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  1. In which day was you in Sauna Mania? I don't think that every day is this party...Wanna to see it!!!
  2. Thank you guys, so il Good Boys is alive...I am very glad and in January I'll go there. What about the tips for boys: drink and how mutch for a sucking???
  3. The Good Boys still is open??? Someone wrote that will be closed...Thx for the answers, in January I want to go there with a friend who likes the str8 boys
  4. Thx Jones! I sent this topic for Sansuk and wait the answer...
  5. I booked a room for 10 nights (January) in Sansuk Gesthaus so I am very nervous now. Maybe better if I delet it...?
  6. Maybe it was the last rainy day here, from tomorrow sunshine. But the bed in Hotel Ambiance is good (with some nice boy)
  7. So many reply in the topic while I am in Thailand (Pattya) now (arrive at 8. January). So I can to ask everything from the thaiboys, thx guys Now raining but the boys are nice so OK!
  8. Thx Vinapu, U are always great!
  9. So many usefull information and a great thai lesson, thx boys I am a first timer so very courious and I hope that my (our) holiday will be good... Any other ideas (for example outdoor cruising in Pt, Bk, Chiang Mai, parks, cinemas, malls)???
  10. With that nick my guess will be you are Hungarian, jo napot kivanok. Don't worry about your English, it's good enough for reporting so don't forget to report you adventures Thx Vinapu (Jó napot kívánok) and for everyone - So if I understand right: I can to ask "chuck wow" from the boys in gogos for about 300 bath? My trip with my bf (in open relationship): 07.-14. January in Pattaya (4 nights in Marina Inn and 3 nights in Ambiance) 14.-16. Bangkok Hotel Malaysia 16. night train to Chiang Mai 17.-21. PJ's Place 21. night train to Bangkok 22.-27. Bangkok Hotel Malaysia Every ideas (and name , phone number of nice boys!) welcome I try to reporting what happen...
  11. Huncsaba

    Holiday Time

    I make Pattaya 07.-14. January so later but: HBD Vessey
  12. Thx firecat69. Etc. does sucking too???
  13. Sorry guys, I am not english or american, my english is not too good. But wanna to know what does this frase: CHUCK WOW which I saw in many topic. Plz....From Saturday I will be in Thailand and must to know it.
  14. Thx guys for the many replyes... It will be my first time in Thailand so I have many questions, for example: where are (there are?) public cruising places now (parks, malls, cinemas in Bk, Pattaya and Chiang Mai)? Thx for the ideas.
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