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  1. Great news! I am sure many of us would love to hear a little bit more details about your experience
  2. Why I don't see the pictures from Min's report from Cambodia. Am I banned to see those hot pictures ?
  3. Depends on your plans. Raja has the advantage you can take boys without passing front of reception but I really enjoyed Amara small but great-view rooftop pool and the breakfast was really good (not sure if they have it now). Well, this is what I did: took my bf to Amara and used Raja when offing bar boys.
  4. I don't think so. First, you need to know which part of Manila to find them. If I remember well these were local areas with high rise condominiums where plenty people live in a congested area. The next problem you could face that not all the boys speak English. If one of the boy helps you with the language then you need a place to do it, unless if you are willing to take it back to your hotel room. Lots of road blocks.
  5. It was at least about 6 years ago. These boys are straight, they would do only 2 things, you can suck them and they could fuck you. Not all the boys are available, my friends were checking who wanted to make some money with sex and it was discussed publicly with the group but not all the boys were up for it. Sometimes I could not really choose because of the selection was lacking boys I like. I did not have a chance to go back in the last couple years so can not confirm if this is still available but you need a local to help you.
  6. I had a chance to visit many Asian countries before pandemic. The purpose of the visit is always touristic but of course as the sun goes down the urge comes to find some sex too :) I usually stay only couple days in the same place, so getting paid sex is a fast and good alternative vs. looking for free opportunities on the apps. Here is my experience mostly from pre-covid times. My favorite places are not where sex is 4pay but where free stuff still comes easy and plenty. Just to understand my experience : I am in my early 50ths, bald head, white, average looking guy whit gym fit body doing excersize about 4 times a week. -Thailand: we all know on this forum that everything is available for pay, but I am not soo lucky with free encounters. The apps bring few Hi, how are you boys but they never really develop into a sexual fun activity and as I said I usually move on quickly to the next place. Indonesia: I have to separate Bali and the rest of the country as my experience was really different due to culture and religion. Bali: became my favorite place during my travel. It was about 10 years ago when first time entered the island. I had the best time getting a handsome driver on the app. He became my daily tour guide, party friend and fuck buddy. Never asked me to pay him, of course fuel, food and drinks were on me. We were doing some crazy fun together including hunting for a 3rd one on Kuta beach in the night or he offered his virgin ass to make it up for me. He dropped me on the aiport on the last day and I never saw him again, lost contact when I left my phone in a taxi next year. I come back to the island many times, locals and plenty gays from other part of Indonesia (freedom and escaping from their family pressure to get married) are all friendly, getting fun nights like a guy invited me to a villa for naked swimming and sex in the pool, or model looking guy wanted me to stay with him because my bald head was making him horny all the time. No wonder the island is on the top of my list. Jakarta (rest of Indonesia): Nothing much touristic in Jakarta but as a huge city, plenty on offer. I never had so many boys contacted me looking for daddy experience. Apps are full of massage boys and escorts but free offers coming easy as well. I just returned from Thailand - Jakarta last month. I could not get a 3some in Thailand (not even for pay, I know you are probably rolling your eyes, ha ha ha) but my two days in Jakarta was enough to get a twink and a bear guy with scary thick dick to come and play with me on the first day, and a handsome police man who was eager to stay all day in my hotel room next day. Hong Kong: no good luck there, small plays in saunas but just like the city with expensive hotels the escorts were coming with the price tag too. Philippines: Manila is a huge city, had some good and bad experience there. Run into the biggest scam after a party night when I was offered 4 hands massage on the streets of Malate's gay bar areas. They took me to a short time hotel and during the massage they offered extras, gladly accepted not knowing one of the boy was in contact with corrupt policemen and taking evidence to blackmail me. To keep the story short I had to collect all my money from my hotel room to pay them. Now the good ones, I have few gay friends in Manila, they introduced