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  1. I sometimes wore a mask in Bangkok prior to the pandemic, and when I was there in June/July I also wore a mask. For me I liked the added benefit of providing me with kinda a sense of anonymity and also because I look ethnically ambiguous I just kinda blend in when wearing a mask, often being mistaken for a local.
  2. My situation is somewhat similar to @vaughn - Australia, in my 30's, comfortable life, with a kinda specialised field. In the next few years I hope to have a year off from 'life' and have a go at living in Thailand, learning the language and whatnot. Then can decide if I want to stay and find a job, or try another country, possibly China or Singapore. It would involve giving up my comfortable life, but I really just want to do something else for a while as I've never experienced living or working anywhere else in the world. I can always come back if it all goes to shit.
  3. This sounds exciting! Can't wait to hear what unfolds!
  4. I also hired Woody as my guide when I was in Chiang Mai a couple of months ago, and visited Classic House too! Glad to hear business is picking up a little.
  5. I've only been to Jomtien once and had an average time compared to Bangkok, but willing to give it another try - I like it because it is walking distance from the Suvarnabhumi bus station (I like to walk to most places - I'm scared of riding motorbikes, and haven't quite worked out how to use the baht bus) and it is near the beach where I like to hang out during the day. I'm just uncertain how to host bars work - when I was last there I had a bar guy come on to me quite strongly so I ended up offing him even though he wasn't really my type, but didn't know what to do lol. Another guy I offed I just found on Grindr. Gogo bars just seem easier. Any tips?
  6. It is their knee which makes contact with the pole! Anyhow, looking forward to hearing about your adventures!
  7. I will happily take all of the tattooed boys! 😍
  8. Agreed - I also had the same thoughts. There was no ulterior motive behind the act - I am a realistic guy, not lonely nor looking for love, and I know he is a money boy and understand his line of work. I'm not trying to get better service or anything, merely just doing something nice because I appreciated our time together. But I do understand your sentiment. Exactly!
  9. I guess it also depends on how "happy" the happy ending was.. I would pay more if there was fucking involved versus just a handjob for example.
  10. So I thought I would do something nice for my favourite bar boy in Bangkok, I noticed on his line profile that his birthday was coming up so I thought I would send some flowers as a surprise, but then decided against it in favour of sending something a little more useful. So I had a bit of a search on google and found a place that does decent gift baskets and decided to send him one with some food items, directly to the bar. Anyway, I wasn't even sure if the package was going to make it as I had not used this service before, I only know my boy by his nickname (and first name), and I didn't know if he was even going to be at the bar the night of his birthday (and package delivery date). So it was all a bit of a gamble. Anyways, I ended up receiving a flurry of line messages thanking me profusely for his present, so I was glad that the package was delivered successfully and also glad to make him happy. This was the service I used if interested: https://www.basketeer.co.th/en/ . I'm not really the romantic type, but just felt like doing something thoughtful for my favourite bar boy whilst I am away from Thailand.
  11. Tip - if you are running low on 100 baht notes, mamasan will happily exchange a 1000 baht note to smaller notes. I've only tried this at dreamboys after I saw another customer do it, so unable to speak for the other bars.
  12. Unfortunately yes! 😅
  13. I stayed at the Avani in 2019 and it's quite a nice hotel. I did not have a chance to test out the joiner policy as I "ate out" so to speak, however I did engage the services of a legit massage guy during daytime hours who registered at reception and they sent him up. No joiner fee was paid, probably because it was during the day I guess. Probably unimportant, but I ordered a pizza from room service (but the pizza comes from a nearby pizza place, not from the hotel) and when it arrived it was absolutely massive. I was proud of myself for eating it all myself lol.
  14. For what it's worth, I travelled on Scoot in their 'scoot plus' section which is I guess their version of business class, but considering it is a low cost carrier, much less luxurious than a business class on a full service carrier. Comparable to premium economy I guess. Whilst I luckily don't need to take a long haul flight to get to Thailand, and don't really need the extra leg room (as I am smaller in stature), it was sure nice sitting up the front of the plane! And for some reason, I don't know whether there was a glitch in the system, or some promotion, but at the time that I booked the ticket, the scoot plus fare was actually cheaper than the regular economy fare.. lucky me!
  15. Singapore is expensive compared to the nearby countries, however it is a destination you can make as cheap or expensive as you like - if you eat at hawker's centres it is relatively cheap (and on the other end of the spectrum there are many expensive restaurants also), and public transport I think was actually cheaper than Bangkok if I remember correctly. There are some gay saunas and massage places as well. I do like Singapore and hopefully I'll get some time to go visit again, rather than use it as a layover in between flights.
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