but I am just wondering if there was much of a (western) classical music scene in Bangkok? Particularly piano. I’m obsessing a little over this trip and have been watching gay Thai dramas on YouTube – ‘Gay Ok Bangkok’ and ‘Make It Right’ (the latter is sooo cute, and the guys are so beautiful). If anyone has any more suggestions for thai dramas – please send them my way! I will definitely do a trip report to add to the forum’s growing number of trip reports and I really can’t wait to go. Only a week to go! For a place that I’ve never been to, I just have a feeling that I’m going to have a really great time!
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