me to straight boys hunting on the streets. Certain areas of the city the boys are hanging around in the night and as we walked by the negotiation started. Then I had a chance to choose any boys I wanted. My friends knew short stay cheap hotels and remember it was around 5 usd for the boys and I was told not to pay more to keep the local business running. Probably it was the cheapest sex I ever paid for and I was gladly walking around the streets every night. I visited other parts of the country: Puerto Galeria and Palawan were fun places too. The Saturday night in PG beach was a night to remember, sucked a boy at the end of the beach, shagged with a boy in one of the restaurant toilet, had a lady boy took me to his room and on the way back to my hotel picked up a handsome guy who did not have transportation to go home. Of course, I insisted to sleep next to me, not on the floor and I could not fall in sleep till I made him come. All this action was in one night and it was in the low season. Cambodia: I visited only once and I was more excited about seing Angkor Wat and around the capital but those Khmer guys are so sexsy. Massage was cheap in Siem Riap and met few boys, handsome dark skin, sexy body and facial hair my weak points. No wonder, I tent to pick Cambodian boys in Bangkok Boy Bars. Vietnam: I had a guy was crazy for nipples and keep biting them for days till they become so sensitive that just putting on a Tshirt was a pain, with pleasure of course. But somehow Vietnamese boys are not driving me crazy. Their face is more, how to say: softer. I am missing that manly look I can find in other asian countries. I have few other places could mention but my story getting too long. The bottom line is (to go back to the original post) that different places will give you different experience. While gay4pay is available everywhere I am more happy to visit Indonesia and Cambodia because of the free encounters. Philippines are cheap too but got to be more carefull. ...I learned one thing from my last visit in Bangkok, we are not the same. What works for me, maybe will not work for you. Visit as many places as possible, experience the local cultures and soak in the boys, you will find your place to be happy the most. I was hoping to repeat Vinapu's legendary offs but as I mentioned I even failed to organize one 3some (not giving up, reading all the experience from other forum members will help me to succeed next time lol). Sorry If my story was dragging for too long. First time I actually shared such things and hope it was helpful for forum.
  7. Reading Vinapu's reports I feel like I got the best tourist guide on hand. I just made it to Pattaya, and something like this would be a dream for me to try at least one time. I wonder If I go to BBB and ask the mamasan, is P and R working tonight? would I get the same guys? lol If not, Vinapu, more guidance appreciated!
  8. Thanks Vessey for the list of "more than just a massage" places. I see these are Pattaya locations. Any chance for few Bangkok massage shops worth to visit? Looking for places with full service.
  9. Over the years I missed few things they were on my to do list. Never made it to Hero because it was far out, alwayas planned for Babylon but did not get enough time for a half day spa/sauna visit. Arena was another place, luckily stil available. I had Senso couple times and always had a great time there ( perhaps because more happened than just a massage)
  10. I see Arena name comes up in couple posts. Are they open? One place I always wanted to try and few times I reached the staircase, looked up and run away as a scared chicken ☺️. I must do it this time...
  11. It seems like no breakfast available in Agate and East S. - as per Agoda. Is that correct? Need to find breakfast somehwre else?
  12. It depends when you arrive, my flight is at 7:15 pm. Maybe this is the only way to make it to the bars before midninght lol
  13. I planned something like this for my birthday , then pandemic came and never managed to be back in BKK. I hope next month I can make it there. Vinapu I need your help! which hotel I should book where I can walk-in with 3 boys and which bar I should start looking? I hope you can help to fulfill my birthday wish
  14. Just visited Prime first time. Busy Sunday afternoon but managed to get combination of foot and oil massage 1.5 hrs for 600 baht. Both parts were satisfactory for quality massage. Based on comments here I was not expecting anything during the massage but boy automatically did a hand job towards to the end without offering or asking for money for extra service. Enjoyed the monent but was not sure how much I supposed to be tipping in this situation. ?
  15. Thanks DivineMadman for the great report,very useful info for massage enthusiastics. Any similar tool for Pattaya?
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