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  1. Just visited Prime first time. Busy Sunday afternoon but managed to get combination of foot and oil massage 1.5 hrs for 600 baht. Both parts were satisfactory for quality massage. Based on comments here I was not expecting anything during the massage but boy automatically did a hand job towards to the end without offering or asking for money for extra service. Enjoyed the monent but was not sure how much I supposed to be tipping in this situation. ?
  2. Thanks DivineMadman for the great report,very useful info for massage enthusiastics. Any similar tool for Pattaya?
  3. zsolec

    Hero massage

    Looking at the picture defenately worth to visit Usually suggested tipping includes massage with happy ending. How much to consider for having sex with the boy at the end of the massage?
  4. I like reading the posts, always something entertaining or useful information for members not so familiar with Bkk night life. Can I ask more information about the beer bars. I offed boys couple times from gogo bars but don't know what to do in the bars like the first couple places in soi twilight. Are there boys available there? How you choose or contact if you like somebody? Rates? Are they willing to do everything just like gogo boys? Anything else useful how to act in beer bars? Thank you all the help
  5. "In massage places as long as extra activities are provided i rarely deviate from 1000 / hr , 1500/1.5hr, 2000/ 2 hr tip" Thanks Vinopu for the info. Regarding the extra activity. You mean hand job only or this includes more I never had a boy did or offered anything more than hj. Again, I had little experience in massage places but would love to know how far it goes for how much. What are the places the more is accepted? But would love to keep the chance for a fairly good, quality massage.
  6. Hi Vinapu, Thanks for the detailed post. I realized how much I missed out in Bangkok lol. I just joined the forum and I see a debate about how much for tipping. Could you give me some information about: how much is the short off and long off - considering don't want too look like underpaying the boys or throwing out money unnecessary. When I offed a boy couple years back I was never asked If i wanted long off, is it the boy I need to discuss or check with mamasan who is willing to do that? Massage places recommended tip includes hj happy ending. If I want more how much more I should pay? Thanks for all the help for a not so experienced Bkk traveler
  7. Can I also have the pic pls. Thanks
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